Timesplitters 2 TimeSplitters 2 FAQ

Free Radicals frantic first-person-shooter...

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                          ### ### #### #### ###
                          ### ### ### # ### ###
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                          ### ### ###   ### ###
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                          ###     ###   ### #####
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      ## ###                         ##########        #####
     ##   ###       ###  ### #########   ###   #####  ##   ##      ####
   ##        #####  ###  ###    ###      ###   ##     ##    ##    ##   ##
  ###       ##    # ###  ###    ###      ###   ##     ##     ##  ##
   ####     ##    # ###  ###    ###      ###   #####  ##    ##     ##
    ####    ######  ###  ###    ###      ###   ##     ## ####       ##
     ####   ##      ###  ###    ###      ###   ##     ##    ##   ##  ##
      ####  ##      #####       ###      ###   ###### ##     ##   ###
      ###                       ###      ###                  ###
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    ###            ###
                     ###      A FAQ/Walkthrough for TimeSplitters 2
                      ###        Written by BHS 
                     ###        Contact me at [email protected]
                    ###                File Version Final


                         =Preliminary Information=

* I have written this guide for the GAMECUBE Ts2 version, and for the United
States version of the game.


* No more contributions, unless TOTALLY earth-shattering, are being accepted,
because I have marked this version as the FINAL version. So unless you discover
something in Ts2 that'll make Rush Limbaugh run out and pick up a copy of GTA3,
please spare me the trouble of pressing the "Delete" key.


* The most recent version of this FAQ may ALWAYS be found on GameFAQs.com.
Other sites host this same FAQ, but those other sites might not always have the
latest version up, which, like, is not good.

* "Alias" on ABC is the greatest TV series ever, Tool is the greatest band
ever, and Garfield is the greatest comic strip ever. GOTTA PROBLEM WITH THAT?
No? Good.

Legal Junk:

This guide may NOT be freely distributed among the WWW.  This guide may NOT
appear on ANY site, or be linked to on ANY site, but GameFAQs and GameSpot,
Pregaming.com, 911codes.com and a whole bunch of other sites which I'm too lazy
to list, without the expressed written consent of the author, me, Paul Lauria.
This guide may not be ripped off, meaning you cannot paraphrase this and submit
it under your name.  It may not be redistributed electronically or physically,
except for personal, private use.  This guide may not be modified in any way,
shape, or form without the authors (my) consent. Anyone who violates these
terms of service is subject to the punishment of the full extent via various
copyright violations.

                               -Revision History-

v. Final - I don't expect to touch this guide again. Ever. A few more hints
added and more corrections. I'm getting started on a Metroid Prime FAQ right
now and my motivation to work on this FAQ has gone off the charts, in a
not-good way. One more bit, CjayC finally fixed this guide's listing :). With
that, so long until next [time].

v.  3.50 - Reformatted the Arcade charts. Nothing major; I just decreased their
size and increased the readableness. An excellent strategy was submitted by
Tagrineth, regarding that tough battle with the gun ship on Siberia.

v.  3.40 - More corrections and hints from you guys were added and the art was
fiddled with again, and I rearranged this section to go before the Table of
Contents. Metroid Prime is right around the corner, and Ts2 has been sitting on
my shelf for a while now, so don't expect updates any time soon. Oh yea,
remember how I said I'd email CJayC asking for him to change this guide's
listing to the GCN version of Ts2? Well, it has been almost a MONTH now and he
STILL has yet to reply or take action. I'd express my feelings more directly on
the subject, but since he hosts this guide I think I'll decline to say anything
more, but know that I do not appreciate such neglect :|

v.  3.30 - Locations to the Anaconda, Astrolander and RetroRacer Cards added.
More corrections to character charts.  I also added a tip informing me of a
much easier way to free Ramona from her cell in Wild West. The art was patched
up a bit, also.

v.  3.20 - Okay, maybe I'll just add this last bit of info. I finally added a
rewards list for completing single player missions. This guide is now 100%
complete! Oh yeah, some more corrections in the charts; I think they are pretty
accurate now thanks to your guys' corrections!

v.  3.10 - Some major reader contributions have been made, as well as more
corrections to the Rewards charts. Okay, that was a bit vague, but I don't want
to look through the guide for a half-an-hour just to put what I've added to the
FAQ in this worthless little column which nobody but you is reading! So there!
In other news, I have recently attained my copy of Suikoden III on the
PlayStation 2. It's a very worthwhile RPG (if you don't believe me, look at
some of its reviews), and you guys should check it out. It's kind of long,

v.  3.00 - Okay, this guide currently has the monopoly as far as Ts2 complete
walkthrough's. So, I'm now allowing anyone who wants to host this FAQ to do so,
provided they email me prior to such action. EXCEPT Cheatcc. If anyone finds
this on Cheatcc, email me IMMEDIATELY.

As for progress, more reader corrections & contributions.  There's not much
else to do with this FAQ. I won't be adding any new information, except the
stuff you guys send me, which is always welcome :)

v.  2.10 - I found a lot of ugly looking sentences in Atom Smasher and Aztec,
thus I went over them and corrected them all. A minor update. Oh yes, there is
one thing I'd like to address. Lately, a lot of people have been grumbling over
my rewards tables, saying that there's a lot of mis-information. Anyone who's
reading this: I urge you to report this so-called mis-information and provide
the correct facts. I simply do not have the time to go over the tables and find
out EVERY little thing wrong with them, so I'm asking you guys (and gals) to do
it. No matter how small the correction, you can be sure I'll give you full
credit and appreciation.

v.  2.00 - Ick ick, those icky section breakers HAD to go! All new format for
the levels! Come one, come all, and boy does it look good! Some more reader
information added, and I tweaked my sentence structure to make everything more
clear. There shall be no more updates. Well, at least I myself won't be adding
any more information; it's the readers that are doing to work now!

v.  1.00 - FAQ finished.  I tweaked the tables a bit, fixing all the errors. 
Bleh, repetition.  I finished up the weapons section, too.  Michael Green
emailed me a better diagram for the Aztec puzzle, and some readers emailed me
minor corrections.  This guide STILL is listed under PlayStation 2.  I'll have
to email Ceej about it, but that may take a while.  Probably the final version,
but I'm hesitant to slap such a label on this because TimeSplitters 2 was so
recently released and new information might pop up.

v.  0.80 - Wheh! I FINALLY finished the Rewards section.  Took me three
friggin' hours to complete.  I hope you appreciate it.  Also, this guide was
listed under the console PlayStation 2.  This guide is meant for the GAMECUBE
version of TS2.  CJayC apparently hasn't realized this yet.  What's the
difference between platform versions? Not much, but I'm sure there are but I
can't be specific on those.

v.  0.60 - A LOT of progress.  Completed the walkthrough up through the Aztec
level.  A new, sexy format added too.  Expect the weapons section to be
completed in my next update, as well as the walkthrough, though I'm having some
trouble with the Space Station.  Also, you know what? I forgot to include a
legal section! So, I've included this entire preliminary section instead.

v.  0.40 - First version.  Walkthrough completed up to NeoTokyo.

                               -=Table of Contents=-

0.  Table of Incompetence (...)
1.  Introduction
2.  Controls
3.  Weapons FAQ
4.  Walkthrough

 4.1  Oblansk Dam, Siberia, 1990
 4.2  Chicago, 1932
 4.3  Notre Dame, Paris, 1895
 4.4  Return to Planet X, 2280
 4.5  NeoTokyo, 2019
 4.6  Wild West, 1853
 4.7  Atom Smasher, 1972
 4.8  Aztec, 1920
 4.9  Robot Factory, 2315
 4.10 Space Station

5. Rewards
   • Single Player Mission Rewards
   • Arcade Leagues
   • Challenges
   • Mini-Game Locations
6.  Credits

  +                                                               +
  |   1.  Introduction                                            |
  +                                                               +

Hello and welcome to my walkthrough.  Yes, it's me, that little fly in the
ointment, that nuisance, that low-life thing we like to call a video game
writer, come again to help you with the masterpiece that is TimeSplitters 2.

