Starfox Adventures Star Fox Adventures FAQ/Walkthrough

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                         A  d  v  e  n  t  u  r  e  s

                            FAQ/Walkthrough for
                   S t a r   F o x   A d v e n t u r e s

                             by black hole sun
                               Version Final

                          --[TABLE OF CONTENTS]--

i.  Version History
ii.  Thank Yous
iii.  Contact Information
iiii.  Legal
Chapter One: Introductions
Chapter Two: The Basics
     Screen Layout
     The Staff Upgrades
Chapter Three: The Walkthrough

     Prologue: Krystal and the First Krazoa Spirit
     * General Scales' Galleon
     * Krazoa Palace

     Part One: The Introductions of Fox and Tricky
     * Arwing Level
     * ThornTail Hollow
     * Ice Mountain
     * SnowHorn Waste
     * ThronTail Hollow
     * The Well

     Part Two: The First SpellStone
     * SnowHorn Waste
     * ThornTail Hollow
     * Arwing Mission
     * DarkIce Mine
     * ThornTail Hollow/Moon Mountain Pass
     * Volcano Force Point Temple

     Part Three: The Second Krazoa Spirit
     * Moon Mountain Pass
     * Krazoa Shrine
     * Krazoa Palace

     Part Four: The Second SpellStone
     * LightFoot Village
     * Cape Claw
     * CloudRunner Fortress
     * Cape Claw
     * Ocean Force Point Temple

     Part Five:  The Third Krazoa Spirit
     * LightFoot Village
     * Krazoa Shrine

     Part Six: The Third SpellStone
     * ThornTail Hollow
     * Arwing Mission
     * The Walled City
     * Volcano Force Point Temple

     Part Seven: The Fourth Krazoa Spirit
     * ThornTail Hollow
     * SnowHorn Waste
     * Krazoa Shrine
     * Krazoa Palace

     Part Eight: The Final SpellStone
     * ThornTail Hollow
     * Dragon Rock
     * Cape Claw
     * Ocean Force Point Temple

     Part Nine: The final Krazoa Spirits
     * The Walled City
     * Krazoa Palace
     * The Final Showdown (MAJOR SPOILERS!)

Last Chapter: Cheat Token Locations

i.  version history

v. Final - Okay, one LAST update, only because I've been receiving quite a bit
of email regarding this game.

v. Final - Well, that's it for this guide. I added that interesting glitch in
CloudRunner fortress, and I added the solution to being locked out of LightFoot
village. Enjoy, and goodnight!

v. 1.10 - Probably the Final update. I fixed the line break problems, and some
spelling corrections were made.

v. 1.00 - Kids, procrastination is not good. I've been putting off finishing
this FAQ for as long as my conscience let me, which is now. So, here it is. I
MIGHT be adding a Cheat Tokens List, but that's doubtful because I don't know
all their locations, and TimeSplitters 2 is RIGHT around the corner and I want
to get started on a FAQ for that. This is probably the final update, but hey,
you never know.

v. 0.81 - No addition to the walkthrough, I just wanted to correct some things.
You'll notice that the beginning part of the walkthrough sounds a lot clearer.
The next update will be one (probably; no promises) completing the walkthrough,
so stay tuned.

v. 0.80 - Ack! Tons of spelling and grammar errors, and lot's of confusing
spots I found, mostly in the Dark Ice Mines. Hopefully I didn't turn off too
many readers, 'cause it's all fixed now. I also finished the walkthrough
through the Walled City; yep, I'm makin' progress :).

v. 0.40 - The first, very incomplete version of this guide set in.  I'll be
updating constantly, so don't worry.  I've completed the Walkthrough through
the Ocean Force Point Temple.

ii.  Thank Yous

Mainly, I want to thank Adrenaline SL.  Not only is she one of the best authors
on GameFAQs, she has influenced my work and writing ability greatly with her
wonderful guides.  As you can see, my TOC and format is similar to her MGS2
FAQ. Again, thanks Adrenaline for influencing me, for the better.

Secondly, I want to thank CyricZ for his FAQ that helped me when I was
stuck ^^

Last, but not least, I'd like to thank Rare and Nintendo for their making this
awesome game.

iii.  Contact Information

My Email address is [email protected]  But don't take that like you can
email me anything you want.  I WONT accept SPAM, IDIOTIC QUESTIONS, HATE MAIL,
or questions that can be answered in the guide.  And lastly, DO NOT EMAIL ME
ASKING WHEN THE GUIDE WILL BE FINISHED.  I WILL finish this guide; you're just
going to have to be patient.  The stuff I will accept are as follows on this

 o Contributions
 o Corrections (mis-information brought to my attention)
 o Strategy
 o Secrets
 o Interesting Stuff/Glitches
 o Side Quest Information
 o Praise ;-)

iiii.  Legal

This guide may NOT be freely distributed among the WWW.  This guide may NOT
appear on ANY site, or be linked to on ANY site, but GameFAQs and GameSpot. 
This guide may not be ripped off, meaning you cannot paraphrase this and
re-submit it under your name.  It may not be redistributed electronically or
physically, except for personal, private use.  Anyone who violates these terms
of service is subject to the punishment of the full extent via various
copyright violations.

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                     Chapter One: Introductions

 ______                ________                _____            ______
|      | 0000993 ///  |        | 00004000904  |     | 0123000  |      |
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 ___                _____________________________                ___
/                 /         The Intro                         /   

As we sorrowfully learned about a few weeks ago (well, depending on when your
viewing this FAQ, it may be a year ago ^^) we learned that our beloved Rare,
makers of GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Banjo, Jet Force Gemeni and DK64 were bought
by those tyrannical power-monging bastards at Microsoft.  Indeed, it was a sad
sight to behold, but lo!  Rare has managed one more piece of software to grace
our GCube: Star Fox Adventures.

At first, known as Dinosaur Planet on the N64, little was known about this
mysterious title from the folks of Rare, but what we did know was that it was
bound for greatness: how could the gods at Rare do any wrong?  And we Nintendo
fans were hankering for it.  But alas, it soon dropped off the radar entirely
and went into a hibernation period in which Nintendo announced its cancellation
and move to their Next-Gen console, the GameCube.  A few months later, Nintendo
forced Rare to change the lead character to Fox, from the infamous Star Fox 64,
with the new title of Star Fox Adventures.  And then the media got to dig their
spiky nails into it.

The transformation of Dinosaur Planet 64 to SFA GCN was phenomenal: the
graphics were the some of the best, if not the best, that anyone had ever laid
eyes upon.  Fox's sexy fur coat had more detail syringed into it then all of
the game of GTA3 and all of Nintendo's and Rare's past achievements.  Truly a
sight to behold.

As we learned more about it, we found out that Shigero Miyamoto was heavily
involved with it: This brought even more attention into the title.  Promise of
Zelda-esque gameplay brought hope to many gamers who had lost all sense of
pride with Nintendo's oft-underachieving graphics and puzzle department.

And then we got a release date: February.  Soon afterward though, we were
subjected to a maelstrom of delays: it was delayed to March.  Then it was
delayed till April.  Then it was delayed to June.  And then finally to
September.  An agonizing wait it has been for us all to get our grubby little
paws on the extra-hyped game that is SFA.

Well, we finally got it, and this game has been well worth the wait.  Fox hops
out of the Arwing in this epic quest, and you'll make your way through Zelda
like puzzles, jaw-dropping worlds, and an epic storyline.  But...whats that? 
You need help?  Well, I suppose that's the reason I wrote this guide now wasn't
it?  Well, scroll down and this guide will help you quickly and efficiently
through the many faces of Dinosaur Planet and the game of Star Fox Adventures.

        - BHS

 ___                _____________________________                ___
/                 /          Storyline                        /   

[SOME parts taken from instruction book, most just stuff I came up with.]

It's been eight years since Andross was finally overthrown from his hold on the
universe by Star Fox and his gang.  Fox and his friends returned to their usual
lives -- an endless patrol of the safety of the Lylat system.

Boredom and stagnation soon struck the guardians, as their once heroic moments
faded into a mere memory of what was.  That cocky ungrateful punk Falco left
the group because of the lack of activity, pursuing a more rewarding career in
some other business then lounging around Great Fox all day, hoping something to

Well, there wouldn't be much of a game if something didn't break the cycle. 
Dinosaur Planet, a key world in the Lylat system, has been overcome by a
hostile takeover via General Scales and his detestable army of lizards,
dinosaurs, monkeys and other lackeys.  Apparently, this particular world has
some importance to the Lylat system, though that isn't revealed why until
later.  Regardless, it's a call to action for Fox and his boredom struck

And that's where this whole game starts; continuing from that point.

 ___                _____________________________                ___
/                 /    Main / Sub Characters                  /   

  F o x  M c C l o u d
The infamous pilot recognizable since the NES days, Fox is the lead character
here.  'Tis been 8 long years since the threat of Andross has been
extinguished, and this young leader is up and raring for action!  Though still
a natural born pilot like his late father, Fox steps outside the Arwing for
this adventure and onto the turf and turmoil that is Dinosaur Planet.

  T r i c k y
A small triceratops, this little prince is of the ruling family EarthWalker. 
He'll be Fox's sidekick for the better part of the game.  His willingness to go
along with Fox's scheme's and his prowess for digging and his keen observing
skills make him an ideal partner for the more action-oriented Fox.

  F a l c o
Falco Lombardi, the Fox team member who left the squad, has always had a
strained relationship with Fox, though his ties to him remain strong.

  K r y s t a l
Krystal is the only survivor of her doomed home planet, Cerinia.  According to
the instruction manual she looks for 'answers'.  A distress call drew her to
the Lylat system, thus chasing after General Scales' Galleon.  But there she is
captured by the evil general, and its up to Fox to rescue her.  Not much else
is known about this mysterious figure, but you'll learn all you need to know as
you progress through the game.

  P e p p y  H a r e
Peppy, now retired from the Arwing, still tags along with Fox on his
adventures.  Througth Fox's communicator,  that is.  Peppy provides a map of
Dinosaur Planet and tells you what land you need to go next.  Very useful
information when your stuck.

  S l i p p y  T o a d
The annoying, whining frog is back in SFA, but this time he serves more purpose
then getting chased by enemies and calling Fox for help.  He actually provides
hints on your objectives, displayed in the start menu.  He'll even give you
some helpful items along your quest.

  R O B  t h e  R o b o t
after som upgrades by Skippy, Rob has become more then just a bucket of bolts
that can repair a toaster.  He now has a personality.  As for his use, I'm 50%
into the game and I still haven't found out what he does o_O

  G e n e r a l  S c a l e s
You know who he is.  This twisted little freak and his tribe, the SharpClaw,
were rejected from becoming a titled Ruling Tribe.  Apparently this pissed him
off, so he decided to go rouge and steal the SpellStones, pillage his
neighbors, kidnap children, and all that other stuff that bad guys do.  His
race is unstoppable; even the giant EarthWalkers are overwhelmed by the sheer
size of his army.  Of course, Fox Scales' sorry ass any day of the week, so he
best watch his back!

  E a r t h W a l k e r  T r i b e
The EarthWalkers are a species of triceratops that are one of the two Ruling
Tribes of Dinosaur Planet.   These royal peoples protect Dinosaur planet from
the wild RedEye Tribe, the Tyrannosaurus Rex's of the world.  But as of late,
with the assaults from General Scales and all, their grip on the containment of
the RedEye has loosened...

  T h o r n T a i l  T r i b e
These friendly creatures live at the foothills of IceMountain, the ThronTail
Hollow.  They don't get much involved with world affairs, but everyone is being
drawn into the war with General Scales.

  L i g h t F o o t  T r i b e
The LightFoot are a small, secluded tribe located to the east of ThornTail
Hollow that much resemble raptors, whom their models are most likely based
upon. World-wide known for their speech deficiencies, the LightFoot mainly keep
to themselves and out of world affairs. The LightFoot are also known for their
touchy protectiveness, as Fox will soon discover.

  C l o u d R u n n e r  T r ib e
These are Pterodactyls with a name much easier to read and pronounce.  They are
the other Ruling Tribe of Dinosaur planet, and they don't much like the
EarthWalkers because of some age-old fued.  These aerials will ally themselves
with Fox after he saves them from the grips of General Scales.

  H i g h T o p  T r i b e
These large beasts are friendly enough.  They don't serve much of a purpose and
their homeland remains unknown, but its common knowledge that most HighTop
individuals desire gold...

  S n o w H o r n  T r i b e
These prehistoric mastodons are as tough and rugged as they come.  Off a diet
of Alpine Roots, these beasts are extremely powerful and strong.  Mostly living
in the SnowHorn wastes, these creatures will be useful allies.

  R e d E y e  T r i b e
A most dangerous society, the RedEye are Tyrannosaurus Rex's, and if you've
ever seen any one of the 'Jurassic Park' movies you'll know just how dangerous
they are.  They WERE safely under control by the EarthWalkers, but as I
mentioned the EarthWalker defense has become strained between the battle of
General Scales and his SharpClaw.  RedEye are hostile, unreasonable beasts that
should be avoided at all costs.

 ______                ________                _____            ______
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                            Chapter Two: Basics

 ______                ________                _____            ______
|      | 0000993 ///  |        | 00004000904  |     | 0123000  |      |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯¯¯

 ___                _____________________________                ___
/                 /      Onscreen Layout                      /   

These are hearts displayed at the Top-right of your screen.  Each time you take
a hit from an enemy or are caught in an explosion, you loose a certain amount
of coloring in the heart.  When all coloring in the heart is lost, you die.

                           Staff Power
Located below the Energy Hearts, this bar shows how much magic you have left in
your Staff.  If you don't have any magic, you won't be able to use upgrades.

                          GrubTub meter
The GrubTub meter shows how many GrubTrubs Tricky has been fed.  If he as no
GrubTubs in his belly, he won't execute your commands.

