Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door FAQ

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                      |_|   The Thousand-Year Door

                       By: Greg Boccia aka MysticalMoon
                       Email: [email protected]
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                             ©2004 MysticalMoon
                                Version Final 

Version History:

Version .15 10-17-04 - First version. Completed upto Chapter 1. Next update will
                       have upto Chapter 4 completed along with an Item List. 
                       More characters will be added and a FAQs section will go
                       up if I receive enough email.

Version .20 10-19-04 - Upto Chapter 2 complete. Badge List in process, most of
                       it is done. I haven't received enough general questions
                       to start a FAQs section yet. In a few more chapters I
                       will begin an item list and then start listing the
                       location of Star Pieces and Shine Sprites in separate
                       lists for those who have not been following the guide
                       directly. Keep the emails coming folks.

Version .35 10-20-04 - Upto Chapter 3 complete. Added to the Badge List and
                       added the Bestiary. Send those questions in folks, the
                       FAQs aren't really general. Enjoy! Next update on Friday
                       because I need to take a little break, I'll still answer

Version .50 10-21-04 - Upto Chapter 4 complete. Added the Yoshi Color and the
                       Zess T.'s Cooking sections. FAQs section is now up. Next
                       update expect Chapter 5 complete. Pit of 100 Trials
                       section to come soon.

Version .55 10-22-04 - Chapter 4 complete for real this time. Fixed a few minor

Version .75 10-25-04 - Upto Chapter 5 completed. I went back and grabbed quite a
                       few Star Pieces that I had missed earlier in the game but
                       all of them have been noted and changed in the guide with
                       the proper number, please check the new Star Piece List
                       if you are collecting them. Next update will have upto
                       Chapter 6 complete along with an Item List and maybe the
                       Pit of 100 Trials section.

Version .80 10-29-04 - Ok so I bailed on the item list because it's not done yet
                       but atleast upto Chapter 6 is done =D

Version 1.0 11-05-04 - After a little mishap and some hard work, the cooking
                       recipes have been fixed, the walkthrough part is complete
                       and an Item List is out. All Star Pieces are in the guide
                       as well as Shine Sprites, however they are not in a list
                       yet. Badges section has been modified. Next update should
                       have all the lists completed and a Pit of 100 Trials
                       guide. Don't when I'll do the troubles...

Version Final 11-14-04 Everything is done, enjoy. No more emails please...

Table of Contents:

- Introduction
- Characters
- Controls
- Game Basics
- Walkthrough
 - Prologue
 - Chapter 1 - Castle and Dragon
 - Chapter 2 - The Great Boggly Tree
 - Chapter 3 - Of Glitz and Glory
 - Chapter 4 - For Pigs the Bell Tolls
 - Chapter 5 - The Key to Pirates
 - Chapter 6 - 3 Days of Excess
 - Chapter 7 - Mario Shoots the Moon
 - Chapter 8 - The Thousand-Year Door
- Pit of 100 Trials
- Badge List
- Star Piece List
- Shine Sprite List
- Zess T.'s Cooking
- Item Lists
 - Zess T. Items
 - Usable Items
 - Attack Items
 - Shop Items
- Trouble Center
- Extra
 - Yoshi Colors
 - Secrets
- Bestiary
- Email Policy
- FAQs
- Thanks 
- Copyright

                                - Introduction-

  An awfully long time ago... In a strange far-off island, a big, bustling town
thrived. It was a town where all people lived very happy lives and it was said
that the town was very prosperous. But one day.. tragedy befell the blessed
place. A great cataclysm struck the town and it's people. Darkness filled the
skies, and the earth roared and shook. It was as if the very world was coming to
a violent end. And in but a single night.. the town sank into the depths of the
earth... Many moons rose and set.. Stories of the town passed into the pages of
fairy tales... And when the town's site no longer held relics of it's past 
people gathered at that spot and built a new town. But word soon spread among
people that moved in, that an ancient city was buried underneath.. And that a
magnificent treasure rested there..

  The town of Rogueport, rather skeptical looking. Peach enters the picture and
she is happy to be freed of her "companion". A mysterious man calls the Princess
and tells her of a magic box that only opens to the pure of heart. He tells the
Princess that if the box will open for her, she may keep any item that the box
may contain. Peach agrees to try and the box pops right open releasing a magical
stream of light with glowing aura...

  Inside contained a map that leads to some treasure... Unfortunately she is
just a Princess and cannot undertake the quest needed to obtain the treasure.
Peach sends a letter to the Mario household. Luigi reads the letter to Mario and
hands him the map within the letter. Mario rushes off to the port town of
Rogueport to meet with the Princess and begin a journey of magic and mystery...


                                 - Characters -

M a r i o 

  The plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom is back again in the sequel to Paper
Mario. Just like many times before, Mario must head out and rescue the Princess 
Peach from an evil villain. But this time, who is the villain? Bowser or some
other character that has diabolical schemes? Follow this main character through
out the story to discover the truth behind it all and the secret of the 
Thousand-Year Door.

P e a c h

 The Princess of the Mushroom kingdom has discovered a magical map that leads
the way to the Crystal Stars. She sends it to Mario and he sets off to meet her,
but when he arrives Peach is no where to be found. She has been kidnapped and
like the original, you take control of Peach at the end of each chapter. Can you
buy Peach enough time for Mario to save her?

G o o m b e l l a

  A tiny female Goomba of Goomba University. Mario meets her in a quarrel on his
arrival to Rogueport. After being saved by Mario and seeing the magical map,
Goombella joins up with Mario. Her intellect is most valuable to Mario in his
journey as Goombella provides very useful information about the area, people,
and even enemies.

K o o p s

  Our Koopa friend seeks out revenge on the evil Hooktail that plagues his area.
When Koops sees Mario he asks to join him to avenge his father. Mario humbly
agrees. Koops is very useful in battle as well as on the field. His Hold ability
proves vital in getting quite a few secrets and in progressing through out the

F l u r r i e

  Our cloud-like friend is in attempt to regain her fame, but is swayed by
Mario and his manly Mustache. She joins the party simply to protect Mario.
Flurrie uses her mass in battle to do hefty damage. Her ability to blow things
around is rather helpful outside of battle and in battle it can blow the enemies

Y o s h i

  When the egg you get in Glitzville hatches out pops a Yoshi. You get to name
him since he had just been hatched and has no name. Yoshi's ability to inhale
enemies is key to beating a few enemies in the game. His out-of-battle skill
allows Mario to cross larger gaps then before and hopping on Yoshi will get the
party around a lot quicker. Yoshi is one of the most helpful partners in the

V i v i a n

  During the early stages of the game she is a Shadow Siren, loyal to Sir Grodus
and in charge of getting Crystal Stars, stopping Mario, and the likes. Treated
harshly by her partners, she sides with a Shadow Mario and then decides that he
was the only person who was ever nice to her and tags along. She is very useful
in battle as she can help in any situation and for a low FP cost. Her Fiery Jinx
and Veil prove vital at times that Mario is in need.

M s .   M o w z

  Take on her trouble and complete it, Ms. Mowz then joins the party. She joins
to find more badges, but from Mario's previous encounters with her it's easy to
tell that's not all she joined for. Ms. Mowz has various attacks that contribute
in battle, especially since all of her attacks disregard defenses. She can also
steal enemies coins or items if they have any.

B o b b e r y

  The admiral has had a grand time at see but his wife had passed away while he
was gone and he blamed himself. After showing him his wife's farewell letter he
sets sail to Keelhaul Key with the gang. He is lost on the island but after
finding him and waking him up with some Chuckola Cola, he joins the party.
Bobbery can blow himself up and is thus very helpful for getting through cracks
in the walls. In battle Bobbery is among the best and makes the battles a lot

                                 - Controls -

In the field:

Control Stick - Walk/Run
R Button - Use Mario's Abilities
Z Button - Display Stats
Y Button - Use Mario's Abilities
X Button - Use partner's Abilities
A Button - Jump
           Talk to Nearby Character
           Investigate nearby Object or Door
           Read Next Message
B Button - Hammer
Start/Pause - Open Menu Screen
+ Control Pad - Shortcut to Menu Screen

In Battle:

Control Stick - Move Cursor
R Button - N/A
Z Button - N/A
Y Button - Let Partner Attack First
X Button - Attack Member in the Audience
A Button - Confirm an Action
B Button - Cancel Action/Return to Previous
Start/Pause - N/A
+ Control Pad - N/A

  At anytime during the game you may press and hold X, B, and Start to reset the


                                - Game Basics -

First Strike _________________________________________________________________
  To initialize a "First Strike" jump on or hammer an enemy on the field, there|
are multiple other ways to do this using your partners abilities as well. This |
will allow the party to attack before the battle begins, thus making the battle|
less difficult. Use the First Strike to your advantage whenever possible.      |

Battle Flow and Tactics ______________________________________________________
  Mario attacks then his partner attacks -- this order can be reversed if you  |
choose -- then the enemies attack. Use this to your advantage. If their are 3  |
enemies and it's possible to eliminate 2 of them, do so. It saves HP and time  |
by using the correct attacks. Example; Mario enters battle with Koops. They    |
fight a Goomba and 2 Paragoomba. Since Koops cannot jump we use Mario to kill  |
1 of the Paragoomba. Koops then eliminates the Goomba. Only one enemy remains  |
and the Paragoomba's attack is easily defended against leaving the team with   |
decent Star Points and the same amount of HP and FP when they initiated the    |
battle. Simple things such as that will prove useful during the game.          |

Star Points __________________________________________________________________
  These help Mario gain a level. You get them from winning battles. The harder |
the enemy, the more Star Points you will get. Bosses generally give 30 Star    |
Points. Once Mario has gained 100 Star Points he will level up.                |

Action Commands ______________________________________________________________
  These commands will be your best friend through out the whole of the game.   |
With precise timing you will be able to do more damage and receive less damage |
from your enemies. Words will appear in the background if you did the Action   |
Command correctly -- Nice! being the first word that appears in a sequence.    |
To do an Action Command simply use timing to do extra damage. Mario's hammer   |
attack requires you to hold Left until the large red circle is filled. When it |
is filled release Left do get the Action Command. This applies for all attack  |
Action Commands, unfortunately not all of them are that easily timed and take  |
practice. To defend successfully using Action Commands, time when your enemy   |
will attack you. Pressing A when your enemy strikes will defend the attack and |
Mario/Partner will take less damage. If you have perfect timing, press B. When |
you press B instead of A Mario or his Partner will spin and deflect the enemy  |
back, causing damage to the enemy. This requires precise timing and is not     |
recommended for first time players. Only use it if you feel confident in your  |
ability to do it.                                                              |

                               - Walkthrough -

 This Walkthrough is designed to complete the game with everything accomplished.
Every item gained, every boss defeated, every side quest done, and every secret
revealed. That is what this guide will bring to you. Before each new area is
an appropriate title and the enemies and items you can obtain. Only those
enemies and items that can be obtained at that time will be listed. If there are
more items or new enemies the area title will appear again with new things that
can be obtained. If it is something minimal it will not be listed, but it will
be contained in the text. Have fun playing this game and I hope my guide helps.

                                 - Prologue -
                              A Rogue's Welcome

R o g u e p o r t _______
Enemies: Gus**            |
Items: Star Pieces (1-4)  |

  As Mario arrives at Rogueport the driver asks if you are sure you wish to
depart here. He reminds Mario of the stories he told him, unfortunately Mario
was sleeping and doesn't remember any of the stories. The driver laughs at the
thought of Mario finding a Princess in this sham, wishes Mario goodluck, and
merrily disembarks.

  Take control of Mario and jump underneath the floating "S" so save. Continue
upward to see Lord Crump picking on a lady goomba. He demands to know about the
Crystal Stars and when things start to get rough Mario jumps in for his first

  The battle is simple and the little Goomba roots you as you go. Use your
hammerand release left when the light is red to deal 2 damage to Lord Crump.
Simply do this 3 times and you will defeat him. Mario receives 9 star points
after the battle and the Goomba explains that you get these after each battle
and that obtaining 100 of them gains Mario a level-up. Lord Crump is upset after
his defeat and calls hundreds of his minions to pummel Mario and his little
friend. Fortunately, Mario sneaks out with the Goomba and enters the main part
of Rogueport.

  The Goomba gives Mario a reward and introduces herself as Goombella. She
explains that the town is rough but she wouldn't be here if there wasn't a
legendary treasure. Mario jumps at that and shows Goombella the map. Toadsworth
appears and tells how the Princess left and he thought she would be fine. Then
he resides to the Inn and explains that they heal you completely for a minimal
cost. Goombella is astonished to be caught up in such a fix with such popular
characters. However, she insists that Mario should join along and visit her
Professor to show him the map. Goombella then joins the party. She then notions
to find Professor Frankly and shows a picture of him. Head up through the
archway and then left and through a door. Head to the left of the room to
discover a Star Piece (SP 1). Head back out and save your game. Head to the
right and stay to the south end of the fence, walk above the boxes near the
fence to get another Star Piece (SP2). Enter the inn and go up the stairs.
In the near left corner is a door. Go through and outside and onto a roof.
Head all the way to the left of the screen and move upward to obtain another
Star Piece (SP 3). Exit through the right side of the screen to enter the east
part of Rogueport.

  As you enter the area a goon rambles by and takes half of your current coins.
Directly behind Mario is a brick wall, back into it to notice you can move into
a back alley. Proceed to the back of the alley and jump on the boxes to the
right and obtain a Star Piece (SP4). Head back out and to the right. Enter the
second house to meet with Professor Frankly.

  Goombella and the Prof. get into talking about the legendary treasure and
after a little bit of talk they agree that the Crystal Stars are needed to
obtain the treasure, whatever it may be. The Professor recites the old saying:

                          "To find the treasure of yore
              take the seven Crystal Stars to the Thousand-Year Door!"

Goombella completes the saying:

  "Hold the Magical Map aloft before the entrance to the Thousand-Year Door.
Then the stars will light the way that leads to the stones of yesterday." 

  Goombella informs the Professor she learned in her studies that taking the
magical map to the Thousand-Year Door is supposed to show the way to the Crystal
Stars. The Professor notes that they don't have the map and Goombella corrects
him, informing him that Mario has the map. The Professor looks at the map and
notions to immediately go to the Thousand-Year Door. Head out and the Prof. will
show a little secret. As you take Mario through the new path, the Professor
stops you and asks if you know about Action Commands. If you know how to execute
them, answer "Of Course", if not then answer "Nope!". A tutorial will be given
for you if you answer "Nope!". It is strongly suggested that you take this
tutorial if it is your first time playing.

S e w e r s _______________________________________________
Enemies: Goomba*, Spiky Goomba*, Spinia*, Blooper*          |
Items: Star Pieces (5,6), Mushroom, Fire Flower, Black Key  |

  After the talk with the Prof. hop onto the pipe and hit down to enter the
sewers. Save your progress and head left to a new section. Head up and behind
a pillar to get a Star Piece (SP5). Go back to the right and down the stairs.
Some goons start hitting on Goombella and she promptly tells them off; a battle

  Professor Frankly tells you the weaknesses of the 3 Goombas and that pressing
"Y" during battle allows you to change who attacks first and receives damage. 

  Start the battle by pressing Y and using tattle with Goombella. Finish off the
normal Goomba that you "tattled" and repeat this to defeat the enemies in 3
turns and obtain information on the 3 enemies. 

                                  | NOTICE |

  This guide will address every new enemy so that you may use the "Tattle"
ability to gain all enemy information. You DO NOT have to follow this, but for 
those who wish to obtain all info without trouble should strongly follow this 
guide on the Tattle usage. A single star (*) signifies a new enemy. A double 
star (**) signifies that it's a one-time shot to Tattle the enemy, such as a
boss. All things that are one time chances that you miss are put into Professor
Frankly's trashcan.

                                | END NOTICE |

  After disposing of the goons the Prof. tells you more battles will occur and
that it is possible to gain First Strike by hitting the enemy with your hammer
or by jumping on the enemy. Head up the stairs to your right and then cut back
left and hop on the moving platform to get to the other side and go down the 

  Follow the path beating up enemies as you go along. Once down the steps, smash
the "?" box and grab the Mushroom. Smash the next "?" box and grab the Fire 
Flower. Smash the large yellow boxes and enter the pipe. Hug the left wall after
coming out of the pipe but stay behind the large yellow box, you will get a 
Star Piece (SP 6)  Head right and notice a tiny creature crawl through a hole in
the wall. Head right to the hole and stop there. Go down until you hit the wall.
Jump when you get there to discover a hidden block with a Pretty Lucky Badge
inside. Defeat the Spinia* and head right and smash the blue switch to reveal
stairs. Go up the stairs and fall off the far left side to land on a cliff and
pick up the Black Key. Go back up the stairs and through the door.

  Try to open the large black chest in the center of the room. It talks to Mario
and promises Mario that if he finds a Black Key and opens the chest, then he
will give Mario a reward. Use the key and the entity in the box curses Mario
with the ability to transform into a Paper Airplane. It explains the "curse" in
detail so pay attention. Head outside and glide back to the left side to exit.

  Once in head all the way left to save your game and then step upon the
pedestal. Lights rise around Mario and a mysterious power shows the path to the
first Crystal Star on the map. Mario learns a special move, "Sweet Treat", and
the gang heads back to the Professor's house. The Professor asks if you know how
to use your special move. Again, if this is your first run through, say yes to
learn how to use it, if you already know how, then say no. Professor Frankly
reads the map and tells Mario that the first Crystal Star is in Petal Meadows.
The Prof. asks how Mario got the map anyways. Mario replies that he got it from
Princess Peach. The Professor then says that he did see her around town and that
she may have headed to Petal Meadows to get the Crystal Star herself. Exit the
house and receive the Power Smash Badge from Professor Frankly. Again, you may
learn how to use the Badges or not.. the option is yours. After the talk, exit
through the pipe.

  Save your game and continue right to the Airplane Panel. Fly across to the
platform and exit. In the next section a flimsy thing is sticking out of the
water. Smash it with the Hammer and a battle ensues. 

 The Blooper* isn't as difficult as it seems. Start the battle off with a Fire
Flower from Goombella then hammer away with Mario until it's defeated.

 Once the Blooper is defeated platforms arise. Hop across them to a pipe. Exit
through the pipe to end the Prologue.


                                - Chapter 1 -
                              Castle and Dragon  
P e t a l   M e a d o w s _______________________________
Enemies: Goomba, Spiky Goomba, Paragoomba                 |
Items: Star Pieces (7,8), Mushroom, Fire Flower, Mystery  |
       Horsetail                                          |

  Mario and Goombella find themselves in Petal Meadows. Head left and smash the
trees for a Star Piece (SP 7) and a Mushroom. Save and continue heading right, a
scene occurs with a huge shadow passing overby. In the distance you can see a
dragon flying into a castle. Continue right and get the Mushroom from the "?"
box. Exit right and defeat the Goombas. Hit the red "!" box to get the Close
Call Badge. Continue right and defeat the enemies and hit the brick box for
coins. Don't enter the pipe yet because you can't get the badge at this point.
Just before you exit, whack the striped molehill at the far right 10 times and
get the Horsetail. Now exit and defeat the Goomba group. Search small bushes for
some coins and then the larger ones to reveal a pipe. Enter the pipe and find
Mario at the back of the screen. Move right and hop on the blue switch to make a
bridge across the water. Continue right to grab a Star Piece (SP 8). Go through
the pipe to get back to the near ground and continue right. Search the far bush
to get a Mystery item and hit the "?" box for a Fire Flower. Exit right to enter

P e t a l b u r g _____
Enemies: Turtley Leaf   |
Items: Mega Rush P Badge|

  When you enter a Koopa will greet you and explain that not many travelers come
by since Hooktail the Dragon has been rampaging the nearby areas and devouring
people. Goombella asks about the Crystal Stars and the Koopa directs you towards
the Elder's house, a pink house in the next section. Check the plants infront of
his house (the Elder's) and get the Turtley Leaf. If you still haven't used your
POW Blocks then continue on to the next section. If you forgot to buy them or
used them, go to the store and make sure you have atleast 2 of them. Save your
game regardless and go right to the section. Enter the pink house to have a
conversation with the elder of the town. Once he hears you're looking for the
Crystal Stars he explains that Hooktail has it. He also informs Mario that he
must travel to Shhwonk Fortress to obtain stone keys to get to Hooktail's
Castle. Head right towards the gate and receive an email of no importance.
Continue right through the gate, but before you go through, a Koopa stops you
and gets to overworked to say what he wants and then leaves.

P e t a l   M e a d o w s _______________________________
Enemies: Goomba, Spiky Goomba, Paragoomba, Koopa Troopa*  |
         Bald Cleft*, Bristle**                           |
Items: Star Piece (9), POW Block                          |

 When entering Petal Meadows again, check the upper bush for a Star Piece (SP9).
Continue right to fight a Paragoomba and a Koopa Troop*. Beat the Koopa Troopa
by jumping on it to flip it, rendering it useless, then pound it. Beat the batch
of enemies and hit the "?" block to get a POW Block. Enter the stone building
and battle the Bald Cleft*. To beat them simply use a POW Block. When the gate
opens head through it and continue right defeating enemies to get to another
building. Once inside battle the Bristle*. Again, to defeat these guys use a POW
Block. Once they are out of the way exit through the now open gate. Head right
and pummel your foes. Grab the Inn Coupon and hit the "?" block to get a Fire
Flower. Hit the life box if you are low on health and enter the next building.
Once in save your game. Talk to the Thwomp to be a contestant in a quiz show.
Answer correctly 5 times before answering wrong 3 times and you pass.

65th Annual Quirk Quiz ______________________________________________________
Q. What's hidden in this place?                                               |
A. Stone Keys                                                                 |
Q. What does one Mr. Softener and one Fire Flower cost at the store?          |
A. 16 coins                                                                   |
Q. What is the name of the mayor of Petalburg?                                |
A. Kroop                                                                      |
Q. Tell me, now! Where is the Crystal Star?                                   |
A. Hooktail Castle                                                            |
Q. How can one get from Petal Meadows to Rogueport?                           |
A. Go through a pipe                                                          |

  Once you answer all five questions, the Thwomp moves and you may enter the

S h h w o n k   F o r t r e s s _______________
Enemies: Fuzzy*, Gold Fuzzy**                   |
Items: Multibounce Badge, Sun Stone, Moon Stone |

  Once inside the fortress head right and hit the red "!" block to get the
Multibounce Badge. Head right and battle the Fuzzy*. The timing is really hard
to get for negating their attacks, but if you get it down your set. Head right
beating up more Fuzzies and into the next area. Grab the Sun Stone and Fuzzies
drop from the sky. Defeat them easily with a Fire Flower if you have one. Head
back to the left once they are defeated. Head left beating up more Fuzzies until
you reach the Moon Stone. Grab it and Fuzzies drop from the sky. Beat them and
make your leave of the fortress...

  But as you attempt to leave a Gold Fuzzy** stops you. Damage the Gold Fuzzy
and he will bring in a horde of Fuzzies. The group attacks by jumping on Mario,
time the separate Fuzzy attacks to deflect damage. The Gold Fuzzy simples jumps

to attack so it is easily defended. Hack away at the group to get to the Gold
Fuzzy. Pummel the Gold Fuzzy to victory and head back to Petalburg.

  Talk to the elder and he confirms that you have both Stone Keys. Now head out
of Petalburg and enter the left Petal Meadows. The Koopa that stopped Mario
earlier is back and summoned some strength to tell Mario that he must accompany
him. Mario humbly agrees to let him come since the Koopa's father was
supposively killed by Hooktail. Koops joins the party and then Koopie Koo comes
out to argue his leaving. He declines staying and she becomes enraged and
pummels the group.

  After that is done head left to the next area. Hop into the pipe and use
Koopa's ability to grab the Happy Heart Badge. Head down and left into the
next area. Go all the way left and insert the Stone Keys into the stones with
holes in them. The stones will then move and reveal blue switches. Stand infront
of the left switch and face left, hit and hold X to keep Koopa's shell out. Go
to the right switch and release X, then quickly smash the switch. This causes
both switches to be hit at the same time, thus opening the pipe to get to
Hooktail's Castle. Hop in the pipe and enter the castle.

H o o k t a i l ' s   C a s t l e __________________________
Enemies: Koopa Troopa*, Paratroopa*, Dull Bones*, Red Bones**|
         Goomba*, Paragoomba*, Spiky Goomba*, Hooktail**     |
Items: Power Bounce Badge, Castle Key (3), Honey Syrup       |
       Mushroom, Black Key, Attack FX R Badge, HP Plus Badge |

  Once inside the castle, save your game. Go outside and head down and jump
across the platforms. Use Koops to grab the HP Plus Badge. Then head back inside
and jump on the spring to bounce Mario up to the higher ground. Move outside and
fly Mario across the bridge. Go through the door and battle the Paratroopas*.
Hit the red "!" box to get the Power Bounce Badge. Head to the next area to the
right and Koops will freak out as he sees a skeleton of what he thinks is his
dad. Koops reads the note and it tells Hooktail's one weakness, she hates
creatures that start with 'cr' and end with 'icket'. The note also states that
there is a badge in the castle that makes a 'cricket' sound. At the end of the
note we discover that the fallen hero is Kolarodo's father, not Koops'. Head
further right and touch the red clothed skeleton. It will awaken and then
suddenly hundreds of skeletons appear. They force Mario back, but if you use
Mario's Hammer you can progress forward to the red clothed skeleton and battle

  Red Bones** and Bones* will appear. Use a POW Block or Fire Flower if you have
one. This will eliminate the Bones and leave just Red by himself. Then simply
pummel the Red Bones.

  Enter the next area and defeat the Dull Bones. Grab the Shine Sprite (SS 1)
and continue heading right. Go up the stairs and drop off the edge. Hit the
purple box to bring down a purple stone. Use Koops' Hold Ability to allow Mario
to get on the purple stone, release Koops and Mario takes a ride up. Enter the
passage to get to a balcony with a Star Piece (SP 10). Head back out smash the
purple switch. Smash the large yellow block and then hit the yellow switch. Use
Koops' ability to hit the red switch and move the steps. Go left up the steps
and use his ability again to grab the Castle Key. Hit the red switch again and
go up the steps and through the door using the Castle Key. In the next room save
your game then go through the door at right. Defeat the enemies and then use the
Hold ability to let Mario get near the gate at right while Koops hits the red
switch. Go through the hole and then the door at right. Open the chest and get
the black key. However, opening the chest set off a trap and a spiked roof is
coming down on the gang. Head right, down, right, up, left, up, left, down twice
and then left and around to the door to escape successfully. Now talk to the
large black chest. It will attempt to trick Mario again and it does so after you
use the black key. Again, you are "cursed". Pressing and holding "R" makes Mario
and his partner turn sideways as thin as paper.