A little review, first.  Do you remember TimeSplitters?  You know, that game
for PlayStation 2 with the kick-ass multiplayer and the half-assed single
player? Yeah, you know.  Well, this is its sequel, packed with a revamped
single player, returning four-star mulitplayer, and all-around action up the
wazoo.  While it may be left in the shadows come Vice City's release day,
TimeSplitters 2 certainly doesn't deserve to be just casually tossed aside as
another feebly crafted mindless shoot-em-up rehash.  But...what's Vice City
beside a mindless shoot-em-up rehash???  Back on topic, this game is as
addicting for its multiplayer, something Vice City lacks, but also quite
enjoyable for its single player, which I'll be covering here.

So go on, admit it.  You bought this game for its acclaimed multiplayer, the
incredible satisfaction you get from whuppin' your friends' butts and bragging
about it until they smack you upside the head with a giant lobster (...).  But
suppose one day you decide to test the waters of the single player.  You soon
become hopelessly stuck.  What do you do?  Who do you call!?  Why, the
Ghostbusters of course (remember them?)!  Or, you can call me, BHS, to deliver
the ultimate FAQ for your single player needs.  Hope I help you!


  +                                                               +
  |   2.  Controls                                                |
  +                                                               +

Why on earth would I add such a frivolous section, you say?  All of the stuff
that's in here is already in the instruction manual!  But, suppose you have
none because tiny, nocturnal aliens that come out from your toilet kidnapped
it?!  What then?  How would you know the controls?  So, for those who had their
controls manual kidnapped by evil nocturnal toilet-dwelling aliens, here you
go!  Oh, and this is also for the people who rented the game without a manual,
crazy as it sounds.  (Okay, that was incredibly stupid, but it seemed humorous
at the time)

Default Controls [for the GameCube version]:

Control Stick            * Strafe [up, down, left or right]
D Pad                    * Change Weapons
C Stick                  * Look around, move camera views, *USE MAGNET*
B Button                 * Toggle Crouch (duck)
L Button                 * Brings up targeting recital; you can't move in this
R Button                 * Primary Fire
Z Button                 * Secondary Fire (what a pain)
Y Button                 * Manual Reload; you should reload before and after
                           going into/going out of a gunfight, just to be
A Button                 * Open doors, activate switches, etc.  In
                           multiplayer, press A to respawn

Note: Inverse Look is a default control.  I find this annoying and unhelpful;
go to the "Preferences" menu ingame to deactivate this option.

  +                                                               +
  |   3.  Weapons FAQ                                             |
  +                                                               +

Alright, you sicko.  I'll give you the low-down and preliminary information on
the weapons with which you'll use to murder, mutilate, and decapitate innocent
polygons with.  Are you ready, you heartless bastard? Because here it goes, and
there's no turning back.

/     Silenced Pistol

Clip Size    : 8 Bullets, 60 max
Primary      :       Single Shot
Secondary    :       Single Shot
Power        :           Average
Recoil       :         Excellent
Range        :             Range

The Silenced Pistol is basically a rip-off from Golden Eye's silenced pistol. 
It sounds the same, looks the same (though with a different color), and is
about as powerful.  It'll take quite a few shots to bring down an enemy; it's
best used to drop a single, unsuspecting enemy.  Not good at all for skirmishes
with more than one guard.

/     Luger Pistol

Clip Size    : 7 Bullets, 60 max
Primary      :       Single Shot
Secondary    :       Single Shot
Power        :           Average
Recoil       :           Average
Range        :             Short

Almost the same as the above pistol, but this is old-skool from the 1930s. 
You'll use this in the Chicago level.

/     Garret Revolver

Clip Size    : 5 Bullets, 40 max
Primary      :       Single Shot
Secondary    :       Single Shot
Power        :     Above Average
Recoil       :     Below Average
Range        :             Short

Straight out of the wild, wild west, the Garret Revolver is what cowboys like
yourself will use to wipe the dusty crime-filled free of law biting criminals. 
It's pretty useful, and has good power, but it's recoil makes it useless in
many personed gun fights, and it's especially terrible in multiplayer.

/     Sniper Rifle

Clip Size    : 5 Bullets, 40 max
Primary      :       Single Shot
Secondary    :       Single Shot
Power        :     Above Average
Recoil       :              High
Range        :              Long

It has a small clip size, and high recoil, with only single shot capability,
making it lousy for gun fights.  Use this to snipe off distant foe's.

/     Vintage rifle

Clip Size    : 5 Bullets, 40 max
Primary      :       Single Shot
Secondary    :       Single Shot
Power        :           Average
Recoil       :              High
Range        :              Long

So-called "Vintage" because it is pretty damn old: this type gun was used
waaaaay back in the '30s.  It's almost same as the modern sniper rifle, only
its design is a little different.

/     Crossbow

Clip Size    :   4 Bullets, 50 max
Primary      :         Single Shot
Secondary    :         Single Shot
Power        :             Average
Recoil       :                High
Range        :             Average

An average crossbow which you'll use in the Aztec level.  A primitive weapon
used by the Aztec tribe, but it gets the job done, though with high recoil and
long reload time.  You CAN light it's arrows on fire; approach a torch or
anything on fire and two of your arrows will alight.  Now you can shoot things
and set them on fire, such as bee hives and tree golems.

/     Flame Thrower

Clip Size    : ~20 seconds of flame
Primary      : ~20 seconds of flame
Secondary    : ~20 Seconds of flame
Power        :                 High
Recoil       :                 None
Range        :           Very Short

The flame-thrower is an excellent weapon in the single player game because
there's no way for an enemy to put out the fire.  It has surprising range for
such a weapon, but once your fuel runs out it's pretty worthless. No good for
multiplayer, and it's only found once (in Siberia) in the single player.

/     Shotgun

Clip Size    :  2 Bullets, 40 max
Primary      :        Single Shot
Secondary    :        Single Shot
Power        :               High
Recoil       :               High
Range        :            Average

The shotgun is a mixed bag.  It's got excellent damage rates and good range,
but it also has a big recoil problem and for some odd reason lacks double
barrel shot capabilities. But still, it's better than that described below...

/     Tactical 12 Gauge Shotgun

Clip Size    :               8 Bullets, max 40
Primary      :                     Single Shot
Secondary    : Double-barrel simultaneous shot
Power        :                         Average
Recoil       :                            High
Range        :                           Short

This is a worse version of the shotgun. It has short range to cap off of
unbearably long firing rates, very slow reload times, bad accuracy, and only
average power. I'd stick to the shotgun if I was you, but the double-barrel
capabilities give this some value.

/     Soviet S47

Clip Size    :          30 Bullets, 200 max.
Primary      :                    Rapid Fire
Secondary    : Timed Grenade Launch, 40 max.
Power        :                 Above Average
Recoil       :                        Medium
Range        :                         Short

It's strange Free Radical wouldn't use this weapons true name, the AK-47. 
Anyway, it's one of the few rapid-firing weapons in the game, but it's nothing
special.  Of course it's useful in many personed gun-fights, but it doesn't
have as fast as firing rates as does some of the other machine guns. Decent
power and sturdy design has made this weapon last through the years as a
favorite among the Soviet army since the '70s.

/     Tommy Gun

Clip Size    : 32 Bullets, 200 max.
Primary      :           Rapid Fire
Secondary    :           Rapid Fire
Power        :                 High
Recoil       :               Medium
Range        :              Average

The Thompson has been around for a long time. It was mainly used in WWII, but
it got especially popular before that among the Mafia and other gangs. The
Tommy gun is an excellent weapon: fast firing rates, great damage rates, and
good accuracy. Alas, this is found only in the Chicago level, but it's a
must-have during multiplayer deathmatches.

/     Sci-Fi Handgun

Clip Size    :   30 Bullets, 200 max.
Primary      :         Trio-Shot Fire
Secondary    :         Trio-Shot Fire
Power        :          Above Average
Recoil       :                Average
Range        :                Average

With a humorous name, the Sci-Fi handgun marks the next-generation of lethal
weaponry.  It has average power, but what makes it special is that its energy
blasts rebound off of walls and other solid surfaces until it either flys into
the sky or hits someone or something.  Not a good weapon for tight spaces,
because if you miss it's more than likely that it'll bounce back at you.  Feel
free to use this from the longer ranges, though it's best used as Medium range
and outdoor weapon.