                      Acive Tricky Command
To the right of the GrubTub meter is this sign.  This displays what you have
told/are telling Tricky to do.

                       C Stick Inventory
Use the C Stick to display your inventory.  The first menu will usually be the
items menu; scroll down or up to show your items, then press A to use/give. 
Cycle through Menu's such as Tricky's commands and Staff Upgrades by tilting
the C Stick left or right.

                           A Button
This is the action button that you'll use throughout the game.  The letters
next to it dislay what command you have set the A button to.

                           B Button
Your basic CANCEL button.  Press this to get out of the inventory menu's or to
cancel a selected command.

                           Y Assign
Assign an Action/Item to this button by scrolling through the inventory and
pressing Y on the desired item/command.  Press Y to quickly execute the

                       Main Collectables
Shows how much of each thing you have collected.  There are MoonSeeds,
FireFlys, Feul Cells, GrubTubs, and maybe something else that would be
displayed there.

 ___                _____________________________                ___
/                 /          Controls                         /   

                              L button
The Camera button.  Press L to shift the Camera behind Fox's back.

                              R Button
If you have the Staff, a force-field will come over Fox when pressed.

                              Z Button
First Person View.  Look around inside Fox's head.

                            Control Pad
This controls the PDA (Radar, Map, etc.) display.

                             C Stick
Displays your inventory.  Move the C Stick to cycle through items and various
menus, then press A on the desired item/action.

                            A button
The Action button; swipe with your Staff, activate a sidekick command, use an
item or talk to a dinosaur.

                            B Button
Cancels commands and gets you out of the inventory.

                            X Button
This causes Fox/Krystal to roll or do other evasive actions during combat.

                            Y Button
You may assign any item or action you have to this button for quick use.

 ___                _____________________________                ___
/                 /         The Staff                         /   

The Staff belongs to Krystal, but she'll lose it to Fox when she drops it from
the Sky on her CloudRunner.  The Staff has many useful functions, as it'll be a
weapon, switch or blaster, or maybe even change Fox into disguise.

The main control of the Staff is the A button.  This will cause Fox to either
swipe with it as a weapon, or to use it to activate a switch.  When in combat,
if you repeatedly tap this button Fox will perform COMBOS, much quicker ways of
taking baddies out then by the usual swipe.

                       ---Staff Upgrades---

Fire Blaster  :  This is the first upgrade you'll receive for your Staff.
                 This upgrade blasts red balls of fire.  Whenever you find
                 a Blast Board hanging on the wall or ceiling, blast it
                 with this upgrade.

Rocket Boost  :  The Rocket Boost is self-explanatory: it boosts you up to
                 higher ground.  The only thing is, you've gotta find a
                 rocket patch on the ground to use it.  This rocket patch
                 can be hidden anywhere from under a crate to behind grass
                 to right in front of you.  Whenever you find one, that
                 means something important can be accessed using the

Ice Blaster   :  The Ice Blaster is attained at the Volcano Force Point
                 Temple.  It sprays ice a short distance.  This is mainly
                 used against torches (to put them out to solve a puzzle),
                 fire bats, fires, and other enemies who thrive on flames.

Ground Quake  :  The Ground Quake is where Fox leaps up and slams into the
                 ground, sending out a shockwave, stunning all enemies in
                 the area.

Super Quake   :  This is a bigger, better version of the Ground Quake.
                 This version is so strong, it stuns even the mighty

Disguise      :  Use this disguise when you need to get through enemy
                 territory unnoticed, or maybe even to grab something in
                 front of a sleeping SharpClaw...  Also, whenever you find
                 an orange pad on the floor or ground that has a picture
                 of feet on it, turn into a SharpClaw and step on the pad,
                 and something will happen.

Portal Device :  You can only use this on large seal doors, especially marked.
                 When you place the Portal Device into the seal's center, some
                 Twilight Zone music will play and the barrier will recede.

 ___                _____________________________                ___
/                 /            Items                          /   

Here in this section I'll go over each and every item.

Pukpuk Eggs    : This restores 1 heart.

Dumbledang pods: These nuts cover two life energy pieces.  They are found
                 mainly in boxes or crates, sometimes dead enemies will
                 drop them.

Energy Gems    : These little crystals are used to power your Staff
                 Upgrades.  You can find these mainly on their plants
                 that are found in and around the game.  There's
                 certainly no shortage of them, and they even grow back
                 after a while.  Green colored gems give miniscule
                 amounts, Red gives slightly more, Yellow gives a lot,
                 and Blue gives you all the magic your Staff can carry.

Fuel Cells    :  These are fuel for your Arwing that ROB has scattered
                 for you around the planet.  These are hidden just about
                 everywhere, even in Temples.  You need some 5 or 6 of
                 these things to make a trip off Dinosaur planet, or to
                 get back to Dinosaur Planet.  You may even buy these
                 from the ThornTail Shop for 10 Scarabs, which are
                 explained below.

Scarabs       :  The currency of the world, scarabs are little beetles
                 the scurry around, mainly under rocks or in baskets.
                 Pay them to the ThornTail Shopekeeper for items or
                 bribe people to do things for you.

Bomb Spore    :  These are seeds that sprout plants that blow up when
                 you shoot them with your Blaster.  To get these seeds,
                 find an existing bomb plant and shoot it to have it
                 release spores.  To planet them, find a cracked patch in
                 the ground.

GrubTub Fungus : These little mushrooms can be found all over the
                 planets.  You feed these to Tricky so he'll do his job.
                 Of course, you have to capture them first.

BafomDad       : A BafomDad, like Zelda's fairy's, can be used when you
                 die to restore all of your health.  A little option will
                 come up (if you have one) to ask if you want to use a
                 BafomDad.  Choose 'Yes' and you'll be restored to the
                 exact spot and time where you died.

Lantern        : A lantern, when a FireFly is inside, can be used to
                 light a dark chamber or cave or passage.  You must have
                 one of these to capture a FireFly.

FireFly        : A FireFly is used to light an lantern.  See above,
                 'Lantern'.  You can buy them from the ThronTail Shop, or
                 you can search for them in the wild.

Moonseed       : You can only find a Moonseed when you defeat a Moon
                 Mole.  You can only defeat the Moonmole once you get the
                 Upgrade Ground Quake.  Once you get one, plant it on a
                 cracked spot on the ground.  To make them grow, have
                 Tricky use his Flame command.  Climb them like you would

BlowHorn       : Found only in the SnowHorn Wastes.  This can only be
                 blown on a certain patch of ground with a picture of a
                 horn on it...

Bridge Cog     : A Bridge Cog goes onto a machine that activates a bridge. Find
                 a specific amount and place them onto the machine, and the
                 bridge will extend!

Flute          : This is used in CloudRunner Fortress. When you play it near
                 CloudRunner Queen's babies, they'll go back to her,
                 recognizing the sound.

Alpine Root    : The typical diet of the SnowHorn. These are the healthy
                 choice, as it gives SnowHorn strength and endurance upon

Gold Alp. Root : A Golden Alpine Root is something every SnowHorn possess. But
                 one day you might stumble across a blue SnowHorn that does
                 have one of these items. When that day comes along, try
                 searching around. I think I've seen it for sale somewhere...

Sacred Tooth   : Sacred Teeth go into a pair of statues in Walled City. Find
                 and place both in their resting spots and the entrance to the
                 RedEye King will open.

The rest I've exluded from describing, for fear of spoilers.

 ___                _____________________________                ___
/                //          Tricky             \             /   

You'll find Tricky the EarthWalker early on in the game, and this little fellow
will prove invaluable and mission-critical.  Here in this section I'll go over
the EarthWalkers commands and actions.

                        When to Use Tricky
Trick comes in handy in a variety of situations.  First and foremost though, he
is used to dig holes.  Whenever you spot a small, circular, brownish and
dry-cracked plot in the grass or ground, it means that Tricky can dig in that
spot.  Another time to use tricky is when you encounter a barrier of Vines, or
when you spot a vent; both times Tricky can unleash his Flame attack.

Another Fine and useful ability is Tricky's dig command.  If your near a plot
of ground suitable for digging, go to the corresponding menu and select "Find
Secret", or a picture of a map with an X symbol on it.  You might also find a
wall with a crack near the floor; have Tricky 'Find Secret' and he'll plow
right through the crack and create a tunnel for Fox to crawl through, allowing
access to new area's.

                        The Flame Command
As I said above, the ability Tricky will use quite often will be his flame
command.  To do this, get near the object you intend to burn, go to Tricky's
command menu and press the fire symbol.  He'll then spit out fire on the
intended object or thing.

                         Stay / Whistle
Another nice little thing about Tricky is that he's as obedient as a dog.  If
you find a pressure switch, a switch that opens or activates something when
pressed, tell Tricky to Stay.  The stay command is the one with the white hand.
 If you want to call Tricky, use the Whistle command, or mini-picture of
Tricky.  He'll come to where ever you are, as long as there are conventional
means of getting to your location.  For example, if your up on a high cliff and
you whistle, Tricky will just sit there.

                     Taking Care Of Tricky
Like pets, Tricky needs to be fed.  To feed him, you've got to find some
GrubTub Mushrooms.  These are located throughout every level.  Once you spot
one, unless its asleep it'll hop away.  You have to chase it down, hit it with
your Staff, then pick it up.  Once you have a couple, give them to Tricky. 
What's the point of doing this?  Well, not only is the feeding of pets the
politically correct thins to do, Tricky will NOT execute his 'Find Secret' or
'Flame Command' if his tummy us empty.

                         Reading Tricky
Tricky acts like a mine detector as whenever you get close to something
important or when you get close to a secret, either a ?  or a ! or both will
appear over his head. Reading these symbols might make you aware of something
around you, so be sure to understand what he's telling you.

                       Change his colors!
If you happen to buy 'Tricky's Ball' at the ThornTail shop, and if you happen
to play with him using the ball, Tricky will change colors! This has no
apparent use, but its still interesting to see, as a cutscene will show him
change from his default Purple-and-peach to something else.

 ______                ________                _____            ______
|      | 0000993 ///  |        | 00004000904  |     | 0123000  |      |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯¯¯

                     Chapter Three: The Walkthrough

 ______                ________                _____            ______
|      | 0000993 ///  |        | 00004000904  |     | 0123000  |      |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯¯¯

               /PROLOGUE : Krystal and the First Krazoa Spirit
You'll start the game viewing a tad bit of the backstory via onscreen text. 
Afterwards, you'll gain control of Krystal on her CloudRunner friend, swooping
through the skys tailing a ship in front of her.  This prehistoric-looking bird
happens to shoot out lasers, much like an Arwing, and you have to blast the
ship in front of you.  As you tail it, it will give off red blobs of damaging
stuff; avoid this by keeping a move on it!  Don't sit still!  You must damage
it by shooting the things that fire the red blobs.  When both are destroyed,
you'll have at the ships propeller; shoot out each one of its prongs.  Watch
out though, as it'll slow down and try and chop Krystal into pieces as the ship
brakes hard.  Avoid this by tilting the analog to the extreme left or right,
waiting for the ship to resume its normal speed.  When you defeat it from air,
you'll board it.

                       ~+  General Scales' Galleon  +~
Following the brief instructions on the basics, head to squaking bird to the
left, a CloudRunner baby, and press A when the button shows itself.  The baby
will open a door for you.  Go through it to the below decks, grab the key.  Get
back on the deck and you'll encounter General Scales, whom will toss you
overboard like a dead fish.

                             ~+  Krazoa Palace  +~
Avoid the spirits here and head over to the wall with the lock.  That key will
now come into play.  Open your inventory and select it near the lock.  Krystal
will open it.  Inside you'll find a single bomb.  Pick it up and bring it back
out onto the platform, and then throw it at the crates blocking your path. 
Grab another one from the bomb plant and continue over to the northeast section
of the platforms.  A crack in the wall: throw a bomb at it to blow it open. 
Before you enter though, go to the east side of the platform and you'll find a
ladder; head down and you'll find some Fuel Cells. Now continue on with your

Turn left and speak to the sulking EarthWalker; afterwards, head into the
corridor to the left of the dinosaur to find another bomb.  Bring it back into
the corridor facing the Earthwalker.  Navigate the flamethrowers and throw the
bomb at the spirit to open the door.

Talk to the EarthWalker in the center of the chamber, and then stand on the
switch to make the door open.  Notice that once you step off, the door will
close.  So, put a Fuel Barrel or basket on top of it to keep it pressed into
the floor, and while its open head through the archway.

Inside, you'll play a little observation game with a Krazoa spirit, spirits
whom you must free.  Play his little game, keeping an eye on the basket he
hides in.  After the basket stops moving, touch the correct basket to do the
thing again, slightly harder.  Continue to the do this until the spirit becomes
yours and your transported back to the EarthWalker.

Head onto the platform near the EarthWalker and go up the the gargoyle and
press A cutscene will take over, and you'll find Krstal Captured by thatGeneral

                /PART ONE : Introductions of Fox and Tricky

                           ~+  Arwing Mission  +~
Ahh, an Arwing level, reminiscent of StarFox 64, one of the greatest games of
all time (IMHO).   Here in this asteroid belt you'll be required to find and go
through as many of the gold rings you can, while shooting off the enemies.  But
you really only need a total of one gold ring.  This is no big challenge.  You
might consider grabbing a few of the upgrades, but they aren't necessary.

                          ~+  ThornTail Hollow  +~
ThornTail Hollow is a meadow filled with members of the ThornTail tribe.  As of
yet, there are no enemies here.  So, head to the right to find Krystals Staff
surrounded by flowers.