  Exit left and in this area use your new ability to leave the cell. Go into
the cell with the Attack FX R badge. Grab it and head all the way back to where
you fought the Red Bones. Head down aways in this room and then slither through
the bars to get the Castle Key. Now head back to the room with the large green
block. Jump on the green block and use Koops to hit the green switch sending
them into the air. Go up the stairs and through the door using the Castle Key.
Hit the blue switches and jump through the window. Head right to get the Star
Piece (SP 11). Come back through the window and fall into the gap at left. 
After landing on the platform, head right to get another Star Piece (SP 12).
Return upstairs and go through the window again. Go around and then back through
another window and then into the next room at left.

  Defeat the Dull Bones and use the Hold ability to get to the upper walk.
Defeat more Dull Bones and then drop off the farside on the left (away from the
screen). Hold R and slide through the bars, grab the handy Life Shroom and work
your way back to the top. Go left to have a run in with Ms. Mowz. Open the
chests after the conversation to get Honey Syrup, a Mushroom, and a Castle Key.
Don't forget the obvious Shine Sprite (SS 2). Head back to the right and through
the door using the Castle Key. Defeat the enemies within the room and use Koops'
Hold to get to the top of the room. Run along the edge until you can slide
between the bars. Cross the Airplane Panel and slide onto the other side of the
bars and run across to the right to grab a Star Piece (SP 13). Head back to the
Airplane Panel and fly to the door at the right. Go through the door into the
next room. Go down the steps and hit the yellow block. Shoot Koops across the
gap to grab the Castle Key. Then drop down on top of the block and go right to
get the previously inaccessible Last Stand P Badge. Go to the top of the stairs
and grab the Shine Sprite (SS 3). Head through the door using the Castle Key.
When you get outside defeat the enemies along the way for any experience you
might be able to get. Continue down the path and up the stairs. When you reach
the top heal yourself and save your game. Also, equip the Power Bounce Badge and
Attack FX R Badge. Doing so makes the battle against Hooktail** alot simpler and
causes her to do less damage (atleast when you equip the Attack FX R Badge).

Boss: Hooktail _______________________________________________________________
HP: 20                                                                         |
Defense: 1                                                                     |
Attack: 5                                                                      |
Attacks: Fire breath, Foot stomp, Head Chomp                                   |
Strategy: Use Mario's Power Bounce Attack on the head of Hooktail. The Power   |
          Bounce Attack takes up 3 FP so make each one count. Only use it twice|
          in the beginning of the battle. Once Hooktail's HP is depleted she   |
          will begin to offer things to Mario. Decline all of them. Hooktail   |
          will then eat the crowd! With her strength renewed you must beat     |
          Hooktail once more. Use the same attacks as before with Mario. If    |
          your partner is low on health switch him/her out. Use your Star Power|
          only if needed.                                                      |

  After the battle Koops' father pops out and explains things. He then gives
Mario the Crystal Star. Mario learns a new Special Ability, Earth Tremor, and
the chapter ends.

  We now move to control Princess Peach. She is being taken in by two small 
creatures. Peach is brought to Sir Grodus who asks where the map is. Peach
denies knowing it's where abouts. A soldier reports in confirming that a man
with a red hat and blue overalls has snatched the Crystal Star from Hooktail.
Grodus is infuriated and tells the "X-Naut's" to take Peach away. Grodus then
tells Lord Crump to hasten to Boggly Woods where they suspect another Crystal
Star is located. Grodus calls upon the Shadow Sirenss and sends them off to
assist Lord Crump in Boggly Woods. With that Marilyn, Vivian, and Beldam are off
and on a crash course with Mario.

  Take control of Princess Peach. Go into the left area and take a shower. When
you return to the right area the door automatically opens. Follow the path until
you are in the computer lab. Once inside a large "perfect" computer called TEC
confronts the Princess. Apparently it went bonkers seeing Peach in the shower..
Peach explains that TEC might love her. TEC does not comprehend love so he 
bargains with Peach. In exchange for her teaching him love, she can send e-mail
to Mario. With that done Peach is dismissed.

  We move to a scene with Bowser. He in confronted with delayed news... Mario
has reached a town called Rogueport and is after treasure. He decides he should
beat Mario to the chase and nab the treasure first. Before he heads off he is 
also told that the Princess was kidnapped. Bowser is now determined to kidnap
the Princess back. He blows a hole through his castle and we return to Mario and

  Koops says his farewells and Goombella recites some more of the old legend.
According to Goombella the party should head back to the Thousand-Year Door and
return the Crystal Star so that the location of the next one will appear on the
map. Go up and slide between the bricks to grab the Mega Rush P Badge. Continue
out of Petalburg to receive e-mail from the Princess. Keep going till you get 
back to the sewers. Cross the water into the next section. Drop off the ledge
and head up the steps. Go through the bars and down the pipe to end up on the
far side of the screen. Work your way across to Merlee's tent. Buy the Special
if you can, the spell is really handy. Head down to the Thousand-Year Door.

  Once there, slide through the bars, bounce up, and fly across to the leftside
of the room. Go through the door at left. Go behind the steps inside the room to
get a Star Piece (SP 14). Leave the room and then slide through the bars. Bounce
up and grab the Shine Sprite (SS 4) step on the pedestal to chart the location
of the next Crystal Star. Mario is taken to the Professor who points out the
location, Boggly Woods. Head outside and listen to Luigi's exaggerated version
of his adventure. Then enter the door next to him and use 3 Shine Sprites to
power up Koops.

  Enter the pipe and into the sewers. Go right and through the bars, down the 
pipe. Squeeze through the bars again and go down the pipe on the bottom floor.
Move right to see a Puni crawl through a crack in the wall. Follow it by going
through the bars. Trap it and listen to what it has to say. Talk to Punio once
more and he will open a secret entrance at the top of the stairs. Go in and to 
the left so you can get the Damage Dodge Badge. Then proceed to the right. Go
through the pipe to start a new chapter.

                                - Chapter 2 -
                            The Great Boggly Tree

Boggly Woods __________________________________________________
Enemies: Pale Pirahna*, Cleft*, Dark Puff*, Vivian**, Marilyn** |
         Beldam**                                               |
Items: Sleepy Sheep, Star Pieces (15-17), Shine Sprite (5)      |
       Necklace, FP Plus Badge, Super Appeal P Badge            |
       P-Down, D-Up Badge                                       |

  Hear Punio out and then save. Proceed right. The Shadow Sirens are there 
awaiting Mario. Vivian is holding a beautiful necklace for some odd reason.
Beldam is furious to see that Vivian lost the picture of Mario. She takes the
necklace away. Hit the first tree in the background to get a Sleepy Sheep.
Proceed down the path defeating enemies along the way. Pick up the Honey Syrup
towards the end of the path (it's hiding in the flowers). In the next area 
Punio shows you the Great Tree. Don't head over quite yet. Grab the Inn Coupon
and then proceed to follow Punio. Go to the right and up behind the mini water-
fall to obtain an FP Plus Badge. Talk to Punio who says that you can't get in.
Then he remembers the Secret Entrance but unfortunately the way to get in is
covered by and "invisible thingy". He resorts to Madame Flurrie who resides in
the deepest corner of the woods. Leave the Great Tree to be taken to Flurrie's
residence. Flurrie is happy until she realizes that her necklace is gone. Head
out and to the next area. Go right into the see-through wall. Go up and left
jumping between the trees to get a hidden block with a P-Down, D-Up Badge; smash
the blue switch. Smash it and then go left alittle more to get a Star Piece
(SP 15). Go through the pipe to get to the top of the platform. Use Koops and
aim left to get the Shine Sprite (SS 5). Then use the Airplane Panel to fly to
the right. Once there hit the red "!" box to get the Quake Hammer Badge. Grab it
and proceed to the next area.

  In the next area fight the Dark Puffs. Smash the tree that's not against the
back wall to get a Star Piece (SP 16). Continue right and then hold R to squeeze
between the little trees. Move right and stay against the chopped off trees to
get a Volt Shroom. Go left and in the bottom left corner there is a Star Piece
(SP 17). Proceed into the pipe and then over to Flurrie's place.

  Once inside go up the steps and try to go through the door. Flurrie with tell
you her predicament about her necklace. Mario agrees to find it for her. Head
back and save, then proceed to the entrance of Boggly Woods.

  The Shadow Sirens are waiting for you. Start the battle off by using a Sleepy
Sheep. This should buy enough time to take out Vivian. Then work on taking out
Marilyn who does the most damage with her attack boosts. When Beldam is the only
one left feel free to use Sweet Treat to heal up and then finish her off. Take
the necklace back after the battle and head left to save. Then take the necklace
to it's owner, Flurrie.

  When you give the necklace back to Flurrie she comes out quite astonished to
see Mario and his manly mustache. Since Flurrie wants to "protect" Mario she
decides to join the party. Walk into her room and open the chest to get the
Super Appeal P Badge. Exit the house and head back to the Great Tree.

  Once at the Great Tree, walk up the ledge and at the top use Flurrie's ability
to blow the cover off the tree and expose the secret entrance. Punio goes inside
and unlocks the main entrance so Mario can get in. Enter the Great Tree.

The Great Tree ________________________________________
Enemies: X-Naut*, Yux*, Mini-Yux*, Pider*, Magnus**     |
Items: Red Key, Blue Key, Ultra Shroom, Mushroom        |
       Shine Sprites (6-9), Star Pieces (18-23)         |

  Once inside Punio makes note that the other Punies should have been right in
this room. Two X-Nauts come through the door and a battle pursues. The X-Nauts
are pretty easy so dispose of them. After the battle a few more Punies appear
from hiding places. A large Puni named Puniper steps forth to complain about
Mario. He also informs Punio that the Jabbies, the other tribe in the tree, has
joined with the X-Nauts and taken the other Punies captive. Puniper agrees to
help if Mario can rescue some Punies in the upper levels of the tree. 

  Go save and then into the pipe. Cross the mysterious platform and go into 
another pipe. Here battle the X-Naut and check the lower right bush for a Power
Punch. Continue up beating enemies and going through pipes. When your up high
enough you will meet with the Elder and other Punies that have been captured.
Go left and meet with Ms. Mowz again. When the guard awakens beat him up to get
the Red Key. Open the chest to get an Ultra Shroom. Now head back and unlock the
Elder. Skip through the senseless talking and head back to the bottom of the
tree where the others are. Puniper says he still won't help but the Elder
corrects him. Mario is given the Puni Orb, the symbol of their leader. The
Punies will just stare at if left alone and the orb also works on the funny
platform in the level above.

  Head up to the platform and place the Puni Orb on the pedestal. A pipe that
leads down appears. Hop into it and fight the X-Naut. Go down and left to flick
the switch and unlock the door leading back to the Elder. Hop down and go right
to get the Shine Sprite (SS 6) and touch the bush to get a Thunder Rage. Go back
up and place the Puni Orb on the right side. Blow the Punies off the edge and
make them float across using the bubbles. Pick up the Orb and continue into
the next area.

  In the next section head left and battle the Pider*. Use Flurrie's ability to
blow the rock off the edge and reveal a Airplane Panel. Fly across to another
Panel and from there to a Shine Sprite (SS 7). Continue right and then down the
pipe. Once there ignore the Jabbie and go left. Freeze the Piders with Flurrie's
ability and battle them so the Punies don't run away. When you see the red "!"
block floating use Koops' ability and kick him underneath the red block. Use the
newly discovered box to jump to the box and obtain the Damage Dodge P Badge. 
Fall down or use the pipe near the entrance to go down. Check the bushes to get
a Star Piece (SP 18). Go left and against the wall use Flurrie to reveal a shop.
Inside the shop go to the far left and discover Jabble hiding. Talk to him and
he will join your team for the time being. Go back up to the upper level and
head right. Defeat the Jabbies by using Flurrie's ability on them and go into
the next section. Open the chest to get the Blue Key. Return to the other Punies
and free them. Now go all the way back down to the Elder. Head right and blow
the Punies across the intersection like before. Follow the path and head down
the pipes again. Now head left instead of right to fight 100 Jabbies. Use
Flurrie's ability again to easily dispense of all of them. Head left after
taking them out and then go down another pipe in the next section. Behind the
pipe is a Star Piece (SP 19). Follow the path and place the Puni Orb in the
pedestal. This is trap but it unlocks a pipe. Exit the cage, go down the pipe
and press the black switch. Go behind the pipe before entering it to get a Star
Piece (SP 20). Go back to where you got the Blue Key and rearrange the symbols
in the following order: Sun, Moon, Puni, Star

  Go into the newly opened hole and open the large chest to obtain the Super
Boots. You can now Spin Jump. Exit and break the "X". Hop left one pillar and
use Koops to get the Charge Badge. Then work your way around to the Shine Sprite
(SS 8). Head back to the Punies and bust the "X". Blow the Punies down and then
go get them. Go back up and then left and up the pipe. Place the Puni Orb in the
pedestal and break the "X". Go back up and blow the Punies down the hole. Jump
down after them and into the pipe. Follow the path beating up a few enemies
along the way. When you reach the area with water, go down the pipe and hop
across the pillars. Go into the pipe that leads up and then step on the blue
button. Use Koops' Hold ability and then step off the button. The switch will
reappear, release Koops' to hit the switch and the water will drain. Go down
and open the chest to get the Shrink Stomp Badge. Rejoin the Punies and make
your way to the Shine Sprite (SS 9). Head down the pipe and place the Puni Orb
on the pedestal. The platform will drop, go left and shake the bush for a 
Mushroom, then save. Go right and place the Puni Orb on the pedestal. The
Crystal Star will fall from the sky but Lord Crump steals it and sets a timer
on a bomb. Get back to the Elder's area in under 5 minutes to complete it, it's
not hard. On your way up the first pipe check the bushes for a Star Piece (SP 
21). Also, on the way back, head up the pipe in the bubble room. In this room
perform a Spin Jump near the pipes to reveal a Star Piece (SP 22). From here go
back down to the Elder. When you make it back, Lord Crump has the Elder cornered
and after talking a little while, he stops the timer and a battle ensues with

Boss: Magnus _________________________________________________________________
HP: 30                                                                         |
Attack: 2                                                                      |
Defense: 1                                                                     |
Attacks: Smothering Stomp, Rocket Punch, Earthshake                            |
Strategy: Use Koops' and Mario's Power Bounce attack to do heavy damage really |
          fast. If the curse you purchased earlier kicks in it really helps (it|
          does it for every battle with Magnus that I've been in). Use Sweet   |
          Treat when needed and when his Rocket Hands appear just take them out|
          real quick with a Multibounce. Keep the pressure up and your HP high |
          to easily overcome this foe.                                         |

  Once defeated, Lord Crump races out and calls an all out retreat. He drops the
Crystal Star on his way out. Mario grabs it and learns a new Special Ability
"Clock Out". With that, the chapter promptly ends.

  We head to Princess Peach. Take her and again meet up with TEC who says he
wants to dance with her. During the dance press the buttons that appear over her
head to pass. When she is dismissed we head to Bowser who is rather behind. A
mini-game occurs in which you are Bowser playing the first level of Mario Bros.
Just run across and grab all the meat possible to become huge and invincible.
At Petalburg Bowser mistakes a poster of Peach for Peach herself and we switch
back to Mario.

  The Punies thank Mario and he is on his way. Go back into the Great Tree and
up to the Blue Cell. Spin Jump there for a Star Piece (SP 23). Head to Flurrie's
house and Spin Jump to the left of her make-up table to get a Star Piece
(SP 24). Head back to the sewers and in the middle of the room you first enter
do a Spin Jump to get a Star Piece (SP 25). From there make your way in the room
with the stairs. Next to the stairs you can notice a peal. Blow it away and open
the chest for a Happy Heart P Badge. Go up the stairs and into the room. Spin
Jump infront of the black chest to get a Star Piece (SP 26). Go out and use the
Airplane Panel to fly to the Thousand-Year Door. In the room, go to the nearside
middle and Spin Jump for another Star Piece (SP 27). Now go get the location of
the next Crystal Star.

Note _________________________________________________________________________
  If you want all of the Star Pieces take a detour at this time. Head to       |
Petalburg and in the first area do a Spin Jump infront of the Bub-ulb to get a |
Star Piece (SP 28). From that Star Piece head right to the gatekeeper. Spin    |
Jump the flowers underneath the gatekeeper for a Star Piece (SP 29). Head to   |
Hooktail's Castle and enter the first set of bars. Spin Jump on the left most  |
panel to get a Star Piece (SP 30). In the sewers first area (with the save     |
mark) go into the first alcove and Spin Jump for a Star Piece (SP 31).         |

  Listen to what Frankly has to say about the next Crystal Star location. It's
supposively in Glitzville. Leave the house and Spin Jump to get a Star Piece
(SP 32) go right. Tell Gus** (the soldier) you can take him. He has 20 HP so no
big deal. After beating him go right and squeeze between the buildings. In the
back go between the barrel and the boxes for a Star Piece (SP 33). Enter the
house to the right and talk with the boss. If you pay the 64 coins he wants he
will tell you to go to West Rogueport and buy a Dried Shroom and a Dizzy Dial in
that order. Then tell the clerk your favorite color is yellow. This is how you
can meet Don Pianta.

  Exit the building, whether you payed or not, and head towards West Rogueport.
Stop by Merlon's on the way and power up Flurrie. When you enter the main area
of Rogueport Zess T. will stop you from going to West Rogueport because she
dropped a contact lens. She'll say not to move, but Mario does anyways and now
Zess T. wants compensation. Enter the item shop and talk with the first Mushroom
man. He orders a contact lens for you but it's gonna take sometime so head to
the back of Zess T.'s house and Spin Jump to get a Star Piece (SP 34). Now head
to the noose in the center and head just under it. Spin Jump for a Star Piece
(SP 35). Leave the area and return until the Mushroom man is standing outside
the shop. When he is that means the contact lens is for sale in the shop. Spend
10 coins to get the contact lens and give it to Zess T. . You can now have Zess
T. cook for you.

  Enter West Rogueport and hug the wall by the entrance for a Star Piece (SP 36)
and then search behind the pipe in the garden for another Star Piece (SP 37).
Continue all the way to the left and go behind the trashcan for another Star
Piece (SP 38). Infront of the Piant Parlor do a Spin Jump to get a Star Piece
(SP 39). Now enter the Item Shop and buy the Dried Shroom and then the Dizzy
Dial and when asked the question answer, Black. The shopkeeper will say sorry
for asking the wrong question. Answer Yellow to this question and enter the door
that is now unlocked.

  Go up the stairs and in the house to talk with the Don. He explains that his
daughter Francesca and some Frankie guy got hitched and are trying to leave
town. He wants you to get them and bring them back, in exchange he will grant
you a ticket to get to Glitzville. Head to the Harbor and Spin Jump at the left
of the Stairs for a Star Piece (SP 40). The head to the pier to find them.
Francesca refuses to go with Mario regardless of the choice you make. Head back
to the Don and tell him the scoop. Francesca rushes in as you tell Don Pianta
where the two were. After a long discussion talk to the Don one last time to get
the Blimp Ticket.

  Head back out and before heading to the Blimp, hold R and drop into the
sewer through the drain (next to the Pianta Parlor). Hop across the platforms
and in the next section check behind the pillar for a Star Piece (SP 41). Enter
the shallow water and head left. Open the chest for a Soft Stomp Badge. Head
right and search behind the pillars for another Star Piece (SP 42). Now go up
the movable platform and go left. Enter the building and Spin Jump infront of
the table for another Star Piece (SP 43). Go back to the previous area. Drop
down and fight the Spania*. Afterwards head to the right wall of the middle
platform and hug it (push left) to get a Star Piece (SP 44). Head through the
pipe that leads upwards and go to the Blimp Area.

  Go to the far left and Spin Jump for a Star Piece (SP 45). Talk to the fish on
the right to ride the blimp. Go behind the pipe for a Star Piece (SP 46). Then
enter the pipe and move to the blimp.

                                - Chapter 3 -
                              Of Glitz and Glory

Glitzville __________________________________________________________________
Enemies: Goomba, KP Koopa*, KP Paratroopa*, Pokey*, Dull Bones, Lakitu*       |
         R. S. Buzzy*, Bandit*, Big Bandit*, H. Bald Cleft*, Bob-omb          |
         Iron Cleft(red)*, Iron Cleft(green)*, Bristle, Red Magikoopa*        |
         White Magikoopa*, Green Magikoopa*, Dark Craw*, Dark Koopatrol*      |
         Fuzzy, Green Fuzzy, Flower Fuzzy, Red Chomp*, Hammer Bro*, Fire Bro* |
         Boomerang Bro*                                                       |
Items: Star Pieces (47-56), Shine Sprites (10,11), HP Plus Badge              |

  when you land in Glitzville head left behind the left booth for a Star Piece
(SP 47). Go beneath the large star and in the middle Spin Jump for another Star
Piece (SP 48). Go behind the right bushes of the main building for yet another
Star Piece (SP 49). From there head to the building at right. Go behind the
counter to get a Star Piece (SP 50). Head down and work your way on top of the
blue switch. Spin Jump on it to make steps appear. Go up the steps and open the
chest for a Power Plus P Badge. Underneath the large picture is a Star Piece
(SP 51), use Koops to grab it. Go to the Shine Sprite (SS 10) and swing Mario's
hammer underneath the Shine Sprite. A block will appear allowing Mario to reach
the Shine Sprite.

  Enter the main building. Go to the picture of the 2 Bob-ombs and Spin Jump
for a Star Piece (SP 52). Enter the door at right. A fighter named Rawk Hawk is
in the ring and is the champion. After humiliating his opponent he holds up the
champion belt, on it is the Crystal Star! Your partner pulls you out and says
that you need to fight your way to the top and win that belt. Head left and talk
to the man infront of the door. Enter the door and head down the hall till the
screen rotates, enter the first door. Talk to Grubba and he shows Mario around.
Sign the contract when asked and you are dubbed The Great Gonzales. An assistant
enters and takes Mario to the Minor League room. Follow her directions and wait
for security. When security comes head out for your first battle.

Rank: 19th
Enemy: Goomba Bros.
Reward: 3 coins

  After the battle King K. introduces the fellas to Mario. Sleep in the bed at
right and save if needed. Continue healing, fighting and following the
conditions (random) until you get through the Bob-Omb Squad.

Rank: 18th
Enemy: KP Koopas
Reward: 4 Coins

Rank: 17th
Enemy: Pokey Triplets
Reward: 4 coins

Rank: 16th
Enemy: Dead Bones
Reward: 5 coinds

Rank: 15th
Enemy: Spike Storm
Reward: 5 coins

Rank: 14th
Enemy: Hand-it-Overs
Reward: 6 coins

Rank: 13th
Enemy: Mind-Bogglers
Reward: 6 coins

Rank: 12th
Enemy: Punk Rocks
Reward: 7 coinds

Rank: 11th
Enemy: Bob-Omb Squad
Reward: 7 coins

Rank: 10th
Enemy: Armored Harriers
Reward: 7 coins

  To beat these guys go outside to the hotdog stand. An egg is on the loose. Try
to catch it and it jumps onto the hotdog stand. Go on top of the Juice Bar and
fly across to it. The egg will follow you, so take it into the arena with you.
You will lose your fight against these guys but then the egg will hatch and out
pops a Yoshi. Name it and fight them again with Yoshi in the battle, use his
Gulp technique to defeat the enemy.

  After the win you go to Mr. Grubba and get 30 coins. Mario also gets to enter
the Major League locker room. Rawk comes storming in and after a conversation he
exits. A mysterious email is sent by "X". Go behind the lockers at the left to
get an Ice Storm.

Rank: 9th
Enemy: Tiny Spinies
Reward: 9 coins

Rank: 8th
Enemy: Shell Shockers
Reward: 12 coins

  Mario receives another email from "X". Go to the Juice Bar (watering hole)
like the email said. Talk to the man near the counter and he gives you the
Super Hammer! Mario receives another email to smash the large yellow block in
the minor league room. Do so and then climb to the top of the shelf on the
right. Use Yoshi's ability to glide over to the shelf with the paper, grab the
Dubious Paper. It has research on the Crystal Stars on it... As you leave the
room Ms. Jolene confiscates the paper. Head back to the major league locker
and register for another fight.

Rank: 7th
Enemy: Poker Faces
Reward: 12 coins

  After you beat the Bristles the two Iron Clefs come back in for another fight.
Beat them the same way you did last time. Mario receives a threatening email
but not from "X"... Continue fighting.

Rank: 6th
Enemy: Magikoopa Masters
Reward: 13 coins

  After the battle "a fan" sends Mario some cake, eat up if you want (it's a 
poisonous cake) and continue fighting!

Rank: 5th
Enemy: Fuzz
Reward: 13 coins

  After you beat the Fuzzies, Bowser comes in and challenges you. He's not
really a boss, but he does have 30 HP. Hit him hard with Power Bounce and use
Koops or Flurrie to do extra damage. Just keep at him and he'll die, you'll
realize 30 HP isn't that much anymore.

Rank: 4th
Enemy: Craw-Daddy
Reward: 14 coins

  "X" sends another email after the fight. Head outside and Rawk Hawk threatens
Mario. Maybe Rawk Hawk sent the hate mail? Continue to the phone booth. Once
there grab the Storage Key. As you move back another email tells you to go to
the Storage room. Head on back but check in the hallway for a box with the top
open, run up the left side and enter it to get the Last Stand Badge. Go into the
Storage room to meet Ms. Mowz. After the conversation Spin Jump the middle for a
Star Piece (SP 53). Then use Flurrie to blow the cover off the left boxes. Smash
the blocks and hit the blue switch to have stairs come down. Blow away the
blocks at right, grab the Charge P Badge and then proceed up the stairs and get
the Shine Sprite (SS 11). Hop on the box at left and use Yoshi to get to the
other side. Smash the large block and then use Yoshi again to get an HP Plus P
Badge. Hop into the vent and continue right, check the peekhole for a scene
between Jolene and Grubba. Use Mario's ability and fall through the vent
opening. Go back to the locker room.