/     Laser Rifle

Clip Size    :   {Charge}
Primary      :      Laser
Secondary    :     Shield
Power        : {Variable}
Recoil       :     {None}
Range        :    Average

The Laser Gun is a special weapon which you'll find at the Robot Factory.  It's
nothing you'd really need, though.  The longer you charge up, the more powerful
it will shoot, but it just takes too long to charge up a decent
damage-potential shot, making it a useless for multiplayer and a pain in
singleplayer. It's one useful function is its ability to cast a shield in the
front of the user. This might come in handy when you start to get overwhelmed
by the security forces of the Robot Factory.

/     Plasma Autorifle

Clip Size    : {NO RELOAD}, 200 max.
Primary      :            Rapid Fire
Secondary    :        Sticky Grenade
Power        :               Average
Recoil       :                   Low
Range        :                 Short

One of the better weapons in the game, the Plasma Autorifle is a decent gun for
taking out the hordes of aliens you'll encounter on Planet X.  Nothing really
noteworthy about it, except it's secondary function, which is a flaming grenade
that sticks to any surface (including other NPCs and characters!).  Don't fire
it for too long, otherwise it'll overheat and it'll have to cool down for a few
seconds before firing back up.

/     SBP90 Machinegun

Clip Size    : 64 Bullets, 256 max.
Primary      :           Rapid Fire
Secondary    :           Rapid Fire
Power        :                 High
Recoil       :            Excellent
Range        :                 Long

Remember the RCP-90 and RCP-120 from Golden Eye and Perfect Dark? The same
thing here.  Nothings changed: it's one of the best and most powerful weapons
in the game.  It spits out bullets faster than Britney Spears spits out the
word "baby" in her lyrics, it's extremely powerful, and it's got exceptional
range and accuracy.  If you ever wind up with two if these, you're practically
invincible.  It also has a scope; by all means use it because this thing is so

/     Mini Gun

Clip Size    :          [No Relead], 400 max.
Primary      : Rapid Fire (after it warms up)
Secondary    :                  {See Summary}
Power        :                  Above Average
Recoil       :                        Average
Range        :                        Average

I take it back. THIS is the weapon to have during multiplayer matches. It spits
out bullets MUCH faster then the SBP90, but the only drawback is that you
cannot fire instantly; it has to "warm up" for a second before it gets going.
The remedy for this annoyance is its secondary fire, which keeps the gun always
warmed by having its nozzle always in motion, allowing you to shoot on the
second of command. It doesn't have scope, but it doesn't need one because it's
not a long-rang weapon. Found in the Space Station, this will prove invaluable
as you attempt to kill the massive amounts of oncoming Time  Splitters you'll
face. Watch out though, as once it overheats it'll slow down its firing rates

/     Homing Launcher

Clip Size    :   [No Relead], 30 max rockets.
Primary      :           Single Homing Rocket
Secondary    :           Single Homing Rocket
Power        :                      Very High
Recoil       :                        Average
Range        :                           Long

The homing launcher can be a valuable ally in the Robot Factory, where you'll
find it. Its only different from the rocket launcher because you can lock onto
targets and the rocket will circle its prey until impact.

/     ElectroTool

Clip Size    : {NO RELOAD}, ~20 seconds worth of electricity at max charge
Primary      : Electric blast
Secondary    : Electric Blast
Power        :        Average
Recoil       :           None
Range        :          Short

The ElectroTool is not very useful as a weapon. You'll be using it in the
single player mission Robot Factory to overcharge some electrical machinery.
Other then that, and the fact it's useful in momentarily stunning hostile
robots, it's worthless.


ifandonlyif600 writes:

"In Custom Arcade, the Flamethrower will not affect any Robotic characters.
However, the Electrotool will eat them alive. I believe I've read this
somewhere on the TS2 Message Boards so I can't take credit for finding this."

(Note: Well "ifandolyif", you're getting credit anyway)

  +                                                               +
  |   4.  Walkthrough                                             |
  +                                                               +
 _____                                                          _____
/___/         Level 4.1   Oblansk Dam, Siberia, 1990         /___/

Initial Objectives:

o Disable the communications dish
o Restore Power
o Find a way to the top of the dam
o Find and destroy the five filing cabinets
o Investigate secret digging tunnel
o Retrieve the Time Crystal

This is the first level in the game, and it's a good one.  From the start,
you'll have your Temporal Uplink out.  This is useful in detecting security
camera's found around the dam's compound, but since you're reading this you
won't need it ;).  Grab the Sniper Rifle and Silenced Pistol on the snow in
front of you, then approach the crates outside of this cave.  Crouch down and
take out your sniper rifle; blast the head off of the guard on the
Communications tower catwalk (the building with the satellite dish on it), then
disable the camera to the right of the catwalk.  Get up and approach the office
buildings.  There should be a pair of guards patrolling here; drop them and
enter the office building farthest northeast.  Inside you will find a filing
cabinet.  You can do absolutely nothing about it right now, but remember it's

Exit the office building and proceed into the communications center.  Be
careful to avoid the camera, which watches the lower floor camera control
center.  Climb the stairs, enter the door to our left, press the switch to open
a security door to the northwest.  Go back outside, and, still on the second
floor of the communications center, make your way across the roofs of the
office buildings using the boards to a roof with a drop hole in it.  Enter the
hole to find yourself in an office that's locked form the inside.  Grab the
Timed Mines and exit this office.  Throw a Timed Mine onto the communications
dish to complete the objective.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Disable the communications dish"

Now that you have the Timed Mines, you may destroy the two filing cabinets in
this area.  The first is in the building adjacent to the communications
building, and the second is where I showed you; in the office to the southeast.
 Once you have destroyed both cabinets, enter the dam via the security seal on
the northeast.  You should have opened it, like I told you, but if you haven't
do so on the second floor of the communications building.

The elevator isn't powered, thus you'll have to climb several flights of stairs
to reach where you need to be.  Climb the stairs, minding the camera and
sentries, until you reach the top landing.  Open the door to a long,
maintenance corridor filled with grunts.  Kill them off, and you'll find a
Soviet SA7 on one of them.  Advance to the end of the corridor to find your
path blocked by steam.  Turn it off using the three valves in the walls to the
left.  Once you pass the steam, you'll find yourself heading down another
flight of stairs.  Continue down, killing as you please.  Once you reach
bottom, go through the door to the outside.  Climb the steps onto the snowy
platform and penetrate the compound in the center, without tripping an alarm. 
Inside the shed is a bunker complex where the mining operations are taking
place.  First things first, though: you must make your way through several
supply rooms.  You'll find the third filing cabinet inside a freezer on the
right, so place some timed mines on it.  You can find the final two cabinets
right next to each other further down the supply rooms.

Head into the large chamber, with two inactive generators.  Kill the slime in
the area and climb onto the catwalk above the generators.  From that vantage
point, destroy the two automated sentry's above you, as those will cause
problems in the bit to come if you fail to disable them.


Tagrineth writes:

A good general tactic: To conserve ammo when facing sentry guns, pop the camera
(with the blinking green light). :) They won't see a thing after that...

After you do this, go up to the steps to the control office.

Press the button to open the blast door, then go through to reach the forefront
of the mining operations.  Go through the door with the large white "2" printed
above it.  You'll find a hall; turn left and go through the door to a control
room.  Press the use key on the joystick to take control of an automated
sentry.  Use it to kill the guard, then deactivate the cameras and return to
your normal view.  Pres the two buttons in here to open various blast doors,
then go through them to reach a medical facility.  A security officer will
start shooting at you from over, so take him out.  He dropped the computer
disk, so pick it up.

As soon as you pick up the disk, the room will start to flash red and some
three eyed, jiggly-legged, four chinned, mutilated beasts (hmm...reminds me of
my science teacher o_o) will attack.  Remember those bodies that you passed on
the way to this lab? It's them, and they're back, and they've got a hangover
meaner then the devil himself.  Grab the shotgun and start pumping the mutants
full of buckshot, remembering to aim for the head.  As soon as you finish off
the foray, return to the mining caves.