Staff in hand, head over to the rocks and lift them up by repeatedly pressing
A.  Some scarabs will scurry out, the worlds apparent currency.  Capture as
many as possible and you should end up with 10.  That little labor was for
later, mind.  To the right you'll find an oval door.  Approach it and some
SharpClaw will emerge.  Defeat the easy enemies and a red pad will appear over
the door, and a cave door will open to the north.  Head into it, lift up the
rock and then drop down the hole.  Proceed to the light shining from the
ceiling; step into the light's center and you'll receive the Fire Upgrade to
your Staff.

Go back to the platform where you fought the SharpClaw.   Look above the door
at the Blast Board placed above it.  Shoot it with your Staff and the door will
open.  Go into the oval cave to find the Queen EarthWalker; talk to her, then
head to the northeast section of the hollow, on which the FMV showed you. 
You'll find a sleeping dinosaur; next to it a cracked plot in the ground.  It
looks like something can be planted there, doesn't it?   Go to the structure to
the west of the cracked ground.  Enter the doorway in the front of it to find
the ThornTail Shop, run by a grumpy merchant ThornTail.  Look in every one of
the following chambers until you come across something called 'Stone Sweet' or
something like that.  Buy it for 5 scarabs.   Afterwards, gather up to 10
scarabs and return to the shop, this time then scouting around for another
item, this called a 'Bomb Spore'.  After the two are bought, return to the
cracked plot in the ground.

Scroll through the C-Stick activated menu until you find the item you just
bought, the Bomb Spore, then press A while near the cracked plot.  Fox will
plant the thing and it will instantly grow.  Use your Fire Upgrade on your
Staff to shoot the plant, which will explode (hence its name 'bomb spore') and
blow open a whole in the wall.  In this meadow you'll find a large giant made
of stone.  Talk to the giant and he'll say 'No one ever brings me presents
anymore...' Well, remember that Stone Sweet you bought?  It would do nicely if
you gave it to him as a present.  When the option comes, tilt the controller
stick LEFT: the others will be covered in their appropriate sections of this

                            ~+  Ice Mountain  +~
On the opening of this cold, snow covered level, FMV will show a pair of
SharpClaw harassing a small dinosaur into a cave, and the cave's door will
close behind them.  For now, proceed out of the cave and towards the gate. 
Turn left at it to find a barrel; an explosive barrel that, once picked up,
goes off after a set amount of time.  Take it over to the blocked up entrance
where the SharpClaw soldiers are.  Throw it at the barrier and battle the
SharpClaw.  Afterwards, a Blast Board will appear over a cave entrance: shoot
it with your Fire Upgrade and it will open the cave entrance.  Go inside, and a
cutscene will take over.

You'll have to race a pair of SharpClaw on a snowspeeder.  This little canyon
isn't that hard to navigate; just avoid the trees and you should be fine.  Try
and find one of the several shortcuts here as well as secret passages.  Once
you finish the race, you'll talk to a little EarthWalker named Prince Tricky.

                           ~+  SnowHorn Waste  +~
With your newly acquired sidekick, head into the mountain pass.  Continue on to
find a lava pit (???).  Jump across the stepping-stones; don't worry about
Tricky, as he magically appears whenever you call.  You will soon encounter
some SharpClaw along the way, and Tricky will run off.  Don't worry about him;
just defeat all the SharpClaw and Fox will scold Tricky's impertinence

Further down the road you'll find another barrier.  It's time to put your
little sidekick to use.  Feed him some of those Fungus Mushrooms you should
have captured along the way, then tell him to 'Find secret'.  He'll dig you
both a tunnel into the barrier.  Crawl on through.

At the clearing you'll find an old SnowHorn.  Ignore him for now and approach
the fallen log across the clearing to find a cracked plot in ground.  Have
Tricky dig and a hole to an Upgrade Shrine will appear.  Drop down and pick up
the upgrade.

Head back up to the clearing and talk to the SnowHorn to find that he's hungry
(if its nighttime, he'll be asleep and won't talk; you'll have to wait until
morning).  Anyway, he wants some kind of grub called an Alpine Root.  Search
around the clearing to find brown plots in the ground; have Tricky 'Find
secret' and eventually something like a pineapple will appearm which is the
Alpine Root.  Press A to pick it up and bring it to the SnowHorn.  He'll give
you a bag for your scarabs.  Nifty, but that's not exactly what we need right
now.  Bring him another one of those Alpine Roots and he'll stop the geyser
behind you. Because he stopped the geyser, down comes a block.  Push it into
towards the ledge that looks like it could best be placed, and use it to climb

Continue past the freezing pond, noting that on the other side of the pond is a
SnowHorn who lost his golden root.  You cannot get his root back yet, so forget
it.  You'll do that much later in the game.  Proceed down the clearing to find
a gate; its locked, but remember its location for future reference.  There is a
disgruntled looking thing guarding a cave to the east; talk to him and give him
the scarabs he wants to let you through.

Follow the cave to a sewer system of sorts.  Since you cannot swim against the
current, surface onto the switch to the right.  Have Tricky stand on it and
'Stay' to open the gate while you climb the brick wall.  At the end of the
caged parapet you'll find a switch; use your Staff on it and the current will
no longer impede your progress, so swim up and around the corner to the end of
the cave, which is blocked by a gate.  Use your Staff on the switch to unlock
it, then proceed to meet back up with Queen EarthWalker.

You'll find the Queen sick and dying; she needs some roots called White
GrubTubs.  After your chat, head over to the well you passed while emerging
from the cave that led out of the SnowHorn Waste.  Part of the well is cracked;
have Tricky 'Find Secret' and he'll dig his way through.

                              ~+  The Well  +~
Tricky will stay put, so head down the ladder free of his damnable complaints
and his repeated calls of hunger.  Avoid the poisonous mushrooms and head into
the following cavern.  Approach the pool of water and your Staff will grow
green, meaning an upgrade shrine is nearby.  Get a bomb spore and plant one
there, then shoot it with your Fire Upgrade to blow the patch open.  Drop down
to find the Rocket Boost Upgrade.

Back into the cavern, grab another one of those bomb spores, and don't forget
to grab the Fuel Cells at the other end of the cavern using the rocket boost
panel on the floor.  Head into the next room, up the walkway to the bridge. 
Plant the bomb spore there on the patch and blow it to drop part of the bridge
to the floor.  Push the block onto the button to open the gate and keep it
open.   Enter the room and talk to the SnowHorn.  He'll deny you access to the
below caves because you lack a lantern.  So, go to the ThornTail Shop and pick
up one, and then return to the stingy SnowHorn and he'll let you by.

Here you must find 6 'White GrubTubs' that look like mushrooms to give to the
Queen EarthWalker.  Climb down the ladder and turn around to find the first one
(1) next to a poisonous mushroom.  Hit the GrubTub with your Staff to
immobilize it then grab it before it...  hops off (???).  Go deeper into the
cave and turn left to find a pond with some fireflys floating around.  Pick up
the fireflys, used to light your lantern, then continue to a dark dead-end;
light up your lantern to find a bomb spore patch.  You can find a bomb spore by
going to the place where the fireflys were; there's a planted bomb spore on an
above ledge.  So, plant the bomb spore in the ground and blow it to blow open
the wall.  There you'll find (2).

Continue on into the darkly-lit slope leading down.  Light the lantern to find
(3).  In here you'll also find another bomb spore patch.  Plant one and blow it
to lower the pillar to bridge a gap far above you.

Exit this area, and find the short passage that has a Boost Pad laid smartly on
the floor.  Use it to get up to find (4) and some more fire-flys.  Here,
remember that pillar you lowered with the bomb spore?   Well, it now acts as a
bridge to the gap, so use it to get across and find (5) and (6) together. 
Return to the Queen, your objective completed.

Feed the Queen your White GrubTubs and she'll heal up, as good as new.  She'll
tell you to find some SpellStones to restore this planet and also tell you a
good place to look is the SnowHorn Wastes, and she'll give you a key.  But
first, I think its time we should upgrade our Staff, don't you?  Head over to
the front of the ThornTail Shop to find a Boost Pad on the ground near the
entrance.  Use it up; plant a bomb spore on the patch and blow it to blow open
the nearby wall.  Enter it and you'll find four Blast Boards placed around the
chamber; hit all of them with your fire upgrade and a hole will appear in the
center of the room.  Drop down to find an energy upgrade.  Now, lets return to
our mission.

                           ~+  SnowHorn Waste  +~
Go to the SnowHorn Wastes via the ladder on the side of the ThornTail Shop's
wall.  Find the passage with the disgruntled monster, that, at first, wouldn't
let you by; to the left of it is a locked gate.  Open it with your key the
Queen gave you.

Head to the left of this clearing, and you'll some ice on the ground.  Look
down into the ice and you'll see a SnowHorn trapped down there.  Go over to the
tree and hit it with your Staff, and some ForstWeeds, in which you must feed to
the Snowhorn to get him strong enough to get out of the ice, will appear.  Kick
them to him and he'll suck them up.  Don't even bother with any of the
SharpClaw.  After the SnowHorn emerges, talk to it and he'll open a way to the
DarkIce Mines.  It looks like the portal appears right above you, but you must
use your Arwing to get it.  Head to the Hollow and hop into its cockpit.

                           ~+  Arwing Mission  +~
Fly through three golden rings, all that's required, and you'll arrive at the
DarkIce Mines.

                    /PART TWO : The First SpellStone

                           ~+  DarkIce Mines  +~
You'll start out in a fiery cavern filled with lava.  Exit this place using the
catwalks and bridges to arrive at a snowy land, much like the SnowHorn Wastes. 
Head over to the left to find a semi-circular opening, blocked off by snow. 
Have Tricky plow through it and you'll find a key.  Take it back outside to the
chained up SnowHorn.  She'll give you a part called a Bridge Cog, for to some
kind of machine.  Continue down the path to find an unbridged channel.  To the
right is a water fall; use the bridge Cog there to extend the bridge.

Cross the bridge, progress on 'till you find a pair of SharClaw beating on an
injured SnowHorn.  Kill the SharpClaw and talk to the SnowHorn and he'll ask
for some food, aka Alpine Roots, of which he needs two, and also he'll tell
Tricky about his Flame Command.  Neat-o.

You can find the (1) Alpine Root at the end of the channel behind sealed ice. 
Have Tricky use his flame command to break the ice.  Now to find the second
Alpine Root, go back near the starting point where you unchained the SnowHorn. 
A cabin is in the vicinity, blocked up by ice; have Tricky use his Flame
Command to enter it.  Inside you'll find some logs at the corner of the room. 
Set them on fire to melt the ice below you.  There you'll find the second (2)
required Alpine Root.  Return to the injured SnowHorn and give him both, and
he'll gain strength enough to help you out.  He'll even let you ride on its
back, so get on use the platform to the left of him.  Ride the large SnowHorn
across the bridge, listening to the goofy music that'll play.  Use the
SnowHorn's Tusk Attack to break down the doors.

To the north you'll find a a Life Force Barrier, the same kind you encountered
at Krazoa Palace.  Remember that it's breakable only by killing a certain
amount of enemies.  Those enemies have yet to appear, so head to the west to
find an ice wall.  Use Tricky's flame command and enter the passage.  Turn
right and climb the ladder.  Turn right again to find a cave; on the floor of
the cave is a Boost Pad; use it to get up to the ledge above.  Proceed on,
jumping from board to board, until you arrive at the platform the cannon is on.
 Kill the SharpClaw currently manning it, then man the cannon yourself.  Once
you do, SharpClaw will swarm the clearing below; use the cannon to blow them
all up.  After you finish them all off, the Life Force Barrier will dissipate,
but don't exit the cannons seat yet.  Look to the right of the structure the
SharpClaw emerged from: it's a boarded up entrance with an X on it.  Blast the
X on the boards with a cannon ball and the boards will shatter, a new entrance
opened up.  Well, the cannon has fulfilled its purpose; now go back down into
the clearing.

Go into the structure the SharpClaws came out of; in there you'll find Bridge
Cog.  You need three of these to operate a certain piece of machinery, which
you'll encounter later.  Go through the entrance that was formerly blocked by
the Life Force Barrier, where you'll find the second Bridge Cog.  The final
Bridge Cog is located through the entrance that was boarded up, but you smashed
open with a cannonball.  Enter it using the bricks, and at the end use Tricky's
flame command on the ice wall.  There'll lay the final Bridge Cog.  Head back
into the clearing.  This time through the passage you opened up using Trick's
Flame Command.  Turn right, climb back up the wooden platform.  Inside the cave
you'll find machine with gears missing; use the bridge Cogs on it and a bridge
outside will extend.

Cross the newly extended bridge to find a cracked wall; have Tricky dig into it
with the 'Find Secret' command.  Crawl through the passage your sidekick will
create and you'll find a cavern with a complex of vents in the center.  Shoot
the Blast Board up near the ceiling to start a timer, then have Tricky blow
fire into each one of the vents.  This will open a circular door; go through
it.  Now, remember those old Indiana Jones movies, particularly 'The Last
Crusade'?  Well, remember how Indiana (Harrison Ford) had to have faith in God
and walk across the un-bridged chasm to reach the Holy Grail?   Well, it's the
same here, only you don't have to believe in anything in particular: just leap
into the center of the chasm and you'll land on an invisible walkway.  Unlike
the movie though, the end reward isn't quite as glorifying: it's just the
Dinosaur Horn, used to call SnowHorns.  Still, its story-essential, so let's
move on.

Head back to the clearing where the cannon and Life Force Door were located. 
Reenter the once-was boarded up entrance.  Head up the slope to the left and in
the center of the snowy ground you'll find a picture of a Horn: take out your
Dinosoaur Horn and blow it on the picture, and an obedient SnowHorn will emerge
from the blizzard.  Get on the things back and drive it into the blizzard.  All
you must do is follow the Alpine Roots; run over them to eat them, which will
replenish the SnowHorns energy.  At the end, you'll find that Tricky has gone
missing.  How likely of our ditzy sidekick :P.  Anyway, use the powerful
SnowHorn to break open the doors to the north, and then get off of your friends
back using the platform.