Rank: 3rd
Enemy: Hamma, Bamma, and Flare
Reward: 14 coins

  Another threat email is sent out warning Mario to stop searching for the
Crystal Star or he'll end up like the other missing fighters... Jolene brings
in another cake, again eat up if you wish -- it's another poisonous cake -- but
this time your partner gets paralyzed after eating it and Mario must fly solo
for the next match -- if you ate the cake.

Rank: 2nd
Enemy: Chomp Country
Reward: 15 coins

  You partner says the cake was poisoned and it's obvious someone wanted you out
of the picture.. better be careful.

Rank: 1st
Enemy: Koopinator
Reward: 15 coins

  "X" sends another email. This time "X" wants Mario to peel the Great Gonzales
posters off the walls. Go to the second floor lobby. Use Flurrie and blow off
the Mario poster, a Storage Key will drop. "X" emails you again, this time to go
to the second floor of the Storage Room. Go in and use Yoshi to cross over the
boxes. Smash the yellow block to find the missing fighters smashed there... Go
behind the corner right box for a Star Piece (SP 54). As you make your way out
your partner catches Jolene peeking in the door. Head back and register for the
title fight.

  The man in blue takes you to a minor-league locker room and tells you to wait.
Meanwhile, Mario is being called out for his match. Your partner tries to open
the door but it's locked! Head to the bottom right and use Flurrie to blow open
a new path. Head right and go into the toilet. Exit and then head for the title
match with Rawk Hawk**.

Rawk Hawk ____________________________________________________________________
HP: 40                                                                         |
Attack: 3                                                                      |
Defense: 1                                                                     |
Attacks: Double Aerial, Dive, Cheap Shot                                       |
Strategy: Start off with Koops in your party. Have Mario use his Power Bounce  |
          all the time, try to get 5-6 hits in per turn with him. Have Koops   |
          use his normal attack until HP gets low. When HP is low have Mario   |
          use Sweet Treat and have Koops use Shell Shield. When the Fog appears|
          Rawk Hawk will use Dive and deal 6 damage per hit. When Rawk Hawk    |
          takes to the bars, use Quake Hammer to take him down.                |

  After the battle you get the champs belt and are taken to the champs room. You
receive an email from "X" to find the ghost in the champs room. Get on top of
the boxes at left and use Yoshi to get to the vent. Use a Super Smash to break
the vent. Listen as Grubba talls aloud. Break the vent and hop down to read his
secret paper in the desk. Grubba returns to see Mario looking at the paper that
tells how the Crystal Star runs underneath the ring and drains the life of the
fighters. When he leaves open his other drawer for a Star Piece (SP 55). Then
goto the bottom left corner plant for another Star Piece (SP 56). Head to the
arena and here Grubba out. He then transforms into Macho Grubba**.

Boss: Macho Grubba ___________________________________________________________
HP: 60                                                                         |
Attack: 4                                                                      |
Defense: 0                                                                     |
Attacks: Attack+, Turn+, Flop                                                  |
Strategy: He'll increase his turns, beef himself up, then attack. Use this time|
          to deal damage to Macho Grubba big time. Use Koops or Flurrie to deal|
          quick damage. Be sure to use Mario's Power Bounce all the time and   |
          when your HP is low just use Sweet Treat. Clock Out works wonders in |
          this battle, use it when ever you can since it will buy a lot of time|
          to do damage.                                                        |

  After the battle listen to Jolene's story as she was "X". Prince Mush comes
back and Mario gets the Crystal Star and a new move, "Power Lift". With that the
chapter comes to an end.

  The view switches to Grodus and the Shadow Sirens. Grodus is growing tired of
Beldam not taking Mario out. She reassures him that they will get the job done
and they leave. Take control of Peach and visit TEC again. TEC wants Peach to
find out what Grodus is thinking on a certain issue so he tells her to go to the
Elevator and dress up as a soldier. Get in the elevator and head right, enter
the first door and open the lockers. Grab the uniform and change in the stalls
at right. Leave and enter the far right door. Talk to Grodus. After the convo
go back and change, then head back to TEC.

  Switching to Bowser, we see again how behind he is. Go to the right and check
behind the bush to enter a long conversation with the Punies. When the talking
is done save.

  Back to Mario. The people at the Glitz Pit say there farewells and Mario is
on his way. Head back to Rogueport via the blimp. When you get back, head into
the sewers like you did before. Use Yoshi to cross over and get the Shine Sprite
(SS 12). Enter the pipe and go right to get a Star Piece (SP 57). Head back and
go down the pipe on the bottom floor. Go down and follow the path. Use Flurrie
to expose a pipe in behind the wall. Smash the "?" box for a Slow Shroom and
enter the pipe. You end up in the Pit of 100 Trials room. Head right to enter
the Thousand-Year Door room. Go right and exit the room. Drop down and smash the
yellow block. Go up the pipe and then left. Smash the yellow block and go up to
get the Shine Sprite (SS 13). Reach the blue switches from the top floor and
Spin Jump on them. The left pipe takes you to the Great Tree and the right one
takes you to Petalburg. Now head to the Thousand-Year Door and stand on the

  After being taken to Frankly go to Merlon's and power up your partners. Head
to West Rogueport and enter the sewers. Go left using Yoshi. Open the door and
hop into the pipe. The pipe spits you back out! Go back and talk to Frankly.
Leave the house and head left, then into the alley behind the wall. Go around
the corner and then talk to Darkly. After being "marked" head to Twilight Town
via the brown pipe.

                                - Chapter 4 -
                           For Pigs the Bell Tolls

Twilight Town _____________________________________
Enemies: None                                       |
Items: Star Pieces (58-60), Boo Sheet, Life Shroom  |
       Jammin' Jelly, Defend Plus Badge             |

  Upon entering the gloomy town a local greets you. He warns that this is a bad
time to be in town. A bell sounds and the local worries, then turns into a pig.
The mayor, Dour, enters and then leads Mario to his residence. Dour speaks of
Creepy Steeple, where the bell rings. A curse has been cast on the town and at
the sound of the bell, a person in Twilight Town is turned to a pig. Dour hints
at the Crystal Star being in Creepy Steeple.

  Exit the house and go left of it for a Star Piece (SP 58). Search the grass
around the tree for another Star Piece (SP 59). Save and then exit at right.
Go right and hug the fence for a Star Piece (SP 60) Head to the gatekeeper
at the right who tells you that you may only pass if the mayor grants you
access. Head back towards the mayor's house, the bell tolls. Enter the mayor's
house to discover he was turned into a pig. Head back to the gatekeeper and the
bell sounds again. Continue right and see that the gatekeeper is now a pig, go
through the gate.

Twilight Trail ____________________________________________
Enemies: Hyper Goomba*, H. Paragoomba*, H. S. Goomba*       |
         Crazee Dayzee*, Amazy Dayzee*                      |
Items: Black, Super Shroom, Earth Quake, Hammer Throw Badge |
       Star Shine (14), Star Pieces (61,62)                 |

  Go into the shack and head left to get a Black Key. Head right and beat the
enemies. In the next area jump on top of the "?" block and jump to get a Super
Shroom. Head right and hit the brick box for 10 coins. In the next area use
Koops to grab the Storage Key. Head back to the Item Shop. Open the storage area
with the Storage Key. Inside, grab the Boo Sheet, Life Shroom, Jammin' Jelly,
and Defend Plus Badge. Talk to the black chest and listen to its goofy speech.
Open it and be cursed with the ability to roll up! Go back to the fallen down
tree and roll underneath it. Go up next to the tree for a Star Piece (SP 61).
At right, use Flurrie to blow the pine tree away and reveal a pipe. Go behind
the pipe for a Star Piece (SP 62), then enter it and go left.

  In the next area go left and beat your enemy, hit the block for another 10
coins. Squeeze between the grass and hit the "?" block for an Earth Quake. Go
left and beat another enemy and exit. In the next area hit the red "?" for a
Hammer Throw Badge. Go left and use Flurrie on the tree, enter the tree and end
up on the far side of the screen, head right. In the next area move until there
is a dark spot along the road, use Flurrie and blow it away to reveal an "X".
Smash it and end up on the far side. Go right and push the block, this also
moves the block in the foreground. Return and head into the new hole to pass the
block. Head right and hug the bottom of the path to get a Shine Sprite (SS 14).
Enter the Creepy Steeple.

Creepy Steeple ________________________________________________
Enemies: Buzzy Beetle*, Spike Top*, Swooper*, Atomic Boo**      |
         Boo*, ????**                                           |
Items: Star Shine (15), Star Pieces (63-67), Flower Saver Badge |

  When you enter Creepy Steeple heal yourself and then save. Jump in the well
and get the Shine Sprite (SS 15). Go right into the next section. Be prepared
for a large amount of battles. After you beat them all hit the red "?" box for
a Tornado Jump Badge. Head back up and out of the cavern. Roll under the fence
and then move towards the gate. On the left side of the gate is a Star Piece
(SP 63). Head into the steeple. After the view of the place, head right and up
under the wall. Grab the Star Piece (SP 64) behind the desk. Get the Shine
Sprite (SS 16), the Cookbook, and an Ice Smash Badge from the chests. Head out
and go right, push the Star out of the way. Drop down and blow the back wall
open. Head into the whole and then right to open a chest with a Flower Saver
Badge inside. Go back left and through the door. Open the chest to release all
the Boos. Answer 200 when the Boo asks. Head back up.

  Once up, head left and talk to the boo. Tell him you'll be nice and then enter
the door at the bottom. Go all the way to the right and hit the red switch.
Enter the door at left and Spin Jump in the middle of the room for a Star Piece
(SP 65). Go up the stairs into the door. Run to the left before the Boos catch
you. Use Yoshi to cross the large gap and grab the Steeple Key. Drop down and
enter the top door. Run to the right and hit the red switch, enter the door. Go
up the stairs and through the door, run to the left and save.

Note _________________________________________________________________________
  At this point you may face an optional boss by letting the boos grab you and |
then shaking them off by using the Super Hammers spin. Boos* now become a enemy|
and will attack if you get near them.                                          |

Boss: Atomic Boo _____________________________________________________________
HP: 40                                                                         |
Attack: 4                                                                      |
Defense: 0                                                                     |
Attacks: PeekaBOO, Slam                                                        |
Strategy: Use Clock Out and pummel the Boo. Use Yoshi's normal attack to deal  |
          quick damage and use Mario's Power Bounce when available. Not too    |
          hard to win this one, it's optional for a reason.                    |
Spoils: Lucky Start Badge                                                      |

  Open the door with the Steeple Key. Heal if you need to and run up the steps
and jump on the spring. At the top you see the monster that Mayor Dour was
talking about. After a short battle of words, the real battle occurs against

???? _________________________________________________________________________
HP: 40                                                                         |
Attack: 4                                                                      |
Defense: 0                                                                     |
Attacks: Dive, Copycat                                                         |
Strategy: Use Mario and Goombella for this battle. Have them use Power Bounce  |
          and Multibonk to defeat the foe quickly and easily. Heal with Sweet  |
          Treat if needed.                                                     |

  After the battle, ???? drops the Crystal Star and Mario picks up. Head back to
Twilight Town but be stopped by the imposter Mario who took your body. You can't
get his name yet and he initiates battle. Run away and go to Vivian. Check the
bushes at left for the Superbombomb. Give it to Vivian and she joins your party.
Go to the birds just before the gatekeeper and listen in on their conversation
-- Go to where the "..." appears and then press X.

  Head to Creepy Steeple. The imposter stops you again, run again. Continue to
Creepy Steeple and jump into the well. Head right and paste the horde of foes.
Push the door up, then hide in the shadows while it passes by. Continue up the
ramp and into the door. Grab the Shine Sprite (SS 17) and save. Roll through the
hole. At the top smash the "X". Head right and hug the wall to get a Star Piece
(SP 66). Go left and roll through the crack into a new room. Open the chests to
get a Steeple Key, The Letter P, a Power Plus Badge, and a Mr. Softener. Do a
Spin Jump near the door to get a Star Piece (SP 67). Hide in the shadows beneath
the bird to hear it talk about the monster, his name "Doopliss". Head back out
and save. Then march down to the imposter. Say his name and he freaks out. Chase
him down to Creepy Steeple. Head all the way back to where you fought Doopliss
the first time. When you get there your partners see you with Vivian and flip.
You enter battle against Doopliss and the last partner you used.

Boss: Doopliss _______________________________________________________________
HP: 40                                                                         |
Attack: 4                                                                      |
Defense: 0                                                                     |
Attacks: Hammer, Jump                                                          |
Strategy: Use Mario's Power Bounce attack every round and try to land atleast 8|
          points of damage each time, this will really put Doopliss in a hole. |
          After 2 turns Vivian comes back and joins Mario. If your low on FP   |
          just use normal attacks on Doopliss. He should never get in enough   |
          damage to really hurt Mario, but if so heal with Sweet Treat and keep|
          pounding away to victory.                                            |

  After the battle the truth is revealed and Mario defends Vivian. She joins the
party for real this time and gives the newly restored Mario the Crystal Star.
Mario takes the star and learns a special ability, Art Attack. The cooky chapter
finally comes to an end.

  Heading back to X-Nauts we hear that the Thousand-Year Door is weakening and
will soon be capable of opening. Grodus chuckles as he speaks of his perfect
world. Next, we see Peach enter TEC's room. After a small conversation TEC asks
Princess Peach 5 questions.

TEC's Quiz _________________________________________________________________
Q. What will happen if you collect seven Crystal Stars?                      |
A. Thousand-Year Door opens.                                                 |
Q. What is the goal of Grodus, leader of the X-Nauts?                        |
A. To conquer the world.                                                     |
Q. What is the legendary treasure that waits behind the Thousand-Year Door?  |
A. A 1000-year old demon's soul                                              |
Q. What does Sir Grodus wish to do with this ancient demon's soul?           |
A. Bring the demon back to life.                                             |
Q. What is required to seal up the demon again?                              |
A. Crystal Stars                                                             |

  If you miss one you just have to start over from the beginning. Peach uses the
communicator and then is dismissed.

  Watch Bowser and his miserable attempt to enter Glitzville. He will fall into
the water and you will play another Mario level. Head right grabbing the meat to
beef Bowser up. Jump on the spring and head right to beat this level. Bowser
ends up at the Rogueport Harbor and is infuriated.

  Back with Mario in Twilight Town, the mayor says thanks and Mario is on his
way. Go back to the sewers and receive the email from Peach. Drop down and enter
the pipe that goes down. Squeeze through the bars and head down the next pipe.
Once again enter the Thousand-Year Door room but pass through it. Drop down and
go up the pipe. Head right and squeeze through the bars that have a door behind
it. In this room is a spike chain. Move through them and use Vivian to hide as
they reappear. This will take some time to do, but at the other end is a chest
containing a Spike Shield Badge. Equip this badge if possible, it stops Mario
from taking damage when he jumps on spiked enemies. Now head to the room of the
Thousand-Year Door and stand on the pedestal to get the location of the next
Crystal Star.

  In the Professor's office we learn that the Crystal Stars cannot distinguish
good from evil but the wielder can. Frankly says that destroying the stars will
not work because the power to contain the beast will diminish after 1000 years.
Unfortunately, this is that 1000th year, so Frankly says that they next Crystal
Star is on Keelhaul Key. Head to the Inn. Talk to the pirate man, Flavio, and
answer his question with whatever you want. Here him out and you will eventually
be told to meet him in the harbor to set sail. Before heading to the harbor go
to West Rogueport and enter the first house. Go up the stairs and roll Mario
through the crack at right. In the back get the Shine Sprite (SS 18), then head
to the harbor.

Note _________________________________________________________________________
  At this point you may gain an extra character, it is optional. To do so go to|
the Trouble Center and take on the quest "???". Meet with Ms. Mowz on top of   |
Zess T.'s House. Listen to Ms. Mowz and head to Hooktail's Castle. In the area |
where you beet Hooktail is a badge, use Flurrie in the middle of the room to   |
reveal the badge. Take the badge back to Ms. Mowz and she joins your party.    |
  Also, take Zess T.'s trouble and simply give her the Cook Book. Zess T. will |
now use 2 items in her cooking.                                                |

  Head to the docks and board the ship. Talk to Flavio. An underling speaks up
and says Admiral Bobbery can help, but he hasn't been seen in a while. Go to the
inn and talk the bartender who tells you where Bobbery's house is. Follow his
direction but before talking to Bobbery get between the fence and the bridge in
East Rogueport. Now use Yoshi to cross the gap and get on to the roof. Spin Jump
on the roof for a Star Piece (SP 68). Head left and up to get the Shine Sprite
(SS 19) and then head back right and drop down a bit on the roof for a Star
Piece (SP 69) -- you can see it from behind the houses. Now head behind the
houses and use Yoshi to cross the gap and get another Shine Sprite (SS 20). Get
back on the houses and roll into the Admiral's Chimney. Talk with the admiral
and he says that he cannot help you. Go through the door in his house to get
a Shine Sprite (SS 21). Head back to the bartender. Listen to the sad story of
Bobbery. Tell the bartender you still need Bobbery and he gives you an Old
Letter that Scarlette wrote before she died. Take the letter to Bobbery and he
joins your party.

  Head back to the harbor and get on board. Talk to Flavio to set sail. An
X-Naut confirms that "X-Naut Black" has boarded the ship secretely. 

                                - Chapter 5 -
                              The Key to Pirates

Keelhaul Key _______________________________________________________
Enemies: Ember*, Green Fuzzy*, Flower Fuzzy*, Putrid Pirahna*        |
Items: Star Pieces (70-75), Shine Sprites (22,23), Whacka-Bump       |
       Head Rattle Badge, Courage Shell, Mini Mr. Mini, Thunder Rage |

  Follow the days until Flavio says that land is near. The ship mysteriously
stops and a Bob-omb checks it out. He is then interrupted by an Ember. The men
on board freak out and the ship sinks. Somehow the gang managed to land on the
island of destination, Keelhaul Kee, but at the loss of a few members including
Admiral Bobbery. When Pa-Patch asks you to follow him, head up and left. When
the mole pops out of the ground hammer it for a Whacka-Bump. On your way back
head down the right side and Spin Jump a little above the rock for a Star Piece
(SP 70). Head right into the next section to listen to Pa-Patch and Flavio yell
at each other. When they go off they run into a few Embers. Battle the Embers*
and then agree to let Flavio guard the base. Head into the water and go left for
a Star Piece (SP 71). Head to the shop and buy 2-3 Ice Storms. The Embers are
very vulnerable to them, so use one when you have must fight a large group of

  Heal, save and head right. Go down just before leaving the area for another
Star Piece (SP 72). In the next area search the first bush for yet another Star
Piece (SP 73). Hit the red "!" block for a Head Rattle Badge and smash the
yellow "?" block for a Courage Shell. In the next section battle the Putrid
Pirahna* and check the bush for a Mini Mr. Mini. Head right and battle some more
enemies. Jump on the block and then jump again to reveal a hidden block. Go
right and hug the vines for a Star Piece (SP 74). Go up and battle the Flower
Fuzzy. Use Yoshi to cross the pit, landing on the box, then the other side. Once
there head up and use Yoshi to land on the block at left and get the Shine
Sprite (SS 22). Head up and hit the yellow "!" block for a Thunder Rage. Cross
to the next area and see Bobbery! He holds the Embers off while the others run.
Head back across the bridge but use Paper Mode to squeeze between the bridge and
get the Ice Power Badge below. Head back up and get the Shine Sprite (SS 23)
behind the vines.

  In the next area fight the Embers and hammer the tree to bring Bobbery down.
He claims to be dying and wants to drink the Chuckola Cola before he dies. Go
right and hug the wall nearest the screen as you enter the water to the right,
you get a Star Piece (SP 75) Head back across the bridge. Head down after
crossing the bridge and use Yoshi to reach a pipe. On the other side hammer the
tree to drop 2 Coconuts. Now go talk to Flavio and give him the Coconut in
exchange for the Chuckola Cola. Give the Chuckola Cola to Bobbery and he will
fall asleep. Talk with him until your partner tells you to whack him. When he
wakes up he'll join your party. Head back to the camp and talk to Flavio.
After some conversation he'll join your party for a little while.

  Head towards the skull at the far east side of where you got Bobbery. Listen
to Flavio and then touch the door. Talk to Flavio and heed his song after you
grab the Skull Gem. 3 Times jump on the red 'staches head, 4 times hammer the
blue 'staches stomach. The door will drop down a little platform, throw Bobbery
up on the ledge and it will blow up. Flavio will leave afterwards, so enter the
cave alone.

Pirate's Grotto ______________________________________________
Enemies: Lava Bubble*, Bullet Bill*, Bill Blaster*             |
         Bulky Bob-omb*, Parabuzzy*                            |
Items: Ruin Powder, Shine Sprites (24-28), Star Pieces (76-79) |
       Grotto Key                                              |

  Check behind the barrels as soon as you enter for some Ruin Powder. Save and
then proceed to the next area. Head right and on the ship, climb to the top and
jump for a Shine Sprite (SS 24). Jump across the gap for a Star Piece (SP 76)
and then use Yoshi to out run the spikes at the top. In the next area cross the
bridge dodging or jumping on the Bullet Bills*. At the end of the bridge fight
the Bill Blasters and enter the next section. Head along the bottom and jump on
the boat to cross the water. Fight the Bulky Bob-omb and enter the next area.
Climb up the steps and jump while on the stair that is next to the Shine Sprite
to make a box appear. Go up the steps and stand on the box, use your hammer to
obtain the Shine Sprite (SS 25). Go up and hop the water, throw Bobbery on the
ledge and let him blow up to open the door. The ghost warns Mario, but enter
anyways. Once through the door, go up slightly and Spin Jump to receive a Star
Piece (SP 77). Head left to the next section and stand on the moving barrel. Use
Koops and his Hold ability to allow Mario up the platform and over to the Grotto

  Head back to the locked door and use the Grotto Key. Go for a ride again up
the platform but this time hop onto the box at left. It will go up, hop left for
a Shine Sprite (SS 26) and then hop in the barrel for a Star Piece (SP 78). In
the next room do a Spin Jump in the middle of the room to get another Star Piece
(SP 79) and then head down into the next area. In the next area turn right and
use Koops to get the Shine Sprite (SS 27). Use Vivian to get past the spikes,
hiding in the shadows before the spikes emerge to pierce Mario. In the next
section swing Mario's hammer under the Shine Sprite to reveal a block. Jump
after getting on the block to grab the Shine Sprite (SS 28). Head left across
the bridge and defeat the Lava Bubble. In the next area head left until you can
enter the ship. Once in there Mario let's the chest know that he's been through
it 3 times before. The chest says a ghost in here has the key and then a ghost
appears. Defeat the Embers to get the key and unlock the chest. You get cursed
with the ability to turn into a paper boat!

  Now head all the way back to the save mark. Climb the cliff and cross into
the next section. Use the Boat Panel and head right into the previous room. Head
towards the waterfall and pass through it. At the end open the chest for a
Defense Plus P Badge. Head back the other room and down the waterfall. Head left
until you can use another Boat Panel. Hop up and grab the Gate Handle. Head back
to the waterfall room and put the Gate Handle in place and the gate falls. Get
back up top and drop down the waterfall again, enter the newly opened area. Go
right and into another area. Dodge the waves and make your way acrossed the
water to another area. In this new area head right and then return to the Boat
Panel. Hop into the pipe and head left until you can climb the cliff and enter
another pipe. From here use the Airplane Panel to land on the islands with pipes
that lead to the blue switches. Land on them both and hit both blue switches to
set them all free. Head back and fly all the way across, then enter the new area
at right. Heal then save and enter the door on the ship. Cross into the next
room to be welcomed by Cortez**.

Boss: Cortez _________________________________________________________________
HP: 20                                                                         |
Attack: 4                                                                      |
Defense: 1                                                                     |
Attacks: Multi-sword, Bone Toss, Chomp                                         |
Strategy: Cortez has 3 forms. His first form consists of a skeleton and four   |
          arms that strike using a weapon. Hack away at Cortez until he falls  |
          apart. His second for appears and begins a constant charge up for a  |
          Bone Toss to deal 6-10 damage to the party. Simply hack away again at|
          him. After you take out this form, Cortez morphs down to just his    |
          head and weapons. Start of this form by using Art Attack to deal 10  |
          damage to Cortez and take out the weapons. Using Flurrie you can blow|
          away the weapons, making the battle easier Cortez then eats the      |
          audience much like Hooktail did and regains his health. Use a charge |
          with Mario then follow it up with a Power Bounce on Cortez to deal   |
          sufficient damage to take him down and out                           |

  After you take Cortez out, Mario says he doesn't want the treasure but just
the Crystal Star. Mario learns a new special ability, "Sweet Feast", and then
the chapter ends.

  Head left after beating Cortez and blow open a hole next to the lone Toad.
Follow them out and head back towards the camp to have Four-Eyes appear on a
boat and reveal himself as Lord Crump. Flavio asks to go to Cortez to use his
ship. Take him to Cortez and Flavio is scared out of his mind while asking to
use the Black Skull. Flavio has the Skull Gem however, and negotiates with the
dead to use the ship. Head back outside and everyone is there, set sail and into
battle. Mario is sent to duel Lord Crump**.

Lord Crump ___________________________________________________________________
HP: 30                                                                         |
Attack: 3                                                                      |
Defense: 0                                                                     |
Attacks: Normal                                                                |
Strategy: Use Clock Out and then just hack away at Lord Crump until he is      |
          heavily damaged. Half way through the battle the X-Nauts will        |
          assemble on an overhang and drop forks and even themselves on Mario. |
          Defend them and keep attacking till Lord Crump is taken down. He then|
          runs behind the curtain to heal himself and bring back a group of    |
          X-Nauts. These X-Nauts will roll together into a ball to attack Mario|
          but use Clock Out again to paralyze Lord Crump and allow only the    |
          X-Nauts to attack. Bobbery can deal good damage in this battles end  |
          so use him and keep attacking Lord Crump.                            |

  We switch to Sir Grodus who punishes Lord Crump and tells him to have the
Shadow Sirens strike at Mario again. Peach talks with TEC who asks her to do a
more dangerous task this time, but she accepts. Head out and into the elevator.
At the top, head left for a while and enter the door with the green light above

  In the room place the potions in their places: Red, Blue, Orange, Green.
Hit the button where the potion stops. The last button however is for the heat
mechanism and the potion should only be heated for 30 seconds. Get a watch that
counts in seconds and time it for 30 seconds, press the switch then. Have Peach
drink the potion to make herself invisible. Head all the way to the right and
in Grodus' room check the shelf in the back right corner for the Data Disk. Put
it into the computer and connect. When it's finished just put it back and head
to the potion room. Drink the green potion and leave the room to magically enter
TEC's room. TEC seems worried about something... None the less, Peach sends her
letter and we switch to Bowser.