Go back to the computer room, put the disk into the CD-ROM drive.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Restore power to the dam"

The generators will start a-roaring, but so while some living dead who are
approaching from the blast door.  Knock their heads off (literally!) and go
down the mining shaft to it's end.  The Time Crystal should be somewhere in
this area.

  OBJECTIVE ADDED    : Destroy the biohazardous container at the digging site
  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Retrieve the Time Crystal"

Go up to the machine on the left.  You must blow it up with your Timed Mines; 
if you don't have any timed mines, well, you may just be screwed!  Anyway,
place at least three mines on the container, which will destroy it.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Destroy the biohazardous container at the digging
  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Do not allow any mutants to survive

Somebody will come on the PA and announce that all "unrecognized personnel"
will be eliminated.  Yeah, right.  Go down the mine shaft and watch the battle
between mutants and security forces.  Let them exhaust themselves then take out
what's left.  Continue to remove the mutants from your systems RAM, making your
way back to the inner portion of the dam.  Find one of the previously-inactive
elevators and ride it to the top of the dam.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Get to the roof of the dam"

Strut across the parapet into any one of the machine gun sentries.  Man one and
a gunship will appear.

  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Destroy the Gunship

This battle should be no trouble.  Just continually pound the ship with a rain
of metal, and if it gets rowdy blast it with a rocket or two (Z).  Watch out
for the special forces, as some will attack you even while you sit manning the
machine gun (...) .  Once you bring down the gunship, head on through the
portal to finish the level.


HARD MODE STRATEGY [courtesy of Tagrineth]:

Firstly, ONLY ONLY shoot at Special Forces, and most of the time you will be
taking them out.  If you don't they WILL kill you, far too quickly.

To start, run out of the first tower BACKWARDS and take out the Special Forces
that pops out.  Turn around and plug the other one.  By the time you reach the
other end of the Dam, the Copter should already be up and have fired its first
volley... man the far back gun, pull your reticle across it to lock on, and
fire your entire missile payload as fast as possible. then get out of the gun
and start on your way to the other end of the Dam...

Kill the SF that comes out of the first tower (maybe also turn around, if
another SF comes out of tower 2).  Man the gun on the far opposite end of the
Dam and unload its entire missile payload on the Copter just like before.  Get
out and wait this time... kill the SF that appears after a short time, then run
across the Dam.

Kill the SF that comes out of the other end, then man the centre gun and unload
the last few missiles on the copter... it should die... which means you're
already right next to the portal and don't have to worry about Splitters or
anything.  If not, jump out and shoot it with your Soviet S47 for a few
seconds... it should die.  Once again, you'll thankfully be right on the
portal.  If it doesn't die quickly, turn and take out the SF's (always
anticipate them, do NOT wait for gunshots to be heard)... the copter is
designed so if you hit it with every missile it will die, but if you missed
only a couple of shots it should still die reasonably fast.

 _____                                                          _____
/___/               Level 4.2   Chicago, 1932                /___/

Initial Objectives :

o Locate and Eliminate mob boss Tony
o Locate and drain the four (4) whiskey barrels
o Get a pass to the nightclub
o Find the informant and lead him to his hideout
o Find the Time Crystal
o Minimize civilian casualties

"Why on earth should I empty whiskey barrels?"  Well, if you paid attention in
history class, you'd know that during the 1930s Prohibition, a ban on all
alcoholic beverages, was enforced.  So technically, you're not only saving the
world but fighting crime, too!  Now, doesn't that just make you feel all warm
and fuzzy inside?

You'll begin this retro level in a small room overlooking a storage lot.  Use
your Vintage Rifle to pick off the guards through the window, then exit the
room and jump onto the top of the supply bin for some sniper ammo.  Proceed
into the alley on your right.  You'll find the first of many whiskey barrels,
guarded by a lone agent.  Dispose of him and shoot the bottom of the whiskey
barrel until it completely drains.

Advance through the alleyways and you should eventually reach the second
whiskey barrel.  Drain it in the same fashion as you did the previous, then
continue out onto the street.  You will hear a ringing of an old phone; go to
the phone booth on the corner and answer it.  It'll be Marco, your informant,
setting up a rendezvous point.  Continue down the street, pop the guy on the
right to get his almighty Tommy Gun.  As you round the corner, a car will burst
out of a garage.

 OBJECTIVE ADDED :  Stop Tony's brother from escaping

This is pretty easy; whip out your Tommy gun and blast the cars radiator.  Note
that I said RADIATOR; you should be in FRONT of the moving car, crazy as it
sounds.  On the sides of the car, henchman of Tony's brother will be shooting
out the car's windows.  When you put enough holes in the car, it'll crash and
burn into a fire-hydrant, which will ironically put the fire out.

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE  : "Stop Tony's brother from escaping"

Round the corner, empty the third whiskey barrel.  Careful; this one is easy to
miss.  Proceed to the LEFT of the bar entitled "O Leary's".  On the corner,
next to the phone booth, is your informant.  Speak to him, but he won't budge
until you check out the situation in the O Leary's.  Enter the bar to find some
civilians standing around.  A little while after your entry, the whole bar will
be raided with enemies, whom will kill you and the civilians.  Unless you're
trying for the secondary objective, minimize civilian casualties, just be
thankful they are there to direct some of the fire away from you and let them
die.  Once you take out the numerous enemies, return to your informant.

 OBJECTIVE ADDED :  Protect the informant as he returns to his hideout

The informant will inspect the alley behind you; he'll say "It looks all
clear." Well, if you wait a bit a guard will round the corner.  Kill him before
he gets any shots at your informant.  Keep protecting Marco until you  the
corner.  You'll soon take hits form a sniper; he is on top of the building just
past the clothesline.  Continue to protect your informant until he makes his
way back to his hideout.

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE  :  "Protect the informant as he returns to his hideout"

Grab the TNT on the table and return to the streets.  Enter the lit doorway
ahead of you.  There'll be an empty desk.  Turn to its right to find a pair of
Luger-wielding members of the mob.  Take them out, then take out the last
whiskey barrel on your left.

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE  : "Empty all the whiskey barrels"

Climb the stairs and clean out the floors.  Make your way to the top (be sure
to explore the rooms; on normal and easy they'll have body armor).  You'll find
a particularly muscular gentlemen with a Tommy gun at his side.  Blast him over
and go to his desk.  Grab the Shotgun on the chair, then put the TNT on the
safe.  Stand back and wait until it blows the door open.  Grab the pass, resist
the urge to gaze at the pretty shiny gold.

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE  : "Get a pass to the nightclub"

Answer the phone call; it'll be your informant.  He'll notify you that there
are "guys out there trying to get you." So, get to one of the lower levels and
take out your Vintage Rifle.  There are three snipers you need to take care of.
 (1) is on the roof to your lower left; it's the same roof where that sniper
was when your were protecting the informant.  The (2) sniper is in a window, in
the building across the street on an upper floor.  The last (3) is just on the
sidewalk, under the window where you killed sniper (2).  Search carefully with
your scope; the clothes on the line might impede your vision.  Once you've
riddled your enemies with holes, exit this building and get back onto the

Turn right at the fork and proceed down the narrow street.  You'll have few
confrontations along the way.  At the Y intersection, you'll be greeted with a
rain of bullets.  There are a pair of snipers in the windows down the Y
intersections streets; the rest of your assailants are in the windows.  After
you clear them all out, make a left and open the gate.  Blow over the two thugs
flanking the entrance to the nightclub, then enter the nightclub through the
main doorway.  There's an empty dining room at your right, so turn left and
kill off the local slime.  On your left, behind some glass, are the Tommy Guns
x2! You are practically invincible for the rest of the level, so long as you
don't waste all your ammo in your excitement.  Make your way to the foyer of
the nightclub, which is where Tony will show up, surrounded with his henchmen. 
Having your friends fight for you, Tony? Cheap, very cheap.  But with your
double Tommy guns it shouldn't be any trouble.  Stand back in the doorway to
narrow the fire from his henchmen, then show Tony what you got.  After you make
deceased all the living here, grab the Time Crystal, which will drop after you
kill a TimeSplitter, and head through the portal!