Head through the newly opened door, into the cave, and you'll find a Life Force
Barrier.  Just kill all the local SharpClaws and it'll open up.  You'll find
another one of those snow-speeders like you found in Ice Mountain.  Take it
easy and enjoy the ride: there's no timer or challengers.  At the end, you'll
crash and fall onto a conveyor belt.  The belt is charging you forward, but the
problem lies in the flame-throwers placed horizontally along the way, burning
to a cinder anything that passes through.  Run against the conveyor belt to
stop, and once the flame-throwers temporarily stop run past them.

Kill the SharpClaw in this area to open the Life Force Barrier.  Head through
and turn right to find a boost pad.  You can hear the wailing of thatannoying
Trick from here :P.  Use the boost pad, crawl through the duct.  Avoid the
rolling balls of ice and continue down the track.  You'll notice another one of
those Blast Boards.  Shoot it using your blaster and the flame-thrower to the
ahead will cease.  Past the flame-thrower is a vase; open it with A to find a
Silver Key.

Backtrack to the previous area, the area recipient of Fox as he leapt from the
dangers of the conveyor belt.  This time, travel a little farther to the end of
the platform and turn right onto rotating boards, being scalded by flames. 
Avoiding the flames, continue following the boards until you find a pair of
cells: one has Tricky, one has a SnowHorn.  Though its tempting to let that
little pain in the arse in hiscell, you're going to have to release him using
that key you just found.  With Tricky by your side again, return to the
platform near the conveyor belt; after a bout of looking around you should spot
a cave.  Inside you'll find an ice wall; have Tricky flame it down, grab the
Silver Key.

Go and open the other cell, next to Tricky's.  It'll be inhabited by SnowHorn
Belinda Lee.  After some small talk, she'll plow through the false wall at the
back end of her cell (why couldn't she have done that before?!) and find a
tunnel.  After more talk, notice the crack in the wall to your right.  Use
Tricky and crawl through the passage to arrive at an underground lake.

Look up at the ceiling: you'll find some ice projectiles a-hanging.  Notice the
three that are colored different from the others: shoot them down and they'll
fall into the water, and consequently form small ice bergs for you to traverse.
 Use them to reach the switch to the left; use your Staff and the switch'll
open a gate to the north of this cavern.  Return to the surface with Tricky and
go over to the Boost pad on the floor, use it to get up on the above ledge. 
Atop you'll find blocks of ice floating by, which the gate let through.  Use
the ice as a means to get into the crevice in the wall, near the waterfall. 
Here you'll find a block; push it over the ledge and use it to get into the
passage previously inaccessible.  Trek the conveyor belts, and you'll
eventually find Belinda.  Talk to her.

Head into the entrance in front of Belinda to a ENORMOUS mining facility. 
Climb the ladder in the center of the chamber, ignoring the omnipresent
SharpClaws, then grab the explosive barrel and run up the catwalk.  Avoid the
rolling barrels and navigate your way to the top landing.  Go around the center
pole and you'll find a marking on the ground; place the barrel there.  A
machine will soon hover over the barrel.  It'll suck the barrel onto its magnet
bottom, and it'll take it up to the above catwalk.  Use the ladder to get to
the barrel, then carry it over to the crack in the wall and throw it at it. 
Use your Staff on the switch in there; it'll lower a drawbridge near the
spawning point of the barrels.  Return to that drawbridge, head into the mining
tunnel.  Near the end of it you'll find a switch, so use it to lower another
drawbridge near the top floor, by the platform with the cannon.  Go to it and
climb up to the cannon and kill the SharpClaw commandeering it.  Use the cannon
to shatter the wooden boards with the X's on them: consequently, two platforms
will surface from the lava on the bottom floor.

Use the platforms as stepping stones to the magma, and you'll find a portal to
the game's first boss: Galdon.

GALDON:  This being the first boss, its easily defeated, once you learn the
         weak spots.  Before we begin, though, you'll have to have Tricky
         blow fire onto the icy sculpture that is the boss Galdon.

         Notice that all around the arena are box's which contain healthful
         items, and there are several plants with crystals to power your
         Staff upgrades.  Now, to damage this beast, think back to Ocarina of
         Time, the final battle with Ganon.  You had to hit Gannondorf's tail
         a bazillion times, right?   Well, you have to do the same here, but
         you only have to hit Galdon's tail thrice.  Once you do this three
         times, the thing will swallow you.  You didn't think it was over
         yet, did you?   Inside the things throat will be its uvula hanging
         from the ceiling of its mouth; hit it until he spits you out.

         Now that he spat you out, his weak spot has changed: it's the chest.
         You have to hit it with your Blaster when Galdon charges up for an
         attack.  Do that three times, and the thing will swallow you again.
         Hit its uvula again, and it'll die, leaving you the SpellStone!

                 ~+  ThornTail Hollow/Moon Mountain Pass +~
Hop in the Arwing.  After you gather a total of one gold ring, you'll arrive
back at the Hollow.  A ThornTail will approach you as soon as Fox step's out of
his Arwing, complaining that three beacons around the Hollow have burned out
and they are "Afraid of he dark".  Sheesh.  Babysitting ThornTail is NOT what
Fox is getting paid for, but you'll hafta do it anyway.

Your first impressions may be something like "Oh, well I'll just use Trick's
flame command to light up the beacons."  Well, that won't work, because you
need something to continuously burn over a period of time.  One breath of fire
from Tricky isn't gonna cut it.  So, head to the plot of grass right after you
pass the river.  You'll find a tree, titled 'Fire Weed Tree'.  Bang it with
your Staff and some Fire Weeds will fall from it.  Hit three of them with your
Staff to collect them.  Now you may light the beacons.

The first beacon is located on a slope in front of the Fire Weed Tree.  Put an
extinguished Fire Weed onto the beacon, then have Tricky light it up with his
flame breath.  The second beacon is located on a slope in the area with the
WarpStone.  Do the same for that beacon.  The final beacon is behind a gate to
the left of the Arwing.  Open the gate by using the switch on the ledge next to
the Arwing, behind the grass.  This isn't very easy, since the ledge is too
high to jump to.  You're going to have to hop from smaller ledge to bigger
ledge, the smallest being at the east end of the hollow.  After you open the
gate, head through it and you'll find final beacon next to a ThornTail.  Light
that up, and a ThornTail will approach you a give you a Gold Key.

The task done, now you now need to get to the Moon Mountain Pass.  This is
located at the far northeastern corner of the Hollow, inside a cave filled with
Red Mushrooms.  You'll need a bomb spore to plant and blow up to open the false
wall, so go get one from the bomb plant in front of the river.  Once you open
the wall up, proceed down the tunnel and approach the circular bridge.  It'll
collapse as you step on it, but wind below will keep you afloat.  Since there's
some kind of gas down here, you can't stay long, as the meter at the bottom of
the screen indicates.  Turn LEFT and jump onto the two platforms and to the
tunnel.  Continue on to the wide canyon that is the Moon Mountain Pass.  Right
when you arrive, cutscene will show a pair of SharpClaw spying on you.  They'll
go inside their shed and start throwing explosive barrels out of their windows.
 You'll have to navigate up the pass, avoiding the barrels as you go.  This is
ridiculously easy.  At the end of the canyon, use the key on the locked hatch,
and then go through and turn left.  Head up the ramp to the shack that the two
SharpClaw are in; kill them, and a Life Force Door will open at the end of the
pass, north of the shack.  Go through the Life Force Door.

Hop across to the other side of the lava vat, waiting for the floor panels to
retract and then extrude, allowing access to the other side.  At the following
chamber, find the squarish gate with flames coming from its bottom.  Wait for
them to go out, then drop down the tunnel.  Cross the walkway, then ascend the
slope, avoiding the barrels as you go.  Note that there is a ledge south of the
slope that contains several useful items behind barred gates, one you can open
but the other two you can't.  Yet.

You'll arrive at the actual Temple.  There are a pair of Fuel Orbs beneath the
bridge, grab those then go to the center of the bridge and place the SpellStone
in the crevice.  This will open the main gates, so go through.

Here we have a clever puzzle, but Zelda fanatics should find this simple
enough.  Since you don't have the key to this front door, you're going to have
to improvise and open it via other means.  First, read the sign left of the
door.  That's a valuable hint, and if you still can't get it talk to Slippy. 
If THATS not a dead give away, I'll spell it out for you.  Look up at the two
orbs placed above and to the left and right of the door.  You need to shoot
those orbs, but you need to shoot those orbs with a blast of same color.  Since
you can only blast a red color, get back on the bridge and face the door.  Now
notice the two torches.  They change color, no?  When the torches color matches
that of the orb, blast a beam through the flame.  Your blast will change color
to match that of the flame.  For example, one orb is green: wait for the torch
to turn green, then shoot a blast THROUGH the torch fire, in a trajectory that
would hit the orb.  Do this for both and the door will open.  Whew!  That's a
lot of words.  After you do this, put the SpellStone in the crevice and the
doors shall open up.  Go through.

                      ~+  Volcano Force Point Temple  +~
Approach the Life Force Door: a whole lot of SharpClaw will appear.  Kill them
all and the barrier will recede.  Go through the door and in this chamber, have
your little pet--err, sidekick--light up the vents to the left and right to
make some platforms bridge the above gaps.  Climb the ladder, use the
protruding platform as a bridge.  Continue on down the ledge, picking up some
power up crystals on the balcony.  Turn right on the balcony and go down the
path, avoiding the flames from the jets.  You'll soon arrive back where you
started but, of course, you're on an upper level.  Watch out for the platform,
as it'll recede back into the wall after a period of time.  Cross the gap and
proceed into the cave entrance.  Drop down the hole, and pick up the Ice
Blaster Upgrade.

Head back into the previous chamber and set the Y key to your Ice Blaster. 
What you need to do here is put out each and every torch in the halls leading
to the balcony and in this room.  Once you do so, a lift will rise up to the
floor; ride it down.

Go down the corridor, killing any Fire Bats you find with your newly acquired
Staff upgrade.  Enter the Force Point Temples room, as Slippy calls them.  Put
the SpellStone in the crevice on the ground, the only crevice that'll accept
the SpellStone, to open a circular door at the other end of the room.  Get
there by putting out the fire to the right of the entrance, crossing into that
round circular door.  Go down the corridor, ride the lift upwards.  The main
door here is locked, so head up any of the two ladders to your left and right. 
Up there on the parapet, put out the torches fire's using Ice Blast and the
door will unlock.  Head through it and you'll battle some more SharpClaw.  You
have to because, duh, a Life Force Door impedes your progress.

Hop across the moving platforms, avoid the flames.  At the other end, that
cowardly animal Tricky will chicken out because of the flames and moving
platforms.  Get the little putz to come to you by shooting the Blast Boards on
the moving platforms, which will stop them and the flame-throwers.  Once he's
by your side, have him fire up the vent to your right to open the door.

Ascend through the tunnel and you'll arrive at the top of the Force Point
Temple room.  Place the SpellStone in the appropriate crevice, and then the
Temple will end, and you'll be transported back to the Temples bridge.

                  /PART THREE : The Second Krazoa Spirit 

                          ~+  Moon Mountian Pass  +~
From here, make your way to back to the Moon Mountain Pass.  A Krazoa will
appear, and you'll hear the cries of poor trapped Krystal in the background. 
He'll tell you you need to find some more Krazoa spirits to free the girl.  But
for now, you've gotta get your hands on some MoonSeeds.  How to get some? 
Defeat the monster.  How to defeat the monster?  You can't.  So what do you do?
 Head into the cave the Krazoa opened.  It'll lead to a hole which has the
Upgrade, the Ground Quake.

With your new Upgrade, you may now kill the monster you just passed.  Use the
Ground Quake to stun the thing, then as it turns jab it on its red spot.  Do
that twice and it'll perish, leaving you a moonseed.  Take it over to the plot
to the left and plant it.  Have Tricky spray fire on it and the moonseed will
grow up the cliff face.  Climb it.

In this little canyon there are a lot of detours and lots of places to plant
moonseeds.  If I were you, I'd just continue on with the story and enter the
cave over on the right, a little ways past the moonseed you just climbed. 
Inside at its end you'll find a patch on the ground; plant a bomb spore and
blow down the false cave wall.

Proceed until a cutscene displays an asteroid falling from the sky, cramming up
the pass you need to go through.  It figures.  So, search around this
flattop-area for some patches of dirt that which Tricky can dig.   You should
find at least two, and when Tricky finishes digging, you'll find a chunk of the
asteroid that just fell.  Carry the it over to the front of the asteroid and
look at the holes with the gasses spraying up through them.  You need to place
the rock on a certain one of those holes.  If you place it at the right spot,
some music will play and you won't be able to pick it back up.  After you do
that, take notice of the asteroid: it's now floating!  Maybe if you find some
more of these rocks and put them in their places, the asteroid might float high
enough for you to pass under...?   Place next rock you excavate in its hole. 
You'll find the last rock placed on the ground in plain sight to the south of
the floating asteroid. Cool it down with your Ice Blaster, then put it in its
spot.  The asteroid will hover even higher, this time allowing you to pass it.

Turn left in this canyon, continue planting moonseeds until you find the potal
to the Temple.

                          ~+  Krazoa Shrine  +~
Climb the high reaching ladder, once atop turn around and shoot the Blast
Board, which will raise the water level high enough for you to get to the other
side.  Take a dip, swim around the whirlpools to the other side.  Proceed along
to find a narrow causeway; cross it while avoiding the flames.  In the next
chamber you'll find a gate; to open it turn around and shoot the omnipresent
Blast Board.

Talk to the Krazoa Spirit.  It'll say that in order for it to serve you you
must prove yourself worthy.  Do so by killing all the SharpClaw in the alloted
time limit.