  Talk to Lord Crump to watch him find the Superbombomb. Bowser gets a hold of
him and tells him to spill info about the Crystal Star. Crump calls his army of
X-Nauts and tells Bowser to start talking. Bowser calls the Koopa Troop and they
are at a stand off. Crump throws the defective Superbombomb and Bowser laughs
until he blows it up himself... Back to Mario and gang.

  Fransesca and Frankie decide to stay in Keelhaul Key. The group heads back to
Rogueport and Flavio continues his arrogance. Now that Bobbery is a partner and
Mario can use the Boat Panels, there are alot of things that can be obtained.
Start off by using the Boat Panel in the harbor and going left. Get back on land
and go right behind the barrel for a Star Piece (SP 80). Open the chest in the
back for an HP Drain Badge. Head all the way to West Rogueport and to the far
west side is a wall with a crack, use Bobbery to blow a hole in the wall and get
the Shine Sprite (SS 29). From there head to East Rogueport. Talk to Merlon who
hints at the black chest in Hooktail's Castle, going there will somehow help
your friends learn. Don't mind that now, but instead go to the back of the
houses and use the Boat Panel. Hop out in the front and open the chest for a
Double Dip Badge. Head back out and into the sewers. 

Note _________________________________________________________________________
  If you want to find out what Merlon was talking about, head to the spike room|
in Hooktail's Castle. On the far right side of the room there is a crack, blow |
the wall up and enter. Hit the blue "!" block and then open the chest for an   |
Up Arrow. Take it back to Merlon and you can now power up your partners even   |
more.                                                                          |

Sewers _______________________________________________
Enemies: Magikoopa*, Hammer Bro*, Koopatrol*, Spunia*  |
Items: Shine Sprites (30-32)                           |

  From there go to your immediate right and blow open the wall. Enter the pipe
if you want, it leads to Chet Rippos house. He can change you or your partners
stats around for 39 coins. Head right to where you fought the Blooper and use
the Boat Panel to reach a Shine Sprite (SS 30). Go to Merluvlee's area and blow
up the pillar separating the underground town. Head left out of the town and
drop down. Take the pipe down and then at the next pipe down head left to the
Boat Panel. Head right until you reach the room filled with Spania. Fight your
way through them and grab the Shine Sprites (SS 31 and 32). Unfortunately, Mario
can't reach the one that's way up high, yet. Get on the top platform and fight
the Spunia*. Use Yoshi to get on the moving platform and then use Koops to grab
the Defend Plus Badge. Head all the way back and go down the pipe to get to the
Thousand-Year Door. Step on the pedestal and get the next Crystal Star location.

  Mario talks to Frankly who says that the Crystal Star is in Poshley Heights,
a very rich place that can only be entered by the Excess Express train. Too bad
that only the Piantas are giving these out. Strike a deal with the Pianta gang
to get Fransesca back in exchange for tickets. Head back to Keelhaul Key and go
into the first area past the camp. Talk with Piantas and then hit B 99 times to
get through the annoying "I love you" speech. Afterwards, head back to where you
saved Bobbery and go left and up a little bit to get the Wedding Ring.

  Take it back to the Piantas and go back to Rogueport. Head back to the Pianta
headquarters and get your ticket. Now head to the train area, but you are
stopped by Beldam who overhears your partner saying where the next Crystal Star
is. Hurry up and get on that train!

                                - Chapter 6 -
                              3 days of Excess

Excess Express _____________________________________________
Enemies: None                                                |
Items: Dried Shroom, Shine Sprite (33,34), Star Piece (81-85)|
       Mushroom                                              |

  Your partner notes how nice the train is and then notices a note on the ground
that threatens to give the train a "sticky, yummy" ending. Grab the Shine Sprite
(SS 33) and then check the drawer for a Dried Shroom. Go out and head left. Go
past the shop and into another section. Enter room 008 and check the drawer for
a Star Piece (SP 81). Go left and talk to the conductor. Talk to the detective
guy, Pennington, in the area with the shop. Watch as he makes a fool of himself
and then talk to him again. He accuses Mario and then asks Mario to prove his
innocence by finding the real perpatrator. Head right towards Mario's room and
notice the foot prints. Follow them to room 003 and check the drawer to find the
Galley Pot. Pennington will come and tell you to meet him in his room, 006.
Before doing so, head right until you get the engine room. Infront of the engine
do a Spin Jump to reveal a Star Piece (SP 82). Return the pot to the chef who
rewards you with a Star Piece (83). Go talk to Pennington and then talk to the
little Bob-omb. He wants an autograph. Talk to the conductor who tells you that
Bub wants the engineer's autograph. Head back and talk to the dining lady, she
lost some Shell Earrings. Talk to the lady in room 002, she needs a Gold Ring
that she lost. Talk to the engineer to get the autograph. Take it back to Bub,
he gives you a Shine Sprite (SS 34) in return. Head out and talk with the
conductor again. Head to room 004 and Spin Jump for a Star Piece (SP 84). Hide
in the shadows with Vivian and a ghost appears. Take on the ghosts request and
head to the conductor. He'll let you in, so go in and squeeze in the boxes to
get the Ragged Diary. Return it to the ghost and he gives you the blanket in

  Return the blanket, take the Mushroom, and return to Mario's room. Rest easy
and then head to Pennington's room. Hear out the rat and then head out to room
001. Grab the Vital Paper and head back to Pennington. Head back to Mario's room
and check the paper, your partner deducts that the criminal is in the room. Use
Vivian and hide in the shadows until Zip Toad appears, smash him with the hammer
as he bounces around the room. Your are taken back to Pennington's room and the
thief hands over the Briefcase, Gold Ring, and Shell Earrings. Give the Shell
Earrings back to the waitress, in return Mario gets a Star Piece (SP 85). Return
the Gold Ring to the lady in room 002 for 30 coins. Exit at right to Riverside

Riverside Station _______________________________________
Enemies: Ruff Puffs*, Poison Pokey*, S. Parabuzzy*        |
Items: Station Key (2), Shine Sprite (35,36), Dried Shroom|
       Star Piece (86), Close Call P Badge, HP Plus Badge |
       P-Up, D-Down Badge                                 |

  Once you enter here, go right and talk to the Toadstool near the drawbridge.
He tells Mario that he needs him to flip the switch to set the drawbridge down
and gives Mario the Station Key. Enter the Station and head right. In the next
room roll under the wall and hit the blue switch to create steps. Go up the
steps and into a room, fight the Ruff Puffs* and go up the stairs and across the
moving platforms. Roll under and then jump on platforms until you are at the far
right. Use Koops to grab the Station Key and then head behind that platform for
a Star Piece (SP 86). Return to the previous room. Use the Station Key and go
outside. Fight the Poison Pokeys* and jump on the box to get a Thunder Rage.
Grab the Shine Sprite (SS 35) at the bottom of the stairs. Head left fighting
off enemies until you reach a dead end. Use Flurrie to reveal a door. Before
going through the door head back up to the first set of stairs and roll under
the first step to get an HP Plus Badge.

 In the next room fight off the S. Parabuzzys* and head down the ramp. Go right
and hop over and drop into the hole that you jumped to -- slightly left. Follow
the path and hop over the gap to get the P-Up, D-Down Badge. Drop down the hole
and keep going left when ever possible until you land in a dumpster. Grab the
Dried Shroom and head left. In the next room just leave at left and then defeat
the Goombas. Hit the blue switches as many times as the numbers say and they
will turn red. Stairs appear when all the switches have been hit. Climb to the
top of the steps and use Koops to get the Shine Sprite (SS 36). Go right and
open the large chest for the Ultra Boots.

  Use the Spring Jump to grab the pipe and head right. Slide into through the
ground and then hop on the boxes at right. Use Yoshi to cross to the other box
and Spring Jump to the pipe. Head left and drop into the cage, Spring Jump under
the shelf to knock down the Elevator Key. Go back to the elevator and ride it
down. Use Flurrie to blow away the black things and then flip the lever. Hop up
and hit the blue switch. Ride the elevator back up and hit the shelf at left to
get the Close Call P Badge. Enter the train and be returned to Mario's room. Use
this time to save and then return to the room for a nights rest. Head to the
engineers room and talk to to the engineer. A smorg appears on the windshield!
Go to the baggage room and use Flurrie to blow the smorgs out of the way. When
they leave, Spring Jump to the pipe and head left after them. Work up on top of
the train and head right using your hammer to clear a path. At the end the smorg
will morph into a giant Smorg* and it has the other passengers!

Boss: Smorg __________________________________________________________________
HP: 50                                                                         |
Attack: 5                                                                      |
Defense: 1                                                                     |
Attacks: Tentacle Slap                                                         |
Strategy: Use Bobbery's Bob-ombast attack to whipe out the tentacles, then     |
          focus on dealing as much damage as possible. When the tentacles come |
          back simply bomb them again or use a Thunder Rage. Keep it up until  |
          Smorg morphs. The Smorg Miasma will deal 10 to each character at this|
          point but it's just one so use Bob-ombast again and take it out. Let |
          loose all you have on Smorg and take him down!                       |

  The people on the train thank you and then head out. Heal and then leave the
train and enter Poshley Heights.

Poshley Heights ________________________________
Enemies: Dark Boo*                               |
Items: Star Pieces (87-90), Shine Sprite (37,38) |

  Head down the steps and do a Spin Jump to get a Star Piece (SP 87). Head left
past the blue house and check behind the chair for another Star Piece (SP 88).
Enter the house right next to you and slide between the crack in the back wall.
Open the chest inside to get a HP Drain P Badge. Now head right and slide in the
hedges near the black crack. Go up and find a Star Piece (SP 89). Now head down
into the next area. Go down and talk to the lady in the wagon, buy some Fresh
Pasta if you want. Check behind the hedge of the first house in the area for a
Star Piece (SP 90). Head right into the next area and at the right of the
Sanctum is a Shine Sprite (SS 37). Read the note on the door and Pennington will
come back and explain that he is the Sanctum manager, being a detective is
something he does for fun. Enter the Sanctum and then use the stars on the
ground to see where the pipes are. Head right and climb to the top to use the
Airplane Panel. Fly across and then head up and hit the blue switch. Drop down
and use the pipe to enter the mural. Enter the door and fight your way through
the Dark Boos*. Use the pipes to reach a Shine Sprite (SS 38) and the L Emblem
Badge. Now grab the Crystal Star. Mario learns the special ability "Showstopper"
and the chapter comes to a close.

  Head back and talk with Pennington, then leave the Sanctum. We switch to a
scene with Grodus and the X-naut drops the bad news all around on him. Have
Peach go talk to TEC and he drops the bad news on her. Peach is on the moon and
she must escape immediately or something bad could happen to her. She sends a
message to Mario but it cut off half-way by Grodus. The X-nauts delete TEC's
memory of Peach and TEC confirms the mail being sent. As he fades away he tells
Peach that he loves her.

  Bowser is back at it in Rogueport and complains of having nothing. Kammy comes
in and informs him that there is a top secret area that no one has been in and
that it might have something there. Bowser heads off and it's time for another
Mario world, this time it's the castle level. Head right and grab the meat as
you go. Eventually you'll see a spring, jump on it to exit, then just climb the
steps and get the flag. In the next room Bowser meets with Rawk Hawk and then
squashes him. Unfortunately, Kammy flies into the fake Crystal Star and it falls
and breaks, revealing it's identity. Bowser whines some more and we go back to

  The train returns to Rogueport, so head right and receive the e-mail from
Peach. She tells Mario that he's on the moon and that they need her... -- the
message is cut off and Mario's partner concludes that something has happened to
the Princess. Head back to main Rogueport and next to the inn is a chest above
sitting on a platform. Spring Jump under the platform to knock the chest down,
open it to get the Ultra Hammer! Head into the sewers and go to where you fought
the Blooper. Spring Jump to the pole above and head left. Blow open the wall
with Bobbery and open the chest for a Defend Plus P Badge. Now use the pole
again but go all the way right and use the pipe. Enter the house and grab the
obvious Star Piece (SP 91). Head to the underground town and get on the second
floor. Stand next to the pole and do a Spring Jump to reach the pole up high.
Follow the buildings left and grab the Shine Sprite (SS 39) on the pillar. Head
back to blue pipes section and go left from there. Smash the stone block and
open the chest for an FP Plus Badge. Spin Jump on top of the blue switches to
make new pipes appear. The left pipe leads to Poshley Heights, the one at right
leads to Keelhaul Key. From here head left one screen and then use the Boat
Panel to ride all the way to the right again. Grab the Shine Sprite (SS 40).
Head back to Frankly and talk with him. He'll tell you to use the cannon in
Fahr Outpost to reach the moon. He says that Mario needs an Ultra Hammer,
luckily we already have it.

  Go to West Rogueport and enter the sewers there. Go to the lower section and
see the red "X" on the ground, Spring Jump off of it to grab the pole then move
left and drop down. Open the chest for a Flower Saver P Badge. Head back and now
use Yoshi to cross the gap and then smash the stone block. Enter the pipe to
get to Fahr Outpost.

                                - Chapter 7 -
                            Mario Shoots the Moon

Fahr Outpost __________________________________
Enemies: Ice Puff*, Frost Pirahna*              |
Items: Star Piece (92-97), Shine Sprite (41,42) |
       HP Plus Badge, Inn Coupon                |

 Once here go left and do a Spin Jump for a Star Piece (SP 92). Head to the next
area at right and fight the Ice Puff*. Jump behind the first tree at the bottom
to get a Shine Sprite (SS 41). Head right and look down to see another Star
Piece (SP 93). Head right and fight the Frost Pirahna*. Continue right along the
path until a dirt path is present. Fight your way through the enemies and hit
the red "!" block for a HP Plus P Badge. Shortly after that head down and check
behind the brick wall for a Star Piece (SP 94). Enter the town and check in the
bottom left corner behind the wall for a Star Piece (SP 95). Go to the next area
and go the inn, behind the steps is an Inn Coupon, use it at the Inn. Grab the
Space Food on the table and then head out. Go to the right side of town and get
the obvious Shine Sprite (SS 42). Spin Jump to the left of the cannon for a Star
Piece (SP 96) and go to the menu.

  Make Bobbery your partner and talk to the greenish colored Bob-omb infront of
the cannon and he'll say that you need to find Goldbob and General White in
order to be launched. Head to Poshley Heights and talk to Goldbob in the area
with the train. Tell him that you're willing to give him all of your coins, as
many times as he asks. He'll take your coins and give you the Goldbob Guide,
then tell you that he was joking and return the coins.

  Head to Petalburg to look for General White. Talk to the person who greeted
you on your first arrival to Petalburg. He'll say that General White planned on
going to a deserted isle in the south but he might not have gone. Head to
Keelhaul Key and talk to Pa-Patch, he'll say that the general had just left to
some arena. Now it's off to the Glitzville. When you get there go to the Juice
Bar and talk to the tender. He'll say that General White went off to some big
tree. Head to the Great Tree and talk to the Puni at the entrance, he'll say
that General White went somewhere dark. Head to Twilight Town and talk to the
guy outside of the inn, he'll say General White looked tired. Head back to where
you started from, Fahr Outpost. Enter the house on the far right of town and
check behind some boxes for a Star Piece (SP 97) and then jump on General White
multiple times, he eventually wakes up. He'll say how he's been looking for you
this whole time. Talk to the mayor outside and follow him to the next area.
Mario gets loaded into the Big Bob-omb Cannon and is blasted to the moon.

The Moon ______________________________________
Enemies: Moon Cleft*, Z-Yux*, Mini-Z-Yux*,      |
Items: Stop Watch, Volt Shroom, Star Piece (98) |

  Head left and bomb the rock with a crack to get a Stop Watch. In the next area
fight the Moon Cleft* and blow up the nearby rock for a Volt Shroom. Continue
right fighting off enemies. Go right until you find the Z-Yux, check behind a
rock in the middle for a Star Piece (SP 98). Proceed to clear the enemies on the
left side of the screen and then bomb the large rock on the left side to reveal
a pipe. Go into the pipe and head right to enter the X-Naut Fortress.

X-Naut Fortress ____________________________________________
Enemies: Elite X-Naut*, X-Naut Phd*, X-Naut, Z-Yux, X-Yux*   |
         Mini-Z-Yux, Magnus 2.0**                            |
Items: Elevator Key (2), Super Shroom, Star Piece (99,100)   |
       Card Key (4), Sleepy Sheep, HP Drain, Ultra Shroom    |

  Head right and up the conveyor belt. In the next room battle the Elite X-Naut*
and then heal and save. Head to the room at right and fight off the Elite X-Naut
and make your way into a weird room. Quickly notice the lighted squares that
appear. Only step on those and get to the other side, if you forget what it is
then leave and re-enter to see it again. On the other side grab the Elevator Key
from the chest and then hit the yellow "!" block for a Super Shroom. Head out
and into the elevator. Go to sublevel 2 and then head right. The first door at
right leads to a room with a transporter to the Rogueport Sewers, it's a two-way
teleporter so if you feel necessary take a detour. Now, head to the next room
and go to the back right corner, perform a Spin Jump to get into the vents. From
here head to bottom left corner for a Star Piece (SP 99). Then slide through the
second vent at right and use Koops to reach the Cog. Head back out and into the
third room on the right. Check the two notes and head back out. Go to Grodus'
room at right and fight the X-Yux (pronounced Cross Yux) and then in to the room
at right. Grab the card key and head back out the corridor. Head through the
door all the way at the left. To get through this room start on the right and go
down 2 tiles, left 3, up 1, left 1, up 4, left 3. On this tile hit the yellow
"!" block to get the Sleepy Sheep. Continue through the room; head down 4, left
1, down 1, left 3, and up 2. Open the chest to get the Card Key. Now proceed to
sublevel 1. Enter the room all the way in the left, place the cog in the hole
above the paper. Now press the buttons in the correct order: left, right, middle
and use the control panel to manuever the crane; the easiest way to tell when
you're above the item is to notice the change in color. Now use the crane to
obtain the Star Piece (SP 100) and the Feeling Fine and Feeling Fine P Badges.
Exit the room and head all the way to the right. Enter the code 014029 into the
panel to unlock the door. Enter the room and talk with the Thwomp to enter in
another contest. Rules are the same as before, get 5 right before you get 3
wrong and you win.

66th Annual Quirk Quiz _______________________________________________________
Q. What's exactly hidden here?                                                 |
A. Elevator Key                                                                |
Q. What's the name of the girl in Petalburg who's waiting patiently for Koops's|
   return?                                                                     |
A. Koopie Koo                                                                  |
Q. Goomba, Lava Bubble, Buzzy Beetle, and Boo. How many feet do they have?     |
   Total!                                                                      |
A. 6 feet                                                                      |
Q. It's elementary...for non-idiots! Where was the one, the only, Diamond Star?|
A. Hooktail's belly                                                            |
Q. What was the name of the very first champion at the Glitzville Arena?       |
A. Prince Mush                                                                 |

  Grab the Elevator Key and head back to sublevel 2. Head right past two doors
and then enter the elevator, head to sublevel 3. Head all the way left into
another electric floor maze room. Just step on the blue tile and move with the
other ones. Grab the HP Drain from the yellow "!" block as you go along. When
you finally get to the other end open the chest for another Card Key. Exit the
room and enter the room all the way at the right. Insert the Card Keys into the
slots in any order and proceed into the next room. Fight off the X-Naut then use
Bobbery to blow up the blue switch at the right. Now slide through the bars and
use Vivian to hide in the shadows, the conveyor belt now moves Mario under the
gate. Hop onto the platform and ride up. Then get off at the top and cross the
gap using another platform. Go through the pipe and then use the platforms to
get the Ultra Shroom.Use the platform at the far right to jump on the gears and
get to another platform. From there, hop off at the right and enter the pipe and
then go right and hit the blue switch. Go back and head up the stairs, drop off
the nearside and use the Airplane Panel to reach the Card Key. Now drop off and
fight the Z-Yux and save.

  Now, there are two ways to get back up the steps. First, retrack all the way
through the pipes and platforms or you can try a semi-difficult manuever. Stand
on the far right bottom and do a Spring Jump, keep hitting A as you jump and the
platform above you may catch you. It's all in timing the platform as it moves
over, but once you're above it you typically land on it. Anyways, get back up to
panel and use the Card Key. Head through the door to meet with Lord Crump again.
He tells you that Peach was taken away and that he plans to steal all of your
Crystal Stars. Crump jumps into his new machine, Magnus von Grapple 2.0**.

Boss: Magnus 2.0 _____________________________________________________________
HP: 70                                                                         |
Attack: 6                                                                      |
Defense: 2                                                                     |
Attacks: Drill, Flying X-Punch, Machine Gun                                    |
Strategy: Use Mario's Hammer attack and keep either Bobbery or Vivian out and  |
          in good health. Hack away at Magnus 2.0 until the arms are detached. |
          At this point use Art Attack, Bob-ombast, or Fiery Jinx to take the  |
          arms out before they can attack. Have Mario switch to using Power    |
          Smash at this point and bring out Goombella. Have Goombella use Rally|
          Wink every round and let Mario go all out until the arms return, at  |
          that point just switch back to Bobbery or Vivian. Replenish your FP  |
          when needed and keep at it. Keep Mario's HP very high, during the    |
          battle Magnus 2.0 will inhale the audience and shoot them out at you.|
          This takes away upto 30 HP if you don't block any of them, so keep   |
          the HP high. Use Sweet Feast whenever needed and keep at it to take  |
          this foe down once and for all.                                      |

  After defeating Lord Crump for the final time, Mario grabs the Crystal Star
and learns a new special ability, "Supernova". Mario now has all the Crystal
Stars and the chapter ends.

  Bowser arrives in Poshley Heights, take him to the entrance of Poshley Sanctum
and he is enraged as the door is locked. His rage breaks the lock and he enters
the sanctum. Bowser grabs the star but Pennington comes in and tells him that
it's fake and that he gave it to Luigi. A Paragoomba flies in and informs Bowser
that Mario has all the Crystal Stars and is headed for the Thousand-Year Door.
Bowser takes off immediately, fury and all.

  Back to Mario, go back and use the elevator to get to sublevel 4. Head right
and enter TEC's room. Listen to his sad story and then leave the room and into
the elevator. Head to sublevel 2 and enter the second door at left. Press the
switch and step into the transporter. When you exit the door you are in the
Rogueport Sewers, Professor Frankly is there. He claims to have seen a cloaked
man and the Princess enter the Thousand-Year Door. The group is baffled at how
the door could open, but none-the-less the good Professor heads down and tells
Mario to hurry himself down as well.

  Before heading to the Thousand-Year Door take this chance to gather any items
you might have missed. Stock up on Ultra Shrooms and Jammin' Jellies, equip the
proper badges for a long haul, and maybe try the Pit of 100 Trials before going.
The rewards in the pit are quite nice, so try it before going to the door. When
you are ready stand on the pedestal and watch the cinema. Enter the door and
into the Palace of Shadow.

                                - Chapter 8 -
                           The Thousand-Year Door

Palace of Shadow _____________________________________________________________
Enemies: Swoopula*, Dry Bones*, Bombshell Bill*, Bombshell Bill Blasters*      |
         Phantom Ember*, Dark Bones*, Chain Chomp*, Dark Wizzerd*, Gloomtail** |
         Marilyn, Beldam, Doopliss, Grodus**, Grodus X**, Bowser, Kammy Koopa**|
         Shadow Queen**                                                        |
Items: Stopwatch, Shooting Star (3), All or Nothing Badge, Palace Key (11)     |
       P-Up, D-Down P Badge, Star Key, Life Shroom (2), Ultra Shroom (2)       |
       Jammin' Jelly                                                           |

  Head through the door at right. In the next area walk away from the screen and
get the Stopwatch. Head right and fight the Swoopula*, continue right and enter
the door. In the next room hit the yellow "!" block for a Shooting Star. Head
right and fight the Dry Bones*, then head right and follow the steps till you
reach the bottom floor. You'll know it's the bottom when the Bombshell Bills*
are flying out at you. Fight your way to the right and take out the Bombshell
Bill Blasters*, then go through the door. Carefully work your way to the red
"?" block, spikes come out of the floor but if you stop quick enough you can
avoid running into them. Inside the block is the All or Nothing Badge, very
helpful and recommended for equipping. Continue to the otherside of the room and
through the door. Save and make your way across the bridge dodging the flames
when they swing towards Mario by jumping. Fight the Phantom Ember* in the last
of the spinning flames and then head down the steps with Vivian. Jump over the
flames that are low and stay under the flames that are high using Vivian. The
pattern is simple: Low, Low, High. Once on the otherside enter the door and
proceed to the back far right of the room.

  Go and awake the bones on the ground. It speaks of awaking the demon and then
a bunch of Dry Bones enter the room. Smash through them and follow the blue
colored bones, you eventually fight with it, Dark Bones**. Use Supernova if you
want to end the battle quickly, else just use Vivian's Fiery Jinx and hack away
at the Dark Bones after the Dry Bones are disposed of. Grab the Palace Key and
head through the door. Hit the yellow "!" block to get the Ultra Shroom and then
fight through the Bombshell Bills to take out the B. Bill Blasters. Head down
the steps and fight the Phantom Embers. Continue down the steps again and defeat
the B. Bill Blasters and enter the next room. In this room hit the yellow "!"
blocks for a coin and the red "?" block for the P-Up, D-Down P Badge. In the
next room we end up in a mystery, only 1 door is correct to go through, the
others will lead back to the previous room. Follow the doors with the lighted
torch near it: lower-right, lower-right, upper-right, upper-right, lower-right,
upper-right, lower-right. Now Mario is in a nice new room at last!

  Start off by throwing Bobbery into the stone Chain-Chomps mouth and blowing it
up. Hop into the pipe and hit the blue switch, come back and head across the
bridge. Fight the Chain-Chomp* along the way and head over the next bridge to
fight another one. Destroy the stone fake and hit another blue switch, heal and
save. Enter the room at right and fight the Dark Wizzerd*, now proceed right
fighting off Chain-Chomps and Phantom Embers. Save at the end of the trail and
head through the door. A figure like Hooktail appears and the monster announces
it's name, Gloomtail. It seeks revenge for Mario killing Hooktail, look out!

