Box art - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GameCube Cheats

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Enter the following at the password screen:

S: Splinter

R: Raphael

M: Michaelangelo

L: Leonardo

D: Donatello

For alternate costume codes, hold L or R while selecting character.

RRSLRDonatello alternate costume
DRLDSDonatello more attack Power
MLSDSDonatello's power-up effects are doubled
MLMLSDonatello's defense doubles

Leonardo alternate costume
LMLSDLeonardo more attack power
SSLDM Leonardo unlimited shuriken
RSDMMLeonardo's power-up effects are doubled
LDSMSLeonardo's defense doubles

Michelangelo alternate costume
MSRMMMichelangelo more attack power
MSSLDMichelangelo unlimited fire shuriken/Items are always pizza
RLMSMMichelangelo's power-up effects are doubled
RLDDRMichelangelo's defense doubles
SLSMMRaphael alternate costume
RDSRLRaphael more attack power
RSSSRRaphael’s power-up effects are doubled
SDRMLRaphael's defense doubles

Playmates toy Database

Unlock Splinter
SRLMDCasey Jones mode

Squeakier feet:

At the ttitle screen, enter Up, Up, Down, Down. Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.


Beat Dojo Stage 3 as Leonardo.

Casey Jones:

Beat Stage 1 as Raphael.

Evil Turtlebot

Beat Stage 3 as any of the Turtles.


Beat Stage 6 as Michelangelo.

Challenge Mode:

Beat Oroku Saki in Story mode

Yoshi Hamato:

Beat Challenge Mode as any of the Turtles.

Oroku Saki:

Beat Oroku Saki as any of the Turtles.


Beat Shredder as any of the Turtles.

Gembu Turtle Power:

Beat Story mode with all four turtles

Holiday costumes:

If you play on days like Halloween, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you'll wear holiday-themed costumes. You can also change your internal system clock to get it to work.

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