                          ~+  Moon Mountian Pass  +~
Head down the canyon south of the warp point and you'll reach a cliff edge. 
Grab the bomb from the Barrel Pad and jump into the wind turbine.  Fox'll let
loose the barrel and it'll float to the pillar.  Pick it up again, jump into
the wind.  Continue to do this and hurry because the bomb's timer is ticking. 
You'll soon reach a ledge jutting out from the bottom of the platform above. 
Use the bom to blast the crack open.  Head up the slope, and you'll arrive back
where all this began.

Go back to ThornTail Hollow and speak to the WarpStone.  Have him warp you to
Krazoa Palace.

                            ~+  Karzoa Palace  +~
As you begin, you'll find Tricky missing.  The WarpSone will explain that he
can't warp dinosaurs.  Ah man, big loss :P.  Fox will remark something similar.
 Head into the palace, where you'll be attacked by some SharpClaw.  You've got
to defeat them to open the Life Force Door, so do so.

Through the Life Force Door you'll find the room pitch block, with a cracked
wall asking to be blow open.  So, exit this room back to the chamber where you
fought the grunts of General Scales.  Behind a pillar to the south you'll find
the required time bomb.  Pick it up, head into the dark room.  You can light up
your lantern here, but you really don't need to: just head up the slope to the 
right and get yourself into a position where you can see the east side of the
room.  You should be seeing a crack with light shining through; throw the bomb
to open a route into the palace.

You'll find a Fuel Barrel to your right; ignore it as of now and go into the
hall.  You'll find some stationary flame-throwers, and past them another
cracked wall.  Fox can't hurl the bomb that far, so your going to have to get
those flame-throwers moving by hitting the Blast Board above the doorway.  Now
pick up the bomb, navigate the flames and throw it at the crack.  Head on

In this chamber, you'll find a cannonbot to your right; to destroy it you must
first bring down its shields.  To do this, you've got to shoot your Blaster
through the colored flames when the flames' color match that of the orbs. 
Think back to the Volcano Force Point Temple.  When you bring the thing's
shields down, hit it with your blaster until it blows up.

Here's where the lack of Tricky is most felt: in order to open the big doors in
this cahmber you've gotta stand on that switch.  So your're going to have to
improvise by bringing the bomb from the previous hallway through the
flame-throwers, and set it on the switch.  Afterwards, head through the doors,
kill the SharpClaw if it pleases you.  Ride the lift up, then atop use the
turbines to reach the top floor.  Continue to find the turbines and ride to the

After a cutscene, go over to the Krazoa release point and more FMV will role. 
You'll arrive back at the ThornTail Hollow.

                     /PART FOUR : The Second SpellStone

                  ~+  ThornTail Hollow/LightFoot Village  +~
Upon arriving, the friendly WarpStone will hand over a scarab bag capable of
holding 100 of those beetle-like creatures.  He didn't do that for no reason,
either.  Gather up 60 of those golden beetles then head to the southwest
section of the Hollow.  Go through the cave passage to LightFoot Village. 
Proceed past the trees and SharpClaws to the golden-beetle-thing ahead of you
at the end of the paths.  Pay ('feed' is more like it) him 60 scarabs and he'll
open the gate for you.

Proceed past the corridors to a hollow; jump over the cliff into the water,
swim to the other end and you'll find another stone corridor.  This will lead
to a mini-maze, which'll lead out to a big well.   Climb down the well's
ladder.  Climb down the next ladder to a long platform; go to the other side of
it and you'll find another ladder which will ascend up to a cave entrance. 
Climb it and go through the cave entrance.  At the break of the mountain pass
you'll arrive at Cape Claw.

                              ~+  Cape Claw  +~
After the FMV, showing someone locked behind bars, make the bridge extend using
the Blast Board behind the waterfall.  Jump into the water and swim towards the
HighTop in the distance.  Talk to and bribe the monster to let you buy (if you
don't have the scarabs, bypass the monster by looking to the right side of the
woodwork; you'll find a blast pad).  After talking to the HighTop you'll be
sent out on a treasure hunt.  You need to find and bring back the HighTop's
four gold bars that it buried but stupidly forgot the locations of.

So, go back to the beach to the south of the woodwork where the HighTop stands.
 You'll find the first patch of dirt next to the wall.  Head over to the beach
on the other side to find a trapped CloudRunner, the person who was displayed
in the FMV.  You'll find the second gold bar in that vicinity.  Still on this
beach, you'll find a platform will a cannon on it; continue and swim past it to
find the third patch on the beach.  You'll find the last patch on this very
beach; have Tricky melt the vines and you'll find the last plot submerged in a

Go talk to the HighTop and he'll force a ladder drop down to the west.  Use it
to climb up a platform near the Krazoa statue.  Flip the switch and you'll open
an entryway near the prison with the CloudRunner.  Enter it and the door will
snap shut.  Approach the blocks in the center, and poison gas will emerge! 
It's a trap!  You've got to push the blocks back over the vents, the source of
the poison gas.  Watch the bar on your screen; once it fully depletes, Fox
plops over and dies.  It shouldn't be that tough because you can adjust the
position of the blocks even while your pushing them.  Once you put all four
blocks over the vents, the caged CloudRunner will roam free and the door in
here will open.  Go out and talk to her and she'll open the gateway to
CloudRunner Fortress.  So, head back to the Hollow, hop in the Arwing.

                           ~+  Arwing Mission  +~
This Arwing missions is slightly harder then the last, but still just as
obscenely easy.  Fly through any three of the numerous gold rings and you're
home free.

                        ~+  CloudRunner Fortress  +~
Upon landing, the CloudRunner Queen will fly off, saying she'll 'see if the
coast is clear.' Hah, a lot good that'll do.  Anyway, since the front gate is
locked, jump into the moat below.  Swim over to the isle with the switch; step
on it to make some white rings appear.  You have to leap through each of the
five (it's five, isn't it?) rings, under the time limit.  This'll take some
practice.  After you do this, the front gate will open so climb out of the moat
using the ladder, back onto the platform where you started the level.

Beat up the weakling SharpClaw, head up the circling slope.  You'll find the
gate at the top closed; head down the ladder to find a switch to open it. 
Through the door and into the courtyard, you'll find General Scales with a
choke hold on the CloudRunner Queen.  Fox will try and save her, but he'll be
captured by the overwhelming amounts of SpyBots.

Fox will awake in a prison cell, with the Staff missing.  To the right you'll
find a block that can be pushed.  Do so and you'll escape captivity.  Ignore
the unhelpful call from Slip' and head down the hall to find the prison guard
snoring at his desk, the Staff next to him.  DO NOT approach him as he'll wake
up, sound an alarm, and its nighty-night Fox.  Instead, proceed past the desk,
go down the hall to the left.  Put the Fuel Barrel on the inactive turbine and
press the switch; the bomb will float up to the roof and blow a hole in it. 
Receive the call from Slippy to get a new Staff power: the disguise.  Put on
your disguise and confront the snoring SharpClaw prison guard.  He'll ignore
you and leave, saying he needs his 'break' :P

Grab the Staff, use it to open the cages.  Talk to the prisoner CloudRunner,
who'll give you a key, and tell you to get to and activate the cities power
from the generator room.  Head back out to the hall.  Use the Staff Blaster on
the Blast Board.  Inside the vertical chamber, use the bricks and wind to reach
the top, avoiding SpyBots along the way.  Note that you can shoot them with
your blaster to temporarily disable them, but the better way to do it is to
wear your disguise and they won't shoot you.

[Credit: elusion for this forgotten strategy]

Back at the courtyard you were captured in, head onto the platform ahead of
you, the one with the three horizontally placed torches.  You can press each
one, which will open a cage with a basket in it.  Inside each basket is a Light
Gem required to open the generator room.  Collect 'em all then return to the
courtyard and enter the generator room using the key, which is at the east side
of the courtyard.  Put all the gems into their slots and the power will be

Head to the west side of the courtyard and find a vertical, stone chute. 
Activate the turbine inside using the switch; make the arrow point Up to have
Fox float up, down to make the turbine useless.  Needless to say, head UP. 
Pass the corridor, ignore the SharpClaw and look at the green glowing pad on
the floor.  If you put on your SharpClaw disguise and stand on the switch, the
switch will open the gate.  Head through to find yourself on a shelf below the
CloudRunner Fortress.  Turn to the chamber in the wall to the right; a magnet
will be floating up and down.  Note its location then head back outside and
find the next chamber, adjacent to the previous one.  The bomb in there can
only be picked up by a SharpClaw, for some odd reason, so wear the disguise and
bring the bomb back to the chamber with the magnet.  Let the magnet take the
bomb to the second level.  Climb the ladder and grab the bomb before the magnet
sucks it back up.  Go along the catwalk and you should find a boarded up
entrance; blow it open using your bomb.

Hop across the gap using the wind.  The gate will close behind you, trapping
you in this courtyard.  We'll worry about that later, so for now go to the
southwest corner of the courtyard to find a switch on the ground, which can be
activated only when wearing a SharpClaw disguise.  This'll make a ladder drop
to your level.  Climb it up to the parapet, then follow it to the Queens cage. 
Have a few words with her.  She'll tell you the foundation of her prison seems
unstable.  You're going to have to get a bomb into the courtyard and throw it
at the foundation, but first you have to find a way out of this courtyard.

The gates can only be opened when a pair of switches are activated.  One of
these switches is near the ladder.  The second switch is on the other side of
the parapet left of the Queen CloudRunners prison.  You can't get to it
however, because of the fallen piece of concrete that's blocking off access to
it.  Bypass it by jumping onto the treetop from the vantage point of the cage's
platform.  Once you activate the switch, the gates will open.  Head back
outside, grab a bomb and take it back into the courtyard.  Drag it over to the
pillar supporting the Queen's cage and throw it: the cage will collapse, and
the Queen will be freed.

The Queen CloudRunner will send you out on an errand: to save her babies from
those nasty SharpClaw.  She'll also give you a flute-like instrument to draw
her babies back to her.  So, go back out to the previous platform and head over
to the bird circling above a SharpClaw.  Notice you have a time limit; once
time is up, the baby bird will fly away and you'll have to start again.  So,
defeat the SharpClaw and the baby ClourRunner will land on the crate.  Stand
near the bird and play the flute; it'll cause the CloudRunner to fly back to
the Queen.

Follow the FMV to another baby CLoudRunner; it'll be surrounded by SharpClaw. 
Kill them off, play the flute next to the CloudRunner and it'll back its mommy.

The second-to-last ClourRunner will fly to an area which you've never been: I
was stuck here for 20 minutes, and I can't imagine how many more people have
had the same problem.  Jump down off this platform and go to the gate leading
out of the Fortress.  Go outside of it to the walkway that spirals down to the
moat.  Instead of descending the walkway, climb down the ladder to your right. 
Once you reach the below platform, break all the crates with your Staff.  Under
one will be a Boost Pad; use it to get to the upper level, where the
CloudRunner is being harassed.  Kill the SharpClaw and the CloudRunner will
return to the Queen.

The last CloudRunner you'll have to help is located where you found the first
one, but this at the west end of the platform.  Kill the SharpClaw and it will
fly back to the Queen.


A LOT of people have gotten in trouble with this nasty little glitch. It's been
confirmed by Nintendo and Rare, but as far as I know there isn't a solution to
this problem. I've never encountered this, but apparently you people have.
Anyway, read this notice and be warned:

From Amanda:

"It was very aggravating for me to have to re-do a whole area for the sake of
approaching a room in the wrong direction...anyway...After Fox has freed the
Queen CloudRunner (again) and has saved her children, I was going back to her
to "receive my reward" and instead of climbing up the ladder, I flew over the
windtunnel, and ran towards the cage. Not noticing she was not there, Fox fell
through the ground where she was supposed to be. She continued to talk, and Fox
was suspended in a cloudy area, but there was nothing I could do except press
the restart on my GameCube. I am curious to know if anyone else has come across
this problem, because it was very frustrating to deal with."

Annie Young provides a way out of the glitch:

I'm not sure if you're still working on your Star Fox Adventures guide (I think
you're done, because it says "final somewhere next to your guide, but I dunno
what that means. I'm really not a gamefaqs expert. ^.^), but I think I found an
answer to the weird glitch that occurs at the CloudRunner fortress, where Fox
falls through the floor where the Queen should be.

After I hung out in the Fortress a bit, I left CloudRunner fortress and went to
Cape Claw. Since I remembered there was a "Sharpclaws Only" door around
there, I went and unlocked it. After doing all that stuff to open the Ocean
Force Point Temple, I went back to the CloudRunner Fortress, and the Queen came
back and the glitch disappeared

Go back and talk to the grateful Queen, and she'll open a circular door on the
east side of the outside platform.  Get there using the ladder near the spot
where you found the first CloudRunner being harassed by the SharpClaw.  Run
across the narrow ledge, enter the circular door.  Kill off the local
Sharpclaw, proceed to find a chute with wind blowing up.  Turn it off using the
switch, then head back up and grab that bomb using the SharpClaw disguise. 
Throw it down the chute; it won't explode, so head back down there and grab it,
take it into the dark chamber ahead of you.  If you need to, you might want to
turn on your lantern, but this'll be a swift excursion.  Find the crack in the
wall, throw the barrel at it.

Through the opening, go down the ladder and you'll find that rotten General
Scales.  Fox will start to beat at them with his Blaster, but the General will
escape and the SpellStone will be carried off by one his minion SharpClaw.  Fox
will hop onto a speeder and chase after it, where you'll regain control of him.
 The only thing to do here is to ram the SharpClaw into the walls before your
speeder runs out of gas.  You can use the speed pads located along the track,
but their affects will be nulled because the SharpClaw will also use them. 
Once you kill the SharpClaw riding with the SpellStone, the race will end and
you'll exeunt back to Dinosaur Planet, mission accomplished.