Gloomtail ____________________________________________________________________
HP: 80                                                                         |
Attack: 8                                                                      |
Defense: 2                                                                     |
Attacks: Chomp, Stomp, Poison Breath, Megabreath                               |
Strategy: Start off this battle by unleashing a Shooting Star that you picked  |
          up, this will confuse Gloomtail and possibly buy some time. Mario    |
          should be using Power Smash every round until Gloomtail has low HP   |
          and Bobbery or Vivian should be out there. Use Vivian to burn this   |
          fiend and then put Bobbery on the front line. When Gloomtail begins  |
          to charge up just bring Vivian back out and use Veil to dodge the    |
          highly dangerous attack. Keep the HP above 20 and the party will do  |
          fine.                                                                |

  After you beat Gloomtail he spits out a chest. Open it to get the Star Key.
Head back to the room where we started this mess and use the Boat Panels to sail
to the inner section of the palace. Head through the bottom right door. Go right
until you are stopped by something, use Flurrie to reveal a treasure chest that
contains a Palace Key. Now head to the upper right door, walk right through the
wall and hit the blue "!" block. A chest appears in the left side of the room,
open it to get a Palace Key. Enter the bottom left door and hit the left red "!"
block 3 times, then hit the right one twice. A chest appears containing a Palace
Key. Go to the upper left room, smash the stone block on the floor and leave the
room. Go up the stairs, enter the door on the bottom right. Use Vivian to hide
in the shadows, a blue "!" box will be revealed. Memorize its location and then
jump under it to reveal a chest, open the chest for another Palace Key. Leave
and enter the upper right room. Walk straight from the door to the right wall
and toss Bobbery against the wall. Open the chest to get another Palace Key. Now
enter the the bottom left room, defeat the bones in order by class, weakest to
strongest: Dull Bones, Red Bones, Dry Bones, Dark Bones. A blue "!" block
appears, hit it to reveal a chest containing a Palace Key. Enter the upper left
room and smash the stone blocks, now go back down the stairs and enter the upper
left room. Smash the one stone block and then hit the blue "!" block. Another
chest appears containing a Palace Key. Go back up the stairs and enter the upper
left room again, hit the blue "!" block and open the chest that appears to get
another Palace Key. Go up the stairs to the top and place the Star Key in the

  Place the Palace Keys in the pedestals and stairs appear in the hallway that
lead to Gloomtail. Leave this area and head back to the main area. Heal, save,
then proceed to the right. Beldam, Marilyn, and Doopliss appear to stop Mario in
his tracks.

Shadow Sirens Part 2 _________________________________________________________
Beldam        Marilyn        Doopliss                                          |
HP: 30        HP: 40         HP: 40                                            |
Attack: 5     Attack: 7      Attack: 6                                         |
Defense:0     Defense: 0     Defense: 0                                        |
Strategy: Have Vivian out and use Fiery Jinx off the start, let Mario use      |
          Supernova to deal a nice amount of damage. Bring out Bobbery half    |
          way through and let him use Bob-ombast atleast once or twice. During |
          this time have Mario attack Marilyn until she is dead -- Beldam will |
          die from Bob-ombast. Doopliss will be left, just attack him a few    |
          times and he'll be finished.                                         |

  Proceed through the door at right and head down the steps. Hit the yellow "?"
block to get a Thunder Rage. Fight off the Dark Wizzerds and use Flurrie at the
end of the path to reveal a passage. Enter the passage and head left until you
are near the top, proceed slowly and use Yoshi to cross the gap. In the next
room use Koops' Hold Ability to hit the red switch after Mario is up the steps.
Cross over the platform quickly and down the steps. The yellow "?" block has a
Repel Cape inside. In the next room head left to another room, hit the green
switch and head back out. Use Yoshi to cross the gap at right and then fall down
and hit the purple switch and quickly get on the purple block. Use Yoshi to
move to the middle section and then use him again to cross the gap, leave the
room at right. Use the Spring Jump underneath the poles and make your way to the
far right side. Enter the room and head left fighting off enemies, at the end is
a chest containing a Shooting Star. Head back to the right and up the steps,
throw Bobbery off the top so he blows up the red switch. Cross the platform and
head left past the Chain-Chomp and up the steps. Save and continue to the right.
Run onto the first platform on the wheel, jump to the right so that you land on
the bottom platform (use the top one as judgement), use Koops to reach the
Palace Key. Head back up and open the door.

  In the next room hit the yellow "?" block to get a Life Shroom. Head up the
steps and dispose of the Dark Wizzerd. To activate the wheel in the other room
only certain red "!" blocks should be hit. Starting from the left hit 1, 3, 4,
6. Head back and ride the wheel around to the right side, exit at right. Use
Flurrie to blow away the fake platform in the middle to reveal a large stone
block. Spin Hammer the block and then Spin Jump the "X", the yellow "!" block
below contains a coin. Leave the room and carefully walk along the path to get
to the door at right. Use the Airplane Panel to fly past to the first platform.
Enter the room and take out the Chain-Chomp. Hit the red "!" block and use Yoshi
to run all the way up the steps and across the platform. Open the chest for the
last Palace Key. Leave the room and use Yoshi to glide to the right and get a
Life Shroom and a Shooting Star. Head back to the Airplane Panel and fly to the
far right side of the room and use the Palace Key to enter the next room. Run to
the right side, heal and save. Enter the door at right prepared for battle.

  Grodus is in the main chamber and thanks Mario for opening the door. Grodus**
explains how he used Mario the whole time and now he will finish him once and
for all.

Grodus _______________________________________________________________________
HP: 50                                                                         |
Attack: 7                                                                      |
Defense: 1                                                                     |
Attacks: Zap, Lightning, Grodus X                                              |
Strategy: Use Vivian's Fiery Jinx to wipe out the Grodus X's and then have our |
          plumber whack away with Power Smash every round. Heal if you need to |
          and replenish your FP when it gets low. Grodus is no real challenge. |

  After beating Grodus he will reveal Princess Peach. Mario is left with the
decision to attack or not, attacking would result in Peach's death and not would
result in Mario's death. Choose which ever, because Bowser comes crashing in
through the ceiling. Bowser then decides to beat Mario, snag the Princess and
leave with the treasure!

Bowser and Kammy Koopa _______________________________________________________
Bowser         Kammy Koopa                                                     |
HP: 70         HP: 50                                                          |
Attack: 7      Attack: 5                                                       |
Defense: 2     Defense: 0                                                      |
Strategy: Take out Kammy Koopa as fast as possible. Have Vivian use Fiery Jinx |
          every turn and let Mario jump on Kammy until she is taken out. Heal  |
          with Mario when needed or with Vivian when your FP runs low, either  |
          way keep attacking Kammy every round. When Kammy is knocked out then |
          start Power Smashing Bowser every round and have Bobbery come out and|
          do some damage. Use Sweet Feast when necessary and take down the king|
          of Koopa.                                                            |

  When Bowser is down for the count it's time to get Princess Peach, but Grodus
already snagged her. Chase him into the next room. Grab the Ultra Shroom and
heal, head down the steps and get the Jammin' Jelly and save. Enter the door at
right to discover you are too late. Watch as the Shadow Queen** possesses Peach
and Grodus commands her to destroy Mario. The Shadow Queen in turn destroys
Grodus and tells him to learn his place. Beldam, Marilyn, and Doopliss enter the
scene and the Shadow Queen sees that they are responsible for her revival. The
Shadow Queen says she won't harm you if you become her servant, kindly tell her
no and enter battle.

Boss: Shadow Queen ___________________________________________________________
HP: 150                                                                        |
Attack: 7                                                                      |
Defense: 0                                                                     |
Attacks: Big Lightning, Attack+, Defense+, HP Drain, Conversion                |
Strategy: Let her have it with Bobbery and Mario. Use Mario's Power Smash or   |
          Piercing Blow depending on if the Shadow Queen raised her defense or |
          not. After her HP drops to 90 she will revert to her pure form. Do   |
          your best just to stay alive while she drains you HP and eats the    |
          audience -- you can't hurt her. The battle ends when she is fully    |
          revitalized.                                                         |

  A scene shows the Crystal Stars being sent out around the world and the voices
of all weaken the Shadow Queen. Peach sends her last power to Mario and he is
completely rehealed. Now let the Shadow Queen have it!

Boss: Shadow Queen Part 2 ____________________________________________________
HP: 150                                                                        |
Attack: 7                                                                      |
Defense: 1                                                                     |
Attacks: Big Lightning, Attack+, Defense+, HP Drain, Conversion, Hand Rush     |
         Charge, Shadow Wave                                                   |
Strategy: Start off by using Supernova, this will take the hands out and deal  |
          that nice 15 damage. Bring out Vivian and use Fiery Jinx every round |
          while Mario uses Power Smash or Piercing Blow, depending on whether  |
          the Shadow Queen raised her defense or not. When the Shadow Queen    |
          uses Charge, use Vivian's Veil to dodge the damage, if you don't be  |
          prepared for about 20 HP damage. When the Dead Hands appear refill   |
          your HP and FP and bring out Bobbery. Use Bob-ombast to take them    |
          out and keep using Power Smash or Piercing Blow. Whenever your health|
          is high and you can use Supernova, do it. Keep your HP above 20 and  |
          keep attacking, the Shadow Queen will be defeated in no time.        |

  Watch the finale as the chapter comes to a close. Choose to save after the
scene and you can continue playing afterwards, starting at Rogueport. Take this
chance to gather all the things you've missed! Badges, Star Pieces, Shine
Sprites, Items, Recipes, and even the Pit of 100 Trials if you haven't done it


                             - Pit of 100 Trials -

  What is the Pit of 100 Trials you ask, it's a dangerous dungeon with 100
floors. Inside it are enemies that you see throughout the game but some enemies
are only in this pit, these enemies are marked with a "*" after their name. The
Pit of 100 Trials is hard depending on when you do it and what badges you have
equipped, but the rewards are great. Every 10 floors has an item that you
receive for conquering the previous 9 floors.

The Mover -

  The Mover is a little critter that knows secret passages through the Pit of
100 Trials. He appears on random floors and asks if you wish to skip a few
floors, for a cost ofcourse. 

Charlieton -

  Charlieton appears on every 10th floor after 10, so 20, 30, 40, etc... He
sells items for an inflated price but when you need to heal and bad you sure
won't mind his prices.

The Strategy -

  Come in prepared, a Life Shroom or two could help if you're not too confident
in your battling abilities. Ultra Shrooms and Jammin' Jellies (or Jelly Ultras
which are even better) are prefered since the lower levels will start to wear
you down. Equip defensive badges for the most part or badges that help your
attack power without hurting something else. A few suggestions are the All or
Nothing, Spike Shield, Pretty Lucky, and Feeling Fine Badges -- try to make sure
you have these on or atleast some of them. The Unsimplifier Badge is helpful for
those who can time Action Commands very well since it will reward them with nice
Star Power return and since the All or Nothing Badge is probably equipped as
well it's almost common sense to equip the Unsimplifier Badge. Other badges that
help as well are the Lucky Start Badge and Flower Saver Badge.

  When you feel prepared to take on the pit, head to the Thousand-Year Door room
and use the spring, then the Airplane Panel to fly over to it.

Note: All floors consist of 5 various enemies.

Floors 1-9 _________________________________________
Enemies: Gloomba*, Spinia, Spania, Dull Bones, Fuzzy |

  To get through these floors just use things like Fiery Jinx and Multibounce,
they hit all enemies and should make it easy to take all enemies out in one

Floor 10 ________________
Items: Sleepy Stomp Badge |

Floors 11-19 ________________________________________
Enemies: Paragloomba*, Pokey, Cleft, Dark Puff, Pider |

  These floors are still relatively easy so using Vivian again isn't a bad idea
for now. Have Mario Jump on enemies that rise to the air and then have your
partner finish the ground enemies off, Bobbery helps for that.

Floor 20 ______________
Items: Fire Drive Badge |

Floors 21-29 _________________________________________
Enemies: Spiked Gloomba*, Bandit, Lakitu, Bob-omb, Boo |

  The enemies start to gain more HP now so using FP consuming attacks should
become regular. If you have the Flower Saver Badge on it should start to help
and if you get a Lucky! that recovers FP take advantage of it.

Floor 30 ___________
Items: Zap Tap Badge |

Floors 31-39 __________________________________________________________
Enemies: Dark Koopa*, Flower Fuzzy, Shady Koopa, Hyper Cleft, Parabuzzy |

  Equip your new badge, Zap Tap and march proudly into battle. The enemies here
are really vulnerable to being flipped so use Quake Hammer or Bobbery to flip
them relatively fast, then pound them while they are immobile and useless.

Floor 40 _______________
Items: Pity Flower Badge |

Floors 41-49 ______________________________________________________
Enemies: Dark Paratroopa*, Bulky Bob-omb, Poison Pokey, Lava Bubble |
         Spiked Parabuzzy                                           |

  These enemies all pose a different kind of status inducing threat except the
Spiked Parabuzzy which is a handful itself, so make sure the Feeling Fine Badges
are equipped to prevent further HP loss. As for the Bulky Bob-omb and the Spiked
Parabuzzy, use Power Smash on them to do a decent amount of damage or better yet
Piercing Blow to get through the tought defense.

Floor 50 __________
Items: Strange Sack |

Floors 51-59 ____________________________________________________
Enemies: Badge Bandit*, Ice Puff, Moon Cleft, Dark Boo, Red Chomp |

  The enemies here are just annoying and need to be taken out in the first or
second turn or else the battle will linger on. Do what is necessary to wipe them
out fast, use Piercing Blow on the Red Chomps to take them out in one turn.

Floor 60 ______________
Items: Double Dip Badge |

Floors 61-69 ___________________________________________________________
Enemies: Dark Lakitu*, Dark Wizzerd, Dark Craw, Dry Bones, Frost Pirahna |

  All of these enemies have high attack power so either take it to them hard or
change badges for this section to help out the defense. Defense Plus or Damage
Dodge Badges help out well for this section, don't be afraid to use Specials to
take these guys out because having high HP is the main concern.

Floor 70 ________________
Items: Double Dip P Badge |

Floors 71-79 __________________________________________________________
Enemies: Wizzerd*, Dark Koopatrol, Phantom Ember, Swoopula, Chain Chomp |

  By now you should be gaining decent Star Points per battle so start unloading
if you know a level up is near. Otherwise, stick to the enemies weaknesses so
that you can take them out quickly. Ice attacks take out the Phantom Ember, the
Wizzerds fall victim to a Power Smash and a partner attack easily, Chain Chomps
can die from a Piercing Blow, and the Swoopula and Dark Koopatrol fall victim to
the Jump attacks.

Floor 80 _______________
Items: Bump Attack Badge |

Floors 81-89 ____________________________________________
Enemies: Spunia, Dark Bristle*, Arantula*, Pirahna Plant* |

  Enemies here have a lot of HP and defense, rely on Piercing Blow or Specials
to take these enemies out. The upside to these floors are the Pirahna Plants
that are taken out in a single blow, so hope you get a bunch of them.

Floor 90 _____________
Items: Lucky Day Badge |

Floors 91-99 ___________________________________________________________
Enemies: Elite Wizzerd*, Poison Puff*, Bob-ulk*, Swampire*, Amazy Dayzee |

  The hardest floors in the dungeon are here, even the battle ahead isn't as
difficult as these battles. The Feeling Fine Badges really help here and maybe
using the Jumpman and Power Bounce Badges isn't a bad idea either. Strengthen a
certain attack and use it through out these floors, be sure to use Supernova
when ever possible since you'll be regaining Star Power really fast since the
enemies are difficult. If you run into an Amazy Dayzee be sure to kill it on the
first turn, do what ever it takes because they reap a large amount of Star
Points and should help to level up and recover.

Floor 100 _________________
Enemies: Bonetail*          |
Items: Return Postage Badge |

  So you've made it this far to fight a boss that has stats better than even the
final boss in the game, congratulations. Now you need to beat this menace and
the ultimate prize. Make sure you have all the badges you need on (see above for
suggestions) and enter battle.

Boss: Bonetail _______________________________________________________________
HP: 200                                                                        |
Attack: 8                                                                      |
Defense: 2                                                                     |
Attacks: Poison Breath, Chomp, Stomp, Charge, Unleashing                       |
Strategy: Bonetail acts much like Gloomtail in the same sense that he can be   |
          confused, uses the same attacks, and is pretty hard if you don't know|
          what to do. Start the battle off by using the Power Lift Special,    |
          this will allow you to do a nice amount of damage for 3 turns and    |
          really get the ball rolling. For the next 3 turns stick to Piercing  |
          Blow attacks with Mario and have Bobbery use his normal attack. The  |
          combination should result in about 50-60 damage after a few turns. If|
          your health is high repeat this, if not, heal with Sweet Feast or an |
          Ultra Shroom. When Bonetail begins to Charge, bring out Vivian so you|
          can use Veil and dodge the brutal attack. Keep Vivian out if Bobbery |
          is low on HP and burn Bonetail to start wittling away at his HP. If  |
          you can use Soft Stomp on Bonetail, power up Mario and use a Power   |
          Bounce attack to deal a decent amount of damage. Try to negate this  |
          monsters defense at all costs and heal when ever your HP is below 15.|
          If you have a Life Shroom, don't be afraid of dying and just go all  |
          out on Bonetail until your Life Shrooms are depleted.                |

  After you defeat Bonetail take open the chest for the Return Postage Badge
and take the warp pipe out of the pit. Congratulations on completing a long and
tiring quest!


                                - Badge List -

  This is a list of all the badges in the game. Please make note that the list
is incomplete at the moment. If you have a badge and it's details please email
me with the information.

| Badge Name   |  FP  |  BP  |  Technique/Description                          |
|              |      |      |  Location                                       |
|All or Nothing|   -  |   4  |  Hit Action Commands, attack +1. If not, 0.     |
|              |      |      |  Palace of Shadows                              |
|Attack FX B   |   -  |   0  |  Change the sound effects of Mario's attacks    |
|              |      |      |  Hooktail's Castle                              |
|Attack FX G   |   -  |   0  |  Change the sound effects of Mario's attacks    |
|              |      |      |  Charlieton                                     |
|Attack FX R   |   -  |   0  |  Change the sound effects of Mario's attacks    |
|              |      |      |  Hooktail's Castle                              |
|Attack FX P   |   -  |   0  |  Change the sound effects of Mario's attacks    |
|              |      |      |  Lovely Howz of Badges                          |
|Attack FX Y   |   -  |   0  |  Change the sound effects of Mario's attacks    |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle                                         |
|Bump Attack   |   -  |   5  |  Bump into foes to defeat them without a battle |
|              |      |      |  Pit of 100 Trials, 80th Floor                  |
|Charge        |   1  |   1  |  Adds Charge to Tactics Menu                    |
|              |      |      |  The Great Tree                                 |
|Charge P      |   1  |   1  |  Adds Charge to Tactics Menu (Partner)          |
|              |      |      |  Glitzville                                     |
|Chill Out     |   -  |   1  |  Never Succumb to a First Strike                |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle                                         |
|Close Call    |   -  |   1  |  When in danger, enemies sometimes miss         |
|              |      |      |  Shhwonk Fortress                               |
|Close Call P  |   -  |   1  |  When in danger enemies sometimes miss (Partner)|
|              |      |      |  Riverside Station                              |
|Damage Dodge  |   -  |   2  |  Drop dmg by 1 with guard command               |
|              |      |      |  Rogueport Sewers, Lovely Howz of Badges        |
|Damage Dodge P|   -  |   2  |  Drop dmg by 1 with guard command (Partner)     |
|              |      |      |  Great Tree, Pirate's Grotto, L.H. of Badges    |
|Defend Plus   |   -  |   5  |  Defense +1                                     |
|              |      |      |  Twilight Town, Rogueport Sewers                |
|Defend Plus P |   -  |   5  |  Defense +1 (Partner)                           |
|              |      |      |  Rogueport Sewers                               |
|Double Dip    |   4  |   3  |  Allows 2 Items for one turn                    |
|              |      |      |  Rogueport, Pit of 100 Trials, 60th Floor       |
|Double Dip P  |   4  |   3  |  Allows 2 Items for one turn(Partner)           |
|              |      |      |  Pit of 100 Trials, 70th Floor                  |
|Double Pain   |   -  |   0  |  Double the damage Mario takes                  |
|              |      |      |  Charlieton                                     |
|Feeling Fine  |   -  |   4  |  Immune to poison or dizziness                  |
|              |      |      |  X-Naut Fortress                                |
|Feeling Fine P|   -  |   4  |  Immune to poison or dizziness (Partner)        |
|              |      |      |  X-Naut Fortress                                |
|Fire Drive    |   5  |   3  |  Fire Drive                                     |
|              |      |      |  Lovely Howz of Badges, P. of 100 T., 20th Floor|
|First Attack  |   -  |   1  |  First strike to defeat foes without a battle   |
|              |      |      |  Lovely Howz of Badges                          |
|Flower Finder |   -  |   3  |  After battle, more flowers drop                |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle                                         |
|Flower Saver  |   -  |   4  |  Drop FP used by 1 for attacks                  |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle, Creepy Steeple                         |
|Flower Saver P|   -  |   4  |  Drop FP used by 1 for attacks (Partner)        |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle, Rogueport Sewers                       |
|FP Drain      |   -  |   1  |  Attack -1, FP +1 per attack                    |
|              |      |      |  Lovely Howz of Badges                          |
|FP Plus       |   -  |   3  |  Max FP +5                                      |
|              |      |      |  Great Tree, Rogueport Sewers, Pianta Parlor    |
|HP Drain      |   -  |   1  |  Attack -1, HP +1 per attack                    |
|              |      |      |  Rogueport, Fahr Outpost                        |
|HP Drain P    |   -  |   1  |  Attack -1, HP +1 per attack (Partner)          |
|              |      |      |  Poshley Heights                                |
|HP Plus       |   -  |   3  |  Max HP +5                                      |
|              |      |      |  Hooktail's Castle, Riverside Station, P. Parlor|
|HP Plus P     |   -  |   6  |  Max HP +5 (Partner)                            |
|              |      |      |  Pianta Parlor                                  |
|Hammer Throw  |   2  |   1  |  Hammer Throw                                   |
|              |      |      |  Twilight Trail, Pianta Parlor                  |
|Hammerman     |   -  |   2  |  Hammer +1, Can't Jump                          |
|              |      |      |  Charlieton                                     |
|Happy Flower  |   -  |   2  |  Slowly Recover FP during Battle                |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle, Lovely Howz of Badges                  |
|Happy Heart   |   -  |   2  |  Slowly Recover HP during battle                |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle, Petal Meadows                          |
|Happy Heart P |   -  |   2  |  Slowly Recover HP during battle (Partner)      |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle, Rogueport Sewers                       |
|Head Rattle   |   2  |   1  |  Head Rattle                                    |
|              |      |      |  Keelhaul Key, Lovely Howz of Badges            |
|Heart Finder  |   -  |   3  |  After beating a foe, make more hearts appear   |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle                                         |
|Ice Power     |   -  |   1  |  Fire proof to enemies. Attack+1 to fire enemies|
|              |      |      |  Keelhaul Key                                   |
|Ice Smash     |   3  |   1  |  Ice Smash                                      |
|              |      |      |  Creepy Steeple, Lovely Howz of Badges          |
|Item Hog      |   -  |   3  |  Increase Item Drop chances                     |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle                                         |
|Jumpman       |   -  |   2  |  Jump +1, Can't use Hammer                      |
|              |      |      |  Charlieton                                     |
|L Emblem      |   -  |   0  |  Change Mario's clothes into Luigi's clothes    |
|              |      |      |  Poshley Sanctum                                |
|Last Stand P  |   -  |   1  |  Drop dmg by 1/2 when in danger (Partner)       |
|              |      |      |  Hooktail's Castle, Lovely Howz of Badges       |
|Last Stand    |   -  |   1  |  Drop dmg by 1/2 when in danger                 |
|              |      |      |  Glitz Pit, Lovely Howz of Badges               |
|Lucky Day     |   -  |   7  |  When attacked, enemies miss often              |
|              |      |      |  Pit of 100 Trials, 90th Floor                  |
|Lucky Start   |   -  |   4  |  Something good happens at start of a battle    |
|              |      |      |  Creepy Steeple                                 |
|Mega Rush     |   -  |   1  |  Attack +5 when in Peril                        |
|              |      |      |  Charlieton                                     |
|Mega Rush P   |   -  |   1  |  Attack +5 when in Peril (Partner)              |
|              |      |      |  Petalburg                                      |
|Money Money   |   -  |   5  |  After battle, more coins will appear           |
|              |      |      |  Pianta Parlor                                  |
|Multibounce   |   2  |   1  |  Multibounce                                    |
|              |      |      |  Shhwonk Fortress, Piant Parlor                 |
|P-down, D-up P|   -  |   2  |  Drop attack -1, Defense +1 (Partner)           |
|              |      |      |  Boggly Woods                                   |
|P-down, D-up  |   -  |   2  |  Drop attack -1, Defense +1                     |
|              |      |      |  Pirate's Grotto                                |
|P-up, D-down P|   -  |   2  |  Boost Attack +1, Defense -1 (Partner)          |
|              |      |      |  Palace of Shadow                               |
|P-up, D-down  |   -  |   2  |  Boost Attack +1, Defense -1                    |
|              |      |      |  Riverside Station                              |
|Peekaboo      |   -  |   2  |  Makes enemy HP Visible                         |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle                                         |
|Pity Flower   |   -  |   3  |  When damaged, occasionally recover 1 FP        |
|              |      |      |  Pit of 100 Trials, 40th Floor                  |
|Piercing Blow |   2  |   1  |  Piercing Blow                                  |
|              |      |      |  Lovely Howz of Badges                          |
|Power Bounce  |   3  |   3  |  Power Bounce                                   |
|              |      |      |  Hooktail's Castle                              |
|Power Jump    |   2  |   1  |  Power Jump                                     |
|              |      |      |  Lovely Howz of Badges, Pianta Parlor           |
|Power Smash   |   2  |   1  |  Power Smash                                    |
|              |      |      |  Professor Frankly, Pianta Parlor               |
|Power Plus    |   -  |   6  |  Increases Jump/Hammer attack by 1              |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle, Creepy Steeple                         |
|Power Plus P  |   -  |   6  |  Increases attack by 1 (Partner)                |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle, Glitzville                             |
|Power Rush    |   -  |   1  |  Attack +2 when in danger                       |
|              |      |      |  Lovely Howz of Badges, Pianta Parlor           |
|Power Rush P  |   -  |   1  |  Attack +2 when in danger (Partner)             |
|              |      |      |  Lovely Howz of Badges, Pianta Parlor           |
|Pretty Lucky  |   -  |   2  |  Causes enemies to sometimes miss               |
|              |      |      |  Rogueport Sewers, Dazzle                       |
|Pretty Lucky P|   -  |   2  |  Causes enemies to soemtimes miss (Partner)     |
|              |      |      |  Lovely Howz of Badges                          |
|Quake Hammer  |   3  |   2  |  Quake Hammer                                   |
|              |      |      |  Boggly Woods, Pianta Parlor                    |
|Quick Change  |   -  |   7  |  Ally can attack even after changing partners   |
|              |      |      |  Dazzle                                         |
|Refund        |   -  |   1  |  Refund Coins if item is used in battle         |
|              |      |      |  Pianta Parlor                                  |
|Return Postage|   -  |   7  |  Direct-attackers take half the damage they do. |
|              |      |      |  Pit of 100 Trials, 100th Floor                 |
|Shrink Stomp  |   2  |   1  |  Shrink Stomp                                   |
|              |      |      |  Great Tree, Lovely Howz of Badges              |
|Simplifier    |   -  |   1  |  Makes action commands easy, but less Star Power|
|              |      |      |  Lovely Howz of Badges                          |
|Sleepy Stomp  |   2  |   1  |  Sleepy Stomp                                   |
|              |      |      |  L.H. of Badges, Pit of 100 Trials, 10th Floor  |
|Slow Go       |   -  |   0  |  Make Mario sluggish, so he can no longer run   |
|              |      |      |  Charlieton                                     |
|Soft Stomp    |   2  |   1  |  Soft Stomp                                     |
|              |      |      |  Rogueport Sewers, Lovely Howz of Badges        |
|Spike Shield  |   -  |   3  |  Damage Proof when jumping on spiky enemies     |
|              |      |      |  Rogueport Sewers                               |
|Super Appeal  |   -  |   1  |  More Star Power if Mario Appeals               |
|              |      |      |  Lovely Howz of Badges, Pianta Parlor           |
|Super Appeal P|   -  |   1  |  Get more Star Power when your ally appeals     |
|              |      |      |  Flurrie's House, Pianta Parlor                 |
|Timing Tutor  |   -  |   1  |  Learn Timing for stylish commands              |
|              |      |      |  Charlieton                                     |
|Tornado Jump  |   3  |   2  |  Tornado Jump                                   |
|              |      |      |  Creepy Steeple, Pianta Parlor                  |
|Unsimplifier  |   -  |   1  |  Makes action commands hard, but more Star Power|
|              |      |      |  Lovely Howz of Badges                          |
|W Emblem      |   -  |   0  |  Make Mario's clothes into Wario's clothes      |
|              |      |      |  Charlieton                                     |
|Zap Tap       |   -  |   3  |  Damage enemies that touch Mario.               |
|              |      |      |  Pit of 100 Trials, 30th Floor                  |