Okay, I've received a LOT of email saying "I can't find the portal what am I
doing wrong!!!" Well, almost 100% of the time you people aren't completing ALL
your objectives, or you're not emptying ALL the whiskey barrels. PLEASE PLEASE
PLEASE check your objectives screen before you email me to make sure this isn't
true, because I'm almost positive it is.

 _____                                                          _____
/___/             Level 4.3   Notre Dame, 1895               /___/

Initial Objectives:

o Rescue the maidens (4)
o Make your way to the roof to escape Notre Dame
o Retrieve the Time Crystal
o Eliminate Jacque de la Morte

Take out your Shotgun.  Proceed through the sewer to find some dead zombies. 
Don't be fooled though, as they'll soon rise up from the dead (again...) and
swipe at you with their claws.  Kill them and turn left before the tunnel. 
More "dead" zombies.  Go across the room and pull the lever, and they'll come
back to life, so kill them again.  Return to the tunnel, proceed through it
through the gate which can be opened by *gasp* pulling the lever right next to
it! Gosh, 1 g0t sum smarts!!111!

Turn right onto the platform.  Grab the body armor, wait for a mutant to
teleport and blast him over when he arrives.  Go through the doorway and climb
the steps, but be forewarned that another mutant will spawn in the center of
the staircase.  Reach the landing, climb the excessively-high spiral stairwell,
and you'll come to a winery.  Enter it and the and the door you entered here
with will snap shut.  Approach the door at the other end and some mutants, who
just happen to be on fire, will start attacking.  DO NOT get in their way,
because if you get caught on fire there isn't a thing you can about it. Oh, but
Isn't there?


Rbrt Turner writes:

"You CAN do something if you get set on fire in winery: shoot holes in wine
barrels and stand underneath."

Heh, I'd of never thought of that...you guys are great. Keep 'em coming!

The first maiden is chained up right after you pass through the winery.  She'll
be cuffed to a metal link.  Kill the mutant that will spawn in front of her,
then let her go.

You'll find the second maiden in the vicinity of the previous.  She's locked
behind bars, and there's a padlock on the door.  Oh, use your brain for crying
out loud and shoot the lock off.  Two down, two to go.  In the following
winery, you'll spot what LOOKS like another maiden.  But notice she has her
head pointed down.  If you crouch down next to her (knowing you, you're
probably already in that position!) you'll notice her true, hideous features. 
If you couldn't tell before, it's a mutant pretending to be a maiden in
distress.  Kill it and turn left to find a real maiden who's being attacked by
some zombies and whatnot.  Kill them off, let the girl go.  Three down, one to

Head up the stairs in the winery to find a huge assembly room.  Turn to your
left and you'll see some mutants disguised as priests.  Kill them, then grab
the Time Crystal on the pedestal in front of the benches.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Locate the Time Crystal"

If you look up, you will spot the last maiden, hanging from a rope.  You're
going to have to get her down.  Do this by heading to the north end of the
assembly room, if you consider north to be the direction the maiden is facing. 
Drop the mutants and climb the stairs.  On the landing up top, you'll find a
pair of ropes.  Pull the right one and you'll lower the girl.  Pull the left
one and a bell will ring.  "Go do the right thing." says Dr. Laura.  With the
last maiden free your objective will be complete...or so you'd think.

  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Help the hunchback escape with the maiden

On Normal and Easy, this is a secondary objective, but on any difficulty you
still have to help the maiden escape by killing off the onslaught of mutants. 
If you want both objectives completed, keep both mutant and hunchback alive. 
The hunchback will come in handy here, because he's pretty smart and he'll
blast the mutants with his shotgun as they come.  I'll assume you competent
enough to handle this.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Rescue the maidens (4)"
  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Help the hunchback escape with the maiden"

Turn left and enter the door the hunchback came out of.  Climb the spiral
stairs, kill the lurking mutant.  Atop, go through the anteroom with the cross
and through the gate, which will close behind you.

  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Fight off the portal Dí¦mon

The portal Dí¦mon (don't ask me how I came up with that funky little character!)
is pretty easy.  He fires some lasers at you that blow up on contact with the
floor, but all you have to do to avoid that is keep moving.  To attack, just
whip out your shotgun and blast the Dí¦mon in the head until it dies.  Watch out
for the mutants though, as they're infinite until you kill the Dí¦mon.  If you
need any ammo for your shotgun, some is located on the other side of this


Tagrineth writes:

[It] seems to me that the Portal Dí¦mon takes the same amount of damage per shot
no matter where you hit it - just a note for the players who worry too much
about head shots... ;P

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Fight off the portal Dí¦mon"

Reach the roof by going through the door at the other end of the platform, near
the spare shotgun shells.

 OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Make your way to the roof to escape Notre Dame"

Here on the roof, some mutants will teleport.  Hack and slash your way through
them to find Jacque de la Morte awaiting.  He's a cinch.  Just start shooting
with your shotgun and don't stop shooting, and he'll be deceased in no time. 
Once done, escape through the portal.

 _____                                                          _____
/___/          Level 4.4   Return to Planet X, 2280          /___/

Initial Objectives:

o Locate the Crashed UFO
o Retrieve the Time Crystal

Once the game finishes loading, you'll start, taking on enemy fire from a UFO. 
Nice.  Quickly grab the Sci-Fi Handgun on your left and drop down through the
hole, escaping the melee.  Make your way through the maze of canyons.  You may
stumble across a "weapon part."


Turbo G writes:

"As for the weapon part you said to E-Mail you about. If you find 2 of them you
get the homing rocket launcher which can help in the fend off attack on UFO. I
found it in easy and medium but don't remember location of other part. It's
there though."

With the actual weapon part locations, [email protected] writes:

"The Weapon Parts are, as previously mentioned by someone else, used to make
the Homing Launcher. However, the Parts are in different places depending on
Easy and Normal (Presumably Hard, too, I haven't gotten there yet...). The
first Weapon Part you stumble across on Easy is after the first overhanging
bridge in the very first tunnel, in the corner. The Second is at the end of
the tunnel near the Crashed UFO. But on Normal, the one near the Crashed UFO
is the first Part you find. The second part is found where you cross the
bridges in the tunnels while being chased by those odd bees. There will be a
path on the left with a pump-elevator; take it down to a sort of
out-of-the-way area with the last Weapon Part."

You will know when you've got to the end of your canyon-trekking when you find
a beach.  Approach the perfectly still waters (o_O) and a new objective will
flash across the screen.

  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Repel the beach attack

Get into the cannons seat and start blasting away at the approaching aliens. 
You really shouldn't run out of ammo, but if you do you can use the cannon's
rocket launcher function or you can use the cannon on the platform to the left.
 Once you kill all that's required, a force field will dissipate and your
objective will be complete.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Repel the beach attack"

Through the portal and down the canyon you'll find the Plasma Autorifle, the
only decent weapon you're likely to find in this level.  A little further
through the canyon and you will encounter some grossly oversized bees, or at
least they _sound_ like bees.  You can kill them, but I'd just stay away from
them to conserve ammo and health.  Pass their hive and turn into the tunnel at
left.  At the tunnels end, you will find another beach, but this time you'll
find the crashed UFO.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Locate the crashed UFO"
  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Fight off the raid on the crashed UFO

Take out your Plasma Rifle and trek to the end of the beach, awaiting the
arrival of your foes.  They'll teleport shortly, and as they do, kill them. 
Continue to do this until the UFO deploys some of it's own forces. Fight
alongside them until you've both achieved the common goal [of eliminating the
threat to the UFO], then kill them ;).   Enter the portal to complete the

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Fight off the raid on the crashed UFO"

It will be a little disorienting inside the UFO, because the ship is slanted
and thus your vision is too.  Get up onto the perimeter walkway and find the
joystick.  Press the use key to look from the view of some faraway camera's. 
Deactivate the camera views until you get inside a camera overlooking a UFO

  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Locate and penetrate the UFO base

Walk around the perimeter walkway until you find a hole.  Drop down into a new
canyon.  Turn right, and at the end of the walk you will be rewarded with some
body armor.  Now go back through the other direction.  When a flatland comes
into your sights, start to slow down; soon you'll hear gunfire.  The aliens are
fighting each other: let them exhaust themselves then step in and kill all
those who survive the brawl.  Afterwards, go through the doorway just right of
the canyon you entered the flatland with.  Continue up to a land bridge.  Tread
the narrow causeway and fight off the alien that has come.  Progress on to a
horizontally placed door; approach it and it will open.  Go down the metal
walkway; ignore the first door, go past that to the second door and enter the
cannon's seat.