                              ~+  Cape Claw  +~
Exit the hollow back to Cape Claw.  You'll find on a beach to the east a
LightFoot getting beaten up by SharpClaw.  Help the LightFoot out by killing
off the pests and the LightFoot will give you the Fire Gem as a reward.

Now head over to the Krazoa statue's right side, where the HighTop made a
latter fall.  Up there to the left you'll find a pad that can be activated
using the SharpClaw disquise.  Acticvate it and the cement door in front of you
will retract.  Go through to a water filled chamber inside the Krazoa statue. 
Swim over to the red switch, and as usual let your dinosaur friend help you out
by standing on it.  Head to the switch then use it, and the waterfall to the
left of the Krazoa statue will cease flowing.

Exit the Krazoa statue and go to the place where the FMV showed you, to the
left of the Krazoa statue.  You should find a cave; swim through the whrilpool
infested waters.  Put out the flames with your Ice Blaster, grab the next Fire

Return to the front side of the Krazoa Statue; it's "mouth" will be open, so go
through.  Put the two gems into the mouths of the statues: the door should
open.  But there's a problem.  Notice how sunlight is touching one of the
statues, but not the other?   We're going to have to fix that.  Go over to the
pedestal in the back of the room and have Tricky Stay on it.  Press the switch
and the pedestal Tricky is on will rise.  Once he's atop, go to the Tricky
command menu and have Tricky use his Flames to melt the vines blocking the
sunlight.  Clever puzzle ^^

The door to the temple will now open, so go through it!

                       ~+  Ocean Force Point Temple  +~
Go to the other end of the pool and look to the north.  You'll spy a Blast
Board: hit it with your blaster and the water level will rise.  Wade over to
the following entryway, head into the corridor and you'll find some vines
blocking an alcove; have Tricky melt them and you'll find a block in the
alcove.  Push it over its resting place and into the pool in the previous
courtyard.  Head over to the pool, hit the Blast Board again to lower the water
level, then push the block over the switch to open the main gate.

Proceed across the open-air garden, climb the ladders up the wooden platforms. 
Find the crevice in the ground; place the SpellStone here.  Enter through the

Soon you'll come across an electrified series of tiles.  Since you can't cross
them as they are, turn to your right to find a switch.  Step on it and some
lights on the pad on the wall ahead of you will light up.  They display the
layout of the electrified tiles behind you.  Whatever tiles on the wall pad is
lit up white, that particular tile is safe to step on.  When you step on a lit
tile, all the other tiles in that row become inactive of electricity.  Any
combination will do; but make sure you remember that the wall pad is a MIRROR
first lit-up tile on the wall pad is located at the left corner, that means the
safe tile on the floor is actually on the RIGHT corner.  Confusing at first,
but you'll see what I mean after you try your luck at it a few times.

Once you cross the dangerous barrier, head to the left unless you have the urge
to kill some local SharpClaw.  You'll find a large room with a pool surrounding
a center configuration of slopes.  Atop the landing of each slope is a switch;
activate all of them and a gate will open.  Swim through that and climb up onto
the platform.

The portal isn't working yet; you've got to shoot through the torch at the orb
at the corner of the room.  This process should be familiar to your by now. 
Once done, step onto the portal to warp.

Once you materialize, look to the right corner and you'll spot a Boost Pad. 
Its not working yet; you'll have to go through a heluva lot of puzzles to get
that tiny thing to work.  So, head through the large doors, mind the wraiths. 
The following chamber will be flooded; to drain the waters step on the switch
to your right.  Go over to the corner of the chamber and you'll find a switch. 
A large circular door will slide open, but it's a tad too high for Fox to jump
to.  Well, there's a pad on the floor somewhere that, when stepped on wearing
your disguise, will make a block appear.  Get to it and push the block up
against the south end to reach the newly opened passage.

Across the large antechamber, you'll find a peculiar puzzle quite a few people
have trouble with.  Since my gaming prowess is unsurpassed (^^) I figured this
little puzzle out in a jiffy.  What you've got to do here is have Tricky use
his Flame Command in the vent to start a timer and a platform in the center of
the room, rotating like a carousel.  Now, you have got to put out each one fo
the carousels torches, but you can't do it using your lowly Ice Blaster; you've
got to add water.  How to do this?   Well, notice the Krazoa statues
surrounding the room.  If you hit the Blast Board of the Krazoa statue when the
when the torch is under it, the Krazoa statue will lean forward and dump water
onto the torch, putting it out.  Once all of the torches are dowsed, another
one of those circular doors will open.

This puzzle is quite easy.  You've got to hit the statue's Blast Board with
your Blaster; each hit will move it in the corresponding direction.  You've got
to move the statue over the switch in the maze of walls.  If you hit it in the
wrong direction and it hits an incorrect wall, the thing will disappear and you
will have to start over again.  I'll let you play around with this; there's no
real direction I can offer without totally screwing you up.  After you push the
statue over the switch, the Boost Pad near the portal will activate.

Go to the Boost Pad, use it to get onto the high parapets.  Follow them to a
chamber will a platform with a portal on it; bridge the platform by shooting
through the flame to the orb at the corner of the room.  Run over to the portal
and use it to find the place where the Second SpellStone may rest.

                   /PART FIVE : The Third Krazoa Spirit 

                         ~+  LightFoot Village  +~
Exit Cape Claw back to the section of LightFoot Village where the trees,
SharpClaw, and golden bribe beetle were.  Upon entering, a small, cowering,
baby LightFoot will appear.  Heh, remember back to Jurassic Park 2?   When the
guy wanders off to pee and is attacked by millions of pint-sized dinosaurs?  
Well, much the same here and Fox will be knocked out and brought to LightFoot
for an execution.

They say you stole their treasure (remember the Fire Gem the LightFoot in Cape
Claw gave you for rescuing him from the SharpClaw?) and they've tied Fox to a
totem pole.  What Indian-givers!  After the FMV, each member of the LightFoot
tribe will get a jab at you with their spear.  This surely means certain
death...  but lo!  a CloudRunner has come to your aide.  To save Fox, you've
got to press A while the guideline is within the green meter at the top of the
screen.  The CloudRunner will then spray flames at the on-comers, chasing them
off.  If you miss with the A button, the CloudRunner will miss with its flames
and you'll be hit for a half-heart loss.

Once you save Fox, the LightFoot will release and then abandon you.



If you leave LightFoot village before you complete the two tests (see below),
the gate will close behind you.  How to get back in?  Well, notice the three
tree's next to the gate.  On each tree is a circle, which has been painted on
it.  Hit those trees with Fox's staff in this order: leftmost, rightmost,
center, and the gate will reopen.  *SO* many people have emailed me about this,
I thought it about time I added this tidbit to the FAQ.  This happened to a
friend of mine actually when I first heard of this problem.  He waited around
long enough and a LightFoot came by and hit the trees in the ascribed method to
open the gate.

You'll be left atop of the mound in which they intended to be your grave.  Jump
off the mound and proceed to the exit gate, but don't go through it.  To your
right you'll spot a patch on the ground that Tricky can dig through.  Have him
do so and you'll find a wooden shape.  You need three, for what I'll explain
later.  You'll find the second plot on a mound of grass that is just slightly
above water, with a loose bridge connected to it.  You'll find the last plot in
the center of the village; have Tricky burn down the vines and you'll find it
in the enclosed little area.

Return the shapes to the mound with the totem pole which Fox woke up tied to. 
Place the shapes in their stone containers placed around the mound and a trio
of platforms will arise form the water.  Go to them and use them as
stepping-stones to reach a small embankment shelving out from a larger hill. 
Flip over the small stone and you'll find a Boost Pad; use it to blast up.

Cross the bridge, make your way to the cheif LightFoot.  He'll force you to a
pair of challenges.  Pick any one you want, but I'll go over the tracking one
right now.

           In his test, you've got to find the four totem poles scattered
  T h e    around the village and activate their switches.  So with this in
           mind, start out by going onto the platform with the Boost Pad
           below it.  There you'll find the first totem pole.
 T e s t
           The second totem pole is located on the East part of the village.
   o f     You can reach it using the stepping stones in the water.

Tracking   The third totem pole is located in the enclosed area where you
           found the last wooden shape.   There'll be a Boost Pad; blast up
           and you'll find the totem pole.

You may find the final totem pole south of where you found the second one. 
You'll have to swim against the annoying current, and you've got to get around
back of the scaffolding the totem pole is on to climb the bricks.

  T h e    This is the MOST TEDIOUS part of this game, period.  You've got to
           button mash A as fast as you possibly can to push this
          'MuscleFoot' into the pit.  Argh.  MGS2 fans know what I'm talking
 T e s t   about.  What I would recommend would be setting your controller a
           foot in front of you, on the ground, and start pounding away with
   o f     your index finger.  And remember: if your going to beat MuscleFoot
           your best chance is in the first 8 seconds.  Start out hitting
 Strength  the A button and MuscleFoot will be startled and stumble back.
           But, of course, he'll soon recover and push as hard as he can. 
That's the hard part: putting him away.  Many a time I've gotten him to the
edge of the pit and he came back and overwhelmed me, and into the pit Fox went.
 Good luck.  DO NOT EMAIL ME ABOUT THIS.  I can't help you any more then what
I've just written.

Jesse Woodall ([email protected]) writes:

"I am writing you because I was reading your guide (which I'm really impressed)
and I saw your anger with the 'MuscleFoot' and I think I have the answer to
this aggravating problem.  I have found it useful to take a pen, hold it over
the A button, and when the competition starts, rub the pen rapidly on the A
button and it works great.  I just now got to that part and read what you said
in your guide and decided to try the pen."

When (if I should say) you finally beat the challenges, the Chief LightFoot
will make you "honorary member of tribe." Whoo-dipity doo.  He'll also open an
important door which leads to a Krazoa shrine, making the whole thing worth it!

Enter the door the FMV will show you.  You're not _quite_ in the Krazoa
Shrine--rather, your at the bottom of a well, under the mound where the
LightFoot attempted Fox's homicide.  So, climb down to the well's floor.  Climb
up on the yellow unbreakable crates and you'll find a switch on the top crate. 
Stand on that switch and the totem pole ahead of you will start to revolve in
random directions.  Take out your Blaster, and while standing on this switch
hit the parts of the totem pole when the yellow outline of a snake faces you. 
Do this for every part of the totem pole and the gate to the Krazoa shrine will

                          ~+  Krazoa Shrine  +~
Break the crate ahead of you and you'll spot a Boost Pad on the floor, so use
it to reach the upper part of this chute.  On your right you'll find a LOT of
flame-throwers and a switch.  Stand on the switch to make the gate across the
room open.  You've got to get through it before it closes, so do so.  It's a
cinch once you get the hang of it.

Step onto the pressure switch, and the water level in the trench will rise,
high enough for you to swim across.  Navigate through all the spikes sticking
up and hurry to and through the gate.  While swimming, if you get stuck
ANYWHERE by those spikes you may as well start over, as you have to be near
perfect to make it through the gate.

In the following corridor you'll find a slope with a whole bunch of barrels
running down its landing.  Step on the switch, run up the slope and you'll get
by it easily.

The Krazoa will require you to keep the guideline within the green part of the
bar, much like the CloudRunner in LightFoot Village.  This time though the
green part is a lot bigger, but unfortunately the guide line will be violently
back and forth.  If the guide line breaches the green part of the bar, feat
gets the better of Fox and he goes mad.  You'll have to start the whole shrine
again.  This'll take some practice; just remember to concentrate on the
guideline, NOT what's happening on the screen; it's too distracting.  After you
pass the test you'll the Krazoa will possess Fox.  Return it to the Palace, you
know how, same old same old.

                    / PART SIX : The Third SpellStone 

                          ~+  ThornTail Hollow  +~
If your not already there, head over to the area with the WarpStone.  To the
north of the WarpStone will be a waterfall; past it is a mother ThornTail
who'll make tell you her lame sob story: it seems some snakes are coming and
snatching her eggs! Oh no, we can't let that happen! :P Anyway, the snakes are
appearing out of holes placed around the cave.  So, hit the snakes with your
Staff, particularly the ones who are heaving an egg away.  As long as the
critters don't snatch ALL of the eggs, you'll win the scuttle.  If things get
out of hand, like when, for say, too many snakes are carrying too many eggs at
once, feel free to use your Ground Quake to kill all the critters in the cave. 
After you finish up, the mother ThornTail will reward you with an upgrade
location.  Hop through and you'll find an upgrade: Portal Device.

Head over to the Queen EarthWalker.  You'll automatically engage in a little
chat.  Afterwards, go past her to the strange looking seal.  Use your newly
acquired upgrade on it.  This'll break the GateKeepers seal on The Walled City!

Head to your Arwing, blast off and your on your way to the Walled City.

                           ~+  Arwing Mission  +~
Okay, here's where things can get tricky.  You've got to fly through 7 gold
rings to break the force-field, and there are only a total of 8, meaning you
can't afford to lose more then 2.  This'll be pretty tough, flying through
narrow passages and bobbing and weaving in and around pillars.  There's not
much I can help you with, but you shouldn't take more then two tries to
deactivate the force-field.

                           ~+  The Walled City  +~
The Walled City is, ah, what you'd call massive.  While not as big as Hyrule
Field (what was, and for that matter, what IS as massive as Hyrule Field?), but
it's still pretty overwhelming when you first land.  Explore to your hearts
content to get a gauge and feeling of the level layout, but after you're done
doing whatever it is you do, head over to the temple which lies in the center
of the plaza.  Watch out for those RedEye, as they can be rather intimidating
since you have no means to kill them.  Head to the end of the river, behind the
temple, and you'll spy a red switch on the ground.  Ground Quake it and a timer
will start, and a furnace will arise from the platform above you.  It's of
course too high to jump on, so run up the slope on the temple leading up to the
parapets.  Turn LEFT, towards the red torch and continue up the parapets.  From
here, all you've got to do is continue to climb upwards.  Watch out for the
blocks that want to push you off, and watch out for dead ends as those are in
no shortage.  Eventually you'll reach the top of the temple, or at least as far
as you can go.  Go through the entryway, down the slope and you'll arrive at
the furnace; have Tricky blow Fire into it.