                             - Star Piece List -

  The Star Pieces are numbered in order in which you can get them. However, due
to the fact that you may get new abilities to aid in getting Star Pieces that
were previously inaccessible, all the Star Pieces possible for that area are



1. In the room behind the inn, check the left wall.

2. In the main area behind the boxes on the right side.

3. On top of Zess T.'s roof, go all the way to the left and drop off the back.

4. Back alley in the Eastern area, hop on the boxes and go right.

32. Spin Jump outside of Frankly's house.

33. Behind the houses on the Eastern side, between the barrel and box.

34. Behind Zess T.'s house near the Goomba.

35. Spin Jump infront of the noose in the main area.

36. Hug the wall when you enter the Western area.

37. Behind the pipe in the Western area.

38. All the way to the left of the Western area behind a trashcan.

39. Spin Jump infront of the Pianta Parlor.

40. In the harbor, Spin Jump to the left of the steps.

45. In the blimp/train area, head to the far left and Spin Jump.

46. Behind the pipe on the way to the blimp.

68. On top of the house on the far East side, Spin Jump in the center.

69. On Bobbery's roof, head towards the back left of it.

80. In the harbor behind the barrel on the left side, use the Boat Panel.


5. Behind the pillar near Dazzle.

6. In the area with the large yellow block and the stairs, hug the left wall
   after getting out of the pipe.

14. In the room before the Pit of 100 trials, check behind the steps.

25. The room just before you enter Boggly Woods, Spin Jump in the middle.

26. Spin Jump infront of the black chest.

27. In the room of the Thousand-Year Door, Spin Jump at the bottom of the screen

31. Spin Jump in the alcove where you had your first battle.

41. In the underground town, behind the pillar.

42. Behind the fallen pillars at the right of the underground town.

43. Enter the house at the top left, Spin Jump infront of the table.

44. Left of the underground town, hug the right wall of the central platform.

57. After entering the sewers via West Rogueport, cross the gap with Yoshi and
    enter the pipe. Go to the far right.

91. Inside the boat in the area where you fought the blooper, use Spring Jump.

Petal Meadows

7. After entering the area, go left and smash the tree.

8. Check the bushes after crossing the bridge.

9. In the east area after passing through Petalburg, check the bushes.


28. Spin Jump infront of the Bub-ulb in the first section.

29. Spin Jump in the flowers near the gatekeeper.

Hooktail's Castle

10. Use the purple block in the room with the rotating stairs to get to a

11. Hop through the window up high and move right to grab the Star Piece.

12. In the area with the large blocks and rotating stairs, on a platform. To
    reach it drop through the gap above instead of going through the window. 

13. Where the Airplane Panel is with the bars on each side, goto the far end of
    bars and move all the way right.

30. In the cells in the second room, Spin Jump on the left most panel.

Boggly Woods

15. In the area where you smash the blue switch, go left past the switch.

16. Smash the tree in the middle of the area after smashing the blue switch.

17. In the area where you go to Flurrie's House, squeeze through the trees and
    head left against the wall.

24. Inside Flurrie's room, Spin Jump towards the right.

The Great Tree

18. In the area with the Piders, drop down and check the bushes.

19. In the room after fighting 100 Jabbies go down the pipe and check behind it.

20. In the room with the black switch, check behind the pipe.

21. On your way out, the first room on your escape, check the bushes.

22. In the room above the bubble room, Spin Jump near the pipes.

23. In the blue cage, Spin Jump in the center.


47. Behind the phone booth.

48. Underneath the large star, Spin Jump.

49. Behind the right bushes before the Glitz Pit.

50. Behind the counter in the Juice Bar.

51. Under the Rawk Hawk poster on top of the Juice Bar.

52. Spin Jump underneath the Bob-omb picture in the Glitz Pit.

53. Spin Jump in the middle of the Storage area level 1.

54. When you save the missing fighters check behind the box at right.

55. Check Grubba's other drawer in his desk.

56. In Grubba's office, check behind the plant in the bottom left corner.

Twilight Town

58. Behind the house next to the mayor's house.

59. Search the grass around the tree in the first area.

60. Hug the fence in the Eastern area.

Twilight Trail

61. Behind the tree that you roll under, at the high end.

62. Behind the pipe where you blow the pine tree away.

Creepy Steeple

63. To the left of the gate, behind the wall.

64. In the room with the Cookbook, behind the desk.

65. Spin Jump in the room with the movable stairs, middle of the floor.

66. In the hallway where you can roll into the Parrot's room, behind the last

67. In the Parrot's room perform a Spin Jump.

Keelhaul Key

70. When you first enter, head right and above the rock, Spin Jump.

71. In the camp, bottom left of the water.

72. Before leaving the camp, hug the wall for the Star Piece.

73. In the first area after the camp search the bushes.

74. In the second area after the camp hug the bottom wall before climbing up the

75. Before entering Pirate's Grotto, behind a rock on the bottom of the screen.

Pirate's Grotto

76. Jump across the gap in the second area for this Star Piece.

77. In the area left of where you use Bobbery to blow up the switch, go up and
    perform a Spin Jump.

78. In the storage room, go left before getting the Grotto Key, check the barrel

79. In the room after using the first Grotto Key, Spin Jump in the middle of the

Excess Express

81. Drawer in room 008.

82. Spin Jump infront of the engine.

83. Return the pot to the chef.

84. Spin Jump in room 004.

85. Give the Shell Earrings back to the waitress.

Riverside Station

86. Behind the platform where you get the second Station Key.

Poshley Heights

87. Spin Jump in the middle of the first area.

88. Behind the chair next to the left house.

89. Inside the bushes next to the right house.

90. Behind the bushes in the second areas house.

Fahr Outpost

92. Spin Jump left of the entrance pipe.

93. In the second area behind a small bush.

94. Behind the brick wall in the third area.

95. Bottom left corner of the town, area one.

96. Spin Jump to the left of the cannon in town, second area.

97. Inside General White's house, behind some boxes.

The Moon

98. Behind a rock in the area where you can see the X-Naut Fortress in the

X-Naut Fortress

99. Bottom left corner of the vents.

100. Use the crane in sublevel 1's left door.


                            - Shine Sprite List -


18. Inside first house of West Rogueport, roll underneath the wall above the

19. On top of Bobbery's roof.

20. Behind the house in East Rogueport, use Yoshi.

21. Inside Bobbery's house.

29. Behind cracked wall in the West Rogueport.

Hooktail's Castle

1. In the area with the movable steps.

2. In the room where you meet Ms. Mowz.

3. Top of the steps before you reach the final bridge.

Rogueport Sewers

4. In the Thousand-Year Door room, on the Airplane Panel at left.

12. Infront of the door to Twilight Town.

13. Room with 2 large yellow blocks.

30. Use Boat Panel where you fought Blooper to reach the Shine Sprite.

31. On the far left of the sewers use a Boat Panel and head right for many

32. Same as 31.

39. Use a pole next to the item shop, hop over to it on the pedestal at right.

40. Same as 31 and 32, use Spring Jump.

Boggly Woods

5. Next to the Airplane Panel, use Koops.

The Great Tree

6. Bottom of the bubble room.

7. Room with a rock covering an Airplane Panel, follow them.

8. Room underneath where you get the Super Boots.

9. Near the chest with the Shrink Stomp Badge before you see Lord Crump.


10. Infront of the Glitz Pit, smash underneath the Shine Sprite to reveal a
    block that lets you reach it.

11. Inside the Storage Room, second floor.

Twilight Trail

14. Behind last tree just before Creepy Steeple.

Creepy Steeple

15. Inside the well before the actual building.

16. Under the wall in the first area of the steeple.

17. Shortly after you pass the moving door, roll up the ramp.

Keelhaul Key

22. In the second area after the camp, use Yoshi to reach a brick block.

23. Behind the vines across the bridge.

Pirate's Grotto

24. Top of the first ship, jump from the tip.

25. In the area with the locked door, use the steps to reveal a hidden block
    and the stand on it and hammer the Shine Sprite.

26. In the storage room, ride the elevator up and to the left.

27. In the room with spikes, use Koops to reach it at right.

28. Reveal a block in the room after the spikes to reach the Shine Sprite.

Excess Express

33. First room of the train.

34. Bub gives it to you.

Riverside Station

35. Bottom of the steps outside.

36. In the room before you get the Ultra Boots, use Koops.

Poshley Heights

37. To the right of Poshley Sanctum.

38. Inside Poshley Sanctum, second room at the top.

Fahr Outpost

41. Behind tree in first area.

42. Right side of the town, laying in snow.


                            - Zess T.'s Cooking -

  After giving Zess T. the Contact Lens, she offers to cook for you. At the time
you can only give one object to Zess T., but after completing Creepy Steeple you
may return to her with the Cook Book. The Cook Book allows Zess T. to use two
items in her recipes. Consult the chart for items that can be created using one
or more other items. Please note that not all items are guaranteed to be created
after using the right materials, sometimes it involves luck.

* = Not guaranteed 

|Item         |  Ingredients                     |
|Choco Cake   | Cake Mix + Inky Sauce            |
|             | Mousse + Inky Sauce              |
|Coco Candy   | Cake Mix + Coconut               |
|Coconut      | Dried Flowers + Coconut Bomb     |
|Coconut Bomb | Coconut + Fire Flower            |
|Couple's Cake| Snow Bunny + Spicy Soup          |
|Courage Meal | Couarge Shell + Zess Deluxe      |
|             | Courage Shell + Zess Dinner      |
|             | Courage Shell + Zess Special     |
|Dried Shroom | Life Shroom + Mr. Softener       |
|             | Mushroom + Mr. Softener          |
|             | Super Shroom + Mr. Softener      |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Mr. Softener      |
|Earth Quake  | Point Swap + Thunder Bolt        |
|Egg Bomb*    | Dried Flowers + Zess Dynamite    |
|             | Mystic Egg + Fire Flower         |
|Electro Pop  | Cake Mix + Volt Shroom           |
|Fire Flower* | Point Swap + Ice Storm           |
|Fire Pop     | Cake Mix + Fire Flower           |
|             | Cake Mix + Hot Sauce             |
|Fresh Juice* | Gradual Syrup                    |
|             | Honey Syrup                      |
|             | Jammin' Jelly                    |
|             | Keel Mango                       |
|             | Maple Syrup                      |
|             | Peachy Peach                     |
|             | Gradual Syrup + Turtley Leaf     |
|             | Honey Syrup + Gradual Syrup      |
|             | Honey Syrup + Jammin' Jelly      |
|             | Honey Syrup + Maple Syrup        |
|             | Honey Syrup + Turtley Leaf       |
|             | Jammin' Jelly + Gradual Syrup    |
|             | Jammin' Jelly + Turtley Leaf     |
|             | Keel Mango + Coconut             |
|             | Maple Syrup + Gradual Syrup      |
|             | Maple Syrup + Turtley Leaf       |
|             | Peachy Peach + Coconut           |
|             | Turtley Leaf + Coconut           |
|Fried Egg*   | Mystic Egg                       |
|Fruit Parafat| Gradual Syrup + Keel Mango       |
|             | Honey Syrup + Keel Mango         |
|             | Honey Syrup + Peachy Peach       |
|             | Jammin' Jelly + Keel Mango       |
|             | Jammin' Jelly + Peachy Peach     |
|             | Keel Mango + Peachy Peach        |
|             | Maple Syrup + Keel Mango         |
|             | Maple Syrup + Peachy Peach       |
|Gold Bar     | Point Swap + Gold Bar X 3        |
|Healthy Salad| Golden Leaf + Turtley Leaf       |
|             | Turtley Leaf + Horsetail         |
|Heartful Cake| Cake Mix + Ruin Powder           |
|             | Peachy Peach + Ruin Powder       |
|Honey Candy  | Honey Syrup + Cake Mix           |
|Honey Shroom*| Honey Syrup + Volt Shroom        |
|             | Mushroom + Honey Syrup           |
|Honey Super  | Life Shroom + Honey Syrup        |
|             | Super Shroom + Honey Syrup       |
|Honey Syrup  | Point Swap + Gradual Syrup       |
|             | Point Swap + Mushroom            |
|Honey Ultra  | Ultra Shroom + Honey Syrup       |
|Ice Storm    | Point Swap + Fire Flower         |
|Icicle Pop   | Honey Syrup + Ice Storm          |
|Ink Pasta    | Fresh Pasta + Inky Sauce         |
|             | Inky Sauce + Koopasta            |
|             | Inky Sauce + Spaghetti           |
|             | Inky Sauce + Spicy Pasta         |
|Inky Sauce   | Hot Sauce + Fresh Juice          |
|             | Hot Sauce + Koopa Tea            |
|             | Hot Sauce + Shroom Broth         |
|             | Hot Sauce + Turtley Leaf         |
|             | Hot Sauce + Zess Tea             |
|             | Tasty Sonic + Hot Sauce          |
|Jammin' Jelly| Point Swap + Ultra Shroom        |
|Jelly Candy  | Jammin' Jelly + Cake Mix         |
|Jelly Shroom | Jammin' Jelly + Volt Shroom      |
|             | Mushroom + Jammin' Jelly         |
|Jelly Super  | Life Shroom + Jammin' Jelly      |
|             | Super Shroom + Jammin' Jelly     |
|Jelly Ultra  | Ultra Shroom + Jammin' Jelly     |
|Koopa Bun    | Keel Mango + Turtley Leaf        |
|Koopa Tea*   | Turtley Leaf                     |
|Koopasta*    | Fresh Pasta + Turtley Leaf       |
|             | Turtley Leaf + Spaghetti         |
|Love Pudding | Mystic Egg + Mango Delight       |
|Mango Delight| Keel Mango + Cake Mix            |
|             | Life Shroom + Maple Syrup        |
|             | Super Shroom + Maple Syrup       |
|Maple Shroom | Maple Syrup + Volt Shroom        |
|             | Mushroom + Maple Syrup           |
|Maple Super  | Super Shroom + Maple Syrup       |
|Maple Syrup  | Point Swap + Super Shroom        |
|Maple Ultra  | Ultra Shroom + Maple Syrup       |
|Meteor Meal  | Shooting Star + Shroom Fry       |
|             | Shooting Star + Shroom Roast     |
|             | Shooting Star + Shroom Steak     |
|Mini Mr. Mini| Point Swap + Power Punch         |
|Mousse Cake  | Cake Mix                         |
|Mr. Softener | Point Swap + Courage Shell       |
|Mushroom     | Dried Shroom + Hot Sauce         |
|             | Dried Shroom + Peachy Peach      |
|             | Dried Shroom + Power Punch       |
|             | Point Swap + Dried Shroom        |
|             | Point Swap + Gold Bar            |
|             | Point Swap + Honey Syrup         |
|             | Point Swap + Poison Mushroom     |
|Omelette Meal| Life Shroom + Mystic Egg         |
|             | Mushroom + Mystic Egg            |
|             | Mystic Egg + Horsetail           |
|             | Super Shroom + Mystic Egg        |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Mystic Egg        |
|Peach Tart   | Cake Mix + Peachy Peach          |
|Poison Shroom| Point Swap + Slow Shroom         |
|             | Slow Shroom + Inky Sauce         |
|Power Punch  | Point Swap + Mini Mr. Mini       |
|Random Item  | Point Swap + Mystery             |
|Repel Cape   | Point Swap + Boo's Sheet         |
|Ruin Powder  | Point Swap + Spite Pouch         |
|Shooting Star| Point Swap + Thunder Rage        |
|Shroom Broth | Turtley Leaf + Poison Shroom     |
|             | Slow Shroom + Golden Leaf        |
|Shroom Cake  | Life Shroom + Cake Mix           |
|             | Mushroom + Cake Mix              |
|             | Super Shroom + Cake Mix          |
|Shroom Crepe*| Ultra Shroom + Cake Mix          |
|Shroom Fry   | Mushroom                         |
|Shroom Roast | Life Shroom                      |
|             | Slow Shroom                      |
|             | Life Shroom + Volt Shroom        |
|             | Mushroom + Fire Flower           |
|             | Mushroom + Gradual Syrup         |
|             | Mushroom + Super Shroom          |
|             | Mushroom + Volt Shroom           |
|             | Super Shroom + Dried Shroom      |
|             | Super Shroom + Golden Leaf       |
|             | Super Shroom + Turtley Leaf      |
|             | Super Shroom + Volt Shroom       |
|Shroom Steak | Ultra Shroom                     |
|             | Life Shroom + Dried Shroom       |
|             | Life Shroom + Golden Leaf        |
|             | Life Shroom + Turtley Leaf       |
|             | Mushroom + Life Shroom           |
|             | Mushroom + Ultra Shroom          |
|             | Super Shroom + Life Shroom       |
|             | Super Shroom + Ultra Shroom      |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Dried Shroom      |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Golden Leaf       |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Life Shroom       |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Turtley Leaf      |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Volt Shroom       |
|Sleepy Sheep*| Point Swap + Tasty Tonic         |
|Snow Bunny   | Golden Leaf + Ice Storm          |
|Space Food   | Dried Bouquet + Cake Mix         |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Choco Cake       |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Coco Candy       |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Coconut          |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Couple's Cake    |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Dried Shroom     |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Egg Bomb         |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Electro Pop      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Fire Pop         |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Fresh Pasta      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Fruit Parafat    |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Golden Leaf      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Healthy Salad    |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Heartful Cake    |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Honey Candy      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Honey Shroom     |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Honey Super      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Honey Ultra      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Horsetail        |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Hot Dog          |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Ink Pasta        |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Jelly Candy      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Jelly Shroom     |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Jelly Super      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Jelly Ultra      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Keel Mango       |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Koopa Bun        |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Koopasta         |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Life Shroom      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Love Pudding     |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Mango Delight    |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Maple Shroom     |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Maple Super      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Maple Ultra      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Meteor Meal      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Mistake          |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Mousse Cake      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Mushroom         |

|             | Dried Bouquet + Mystic Egg       |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Omelette Meal    |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Peach Tart       |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Peachy Peach     |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Poison Shroom    |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Shroom Cake      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Shroom Crepe     |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Shroom Fry       |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Shroom Roast     |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Shroom Steak     |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Spaghetti        |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Spicy Pasta      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Super Shroom     |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Turtley Leaf     |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Ultra Shroom     |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Zess Cookie      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Zess Deluxe      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Zess Dinner      |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Zess Special     |
|Spaghetti*   | Fresh Pasta                      |
|Spicy Pasta  | Fresh Pasta + Hot Sauce          |
|             | Hot Sauce + Koopasta             |
|             | Hot Pasta + Spaghetti            |
|Spicy Soup*  | Dried Bouquet                    |
|             | Fire Flower                      |
|             | Horsetail                        |
|             | Snow Bunny                       |
|             | Dried Bouquet + Fire Flower      |
|             | Hot Sauce + Fire Flower          |
|Spite Pouch  | Point Swap + Ruin Powder         |
|Tasty Tonic* | Coconut                          |
|             | Hot Sauce                        |
|             | Honey Syrup + Hot Sauce          |
|             | Hot Sauce + Peachy Peach         |
|             | Jammin' Jelly + Hot Sauce        |
|             | Maple Syrup + Hot Suce           |
|             | Point Swap + Sleepy Sheep        |
|Thunder Bolt | Point Swap + Earth Quake         |
|Thunder Rage*| Dried Bouquet + Volt Shroom      |
|             | Point Swap + Shooting Star       |
|Trial Stew   | Couple's Cake + Poison Shroom    |
|Ultra Shroom | Point Swap + Jammin' Jelly       |
|Volt Shroom* | Life Shroom + Thunder Bolt       |
|             | Life Shroom + Thunder Rage       |
|             | Mushroom + Thunder Bolt          |
|             | Mushroom + Thunder Rage          |
|             | Super Shroom + Thunder Bolt      |
|             | Super Shroom + Thunder Rage      |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Thunder Bolt      |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Thunder Rage      |
|Zess Cookie* | Gradual Syrup + Cake Mix         |
|             | Maple Syrup + Cake Mix           |
|             | Mystic Egg + Cake Mix            |
|Zess Deluxe  | Healthy Salad + Shroom Steak     |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Fresh Pasta       |
|Zess Dinner* | Coconut + Spicy Pasta            |
|             | Fresh Pasta + Coconut            |
|             | Fresh Pasta + Helathy Salad      |
|             | Healthy Salad + Fried Shroom     |
|             | Healthy Salad + Koopasta         |
|             | Healthy Salad + Spaghetti        |
|             | Life Shroom + Fire Flower        |
|             | Life Shroom + Gradual Syrup      |
|             | Life Shroom + Horsetail          |
|             | Meteor Meal + Fruit Parafat      |
|             | Mystic Egg + Fresh Pasta         |
|             | Super Shroom + Fire Flower       |
|             | Super Shroom + Gradual Syrup     |
|             | Super Shroom + Horsetail         |
|             | Super Shroom + Kell Mango        |
|             | Super Shroom + Peachy Peach      |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Keel Mango        |
|Zess Dynamite| Egg Bomb + Coconut Bomb          |
|Zess Frappe  | Jammin' Jelly + Ice Storm        |
|             | Maple Syrup + Ice Storm          |
|Zess Special | Dried Shroom + Fresh Pasta       |
|             | Healthy Salad + Ink Pasta        |
|             | Health Salad + Shroom Roast      |
|             | Health Salad + Spicy Pasta       |
|             | Life Shroom + Fresh Pasta        |
|             | Mushroom + Fresh Pasta           |
|             | Super Shroom + Fresh Pasta       |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Fire Flower       |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Gradual Syrup     |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Horsetail         |
|             | Ultra Shroom + Peachy Peach      |
|Zess Tea*    | Golden Leaf                      |
|             | Maple Syrup + Jammin' Jelly      |

  If you do not mix any of the combinations listed above, the result will be a
"Mistake". Also, if you need the effects of the items check the list below.