  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Destroy the escaping UFO's

It's practically impossible to fail this objective.  Just shoot all the UFO's
you see, until you get the mission complete screen.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Destroy the escaping UFO's"

The doors to the alien base will now open up.  Exit the cannon's seat and go
into the corridor.  It will be blocked off; wait a few seconds and it will open
back up.  It was blocked because the pump is moving up and down; get on it and
let it take you down to arrive at the front entrance to the alien base.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Locate and penetrate the UFO base"

Kill the guards flanking the entrance, go down the corridor and take out the
aliens.  Cross the catwalk to a large circular chamber.  Watch out though; the
chambers roof will open, and surrounding the hole will be several aliens who
would just love to make you restart the level.  It's _really_ hard to kill them
all without being killed yourself, but luckily a portal is right next to the
exit of this corridor.  So, ignore the aliens and through the portal.  Kill the
Time Splitter in front of you, take the Time Crystal, go through the portal to
end this long, tough level.

 _____                                                          _____
/___/               Level 4.5   NeoTokyo, 2019               /___/

Initial Objectives:

o Follow the hacker to the research area
o Gather evidence of Time Splitter research
o Upload evidence to local police server
o Retrieve the Time Crystal
o Minimize Civilian Casualties

This, to many people, is an impossibly hard level.  I laugh every time I hear
that because I can do it every time.  The main, unwritten objective is to
follow the hacker WITHOUT her seeing you.  If she sees you, she'll spend the
rest of the level trying to kill you, and thus will *not* lead you to her
hideout.  Basically, if she sees you, restart the level.  You also must avoid
the dozens of camera's here, as well as a couple of police cars.  It's really
very simple, once you start doing it my way.  So, let's get to it!


UPDATE: Peter Shipovsky sent in this ultra-simplified way to beat this level. I
haven't tried it, and if it doesn't work just look to the next paragraph for
the way I did it.

Peter Shipovskiy writes with his strategy (I semi-rewrote it to have it make
more sense):

"First drop down to the lower street and collect the ammo at the beginning.
Ignore where the hacker is going; just go to the sewers.  After you get there,
go to the part *JUST BEFORE* the entrance to the hideout. Drop down into the
little area next to the bridge and stay all the way to the left, ducking and
waiting for her. When she crosses the bridge just follow her and that's
it. Hope it helps..."

My way:

At the start, you'll have your Temporal Uplink out.  This proves INVALUABLE
during this mission; without it you'd never know where camera's are and how
broad their vision is.  Fans of MGS and MGS2 should feel right at home here. 
Start off by DROPPING DOWN to the lower street.  Bob-and-weave around the
camera's and stay on the left side of the street.  You will find a hallway;
smash the glass to pick up the sniper rifle and silence pistol.  DO NOT HAVE
THEM EQUIPED.  The hacker ALWAYS seems to start shooting at you if you have a
gun out.  So, stand in the lower, middle portion of the stairs and WAIT until
you see her walking, far on the other side of the street.  When you see this,
get closer to her, but stay on the opposite sidewalk.  As she rounds the
corner, round it with her ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE STREET AS HER, avoiding the
camera at right.  Get behind the first pillar you come across, as a police car
is approaching.  Wait until it passes, then cross the street to the right.

The hacker is quite a distance a way, because of your waiting for the cop to
pass.  No matter, since you can catch up with her easily.  Wait until the
hacker turns a corner again and slowly make your way towards her.  She'll drop
down into the sewer; again, slowly follow AFTER she has gotten a little lead on
you.  You're nearing the final stretch, so hold on.  Follow her until she
reaches a checkpoint, her base.  She'll open the force-field for a few seconds
but watch out: a guard will shadow her back.  Wait until the guard is a LEAST 5
feet away before entering the portal.  If either notices you, you might as well
restart.  Enter the small room to the left, and stay there and breath, because
it's easy going now.

  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Attain the hackers code

Access the camera system in front of you, and switch to the last camera, one
looking at a laptop computer.  The hacker will enter that room, and enter the
code.  Objective complete!

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Follow the hacker to the research area"
  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : Attain the hackers code

Now, stealth is no longer needed.  See if you can pop that biatch hacker before
she gets away, then enter the research facility.  It's sparsely guarded, so
don't work.  Enter the door straight ahead and pick up the Digital Camera. 
Search the lockers for a _sweet_ machine gun, too.  After you pick up the DCam,
go further down the hall to a locked door.  Peer through the window to the
locked room and you'll spot a container, much like that biohazardous container
back in the Siberia mines.  Anyway, snap a photo of it, then enter the
adjoining room.  Snap a photo of the blue prints to complete the objective.


RbrtTurner provides this helpful hint:

"You can take out the two ceiling-mounted guns (one just past the coded door,
another by the entrance to the room with the 'splitter in it) whilst they are
turned off, before you submit the evidence. this makes getting out much

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Gather evidence of Time Splitter research"

Return to the room where you found the Digital Camera.  Upload the data into
the computer to complete the objective.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Upload evidence to local police server"
  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Shut down the experiment (is this the correct title?)

Return to the window where you snapped the photo of the Time Splitter. The door
to that room is now open.  Go through it to meet the Time Splitter, and he'll
greet you cheerfully with 100 watts of electricity.  What deplorable manners! 
Kill the Time Splitter by pulling the switch next to it, on the right of the
guy lying on the table, twitching like he saw the Cubs win the World Series.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Shut down the experiment"

Now it's time to escape the base and sewer systems.  Once you arrive back at
the streets, just kill as many police as needed until you pick up the Time
Crystal one of them will drop.  After that, head into the portal on the end of
the street, left of the sewer that led to the hackers base.  Congrats, you beat

 _____                                                          _____
/___/             Level 4.6   Wild West, 1853                /___/

Initial Objectives:

o Rescue Ramona from jail
o Eliminate the colonel
o Retrieve the Time Crystal
o Destroy the wanted posters to clear Ramona's name

This level has some of the best music in the game, IMHO.  Anyway, right as you
start take out your Garret Revolver because a thug will pop around the shack
and start blasting at you.  Put him to rest, then round the corner.  Shoot the
guy off the roof then enter the saloon to find the first wanted poster behind
the bar (1).  Tear it with the A button.  One down, four to go.

Exit the saloon and continue down the street, picking off wannabe cowboys along
the way.  When you reach the sheriff's office you'll find the second poster (2)
posted next to the doorway.  Tear it, enter the office to find poor Ramona
behind bars.  You can't free her right away, but search around the office for a
storage bin.  Inside you'll find the gun power.  Now, notice the lanterns
hanging from the ceiling.  Get under one of the lanterns, then take out your
gunpowder and start dumping it as you walk.  Walk around the back of the
sheriff's office to a fountain.  Kill the guard in the tower, tear the poster
(3), then continue to lay a trail of gun powder over to the back of the jail
cell wall.  Afterwards, push the cart on the right, which happens to be loaded
with TNT, over the gun powder trail.

Return to the sheriff's office, and then shoot the lantern off the ceiling to
start a small explosion, which will lead to a fire.  The fire will follow the
your trail of gun powder, all the way to the cart with the TNT.  This will blow
open the jail cell Ramona is in, completing your objective.


Tagrineth gives us an easier way to do this:

For the lazy people (like me ;) ), there's an easier way to break Ramona out by
taking advantage of the Goldeneye(tm) "Explosive Mentality"... get around
behind the jail, position the wagon with the crapload of TNT, and run a short
little trail (I like to draw pictures ;D) to the crates in the back corner of
that fenced area... shoot a crate a few times and BOOM!  It'll explode (what
did you expect from the makers of GE?), and spark the gunpowder.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETED : "Rescue Ramon from jail"

Follow Ramona a bit, making sure the two thugs that just appeared don't hit
her.  Go through the newly opened doorway in front of the sheriff's office.  KO
all the baddies in the street, and you'll get a new objective.

