Simpsons: Hit and Run, The GameCube Cheats

Hold L + R in the Options Menu and enter any of the following codes:

XXXXCars are faster
YYYYCars are faster
YYXXMake vehicles explode instantly
XXXYPressing Horn will make you jump
BABYGrid Mode
YBYBPsychedelic Mode
YYBXDisplay Speedometer
YAYAIndestructable Car
BBBAAdditional Camera Angles
AXXYAlternate Music During Credits
BBYXAlternate Hidden Cars.

Itchy and Scratchy Cartoon:

Collect every card in the game and go to Lisa'a level. In the Android's Dungeon, talk to the Comic Book Guy and buy a ticket for the cartoon. Then, go watch the cartoon at the Aztec Theater.

New Year's Theme:

Set the system date to January 1st.

Halloween Theme:

Set the system date to October 31st.

Christmas Theme:

Set the system date to December 25th.

Hidden World:

Use the Press Horn to Jump code above, then get to level 3. Jump towards the pair of fishing boats in the water to fall through to the hidden world.

Cause Chaos without having the Cops Chase You:

When you get a Hit & Run, go to Mission Select and choose a mission. When that mission loads, your Hit and Run meter will still be active. Jump into a car and crash things up before the meter runs out. The cops will not chase you so long as you keep this meter above the flashing point!

Thanks to Revolution readers Butterman, Mark87 and Joey!