                                - Item Lists -

Zess T. Items -

Choco Cake -
Description: A cake made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 5 HP and 15 FP     |

Coco Candy -
Description: Candy made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 3 HP and 15 FP    |

Coconut Bomb -
Description: An explosive made by Zess T. |
Effect: Damages an enemy                  |

Couple's Cake -
Description: A cake made by Zess T. |
Effect: HP regen effect             |

Courage Meal -
Description: Hard food made by Zess T. |
Effect: Attacks one enemy for 4 damage |

Egg Bomb -
Description: An egg bomb made by Zess T. |
Effect: Explosive damage                 |

Electro Pop -
Description: Candy made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 15 FP             |

Fire Pop -
Description: Candy made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 20 FP             |

Fresh Juice -
Description: Juice made by Zess T.            |
Effect: Restores 5 FP and cures poison status |

Fried Egg -
Description: Food made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 10 HP            |

Fruit Parfait -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 10 HP and 2 FP        |

Healthy Salad -
Descriptions: A salad made by Zess T.   |
Effect: Restores 15 FP and cures poison |

Heartful Cake -
Description: A cake made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 20 FP, Def -1      |

Honey Candy -
Description: Candy made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 20 FP             |

Honey Shroom -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Recovers 5 HP and 5 FP         |

Honey Super -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 10 HP and 5 FP        |

Honey Ultra -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 50 HP and 5 FP        |

Icicle Pop -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 10 HP                 |

Ink Pasta -
Description: Spaghetti made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 10 HP and 30 FP       |

Inky Sauce -
Description: Nasty juice made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 30 FP                   |

Jelly Candy -
Description: Candy made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 64 FP             |

Jelly Shroom -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 5 HP and 50 FP        |

Jelly Super -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 10 HP and 50 FP       |

Jelly Ultra -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 50 HP and FP          |

Koopa Bun -
Description: A dumpling made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 15 FP                  |

Koopa Tea -
Description: Tea brewed by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 7 FP              |

Koopasta -
Description: A dinner made by Zess T. |
Effect: Resstores 7 HP and 7 FP       |

Love Pudding -
Description: A cake made by Zess T.                 |
Effect: Makes you invisible, electrified or sleepy. |

Mango Delight -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 10 HP and 3 FP        |

Maple Shroom -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 5 HP and 10 FP        |

Maple Super -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 10 HP and 10 FP       |

Maple Ultra -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 50 HP and 10 FP       |

Meteor Meal -
Description: A meal made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 7 HP and HP regen  |

Mistake -
Description: Zess T.'s failed attempt |
Effect: Restores 1 HP and 1 FP        |

Mousse Cake -
Description: A cake made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 15 FP              |

Omelette Meal -
Description: Food made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 5 HP and 5 FP    |

Peach Tart -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T.         |
Effect: Makes you electrified, dodgy or sleepy |

Poison Shroom -
Description: A snack made by Zess T. |
Effect: Take 30 damage and poison    |

Shroom Broth -
Description: A broth made by Zess T. |
Effect: HP regen                     |

Shroom Cake -
Description: A cake made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 10 HP and FP       |

Shroom Crepe -
Description: A treat made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 30 HP and 20 FP     |

Shroom Fry -
Description: A dish made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 6 HP and 2 FP      |

Shroom Roast -
Description: A dish made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 15 HP and 5 FP     |

Shroom Steak -
Description: A dish made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 30 HP and 10 FP    |

Snow Bunny -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 15 HP, Frozen         |

Space Food -
Description: Space food made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 5 HP                   |

Spaghetti -
Description: Spaghetti made by Zess T. |
Effect: Retores 6 HP and 4 FP          |

Spicy Soup -
Description: Soup made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 4 HP and 15 FP   |

Trial Stew -
Description: Amazing food made by Zess T. |
Effect: Reduces Mario to 1 HP and 0 FP    |

Zess Cookie -
Description: A cookie made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 15 HP and 15 FP      |

Zess Deluxe -
Description: A tasty meal made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 40 HP and 40 FP          |

Zess Dinner -
Description: A tasty meal made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 10 HP and 10 FP          |

Zess Dynamite -
Description: Dynamite made by Zess T.    |
Effect: Attacks all enemies for 7 damage |

Zess Frappe -
Description: A dessert made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 20 FP                 |

Zess Special -
Description: A tasty meal made by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 20 HP and 20 FP          |

Zess Tea -
Description: Tea brewed by Zess T. |
Effect: Restores 20 FP             |

Usable Items =

Boo's Sheet -
Description: Makes you invisible, so attacks against you miss. |
Effect: Makes you invincible from damage for a turn            |

Courage Shell -
Description: Gives your partner courage to boost his or her Defense. |
Effect: Boosts target's defense by 2.                                |

Dizzy Dial -
Description: Makes all enemies dizzy, decreasing their accuracy. |
Effect: Makes all enemies onscreen dizzy for 2 turns             |

Dried Bouquet -
Description: Beautiful flowers made by Bub-ulber. Replenishes 1 HP. |
Effect: Restores 1 HP                                               |

Dried Shroom -
Description: A less than tasty dried mushroom. Replenishes 1 HP. |
Effect: Restores 1 HP                                            |

Fresh Pasta -
Description: Poshley Heights pasta. Replenishes 10 HP and 5 FP |
Effect: Restores 10 HP and 5 FP                                |

Fright Mask -
Description: Summons a scary spirit to chase some enemies away |
Effect: In battle, this item will make some foes run away      |

Golden Leaf  -
Description: A weird leaf found in Creepy Steeple. Replenishes 10 FP. |
Effect: Restores 10 FP                                                |

Gradual Syrup -
Description: Makes allies recover FP gradually for a brief period |
Effect: Regen of FP over time                                     |

Honey Syrup -
Description: A sweet Snack. Restores 5 FP. |
Effect: Restores 5 FP                      |

Horsetail -
Description: A plant found in Petal Medows. Replenishes 3 HP |
Effect: Restores 3 HP                                        |

Hot Dog -
Description: Mr. Hoggie's meaty work of art. Refills 5 HP and 5 FP |
Effect: Restores 5 HP and 5 FP                                     |

Jammin' Jelly -
Description: A highly nutritious snack |
Effect: Restores 50 FP                 |

Keel Mango -
Description: Fruit found on Keelhaul Key. Replenishes 5 HP |
Effect: Restores 5 HP                                      |

Life Shroom -
Description: Restores 10 HP when Mario or his partner falls. |
Effect: Revives Mario or partner when they die               |

Maple Syrup -
Description: A deliciously sweet syrup. Replenishes 10 FP |
Effect: Restores 10 FP                                    |

Mini Mr. Mini -
Description: Briefly shrinks enemies, dropping their Attack power |
Effect: Decreases all enemies Attack power by 2 for 2 turns       |

Mr. Softener -
Description: Softens up enemies for a bit, decreasing their Defense. |
Effect: Decreases all enemies defense by 3.                          |

Mystery -
Description: Who knows what this does? Take a chance and find out! |
Effect: ???                                                        |

Mushroom -
Description: A feel-good mushroom. Replenishes 5 HP |
Effect: Restores 5 HP                               |

Mystic Egg -
Description: A weird egg that Petuni gave you. Replenishes 5 HP |
Effect: Restores 5 HP                                           |

Peachy Peach -
Description: Fruit found in Twilight Town. Replenishes 1 HP and 2 FP |
Effect: Restores 1 HP and 2 FP                                       |

Power Punch -
Description: Boosts your partner's Attack power by adding buffness |
Effect: Increases target's attack by 2                             |

Point Swap -
Description: Swaps your partner's HP and FP. (Cannot exceed max.) |
Effect: Flips HP and FP                                           |

Repel Cape -
Description: Raises your evasion, making you harder to hit. |
Effect: Some attacks will be automatically dodged           |

Ruin Powder -
Description: Confuses all enemies, hindering their attacks. |
Effect: Confuses all enemies for 3 turns.                   |

Sleepy Sheep -
Description: Temporarily puts all enemies to sleep, immobilizing them. |
Effect: Sheep herd makes all enemies fall asleep for 2 turns           |

Slow Shroom -
Description: Makes allies recover HP gradually for a brief period. |
Effect: Regen HP effect for a few turns                            |

Spite Pouch -
Description: Briefly does half-damage to all foes who attack directly |
Effect: Returns 1/2 damage                                            |

Stopwatch -
Description: Temporarily immobilizes all enemies |
Effect: Stops time for the enemies for 3 turns   |

Super Shroom -
Description: A feel-super mushroom. Replenishes 10 HP. |
Effect: Restores 10 HP                                 |

Tasty Tonic -
Description: A tasty medicine. Cures poison and other ailments. |
Effect: Cures you of any nasty status inflictions               |

Turtley Leaf -
Description: A leaf found in Petalburg. Replenishes 3 FP |
Effect: Restores 3 FP                                    |

Ultra Shroom -
Description: A feel-great mushroom. Replenishes 50 HP |
Effect: Restores 50 HP                                |

Volt Shroom -
Description: Electrifies you to damage direct-attackers. |
Effect: Causes you to become electrified                 |

Whacka Bump -
Description: A lump of something. Replenishes 25 HP and 25 FP |
Effect: Restores 25 HP and FP                                 |

Attack Items =

Earth Quake -
Description: Attacks all ground-bound enemies.    |
Effect: Hits all enemies on the ground for damage |

Fire Flower -
Description: Attacks all enemies with fireballs and burns them. |
Effect: Deals 3 damage to all and inflicts burn                 |

HP Drain -
Description: Simultaneously attacks foes and replenishes your own HP. |
Effect: You will attack the enemy and recover that much HP.           |

Ice Storm -
Description: Blows a cold wind at all enemies and freezes them.   |
Effect: Attacks all enemies for 3 damage and causes freeze status |

POW Block -
Description: Attacks all ground-bound enemies.       |
Effect: Hits all enemies on the ground for 2 damage. |

Shooting Star -
Description: Drops shooting stars on all enemies and confuses them |
Effects: Hits all enemies for 6 damage and inflicts confuse        |

Thunder Bolt -
Description: Drops lightning on an enemy and stuns it.       |
Effect: Lightning strikes an enemy for 5 damage and stuns it |

Thunder Rage -
Description: Lightning pours from the skies                   |
Effect: Lightning strikes enemies for 5 damage and stuns them |

Shop Items =

Note - Any item that appears with a * after is a badge. All items are listed in
       the order that they appear as you walk in the shop.

Rogueport Square ________
Contact Lens  -  10 coins |
Super Luigi   -  64 coins |
Super Luigi 2 - 128 coins |
Super Luigi 3 - 128 coins |
Super Luigi 4 - 128 coins |
Super Luigi 5 - 128 coins |
Mushroom      -   5 coins |
Honey Syrup   -   5 coins |
Tasty Tonic   -   3 coins |
Fire Flower   -  10 coins |
Sleepy Sheep  -   8 coins |
Fright Mask   -   5 coins |

Rogueport Square _________
(Charlieton)               |
Dried Shroom   -   2 coins |
Repel Cape     -  18 coins |
Ultra Shroom   - 120 coins |
Jammin' Jelly  - 120 coins |
Shooting Star  -  36 coins |
Boo's Sheet    -  24 coins |
Stopwatch      -  24 coins |
Earthquake     -  18 coins |
Attack FX G*   - 120 coins |
Double Pain*   -  36 coins |
Mega Rush*     -  60 coins |
Jumpman*       - 180 coins |
Hammerman*     - 180 coins |
W Emblem*      - 360 coins |
Slow Go*       -  12 coins |

Note _________________________________________________________________________
  He only carries four items at a time and they change depending on when you   |
visit him.                                                                     |

Pianta Parlor ______________
Cake Mix       -   6 piantas |
Super Shroom   -  10 piantas |
Maple Syrup    -  14 piantas |
Power Rush P*  -  34 piantas |
Power Rush*    -  34 piantas |
Power Smash*   -  34 piantas |
Power Jump*    -  34 piantas |
Refund*        -  34 piantas |
Super Appeal*  -  34 piantas |
Hammer Throw*  -  50 piantas |
Multibounce*   -  50 piantas |
Quake Hammer*  -  67 piantas |
Tornado Jump*  -  67 piantas |
Jammin' Jelly  -  67 piantas |
Ultra Shroom   -  67 piantas |
HP Plus*       - 100 piantas |
FP Plus*       - 100 piantas |
HP Plus P*     - 200 piantas |
Gold Bar x 3   - 234 piantas |
Money Money*   - 234 piantas |

Note _________________________________________________________________
  Many items will not appear until you have received all of the cards. |

Rogueport _______________
(West)                    |
Thunder Bolt  -  10 coins |
Dizzy Dial    -  12 coins |
Life Shroom   -  50 coins |
Dried Shroom  -   2 coins |
Volt Shroom   -  10 coins |
Super Shroom  -  20 coins |


Rogueport Sewers ________
Slow Shroom   -  15 coins |
Gradual Syrup -  15 coins |
Ultra Shroom  - 200 coins |
Jammin' Jelly - 200 coins |
Gold Bar      - 110 coins |
Gold Bar x 3  - 350 coins |

Petalburg ______________
Fire Flower   -  8 coins |
POW Block     -  5 coins |
Courage Shell -  5 coins |
Mr. Softener  -  8 coins |
Honey Syrup   -  5 coins |
Mushroom      -  4 coins |

The Great Tree __________
HP Drain      -  10 coins |
Ice Storm     -  15 coins |
Mystery       -   3 coins |
Mini Mr. Mini -   8 coins |
Honey Syrup   -   5 coins |
Mushroom      -   3 coins |

GlitzVille ______________
Earth Quake   -  15 coins |
Thunder Bolt  -  12 coins |
Power Punch   -  15 coins |
Repel Cape    -  15 coins |
Point Swap    -   5 coins |
Super Shroom  -  15 coins |

Twilight Town ___________
Thunder Rage  -  20 coins |
Spite Pouch   -  10 coins |
Stopwatch     -  30 coins |
Maple Syrup   -  20 coins |
Super Shroom  -  15 coins |
Life Shroom   -  40 coins |

Keelhaul Key ____________
Ice Storm     -  15 coins |
Fire Flower   -   5 coins |
Sleepy Sheep  -  10 coins |
Fright Mask   -   2 coins |
Honey Syrup   -   3 coins |
Super Shroom  -  12 coins |

Excess Express __________
Thunder Rage  -  15 coins |
Mystery       -   3 coins |
Boo's Sheet   -  20 coins |
Tasty Tonic   -   3 coins |
Maple Syrup   -  15 coins |
Super Shroom  -  15 coins |

Fahr Outpost ____________
Shooting Star -  30 coins |
Ice Storm     -   6 coins |
Ruin Powder   -  15 coins |
Stopwatch     -  12 coins |
Maple Syrup   -  20 coins |
Super Shroom  -  15 coins |

Pit of 100 Trials _______
Mushroom      -  15 coins |
Super Shroom  -  45 coins |
Honey Syrup   -  15 coins |
Maple Syrup   -  60 coins |
Fire Flower   -  30 coins |
Thunder Rage  -  60 coins |


                              - Trouble Center -

Trouble 1 ____________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Garf                                                                 |
The Trouble: Need a key!                                                       |
Reward: 20 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Go left of the Lovely Howz of Badges and grab the house key.  |
                 Head to the house on the far east side of Rogueport (it has a |
                 lock on it) and Garf is waiting for you there. Give him the   |
                 key for your reward and access to his deserted house.         |

Trouble 2 ____________________________________________________________________
Troubled: McGoomba                                                             |
The Trouble: Safe delivery...                                                  |
Reward: 20 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Head behind Zess T.'s house and talk to McGoomba. Take the box|
                 that he gives you and give it to Goomfrey, the Goomba outside |
                 of Frankly's house. Head back to McGoomba for your reward.    |

Trouble 3 ____________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Arfur                                                                |
The Trouble: Price adjustment                                                  |
Reward: 20 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Head to the item shop and find out the prices of a Fire Flower|
                 a Sleepy Sheep, and a Tasty Tonic. Talk to Arfur, the dog just|
                 outside of the Trouble Center and tell him the prices. Fire   |
                 Flowers are 10 coins, Sleepy Sheep are 8 coins, and a Tasty   |
                 Tonic is 3 coins. When you tell him he decides not to start   |
                 his own shop and then gives you your reward.                  |

Trouble 4 ____________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Goomther                                                             |
The Trouble: Find this guy!                                                    |
Reward: 20 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Talk to the Goomba in lower Rogueport Plaza, Goomther. He says|
                 that Larson has stolen his credit card and he needs it back.  |
                 Head to the left side of East Rogueport and go behind the wall|
                 next to Merlon's house. Talk to the Bandit there who says he's|
                 been stealing credit cards; he takes off. Chase Larson down to|
                 Harbor and he runs again. Head behind the Inn to finally nab  |
                 him. Goomther comes in and gives your reward and then hauls   |
                 the crook away.                                               |

Trouble 5 ____________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Mousimilian                                                          |
The Trouble: Hit me, please!                                                   |
Reward: Money making tip                                                       |
How to complete: Talk to the mouse infront of the item shop and he tells you   |
                 that you need to hammer his head to jog his memory. Hit B     |
                 until Mousimilian says "I remember!" and he tells you his     |
                 secret -- buy a Sleepy Sheep in Rogueport and sell it in      |
                 Petalburg for a 2 coin profit.                                |

Trouble 6 ____________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Bomberto                                                             |
The Trouble: I'm hungry!                                                       |
Reward: 11 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Talk to the Bob-omb near the Save block in the Harbor. He just|
                 needs something to eat, so give him a mushroom or any other   |
                 edible item. He then is satisfied and hands you your reward.  |

Trouble 7 ____________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Koopook                                                              |
The Trouble: Try to find me!                                                   |
Reward: Special Card                                                           |
How to complete: Head to Hooktail's Castle and go to the room with the second  |
                 green block. Ride it to the top and drop off the back left    |
                 side of the bridge to land on the platform where you got the  |
                 Life Shroom earlier in the game. Talk to Koopook and he gives |
                 you the Special Card for the Pianta Parlor, it let's you play |
                 the Plane Mode game.                                          |

Trouble 8 ____________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Mayor Kroop                                                          |
The Trouble: Listen to me                                                      |
Reward: Turtley Leaf                                                           |
How to complete: Go to Kroops house in Petalburg, it's the pink one. Just talk |
                 with Kroops to get your reward, it's a long speech though so  |
                 speed through or read it if you want to. He gives you the     |
                 reward when he shuts up.                                      |

Trouble 9 ____________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Plenn T.                                                             |
The Trouble: Order me an item!                                                 |
Reward: Ultra Shroom                                                           |
How to complete: Talk to the Toad in the Rogueport item shop. He needs 5       |
                 Courage Shells. Give him all the ones that you have and then  |
                 head to the Petalburg item shop and buy the rest that you need|
                 there. Give the other Courage Shells to him and get the very  |
                 nice reward.                                                  |

Trouble 10 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Puni Elder                                                           |
The Trouble: Emergency Shroom!                                                 |
Reward: 60 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Take a Life Shroom to the Puni Elder inside the Great Tree. If|
                 you don't have one you can purchase one from the item shop in |
                 West Rogueport. When you give the Life Shroom to the elder she|
                 gives you your reward.                                        |

Trouble 11 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Lahla                                                                |
The Trouble: Play with me!                                                     |
Reward: 10 Piantas                                                             |
How to complete: Talk to the kitty boo in the Pianta Parlor, Lahla. She gives  |
                 you 10 Piantas and encourages Mario to play.                  |

Trouble 12 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Pine T. Jr.                                                          |
The Trouble: Help my daddy!                                                    |
Reward: Silver Card                                                            |
How to complete: Head to floor 18 of the Pit of 100 Trials and defeat the enemy|
                 there. Talk to the Toad and take him to floor 20 and talk to  |
                 him to get the Silver Card which allows you to play the Paper |
                 Mode game.                                                    |

Trouble 13 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Jolene                                                               |
The Trouble: Help wanted!                                                      |
Reward: 30 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Talk to Jolene in her office, she needs the Storage room to be|
                 cleaned out. Go into the storage room and pick up all the     |
                 Battle Trunks, 20 in all. Talk to Jolene and follow her       |
                 instructions. Head back to Rogueport and talk to Goomfrey,    |
                 he's infront of Frankly's house. Give him all the Battle      |
                 Trunks and then return to Jolene for your reward.             |

Trouble 14 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Merlee                                                               |
The Trouble: Heartful Cake                                                     |
Reward: 30 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Merlee is the fortune teller who grants a helpful curse on    |
                 Mario, she's in the back of the first area in the sewers. Talk|
                 to her and she sends you to Toce T. in Petalburg. Toce T. is  |
                 in the house all the way at right, she tells you that you need|
                 Ruin Powder and Cake Mix to make a Heartful Cake. Go back to  |
                 Merlee and she says she has no Cake Mix, give her some and she|
                 rewards you.                                                  |

Trouble 15 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Bub-ulber                                                            |
The Trouble: The food I want.                                                  |
Reward: Dried Bouquet                                                          |
How to complete: Talk to Bub-ulber in the left side of Petalburg, he's the     |
                 Bubulb. He wants to eat something spicy, like the Hotdogs in  |
                 Glitzville. Go buy 2 of them while your there because he's    |
                 going to want another one. Give them to him and then he wants |
                 a Mousse Cake -- make this by cooking Cake Mix by itself. Take|
                 the cake back to Bub-ulber and he gives you your reward.      |

Trouble 16 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: ???                                                                  |
The Trouble: Elusive badge!                                                    |
Reward: Ms. Mowz joins the party, Attack FX B Badge                            |
How to complete: Meet Ms. Mowz to the left of the Lovely Howz of Badges and she|
                 will tell you that there is a badge hidden in Hooktail's      |
                 Castle that she wants. Head to where you fought Hooktail and  |
                 go to the middle of the room. You'll notice the "!" over your |
                 head, bring out Flurrie and blow away the invisible wall and  |
                 reveal a chest that contains the Attack FX B Badge. Take it   |
                 back to Ms. Mowz and she joins your party and also let's you  |
                 keep the badge.                                               |

Trouble 17 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Mayor Dour                                                           |
The Trouble: Newsletter...                                                     |
Reward: 30 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Go to Mayor Dour in Twilight Town. He gives you the Routing   |
                 Slip and tells you to take it to the Puni Elder. Head to the  |
                 Great Tree and the Elder tells you to take it to the mayor of |
                 Petalburg. Talk to Kroop and then head back to Mayor Dour for |
                 your reward.                                                  |

Trouble 18 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Zess T.                                                              |
The Trouble: Seeking legendary book!                                           |
Reward: Zess T. can use 2 items in her cooking, Honey Shroom                   |
How to complete: Get the Cookbook from Creepy Steeple. To get it roll under the|
                 wall in the first area on the left side. Take it back to Zess |
                 T. and get your reward.                                       |

Trouble 19 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Eve                                                                  |
The Trouble: Tell that person...                                               |
Reward: Meteor Meal                                                            |
How to complete: Talk to the lady inside the first house of the east side of   |
                 Twilight Town -- she has three kids. Talk to Podley, the      |
                 bartender in Rogueport. Then talk to Eve again and tell her   |
                 the truth to get your reward.                                 |

Trouble 20 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Goom Goom                                                            |
The Trouble: Looking for a gal!                                                |
Reward: Couple's Cake                                                          |
How to complete: Go to storage room inside Pirate's Grotto and have Goombella  |
                 as your partner. When Goom Goom gets mad he leaves the        |
                 Couple's Cake as your reward.                                 |

Trouble 21 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Frankie                                                              |
The Trouble: Important thing!                                                  |
Reward: Gold Card                                                              |
How to complete: Head to West Rogueport and meet with Frankie. He says he lost |
                 the Wedding Ring again, so head to East Rogueport and get it. |
                 The Wedding Ring is on the far right side, use Yoshi to reach |
                 it, then take it back to Frankie for your reward, the Gold    |
                 Card that let's you play Tube Mode in the Pianta Parlor.      |

Trouble 22 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Chef Shimi                                                           |
The Trouble: Get these ingredients!                                            |
Reward: 40 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Talk to Chef Shimi on the Excess Express. He says he needs a  |
                 Mystic Egg, a Golden Leaf, and Keel Mango. Talk to Petuni in  |
                 The Great Tree to get a Mystic Egg, ask her, "Mario likes     |
                 which person the most?". Head to Creepy Steeple and slide     |
                 between the fence in the upper section to find a Golden Tree  |
                 with a Golden Leaf in it. The Keel Mango is in a tree in      |
                 Keelhaul Key's first area past the camp. Take all the items   |
                 back to Chef Shimi for your reward.                           |

Trouble 23 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Toodles                                                              |
The Trouble: I must have that book.                                            |
Reward: Platinum Card                                                          |
How to complete: Go to Poshley Heights and talk to the lady in the pink house. |
                 She needs her magazine back and she lent it to Jolene, go talk|
                 to Jolene to get the Wrestling Mag. Take it back to lady for  |
                 your reward, the Platinum Card which let's you play the Boat  |
                 Mode Game at the Pianta Parlor.                               |

Trouble 24 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Businessman                                                          |
The Trouble: Security code...                                                  |
Reward: Hot Sauce                                                              |
How to complete: Talk to the rat in Glitzville next to the Hotdog stand. He    |
                 needs his security code but he forgot it, fortunately he knows|
                 how to get it. He needs the number of chairs in each place he |
                 tells you and that is the code. So head to Kroops' house for  |
                 the first number, Flurrie's house for the second number, Don  |
                 Pianta's house for the third number, and Toodle's house in    |
                 Poshley Height's for the fourth number. After you get the code|
                 (which is 2625) tell it to the businessman for your reward.   |

Trouble 25 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Goldbob                                                              |
The Trouble: Delivery, please!                                                 |
Reward: 64 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Talk to Goldbob in Poshley Heights and get the Package. Go to |
                 Fahr Outpost and enter General White's house, talk to the     |
                 Bob-omb and then talk to Podley in the Rogueport Inn. Head to |
                 Glitzville's Juice Bar and talk with the bartender there who  |
                 says he went to talk to Goldbob. Go talk to Goldbob who says  |
                 that General White just went back to his house. Head back to  |
                 Fahr Outpost and give General White the Package. Return to    |
                 Goldbob for your reward.                                      |

Trouble 26 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Gob                                                                  |
The Trouble: I can't speak!                                                    |
Reward: 20 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Talk to Gob in Fahr Outpost, he's to the left of the inn. He  |
                 needs some Honey Candy so he can talk again, make this by     |
                 mixing Cake Mix and Honey Syrup. Return to Fahr Outpost and   |
                 give the Honey Candy to Gob for your reward.                  |

Trouble 27 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Toadia                                                               |
The Trouble: I wanna meet Luigi!                                               |
Reward: Choco Cake                                                             |
How to complete: Talk to Toadia next to the fountain in Poshley Heights. She   |
                 wants to meet Luigi, simply wear the L Emblem -- obtained at  |
                 the top of the Poshley Sanctum -- and talk to her. After a    |
                 mix up, you get the reward.                                   |

Trouble 28 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Doe T.                                                               |
The Trouble: Roust these cads!                                                 |
Reward: 20 coins                                                               |
How to complete: Talk to Doe T. in the 2nd area of Boggly Woods. He needs Mario|
                 to clear all the enemies out of the area so he can leave in   |
                 safety, do so for your reward.                                |

Trouble 29 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Bub                                                                  |
The Trouble: Help me make up.                                                  |
Reward: 3 coins                                                                |
How to complete: Talk to the Bob-omb near Poshley Sanctum. He needs a gift for |
                 his mom, any food will do but a Keel Mango is easiest to get. |
                 Give him the item and he'll give you a letter for his mom.    |
                 Give the letter to the Bob-omb in the first area of Poshley   |
                 Heights, return to Bub for your reward.                       |

Trouble 30 ___________________________________________________________________
Troubled: Swob                                                                 |
The Trouble: Erase that graffiti!                                              |
Reward: Snow Bunny                                                             |
How to complete: Talk to Swob next to the cannon in Fahr Outpost. He tells you |
                 that he put graffiti on the wall of the 50th floor but now he |
                 wants it taken down. Head to the 50th floor and blow up the   |
                 graffiti. Return to Swob for your reward.                     |

                                   - Extra -
Yoshi Colors -

How this all works out

At any given moment, the Yoshi in your egg is a certain color. After a certain
amount of time has passed in the game, your Yoshi will change color within the

So to put it simply, the way to get a different color is to waste enough time.