  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Save the girl from the fire

This is a cinch.  Enter the barn and climb to the second floor, where the fire
and girl are.  Notice the two large barrels above the fire: shoot a hole into
both and water will pour out and douse the flame.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Save the girl from the fire"

Outside the barn, approach the building that displays the marking "Bank." To
the left of the bank is the fourth (4) wanted poster.  Tear it and move on to
the next area.  Drop the cowhand with the two revolvers, pick them up and enter
the building entitled "Gift Shoppe." Climb to it's second floor to find the
fifth and final poster (5).

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Destroy the wanted posters to clear Ramona's name"

Enter the mining shaft with the sign "McPhuggs Mining Co."  Interesting name,
to say the least.  Go the end of the shaft and you'll encounter a lot of
hostile miners.  Kill them all, and the colonel will start talking to you. 
After that he'll blow a horn, signaling all of his miners to go after you. 
Stand back in the mine shaft and kill them as they come.  Once done, kill the
colonel with your double Garret Revolvers.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Eliminate the colonel"

Remember the shack that the colonel went in to blow a horn?  Go to that shack
and inside you'll find a switch.  Pull it and some rail tracks in the mine
shaft will adjust.  Return to the shaft, and push the cart filled with TNT
across the railroad, into the blocked up entrance.  Stand back, because it will
explode when it hits a wall.  Go through the entrance to find the Time Crystal.
 Grab it.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Retrieve the Time Crystal"

The portal will appear above the black abyss in the center of this canyon.  You
can get there easily by moving over the portal, then jumping off the railroad
into it.

 _____                                                          _____
/___/            Level 4.7   Atom Smasher, 1972              /___/

Initial Objectives:

o Activate the reactor
o Defuse the bombs
o Retrieve the Time Crystal
o Eliminate Khallos
o Minimize Scientist casualties

After the opening cutscene, you'll take control of your character (ironically
named "Harry Tipper") inside a locked torture room.  Wait a bit and the
laser-gone-berserk will blow the retinal scanner off the wall, causing the door
to open.  Go through it and pick up the Temporal Uplink, then access the
computer terminal in the window to deactivate some camera's that might cause
problems later.  Open the security seal using the nearby switch, and wait for
the door to slowly open.  You're currently weaponless, if you haven't noticed,
so instead of going left down the corridor continue straight and punch out the
guard with his back turned, which minimizes health loss.


John Shrader writes:

When the character leaves the torture room and accesses the camera system, he
can cycle through the cameras until the last one is accessed. This is a sentry
gun. The gun can be used to kill one guard initially, and draw the attention of
up to three others. They can then be gunned down without ever leaving the
safety of the starting area. Then, procuring a gun is as simple as running out
the door, turning left into the hallway where you killed the guards, and
picking up three or four guns.

Pick up his pistol, cap the guard on your right and make the scientist defuse
the bomb.

Turn back into the previous corridor and go through the security seal.  You'll
enter a long storage hallway, vacant except for some crates and an ass load of
security forces.  Don't these fools know this place is going to blow up in
about 5 minutes???  Cap them all using the crates as cover, or by strafing back
and forth.  The second bomb is at the end of this hallway, but first you will
have to deal with another hall full of henchman.  This is pretty easy, just
strafe back and forth, using your double-pistols to do the work.  Afterwards,
force the scientist to defuse the bomb.

Get to the midway point of the hallway left of the bomb and STOP, because
there's a sentry drone placed in the corner.  Take it out from afar and
continue on.  Snipe off the guards on the landings, turn right and pick up the
remote mine.  Remember to turn the wheel on the pipe before proceeding up the
stairs.  On the top landing, you will find some wreckage on fire.  Put out the
flames using a fire extinguisher, found on the below landing; this will make
the fire door open.

When the fire door opens completely, a henchman on top of a supply bin across
the way will start giving you fire. Take him out and approach the bin he stood
upon.  The door on the bin will plop open and a guard, who was hidden inside,
will come out firing.  Drop him and pick up his AK, go down the hallway. 
Proceed through the melee of guards, assuming all encounters hostile, because
they are.  Sooner or later you will find a single door on the right hand side
of the wall.  Go through that door and inside that room turn the wheel on the
pipe: this will stop the flow of steam in another, more important room which
you are about to enter.  Exit this room to the corridor, then pace yourself to
the left hand side of the wall and find the door.  Enter it and access the
joystick controller.  You will control a magnet; place it over the moving bomb
with the C Stick, suck up the bomb using the (R) button, move it over the bin,
then drop the bomb into the bin by pressing the (R) button again.  This will
extinguish the third bomb.

At the end of the corridor you'll have to deal with another fire.  Approach it
and two supply bin doors behind will plop open and some guards will attempt  to
shoot you in the back.  Return the favor, then grab a fire extinguisher on the
walls, and then use the fire extinguisher to put out the flames and open the
fire door.

As the fire door slowly opens, keep your sights pointed up, for once the door
opens completely a guard will start sniping you from an above catwalk.  Dispose
of him then turn left, ignoring the lift.  Proceed through the long hall.  On
the right you'll find another storage lot; snipe the guard on the above
catwalk, then continue eastbound until you reach the second-to-last nuclear
threat.  The scientists needed are located in a nearby supply bin, so while
they are de-wiring open the bay door with its switch.  If you have any sense in
you, you won't step into the trip-wires.  After some rounds of shelling your
hapless enemies, you'll come across an ascending ramp leading to a high
catwalk.  Climb it and follow where it leads, which is to the final bomb.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Defuse the bombs"

Press the lever on the computer to open the fire door.  Take out your sniper
rifle and kill the two dark henchman across the gap.  You have to cross the gap
using the pipe on the left, but in doing so you've also got to watch out for
the steam it spurts out at regular intervals.  Cross it carefully, then hit the
fire alarm to turn on some sprinklers inside the door.  Enter the door, and
find all the fire that you would have had to deal already put out.  But you've
got bigger problems: a gun sentry around the corner.  If you have any grenades
in your AK, use them, but if not just use your regular gun fire.  As long as
you don't let it notice you, it's a pretty simple target.  At the end of the
hall is a control room; pull the lever on the console to deactivate the

Grab the body armor just outside of the control room, then return to the large
chamber where the tripmines previously occupied.  Around the corner you'll find
some light resistance.  Kill them and Khallos will arrive with some pet Time
Splitters.  Kill him/them, then pick up the Time Crystal Khallos will drop.


Tagrineth writes:

An important help against Khallos on Hard mode: throw a few remote mines next
to the entrance there, and blow them up while Khallos stands on them; it takes
off around half of his health, sometimes more if you time it right

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Eliminate Khallos"
  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Retrieve the Time Crystal"

To activate the reactor, pull all three levers around this arena.  Watch out
for the Time Splitters though, as they can be a pain in the arse.  After you
finish, go through the portal to be done with this annoying level.

 _____                                                          _____
/___/               Level 4.8   Aztec, 1920                  /___/

Initial Objectives:

o Find the lost temple
o Retrieve the Time Crystal

Follow the little monkey up the slope.  Don't bother wasting any ammo on it;
you'll have enough problems with those little critters later on.  Go through
the first area, where a "meeting among monkeys" is taking place.  Ignore them
and go through the dirt tunnel.  You'll encounter a native of these parts, an
Aztec warrior.  Kill him and take his crossbow, which you [should] use for the
rest of the level.  Head to the right, the area BEFORE where the bee hive is
located.  Put your crossbow up near the torch to set its arrows alight.  Set
fire to the bee hive to be done with those annoying bees, then pass it and a
strange, large creatures will charge you.  It's a Tree Golem, and it can only
be killed with fire.  Luckily you put the tips of your arrows on fire, so hit
it with one of those arrows and it'll fall shortly.