Now you've got to do the same thing for the blue pad, across from the red one. 
Ground Quake it and start the whole process again.  After you do this, a cellar
will appear out of the earth on the south side of the temple.  Enter it and
you'll find King EarthWalker, Tricky's dad.  He'll tell you that in order to
meet and destroy the RedEye tribes life force, who happens to have the
SpellStone, you'll have to gather a pair of...teeth to put in the statues
behind him.  That's right, teeth.  Exit the cellar.

FMV will have shown you a new bridge to cross; use it to get across the river. 
Go around the walls and you'll find some vines; by now you should know what to
do when you come across one of these.  Climb up the bricks and you'll find a
plot in the ground.  Plant a bomb spore there and blow the wall open.  There
you'll find a whole in the ground, and you'll get your final upgrade: the Super

Armed with the Super Quake, those abominable RedEye aren't half so hard.  Do a
pair of Super Ground Quakes near them and they'll die.  Note that you can also
use just one Ground Quake and have Tricky finish it off with his flame command,
but that'll take quite a few GrubTubs.  And if you want to make things even
easier, you can haul over a bomb and throw it at them while they're stunned,
but that's pretty inconvenient since the RedEye don't stay down for long. 
After you kill all four RedEye surrounding the temple, a Life Force Barrier
will dissipate to the south.  Head to and through it and you'll find one of
those Sacred Teeth.

For the second Sacred Tooth, you must shoot four Blast Boards, smartly placed
at the top of trees.  You'll know a Blast Board is on a tree when an
EarthWalker is next to it.  One EarthWalker explains this by saying "Some
EarthWalkers have been hiding things up in trees..." Two of these boards are to
the south; it REALLY helps you have a map to know which way is south.  Another
is to the east, and the last one is in the vicinity of your Arwing.  After all
four Blast Boards are hit, a bright sparkling circle will appear over the
river's end.

Wade into the water and approach the silver circle.  Go through it and a time
limit will start, and another circle will appear somewhere ahead of you.  You
don't a have a milisecond to lose, so hurry your arse up.  Remember: Fox swims
FASTER then he runs.  That's a valuable tip, since you should reach the final
ring, over a waterfall, with less then 0.1 seconds.  I got through it right as
the sound of the 'failure' music plays :P.  After that, hurry into the hut
ahead of you before the gate closes and you'll receive the other Sacred Tooth.

With the two teeth in your pocket, head back to King EarthWalker and place both
teeth in their resting spots to the left and right.  A wall will recede into a
slope; head down and you're off to battle...King RedEye.

King RedEye: Ugh.  As you step into the shadowy corridor that leads to the
             king, a FMV will take over and run its way to the King's
             door.  The door will open, and out will pop a roaring
             Tyrannosaurus Rex called King RedEye.  Just like in the movies,
             it looks cool and it's freaky as hell.

       The King will come charging down the narrow corridor; use your shield
       (R) and he'll skip right on by.  He'll do his damage like this,
       running into you.

       Figuring an offensive isn't as hard as it appears.  Run down
       the corridor, heading on a path that will eventually collide with the
       charging RedEye.  You'll eventually find a sparkling pad on the
       ground.  If you stand on the pad long enough, crystals will charge up
       and a great BLAST of electricity will surge some point ahead of you.
       The object is to get the RedEye king caught in the electrical melee.
       This is best done when the RedEye is approcjing you from your northern
       viewpoint.  Once he gets electrocuted, he'll fall, stunned on the
       ground.  Once you do this, run back to a corner of the corridor, hit
       the Blast Board above the cage, haul a Fuel Barrel over to the RedEye
       and throw it at him while he's down.  But, since that takes just a
       _tad_ tad too long, you're going to have to be holding a Fuel Barrel
       WHILE your standing on the switch, charging up electricity.  Do this
       attack four times and the king will die, releasing  the jewel on his
       head that is the SpellStone.

After the fight, go back to Dinosaur planet, to the Volcano Force Point Temple.

                      ~+  Volcano Force Point Temple  +~
Take the SpellStone to the SpellStone Focusing Room. Place it in the correct
spot and a door will unlock. This door however is different from the previous
one you traversed in your previous venture through the temple, because this
door is across from the lava pit. Drop onto the floating blocks in the lava,
use them to reach the "shore."

Through the door, you'll find another lift. Take it up, and here you'll have to
put out the torches on the ledges above you; get up there using the ladders to
the left and right. This is the same puzzle you completed in your previous
run-through of the temple. After you put out all the lights, the straps on the
door will come off, so head on through it.

In this chamber you've got to put out the torches, but you've got to put them
out in the correct order. The correct order is blue, green, red then yellow.
The door will open, head down the passage. KO the two SharpClaw, have Tricky
stand on the red switch, climb up the ladder. Put out the fire, activate the
switch. Boy is this starting to sound monotonous (as if that little exclamation
is going to save it!). Anyway, go through the door, and you'll arrive at
another one of thosesame orb puzzles. Complete it, the passage to the portal
will open. Use the portal, place the SpellStone where it belongs. 3 down, 1 to

                 / PART SEVEN : The Fourth Krazoa Spirit 

                   ~+  ThornTail Hollow/SnowHorn Wastes  +~
Back in the Hollow, you'll find the ThornTail in trouble yet AGAIN. This time
though, it looks pretty legit: they are being attacked by Bloops. Since they
can't defend themselves, your going to have to do the dirty work and kill off
the enemies. Notice the bar on the lower portion of your screen; need I say
more? You've got to put out the Bloops before they put out the ThornTail! There
are six ThornTial in distress. (1) is located near the bomb spore plant. (2) is
in front of the entrance to the Queen's cave. (3) is right next to the well.
(4) is by the WarpStone and waterfall, (5) near your Arwing, and the last is to
the west of your Arwing. You will be rewarded with--tadaa!--a scarab bag.

Now you can hold up to 200 scarabs; so with your new bag in hand gather up 130
scarabs. After you find them all, head into the Shop. In there find the golden
alpine root entitled "SnowHorn Artifact." Buy it for the said amount. After you
do, return to the SnowHorn Wastes. Remember the SnowHorn who was moping around
about his lost treasure? You don't? How'd I guess. This SnowHorn is in the area
by the gate and bribe claw (the monster that wanted scarabs to let you by). To
the west of that area is a series of floes on a freezing pond; across you'll
find the SnowHorn. Give him the Alpine Root and he'll allow you to "prove
yourself" by completing a timed test. What you're required to do will appear in
front of the SnowHorn; a pad on which you've got to blow your horn on. Do so
and another pad will appear. This is located BEHIND you and the SnowHorn; have
Tricky melt the ice wall. You'll find it near a camp fire.

Blow your horn on the pad and another one will appear. Stay in this clearing
and take the canyon to your left. You'll find a small river that's too low to
cross. Your going to have to knock down the tree; do so by shooting the dark,
hollowed spot on the tree, the spot green eyes occasionally appear out of.
Cross the river using the felled tree to find the next pad, surrounded by
SharpClaw. Killing them isn't necessary, but if you want blood that's a good
way of going about doing it. After you blow the horn on the pad, another will
appear. This is easy; its directly below the slope leading down to the clearing
with the bribe claw and gate. After you find and use that one, one last pad
will appear.

Proceed past the gate ahead of you. You'll find the SnowHorn you rescued,
earlier in the game. Proceed past it to the west end of the river, near the
waterfall. You can't cross the river...or can you? If you shoot the tree's dark
spot with your Blaster, the spot with the green eye's peeking out, the tree
will topple over and bridge the river. Cross the river, climb up the bricks, to
find the final pad. Complete your test, then return to the clearing above the
waterfall, where you found the third pad. Past the stream you'll find an open
cave and a SnowHorn standing next to it. Ignore the SnowHorn and inside the
cave you'll find a portal to a Krazoa Shrine.

                            ~+  Krazoa Shrine  +~
Like all shrines, this is pretty easy, but it'll make you think. Grab the Fuel
Barrel and lug it across the narrow, slippery path, making sure you don't make
any sudden movements left or right as you may just slide off into nothingness.
Watch out for those stupid Bloopers as well, because if they hit you the barrel
explodes and you have to go back and pick it up again. In the following room,
use the barrel on the cracked wall. Nothing to that.

Through the hole in the wall you'll find you need another barrel. So, go back
and grab another one. Place the barrel on the pad on the floor. A magnet will
hover over it and hover with it across the corridor. The problem lies in the
flame-throwers; if they hit the barrel it explodes. But, not if you use the
switch to your right. Use it to turn on and off the flames so your barrel gets
across. After you get it across, swim across the pool and pick up your barrel.
Lug it into the stream of air. If your barrel gets in trouble, kicking it along
will help.

After you get the Fuel Barrel across, put it down while you take care of
buisness with the hostile SharpClaw. Hurl your barrel at the cracked wall
ahead, head on through and meet up with the Krazoa.

The test of strength is, without a doubt, the easiest piece of s*** you'll find
in this game. It's the same as the LightFoot test, only 150% easier. If you've
got problems with this, I pity you.

Once you attain the Krazoa, go back to the ThornTail Hollow, use the WarpStone
to get to Krazoa Palace. Get to the second level, find the seal which can be
opened using your Portal Device. Release the Krazoa and you'll arrive back at

                  / PART EIGHT : The Fourth SpellStone 

                          ~+  ThornTail Hollow  +~
The WarpStone will hint at you that the Gatekeeper to Dragon Rock is somewhere
nearby. He's correct, for the Gatekeeper is right here in the Hollow, to the
left of the well. It'll be just another ThornTail...if you've ever talked to
this one, he always said "Hmm...not now." After you have your chat, and after
you watch a cutscene, the Gatekeeper will open the portal to Dragon Rock. Hop
in your Arwing and whisk away!

                             ~+  Dragon Rock  +~
Notice that I've not even included a Arwing Section. It's just too easy to need
help with! And even if you did need help, it's not like there's anything I can
do about it.

Once Fox hops out of the Arwing, notice all of the cannonbots scattered around
the plain. They aren't destroyable because of their force-field, and since you
can't deactivate their force-fields just yet, avoid them. Go to the north end
of this plain. Climb the ladder on the wall while avoiding the flame-throwers.
When you reach top, go along the ledge to the other side, where you'll find a
Fuel Barrel. Drag it to the pad on the ground over on the previous ledge. As
you might have guessed, a magnet will float over the pad and suck your Fuel
Barrel up. Since the flame-throwers don't exactly help out in this process,
stop them using the switches next to the flame-throwers vents. Once the magnet
drops the barrel, throw it at the boarded up entrance. Head inside and you'll
find a rotating flame jet. Get past it and activate the switch.

The switch you just activated opened a crevice in the walls on the east side of
the plain. Inside will be an EarthWalker. Get on its back and ride it around,
using its Tusk Attack as you will, but remember that you still are susceptible
to the cannonbots fire, so avoid them like you normally would. What you're
trying to do with this EarthWalker is hit the green cracks scattered around the
plain; those green cracks are the sources of the cannonbots shields. Hit them
all (the green cracks you dummy, not the cannonbots) with the EarthWalkers Tusk
Attack to destroy them. All of the green shields are located in the vicinity of
cannonbots; wherever a cannonbot is, a shield generator is sure to be nearby.
Once you deactivate all the shields, get off the EarthWalker and hit each and
every cannonbot with your Blaster, which will destroy them. After you destroy
all the cannonbots, the HighTop's prison will open up.

To the north you'll find an entrance to the inner part of the prison facility,
if that's what you want to call it. Inside, find the Blast Board. Shoot it and
the wall will retract. Use the Boost Pad next to the feet of the HighTop to get
onto the above ledge. Hit the Blast Boards next to the ropes chaining up the
HighTop, and you'll release it.

You'll gain control of Fox on the back of the HighTop. You've got to protect
the HighTop using your Blaster, deflecting the projectiles heading towards you.
There's no way I can help you; just try and hit the projectiles right when they
are released from the tower, so you don't get overwhelmed when the projectiles
close in on the HighTop. After you protect the HighTop long enough, he'll open
a wall revealing a long canyon.

Head through the canyon to its end. You'll hear the wailing of a trapped
CloudRunner; you've got to set him free, but you can't do it just yet. So for
now, grab the Fuel barrel and place it on the pad near the switch. A magnet,
like always, will come and suck it up and take it for a ride. The problem is,
in the magnets path are four flame-throwers. To put them out for a short time,
you have got to hit the Blast Boards underneath them. You've got to do this at
just the right time; too early and the flame-thrower will reactivate right as
the magnet passes by. Too late, and well, you know. Once the magnet puts the
Fuel Barrel down, kill the dinosaurs in this area to open the Life Force Door.
But notice these dinosaurs aren't like the rest. These can only be killed if
you use your Ice Blaster and turn them to ice, then shatter the ice with your
Staff. After you finish up, go up the slope and retrieve your Fuel Barrel.

What you have to do here is to let your Fuel Barrel float through the tubes
with the turbines (a strange place for them, no?). The problem is the tubes
have flame-throwers inside of them, set go off after every few seconds. Speed
is key here; if your Fuel Barrel doesn't go the way you want it too, get into
the wind and kick it in the right direction. Make your way through the three
tubes and at the other end you'll find a boarded up entrance; use your Fuel
Barrel to blow it open. Head through and you'll find the controls for the
CloudRunner's cage. Press the switch to make the CloudRunner's cage start
moving back and forth. Now get down the ground level, to the furnace located
below the CloudRunner's moving prison. You've got to light the furnace as the
cage passes by, which will cause the rope holding the cage up to break. Once
you do this, talk to the grateful CloudRunner, and Fox will hop on its back.