Here is what you should do

1. Grab the Egg, fight your way up until you are in 11th place -- the next
   battle is against the Iron Clefts. Save your game.

2. Go fight the Iron Clefts. Run away on turn 1.

3. See what color your Yoshi is. Now you know what Color was in the egg when you

4. Reset. You know what Color is in your egg now, use the chart below to see how
   long you should wait. 

   Note: The easiest way to time yourself is the in-game timer (press start).

| Color     | Minutes | New Color   |
| Green     | 6       | Red         |
| Red       | 3       | Blue        |
| Blue      | 2       | Orange      |
| Orange    | 4       | Pink        |
| Pink      | 3       | Black       |
| Black     | 1       | White       |
| White     | 1       | Green       |

Now it's important to not overshoot. If you have a Green Yoshi, waiting 6
minutes only gets you Red Yoshi if you're at the start of his timer. If he's
near the end of his time, 6 minutes will get you a Blue or maybe even an Orange
Yoshi. Because of this, save every few minutes and check what color you have, by
fighting the Iron Clefts and running.

Secrets -

  Throughout the game are a few things that aren't as obvious as others, these
are called secrets. There is no real reward to any of these, but they are fun
to play around with.

Secret 1 _____________________________________________________________________
  At any given time check behind the bulletin board in Rogueport Plaza. Little |
messages are left by characters in each chapter.                               |

Secret 2 _____________________________________________________________________
  The rat in Rogueport Harbor is asking for donations. Donate him some coins   |
and later in the game he will return 3 times that amount to you.               |

Secret 3 _____________________________________________________________________
  You can return to the Glitz Pit any time after Chapter 3. Doing so let's you |
play through the whole thing again. It's an easy way to get money because you  |
win 20 coins for beating Rawk Hawk.                                            |

Secret 4 _____________________________________________________________________
  If you have the L Emblem and W Emblem, equip them both to get the Waluigi    |
outfit, black overalls with a purple hat and shirt.                            |

Secret 5 _____________________________________________________________________
  In the X-Naut Fortress vents, drop down in the far right vent. When you exit |
the dressing room Mario is in 8-bit NES form and the Super Mario Bros. music   |
plays. This works until you leave the room and can only be done once.          |


                                 - Bestiary -

  The bestiary contains all of the enemies Mario and party will have to face
throughout the quest. To read the information easier, here is an example:

# Name (location)
Max HP: ?  Attack: ?  Defense: ?


1. Goomba (Various)
Max HP: 2  Attack: 1  Defense: 0

The underling of underlings.
No distinguishing

2. Paragoomba (Various)
Max HP: 2  Attack: 1  Defense: 0

A Goomba with wings. Can't
reach it with a hammer while
its in the air, but once
it's damaged, its wings get
clipped. Its kind of sad,

3. Spikey Goomba (Various)
Max HP: 2  Attack: 2  Defense: 0

A Goomba that wears a
piked helmet. Slightly
higher Attack power than
a typical Goomba.

4. Hyper Goomba (Twilight Trail)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 2  Defense: 0

When this hyperactive
Goomba charges up, its
Attack rises to 8, so watch

5. H. Paragoomba (Twilight Trail)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 2  Defense: 0

When this winged Hyper
Goomba charges up, its
Attack power rises to 8.

6. H. S. Goomba (Twilight Trail)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

When this spike-headed
Hyper Goomba charges up,
its attack power rises to
9, so heads up!

7. Gloomba (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

A Goomba that likes dark,
damp places. It must look
like that because it lives

8. Paragloomba (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

A Gloomba with wings that
may or may not get moldy.

9. Spikey Gloomba (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

A Gloomba with a painful-
looking spike that likes
damp places.

10. Koopa Troopa (Petal Meadows)
Max HP: 4  Attack: 2  Defense: 1

Koopa Troopas have been
around forever. Jump on
them to flip them over and
drop their Defense to zero.

11. Paratroopa (Petal Meadows)
Max HP: 4  Attack: 2  Defense: 1

A Koopa Troopa with wings
that stays airborne until
you stomp on it and send
it plunging to the ground.

12. KP Koopa (Glitzville)
Max HP: 4  Attack: 2  Defense: 1

A Koopa warrior that battles
at the Glitz Pit in Glitzville.
It may be a different color
than your average Koopa, but
its abilities are the same.

13. KP Paratroopa (Glitzville)
Max HP: 4  Attack: 2  Defense: 1

A Koopa Paratroopa who's
dyed its shell. Otherwise,
it's the same as any other
Paratroopa, which means one
stomp and it loses its wings.

14. Shady Koopa (Glitzville)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 3  Defense: 1

When a Shady Koopa flips
back up from its back, its
Attack increases. Shady
Koopas have a place of honor
in the Koopa family tree
because of this distinction.

15. S. Paratroopa (Glitzville)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 3  Defense: 1

Other than having wings, this
creature isn't very different
from a Shady Koopa. Once it
flips off its back, it boosts
its Attack.

16. Dark Koopa (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 4  Defense: 2

A Koopa that prefers dark
places. It has a very hard
shell, but you can flip it
by jumping on it.

17. D Paratroopa (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 4  Defense: 2

A Paratroopa that lives
in dark, damp places. It
has a very hard shell, but
you can flip it over by
jumping on it.

18. Koopatrol (Rogueport Sewers)
Max HP: 6  Attack: 4  Defense: 2

Occasionally uses an attack
called Charge that saves up
energy, and can call in
backup for support if you
don't defeat it quickly.

19. D Koopatrol (Glitzville)
Max HP: 25  Attack: 5  Defense: 2

A member of the elite forces
of the Koopa clan. Its pair
of red eyes is its most
charming feature. After
charging its attacks, it deals
devastating blows, so watch

20. Dull Bones (Hooktail Castle)
Max HP: 1  Attack: 2  Defense: 1

A Koopa Troopa that became
a skeleton. It throws bones to
attack and builds buddies to
help it fight.

21. Red Bones (Hooktail Castle)
Max HP: 5  Attack: 3  Defense: 1

This ugly, red Dull Bones is
stringer than a normal Dull
Bones. Even if its HP drops to
0, it can come back to life.

22. Dry Bones (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 5  Defense: 2

A skeleton Koopa that
sometimes builds friends.
Even after it collapses at
0 HP, it will sometimes
get back up.

23. Dark Bones (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 20  Attack: 5  Defense: 2

It's the baddest of the Bones
bunch, so its HP is really
high. When its HP gets down
to 0, it may rise again.

24. Hammer Bro (Glitzville)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 4  Defense: 1

Well-known for their vicious
and relentless hammer lobs,
Hammer Bros. have a
reputation as one of Mario's
toughest enemies...

25. Boomerang Bro (Glitzville)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 2  Defense: 1

A Koopa who uses
boomerangs instead of
hammers. Beware of
returning boomerangs!

26. Fire Bro (Glitzville)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 3  Defense: 1

A relative of the Hammer
Bros. who can spit fire.
If one of his blasts hit
you, you may catch on fire!

27. Lakitu (Glitzville)
Max HP: 5  Attack: 2  Defense: 0

A cloud-riding member of the
Koopa tribe, Lakitu attacks
by throwing Spiny Eggs, which
slowly hatch into Spinies.

28. Dark Lakitu (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 13  Attack: 5  Defense: 0

A Lakitu on a dark cloud.
It throws pipes at you
that sometimes turn into
Sky-Blue Spinies.

29. Spiny (Glitzville)
Max HP: 3  Attack: 3  Defense: 3

A spine-covered momber of
the Koopa tribe with
extremely high Defense.
It cannot be damaged when
it rolls into a ball.

30. S. Blue Spiny (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 6  Attack: 6  Defense: 4

Spawned from a pipe thrown
by Dark Lakitu, it will
charge at you. When it's
balled up, your attacks
won't work.

31. Buzzy Beetle (Creepy Steeple)
Max HP: 5  Attack: 3  Defense: 4

It's well protected and
immune to fire or explosions,
but if you flip it over, its
Defense drops to zero.

32. Spike Top (Creepy Steeple)
Max HP: 5  Attack: 3  Defense: 4

This Buzzy has high Defense
and a pointy spike on its
shell. You'll take damage if
you stomp on it.

33. Parabuzzy (Pirate's Grotto)
Max HP: 5  Attack: 3  Defense: 4

A Buzzy with wings and high
Defense. It flies in the air,
but it'll come down if you
stomp on it.

34. S. Parabuzzy (Riverside Station)
Max HP: 5  Attack: 3  Defense: 4

A Buzzy with wings and a
spike. It flies, so a hammer
won't reach it. Its hard to find
attacks that work.

35. R. S. Buzzy (Glitzville)
Max HP: 5  Attack: 3  Defense: 5

The sturdiest of all the
Buzzy Beetles, a Red Spike
Top is impervious to fire
and explosions. Plus, the
spike on its back protects
it from being flipped over.

36. Magikoopa (Rogueport Sewers)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

A Koopa wizard that'll use all
sorts of magic. It breaks
apart into multiple copies,
so beat it as quickly as you
possible can!

37. R. Magikoopa (Glitzville)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

This red-garbed Koopa wizard
uses a wide variety of magic,
including Attack- and
Defense-boosting spells.

38. W Magikoopa (Glitzville)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

A white-robed Koopa wizard
that uses a wide variety of
magic, including magic that
replenishes its own HP and
that of its allies.

39. G. Magikoopa (Glitzville)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

A green-robed Koopa wizard
that uses a variety of magic
spells, including ones that
electrify allies or make
them invisible.

40. Kammy Koopa (Various)
Max HP: 50  Attack: 5  Defense: 0

An old witch who's always
with Bowser. She's a nasty,
magic-using crone, but you
should still respect your
elders! Remember that!

41. Bowser (Glitzville)
Max HP: 30  Attack: 3  Defense: 1

Mario's fated enemy, Bowser
the Koopa king is a foe to
be feared. His typical
turf is NOT Glitzville.

41. Bowser (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 70  Attack: 7  Defense: 2

Mario's sworn enemy. He's a
big galoot who's come to
swipe Peach and the Crystal

42. Gus (Rogueport)
Max HP: 20  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

A super-annoying guy with
a big pointy spear that he
tends to throw at people.
Some think he's just a bunch
of sass talk, but he's tough.

43. Dark Craw (Glitzville)
Max HP: 20  Attack: 6  Defense: 0

A ghastly-looking spearman
that'll poke your feet if you
try to stomp it when its
spear is pointing up. It
attacks by throwing spears
or charging.

44. Bandit (Glitzville)
Max HP: 5  Attack: 2  Defense: 0

A petty thief that charges
at people and tries to steal
coins. If you guard well,
though, he can't steal a

45. Big Bandit (Glitzville)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

A Bandit boss that steals
items as well as coins.
Guard when he charges at
you to hold on to your goods!

46. Badge Bandit (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 12  Attack: 5  Defense: 0

A Bandit who steals badges.
His HP and Attack are high.
Use your guard well to keep
your badges!

47. Spinia (Rogueport Sewers)
Max HP: 3  Attack: 1  Defense: 0

A strange creature made
of thin, papery boards.
Still a completely
mysterious species.

48. Spania (Rogueport Sewers)
Max HP: 3  Attack: 1  Defense: 0

A Spania with spines on its
head. If you stomp on it,
you'll take damage. For
whatever reason, it looks
really peeved.

49. Spunia (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 12  Attack: 7  Defense: 2

A creature with a body made
up of springy discs. It may
not look like much, but it's
pretty tough.

50. Fuzzy (Shhwonk Fortress)
Max HP: 3  Attack: 1  Defense: 0

A parasite that sucks up its
opponent's HP to replenish
its own. Fuzzies are so hyper
that it's hard to time your
Guard Action Command.

51. Gold Fuzzy (Shhwonk Fortress)
Max HP: 10  Attack: 1  Defense: 0

A gold-colored Fuzzy that
attacks by charging at you.
Unlike normal Fuzzies, it won't
drain your HP.

52. Green Fuzzy (Keelhaul Key)
Max HP: 5  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

This minty Fuzzy replenishes
its HP as it drains yours.
And it can multiply.

53. Flower Fuzzy (Keelhaul Key)
Max HP: 6  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

A Fuzzy with lovely coloring.
It'll suck your FP and attack
with magic when full.

54. Pokey (Glitzville)
Max HP: 4  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

A cactus ghoul covered from
head to base in nasty spines.
It attacks by lobbing sections
of itself at you, and can even
call other Pokeys to come
fight alongside it.

55. Poison Pokey (Riverside Station)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

A poisonous Pokey that
attacks with poison and
sometimes calls in friends.
Take it out quickly.

56. Pale Piranha (Boggly Woods)
Max HP: 4  Attack: 2  Defense: 0

A monochrome Piranha Plant
that attacks with a nasty
bite. If you see one, throw
all you've got at it, or run.

57. Putrid Piranha (Keelhaul Key)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

A poisonous Piranha Plant.
It'll poison your allies.
Use your Guard effectively
to avoid poisoning.

58. Frost Piranha (Fahr Outpost)
Max HP: 10  Attack: 5  Defense: 0

A Piranha Plant with ice
powers that's weak against
fire. Its biting attack
sometimes freezes you.

59. Piranha Plant (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 15  Attack: 9  Defense: 0

The strongest of the Piranha
Plants, it likes to live...
in pipes.

60. Crazee Dayzee (Twilight Trail)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 2  Defense: 0

This fleet-footed flower
foe is super-cute, and it
sings one hypnotically
sleepy lullaby.

61. Amazy Dayzee (Twilight Trail)
Max HP: 20  Attack: 20  Defense: 1

A mystical Dayzee that's
almost never seen. Since it
has such high HP, and since
it's so quick to run away,
this creature is almost
impossible to beat.

62. Pider (The Great Tree)
Max HP: 5  Attack: 2  Defense: 0

A spidery creature that
drops down on webs. It can
shoot out three web-wods to
attack consecutively.

63. Arantula (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 16  Attack: 7  Defense: 0

A spiderlike creature that
lives deep underground
and spits web-wods. Its
coloring is intimidating,
but don't worry; it's not

64. Swooper (Creepy Steeple)
Max HP: 6  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

A roosting creature that
will hang from the ceiling
until damaged.

65. Swoopula (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 9  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

An HP-sucking, batlike thing.
Its name comes from its
swooping, blood-sucking

66. Swampire (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 20  Attack: 6  Defense: 0

A feared health-sucking bat
that lives in the darkness.
It steals your HP to add to
its own.

67. Dark Puff (Boggly Woods)
Max HP: 3  Attack: 2  Defense: 0

A thunderhead that attacks
with lightning. Don't touch
it when it's charged up, or
you'll be in for a shock.

68. Ruff Puff (Riverside Station)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

A relative of the Dark Puff...
or maybe just a different-
colored one.It chages up
and shocks you with lightning.

69. Ice Puff (Fahr Outpost)
Max HP: 9  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

Ruff Puff's chilly brother,
it will sometimes freeze you
with cold breath.

70. Poison Puff (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 15  Attack: 8  Defense: 0

A poisonous cloud creature.
It'll charge you or try to
poison you, and if you touch
while it's storing poison,
you'll get hurt.

71. Boo (Creepy Steeple)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

A somewhat shy ghost that
can make itself and its allies
invisible. It may be a ghost,
but its pretty cute.

72. Atomic Boo (Creepy Steeple)
Max HP: 40  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

A massive creature made up
of countless Boos. It attacks
by breaking apart and
sending out hundreds of Boos.

73. Dark Boo (Poshley Sanctum)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 5  Defense: 0

A creepy-looking Boo with
high HP and Attack. Get it
before it turns invisible!

74. Ember (Keelhaul Key)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

These blue flame spirits are
susceptible to ice and
explosive attacks. They're
said to be vengeful spirits
of the recent dead.

75. Lava Bubble (Pirates Grotto)
Max HP: 6  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

This flame spirit is
vulnerable to explosions and
ice attacks. If you stomp on
it, you'll take damage.

76. Phantom Ember (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 10  Attack: 5  Defense: 0

An angry spirit from beyond.
Its flame attack will set you
on fire.

77. Bald Cleft (Petal Meadows)
Max HP: 2  Attack: 1  Defense: 2

Basically a rock monster
with a swarthy-looking face.
It attacks by charging and is
impervious to fire.

78. H. Bald Cleft (Glitzville)
Max HP: 3  Attack: 2  Defense: 2

A hyperactive Bald Cleft
that can charge up energy,
boosting its Attack to 8.

79. Cleft (Boggly Woods)
Max HP: 2  Attack: 2  Defense: 2

A spiky, rock-headed jerk
that's impervious to fire
attacks and has a solid body.

80. Iron Cleft (Glitzville)
Max HP: 6  Attack: 4  Defense: Unknown

No attacks can pierce the
Defense of this hard, metallic
Cleft. Are they impossible
to defeat???

81. Iron Cleft (Glitzville)
Max HP: 6  Attack: 4  Defense: Unknown

No attacks can pierce the
Defense of this hard, metallic
Cleft. Are they impossible
to defeat???

82. Hyper Cleft (Twilight Trail)
Max HP: 4  Attack: 3  Defense: 3

A hyperactive Cleft that
uses charge moves to boost
its attack power to 9.

83. Moon Cleft (The Moon)
Max HP: 6  Attack: 5  Defense: 5

A Cleft living on the moon.
Its Defense is high, but if
you turn it over with an
explosion, its Defense goes
down to 0.

84. Bristle (Petal Meadows)
Max HP: 2  Attack: 1  Defense: 4

A petrified, spine-covered
monster that attacks by
charcing at you and is
impervious to fire. If you
approach, its spikes will
pop out and poke you.

85. Dark Bristle (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 8  Attack: 8  Defense: 4

An ancient creature made
of rock. Its Defense is high.
You can't jump on it because
of its spikes, and you can't
get close to it because of
its spears.

86. Bob-omb (Glitzville)
Max HP: 4  Attack: 2  Defense: 1

A round bomb soldier that
gets furious when damaged
and attacks by charging and
then exploding.

87. Bulky Bob-omb (Pirates Grotto)
Max HP: 6  Attack: 2  Defense: 1

A big pink Bob-omb that
explodes after 4 turns.
That explosion is big, so
take it out before then.

88. Bob-ulk (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 10  Attack: 4  Defense: 2

A really, really big Bob-omb
that explodes after 4 turns.
Take it out before then or
you'll be peeling your lips
off the ceiling!

89. Chain-Chomp (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 6  Defense: 5

It's tough to damage this
creature, but it has low HP,
so it's possible to take it
out with one decisive blow.

90. Red Chomp (Glitzville)
Max HP: 6  Attack: 5  Defense: 3

A red, brutal Chain-Chomp.
Attack and Defense are high.
Rumor has it that it's so
angry because someone
painted it red while it was

91. Bill Blaster (Pirates Grotto)
Max HP: 5  Defense: 2

A large black cannon that
shoots Bullet Bills. Unknown
whether it is alive or not.

92. Bullet Bill
Max HP: 2  Attack: 4  Defense: 1

A projectile that attacks
after being shot from a Bill
Blaster. Take it out before
it slams into you.

93. B. Bill Blaster (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 10  Defense: 4

A much tougher Bill Blaster
It's really strong, but if
you don't beat it, it'll keep
shooting Bombshell Bills.

94. Bombshell Bill (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 3  Attack: 6  Defense: 2

A souped-up Bullet Bill.
It'll hit you hard if you
don't take it out first.
Its HP is low, so do it

95. Dark Wizzerd (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 10  Attack: 5  Defense: 2

A part-machine, part-organic,
magic-using entity. It'll
multiply itself to confuse you.

96. Wizzerd (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 10  Attack: 6  Defense: 3

A part-machine, part-organic
creature who uses different
kinds of magic. It looks
to be the best tickler of
all time.

97. Elite Wizzerd (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 12  Attack: 8  Defense: 5

The top of the heap for
half-machine organisms.
It uses various magic moves,
and if it's alone, it'll
create illusions of itself.

98. Blooper (Rogueport Sewers)
Max HP: 12  Attack: 1  Defense: 0

A giant, squidlike thing
that attacks with its ink
and tentacles. Based on its
dialect, it may come from
the western sea.

99. Hooktail (Hooktail Castle)
Max HP: 20  Attack: 5  Defense: 1

This giant dragon attacks
by munching, stomping, and
breathing stinky, fiery
breath. It hates things that
make chirping noises,
especially creatures that
start with "cr" and end
with "icket".

100. Gloomtail (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 80  Attack: 8  Defense: 2

Hooktail's brother. He's a big,
dark, poison-spewing baddie.
Watch out for his famous
megabreath attack!

101. Bonetail (Pit of 100 Trials)
Max HP: 200  Attack: 8  Defense: 2

The oldest brother of
Hooktail. He's just bones
now. He's incredibly tough...
Maybe even the toughest?

102. Rawk Hawk (Glitzville)
Max HP: 40  Attack: 3  Defense: 1

A champion fighter. Battling
him requires a certain level
of artistry. "You wanna hate
me, but you can help but

103. Macho Grubba (Glitzville)
Max HP: 60  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

Macho Grubba has the
confidence to match his
muscles after being powered
up by the Crystal Star.

104. Doopliss (Creepy Steeple)
Max HP: 40  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

This is the beast that's
plunged Twilight Town into
the depths of fear and
despair. It enjoys turning
innocent people into pigs.

104. Doopliss (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 40  Attack: 6  Defense: 0

A fiend who takes the shapes
of Mario and friends, then
attacks. Currently a member
of the Shadow Sirens.

105. Cortez (Pirates Grotto)
Max HP: 20  Attack: 4  Defense: 1

A pirate's spirit who stayed
in Keelhaul Key to guard
his treasure.

106. Smorg (Excess Express)
Max HP: 50  Attack: 5  Defense: 1

A monster made of tons of
smaller Smorgs. It uses Smorg
tentacles to attack.

107. X-Naut (Various)
Max HP: 4  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

A foot soldier that uses
potions and attacks by
ramming. This X-Naut is the
lowest of Grodus's underlings.

108. X-Naut PhD (X-Naut Fortress)
Max HP: 9  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

An X-Naut that throws
chemicals. Research is
ongoing about the effects
of the chemicals they throw.

109. Elite X-Naut (X-Naut Fortress)
Max HP: 10  Attack: 5  Defense: 1

The pinnacle of X-Naut
troops, this soldier tackles
and throws potions. Elite
X-Nauts may be enhanced
with nutrients developed by
X-Naut PhDs.

110. Yux (The Great Tree)
Max HP: 3  Attack: 2  Defense: 0

These pathetically ugly
creatures were created in
the X-Naut laboritories.
With Mini-Yux around them,
they're impervious to all

111. Mini-Yux (The Great tree)
Max HP: 1  Attack: 0  Defense: 0

Each one can divide into two.
As long as you clear these
out first, ordinary Yux are
nothing to be feared.

112. Z-Yux (The Moon)
Max HP: 7  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

A genetic improvement on the
original Yux, Mini-Z-Yux often
appear to restore HP or
protect the main unit from

113. Mini-Z-Yux (The Moon)
Max HP: 2  Attack: 0  Defense: 0

A Protector of the Z-Yuz.
There can be as many as 4.
They must all be defeated
to make the Z-Yux vulnerable.

114. X-Yux (X-Naut Fortress)
Max HP: 10  Attack: 3  Defense: 1

A new Yux designed to
protect important areas.
Its attacks will sometimes
immobilize you.

115. Mini-X-Yux (X-Naut Fortress)
Max HP: 1  Attack: 0  Defense: 0

Protector of the X-Yux.
You can't attack the main
unit until you clear these
things out.

116. Grodus X (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 3  Attack: 4  Defense: 0

An annoying magical
protector of Grodus.
When he has four of these,
he's invincible!

117. Magnus (The Great Tree)
Max HP: 30  Attack: 2  Defense: 1

A powerful and cutting-edge
robot built by X-Naut
scientists. It has all the
features expected of a robot,
including rocket fists.

118. Magnus 2.0 (X-Naut Fortress)
Max HP: 70  Attack: 6  Defense: 2

The biggest upgrades seem to
be the flying features.
Watch out for the improved
machine gun.

119. Lord Crump (At end of Chapter 5)
Max HP: 30  Attack: 3  Defense: 0

The X-Naut Leader. He likes
to attack with body slams.
Always an intersting foe...

120. Grodus (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 50  Attack: 7  Defense: 1

The nasty creature that
kidnapped Peach. He's into
world domination. Some
hobby, huh?

121. Beldam (Boggly Woods)
Max HP: 9  Attack: 1  Defense: 0

The eldest sister and leader
of the Shadow Sirens, she
uses magic to attack. Her
personality stinks.

121. Beldam (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 30  Attack: 5  Defense: 0

Leader of the three Shadow
Sirens. She'll throw all
sorts of magic at you and
has a very unpleasant

122. Marilyn (Boggly Woods)
Max HP: 12  Attack: 2  Defense: 0

She's one of the Shadow
Sirens, which makes her
Beldam's younger sister.
She has strong Attack power,
so it might be best to
defeat her first.

122. Marilyn (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 40  Attack: 7  Defense: 0

Beldam's sister, and therefore
one of the Shadow Sirens.
Her Attack is high, so take
her out first.

123. Vivian (Boggly Woods)
Max HP: 10  Attack: 1  Defense: 0

One of the Shadow Sirens
and Bedlam's youngest sister.
She's so cute, she's able to
infatuate anyone.

124. Shadow Queen (Palace of Shadow)
Max HP: 150  Attack: 7  Defense: 0

The demon who possessed
Peach. She tried to cast the
world into darkness, but
Mario whipped her but good.
And Peach is back to normal,
thank goodness!

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Q. I missed some Star Pieces in the game, can I go back and get them?

A. Yes. Nothing in this game is a one time shot. The tattles that you miss are
   placed in Professor Frankly's trashcan, so nothing can be "lost".

Q. Where do I get the Contact Lens for Zess T.?

A. Go to the Item Shop and talk to the owner, he special orders it for you.

Q. I got a color Yoshi that I don't like. How can I change it?

A. Check the Yoshi Color section.


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