You have got to protect the CloudRunner, much like you did with the HighTop.
This time though, you have got an additional target: the four towers scattered
around the plain. Blast the towers with all you've got as the CloudRunner
approaches, and after enough hits and they will explode. Once all four are
history, the CloudRunner will fly you up onto the top of the pillar in the
center of the plain, to confront the beast who has the final SpellStone.

BOSS: Drakor   For this Boss you will be riding on a platform, tailing the
               while you pump it full of Blaster fire.  This is the most
               uninspired, boring half-assed attempts of a boss I've ever seen
               in any videogame.  The folks at Rare sure didn't want to take
               time crafting clever bosses ala Ocarina of Time.  Anyway, all
               you've got to do it hit it with your laser while parrying it's
               projectile attacks.  You can get laser upgrades too, but those
               aren't necessary.  You'll definitely need at least one Bafomdad
               here too.  Once you defeat "Drakor," he will cough up a

SpellStone in hand, head back to Cape Claw!

                             ~+  Cape Claw  +~
You must take your newly acquired SpellStone to the Ocean Force point Temple.
But, guess what: the main entrance is closed off by wooden boards. To reopen
the entrance, head onto the beach where you rescued Queen CloudRunner. To the
right is a cave with a pool of water and a rock. In that cave you'll find a
seal; use your Portal Device on it to attain access to the cannon. Hop into the
seat of the cannon and blow open the Ocean Force Point Temple's entrance.

NOTE :  After you do open the Ocean Fore Point Temple's entrance, look a little
        ways to the right of the HighTop. You should see a large rock jutting
        up and out of the water. The rock is cracked; hit it with a cannonball
        and an update shrine will be revealed. It'll be a energy boost, so go
        and retrieve it.

After you grab the energy boost, head into the Ocean Force Point Temple. You
know what to do here; make your way to the portal to warp to the second section
of the Temple. There, things will be a tad different. Head through the double
doors to the north, and out into a large square chamber. Here you'll have to
enter the door to the east, instead of the door to the west. To do this, grab
the block and push it to the northeast corner of the room, so you can reach the
ledge. Activate the switch on the ledge to open the critical door; you still
can't get to it because it's on a ledge too high to reach. You're going to have
to find a way to flood this chamber. For now, drop down off the ledge and
search the chamber floor for a crate. Crack it open; instead of the usual
Dumbledang pod, you'll find a disguise pad. Stand on it using your disguise,
and you will open a hatch on the pillar in the center of the room. Through that
hatch you'll find the switch that floods the room. Swim across to the new door.

Remember this room? It's the same thing as the last, only this time you can't
use any of the statues to drench just any of the torches; you've got to use
their corresponding colors indicated on the pads below the statues. After you
complete this, the following door will open.

Another one of these, eh? Last time I didn't describe exactly how to do this
puzzle, but I feel that this time I have too. First, hit the east Blast Board,
then south, east, north, west, south, then east. After you execute those, the
puzzle will be completed. If you haven't guessed, it *_REALLY_* helps if you
have a map so you know just what directions are north and south, east and west.

The Boost Pad will now activate, just like last time through the temple. Find
the pad, blast up, find the chamber with the warp pad, then shoot through the
flame to the orb, which will extend a bridge. Use the warp pad to get to the
Force Point Centering Room. Place your SpellStone. That's all four! But what?
Why isn't Dinosaur Planet returning to normal!? Oh well: at least the game
isn't over yet! That'd be MUCH too soon :)

                 / PART NINE : The Final Krazoa Spirits 

                          ~+  ThronTail Hollow  +~
Go into the Shop and buy the High-Def Goggles. Don't ask why; you'll need them
later. Just trust me on that one. After you finish, head to the Walled City via

                          ~+  The Walled City  +~
Speak with King EarthWalker and he'll tell you that there might be a pair of
Krazoa's here. The best place to start looking? The Sun Palace, of course!
There you've got to move all of the Red Blocks around to hit the sun holograms,
WITHOUT hitting the walls: if you do, the whole puzzle resets itself. This may
seem complicated, but actually it's really very simple. But it's not so easy
explaining this with text. I would make a GIF of this if I knew how, but since
that's not an option you're going to have to live with these text-based
instructions. Again, it REALLY helps if you have a map of this place.

Push the Block closest to the ramp, using our beloved A button, into the sun
hologram. One down, a lot to go. Now push the block at the SOUTHEASTERN corner
to the WEST, then to the NORTH, which will put it into the sun. The block
FARTHEST EAST goes WEST, then NORTH. The final block goes EAST. Ugh. That was
ugly, but I hope it helped.

The Sun temple top portion will now open. Ride the lift up to the top, then
zoom in using your High-Def Goggles at the sun to the ahead of you (I told you
to trust me, did I not?). This will, strangely enough, open the Sun Temple's
main door, so go right on through.

First off, kill off the fire bats, as they are a big pain in the ass. Next,
you've got to rearrange the blocks so they fit into the correct holes. So, pull
the block straight ahead of you out of its slot, then put it out of the way so
the lane is clear for you push a different block into the hole. The block that
needs to go in that hole is on the right, so pull it out of resting spot and
yank and push it into the newly hole to the north. It will snap into place. Now
you've got to push the yet unmoved block on the left into the newly opened slot
to the right. So, switch the blocks' positions around and do this. Push the
last block into its hole, and the door will open.

This is a maze. Well, not so much of a maze as a waste of time. It's
ridiculously easy if you ask me. Start the timer by activating the switch,
which is a Quake Pad, over on the right. After you do this, activate the
following switch, again on the right. Now go through the entrance and hang a
left at the magic plant, then right around the corner. You'll find a switch,
blocked off by fire. Use Fox's Ice Blaster on the fire, and when it's safe
activate the switch. Continue on through the maze and you'll find your path
blocked off by an invisible wall. Force it to recede by hitting the Blast Board
over the pit in the area adjacent to this one. After you do that, go through
the invisible wall to find some vines on the right; have Tricky flame them to a
liquid. Activate the switch, and this will allow you to exit the maze using the

A large, rotating wheel is across the abyss. You've got to hit the Blast Boards
in the order of the Sun's phases; the sun rises, then is at it's highest point
(noon), and then the Sun set's. Use this as a guide to hit the Blast Boards in
the right order.

An invisible walkway will appear over the abyss; cross it and take the Sun

Exit the Sun Palace and head over to the moon palace. It's another
block-pushing puzzle. Push the southernmost block to the west, then the one
ahead of that to the south. Now move the block _farthest_ west to the south,
then east, then north and finally west. After you do this, move the final block

Use the lift on the temple up to the top. Again, zoom in on the sun. The temple
door will open, so head through. The first puzzle is rather simple; just flip
the switch and carefully tread the tiles, because they fall if you step on the
wrong ones. Go through the next door to the following puzzle.

This room requires you to Super Quake on the switch in the center of the room.
After this is done, invisible walls will sprout out of the ground. You must
navigate the walls into the doorway before time runs out. So, turn Fox right
and lead him to the back end of the room, near the entrance. There, find a
passage to the left. Now it should be easy going.

Another one of the same puzzle; just now it's the phases of the moon. Correctly
hit the Blast Boards in the order of the phases of the moon and the invisible
walkway will, of course, appear. Cross it and take the Moon Stone.

Make your way back into the cellar, where you placed the Sacred Teeth. Place
the Sun and Moon Stones in their correct statues, and the Krazoa Shrine will
open up at the top of the temple.

                           ~+  Krazoa Shrine  +~

Stand on the switch to make the door at the other side of the corridor open.
Like all Krazoa shrines, it's just a race to get to the door. Navigate your way
through the flame-throwers and jet streams to and past the door. In the
following corridor, run across the narrow walkway and put out the flames coming
from their vents. When you reach the platform with the gate, turn around and
scan the walls. You should find a Blast Board; hit it to open the door behind

Step on the switch, then race across the jet streams and flame-throwers to the
other end. In the words of Mercutio (Shakespeare): O Simple! O, fee-simple!

This Krazoa test will be quite unlike the previous tests in that it's actually
somewhat challenging. You've got to place the items that appear into their
correct places. For example, you received the Flute at the CloudRunner
Fortress, so find a picture symbol resembling CloudRunner Fortress and place
the flute there. Take a few tries to memorize the arrangement of the levels.
The only thing you should be confused about is the small asteroid item. That is
for a level yet to come; place it onto the slot with the picture of space.
After you finish, the Krazoa is yours.

After you finish this, Fox will be teleported to the front of the Walled City
temple. King EarthWalker will be standing next to Tricky, whom you will leave
there for the duration of the game. It's almost sad...ALMOST. Fox will make
Tricky an honorary member of the StarFox team, before he departs in his Arwing
for the last time. When you land, you'll land on the roof of Krazoa Palace whom
your Colonel Pepper so nicely directed you to.

In Krazoa palace, drop down into the main chambers. You've got to place the
spirit on the SECOND LEVEL this time around, through the passage with the
torches flanking the entrance. Down that passage you'll find an active turbine;
use the wind it creates to get across. You will soon find a balcony overlooking
the front of the palace, and a SharpClaw on it. Kill the SharpClaw, then
release the Krazoa spirit.

After you release the Krazoa, return to the roof of the palace because a portal
has opened near your Arwing. Use the portal, and cutscene will commence as soon
as you step onto the center stage. You'll appear to battle Scales...but lo!
who's that VOICE! After more cutscene, the mysterious voice will kill Scales
and thus the final Krazoa Spirit is Fox's. Return the spirit to the roof, where
you may release it on the pad straight ahead of you. More cutscene, shwoing
Krystal escape her prison and grab the staff. Soon afterwards, the Krazoa god
will emerge. Krystal will start blasting it with her staff...yeah, that'll do
it :P! Fox will hop in his Arwing, and chase the thing down. Guess who it is?
None other than the infamous Andross!

                               ~+  Andross  +~
Andross: The final boss fight in this game is against Fox's nemesis, the evil
         Andross from StarFox 64. You'll commence battle with the evil king in
         Fox's Arwing. Remember StarFox 64? This is the exact same battle with
         Andross, and you have to kill him in the exact same manner. But for
         those with a short memory and those who never played StarFox 64 (Shame
         shame shame!), I'll go on and explain.

    Andross' first form is the face of a Krazoa. The Krazoa face will attack by
    spewing out white rings of radiation. This is easily avoided; just keep
    swerving from side to side. If you perchance get caught in the radiation,
    you'll get stuck there and continue to lose almost half of your life until
    the radiation ceases.  To attack this Krazoa, shoot out the three white
    jewels on it; two on its eyes and one on it's forehead. This will cause it
    to turn around.

    Now Andross will reveal his horrible, ugly, skinless face. Andross will
    attack  by swiping at you with his two hands. He also will try and clap his
    hands together, in the attempt to smash fox into kibble food. Hardcore fans
    of SF64 will remember to destroy his hands first, by shooting the jewels on
    their palms.

    After you defeat the initial pair of hands, Andross will commence with his
    second attack and try and inhale you into his mouth. Don't let this happen,
    because all your progress will restart. To stop him from sucking you in,
    hold the brake (X) and repeatedly flip (R). After he trys this and fails,
    and after his hands are destroyed, he'll flip around, back to his Krazoa
    state. This will be the same thing, only this time the Krazoa will now
    attack by throwing out homing projectiles, about eight at a time! Avoid
    this by rotating to ALL corners of the screen; in other words, keep moving
    in a counterclockwise or clockwise manner around the screen and this attack
    will be moot. Kill the face like you did the last, and Andross will show
    his true self, again.

    Same battle, only now Andross will spew radiation from both his hands.
    After you destroy his hands...guess who appears. It's Falco! He'll drop
    some smartbomb containers. Grab the smartbombs, wait for Andross to start
    sucking in asteroids, then blast one into his mouth. This will make his
    brain appear. Blast it with all you got. It will attack in this position by
    hurling its brain at you. Just move to the parts of the invisible face, and
    you'll go right through him, avoiding the attack. After you destroy his
    brain, it's ENDGAME, so enjoy the final cutscene.

CONGRATULATIONS! You've just beaten Rare's epic Star Fox Adventures! So long,
until my next FAQ [for TimeSplitters 2] is up! I hope you enjoyed reading this
FAQ, and I hope it helped!

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                   Last Chapter: Cheat Token Locations

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"Da. Gamer" submits this ENTIRE section:

1.  Right in the middle of the main room of Thorntail Shop.

2.  Behind a Bombspore Patch in Ice Mountain.

3.  In Snowhorn Wastes, in a river with ice flows going down it, ride some ice
to the bottom of the river.

4.  In Moon Mountain Pass, plant a moon seed in front of the second Krazoa

5.  In Lightfoot Village, after becoming a member of the tribe, find a mother
who has lost her babies underground (you may need to progress further through
the game and come back later.)  Find the babies and come back to her.  She will
lead you to the token.

6.  At Cape Claw, after getting the portal opener, find a portal in the cave
closest to the wooden platforms to the right of the opening to Ocean Force
Point temple.  Open the portal and take control of the cannon.  Point it
towards the dirt path leading to the first wooden ones.  Blast away the rocks
underneath the first wooden platforms.  The token is in the cave.

7.  Before going to Volcano Force Point temple, get a Moonseed and make sure
you have the third spellstone with you.  Go through the temple until you find
the place where you had to light the orbs by shooting fire through the torches,
right after using the stone to move the rotating wall on the bridge.  To the
left of the door is a Moonseed planting patch.  Plant a seed and climb the

8.  In Ocean Force Point temple, with the fourth Spellstone in hand, go past
the electrified floor.  Look for a portal and open it.  The token is inside the

End of Document.  (c) 2002 Paul 'black hole sun' Lauria.  All Right Reserved.

Many thanks to Revolution reader Paul Lauria!