Go through the path to find it blocked by some strange door.  REMEMBER the
location of this door for later reference.  Take the tunnel on your left, light
your crossbow if it isn't already, and another Tree Golem will come to beg your
for death.  Set it on fire, as well as the local bee hive, and go to the far
corner of this small plot of land.  Through the tunnel and up the steps you'll
encounter some opposition from the natives.  Put some arrows in their head to
convince them otherwise and you'll find some totem poles.  First, kill the damn
annoying monkeys on the tops of the totem poles before they drop explosive
watermelons (???) on you.

Many, MANY people flood the Ts2 board for help requests with this puzzle.  It's
really not that hard.  I'll draw a diagram to help you guys.


T = Totem pole

The numbers (T2, T3, etc.) = the numbers I've assigned to totem poles. This
diagram is based on [T6], which is closest to the path you entered here with.

                   ------[T1]                [T2]
                  |                              |
         Gecko ---                                ------ Dragon
                  |                              |
                   ------[T3]                [T4]
                  |                              |
        Lizard ---                                ------ Elephant
                  |                              |
                   ------[T5]                [T6]

For those of you confused with the diagram, let me explain.  [T5] and [T3] must
have their Lizard symbols facing each other, [T3] and [T1] must have their
Gecko symbols facing each other, etc.  If you REALLY are stumped and this
diagram doesn't help, play the level on easy, where the totem poles are already
set in the right position, and memorize it.  Once you arrange the totem poles
correctly, a door will open up the slope near the small pond ahead of you.


For even MORE help, Michael Green was nice enough to draw us this diagram:



                                * You enter here

Turn pillar the "1" one time, turn pillar "2" three times, turn pillar "3"
three times, turn pillar "4" three times, turn pillar "5" two times and turn
pillar "6" twice. That should open the door.

Some locals will come out and attack.  Put them in their place and approach the
bridge.  Before you cross it, take out the monkey on the ledge to your left. 
Cross the bridge, go down the path to find some kind of machine.  Operate it
with the action button and some logs will flow over the water fall;
consequently, a door will open (o_O).  This door is the one I told you to
remember.  Go to it now, drop down the hole it leads to. A checkpoint. 
Continue through the tunnel and out to the entrance to the temple.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Locate the Temple"

Kill the monkeys in the hedges on your left and right, then enter the Temple. 
Kill the locals and go down the stairwell, pillaging and slaughtering along the
way.  Look: the Time Crystal! But lo! it will retract into the ground.  Go
behind the stairs to find a switch; press it to make a door open, next to the
spot the Time Crystal was.  Climb down the steps, kill the priest and the local
who will attack.  At the bottom landing, take out the monkey on the pillar,
then step into the chamber to find the terrifying beasts we call stone golems.

  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Defeat the Stone Golems (7)

These stone golems are invincible to gunfire, fire, and arrows.  So, just how
the hell do you kill these things?  Well, you see the trap doors in the floor? 
You've got to lure a stone golem over a trap door, and as its standing on it,
press the nearby switch that opens the trap door.  This will cause it fall into
some kind of pit and die.  Doing this is pretty simple; just avoid their swipes
and lure them to onto a trap door, then quickly press the switch to make them
go by-bye.  After you defeat the two golems in this arena, a door will slide
open to the north.  Go through it to another arena, much like the previous. 
Kill the two golems in the same fashion as you did in the previous arena, then
proceed through the next door which'll slide open.


Rory Scollard submits this alternate strategy:

In the Aztec level in single player, when you're given the objective to kill
the Stone Golems, I always kept leading them over the pit but they'd never fall
through. Then, I found out that the melons the monkies toss hurt the Stone
Golems (don't ask how, I'm wondering the same). It took about 2-3 melons to
destroy a Golem, depending on the place of impact.

A monkey will run down the tunnel; resist the urge to chase down and kill the
little bugger, simply because some metal spears will spike out of the walls as
you approach their hiding places.  Avoid them and you'll come to a small
bridge; once you step on it the door behind you will close.  This is another
puzzle that stumps way too many people.

Notice the stone faces placed on the surrounding walls.  Stand still and listen
closely to the Sound FX.  After a few seconds, you'll hear the sound of
something like stone grinding against stone.  That's because *one* of the faces
around this room is rotating its normal eye set to an eye set that looks rather
devilish.  When you hear this sound, quickly look around at each of the faces
for the one that is changing.  Watch that face until the devil eyes fully come
into view, then shoot those eyes with any weapon: this will destroy the entire
face.  Don't dally too long; the devil eyes will shoot at you if you stand
around too long.  Destroy all seven faces around the room and the bridge will
extend, to reach the platform.

A priest will come out and try and stop you; drop him then quickly turn around
because another native has come from behind.  Go down the corridor, step onto
the stairs and you'll start to hear a rumble and feel a rumble in your
controller.  A very large, spherical bolder is now rolling down the path behind
you.  My advise: get the hell off the steps! [Insert obvious Indiana Jones
reference here].

Through the double doors you will find the last of the golems.  Since there
aren't any trap doors in this room, you've got to find another way to kill the
golems.  Search around a bit and you'll find the grenade launcher lying on the
floor, its only appearance in this single-player game.  Use its grenades to
kill the last three golems in the level, and then grab the Time Crystal.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Defeat the Stone Golems (7)"
  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Retrieve the Time Crystal"

Run through the portal before the Time Splitters get at you.

 _____                                                          _____
/___/           Level 4.9   Robot Factory, 2315              /___/

Initial Objectives:

o Gain access to the inner processing facility
o Locate and collect the ElectroTool
o Overload the energy nodes with electricity
o Find the factory core
o Retrieve the Time Crystals

Many people consider this to be a pretty hard level.  I think it's a pretty
long level.  The only strategy that applies here is to conserve health for as
long as possible.  Body armor is scattered throughout the level, so be sure to
pick as many of those up as you can find.  So, with that said let's begin.

Your starting equipment includes the Plasma Autorifle, Temporal Uplink, and
Sci-Fi handgun.  Omit the Plasma Autorifle until further notice; ammo for this
is scarce and we've got to conserve it for as long as possible.  So, take out
your Sci-Fi handgun (who's ammo is dropped by nearly every enemy in this level)
and greet the pair of robots that will open the automatic door in front of you.
 After you finish them, approach the door and three more robots will
materialize.  Two will spawn on your left, one to your right behind a crate. 
Stand back and kill all three, then proceed through the hall at your left.  A
series of about six inactive robots will are standing in a tight phalanx.  Take
care of three by shooting the bomb rotating back and forth.  Once you finish up
the robots, proceed through the corridors until you reach a force-field barring
your path.  Before you go any further, grab the body armor (on Normal) in the
adjacent hall with the locked door.  Then go over to the Rail Bot Security
Terminal.  Access it and take control of the local Rail Bot.  Ride it into the
force-field, which will make the force-field dissipate.

Go through the newly opened way.  Grab the plasma grenades on your right (these
are essential) and press the button on the machine to extend a bridge.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Gain access to the inner processing facility"

Three more robots will teleport and object to your progress.  Kill them and
return to the hold you began the level.  A LOT of robots will now teleport; to
defeat them, strafe back and forth, firing at the invaders with your Sci-Fi
Handgun.  Afterwards, head through the automatic doors to the east.  Destroy
the stationary drone gun near the door by shooting its turret.  Do the same for
the following.  Out the door you'll find a large processing chamber and two
security ChassisBot robots.  To destroy them, take out your Plasma Autorifle
and use its secondary fire, grenade launch, and have a grenade attack itself to
the robot.  Since the robots are so close together, the grenade should take out
both; if not blast another grenade, which should take care of them.  But, for
Gods sakes, don't stand adjacent to them and try and beat them with your
Autorifle.  They'll mow you down pretty damn quick, and even if you manage to
kill them your health will end up at a crippling low.

Destroy the drones in here, and watch out for the Rail Bots sliding by.  Head
through the following automatic door.  Destroy the drone then get under the
ramp.  Six robots will teleport, and an ChassisBot is on the walkway above you.
 This could get ugly.  Establish the tempo of the conflict by eliminating the
lesser-threat robots.  Afterwards, blast a few grenades on the
slowly-approaching ChassisBot.

Go up the ramp, destroy the drone gun across the hall.  Head onto the bridge,
and as you do four robots will teleport.  Destroy them as well as the following
drone gun and continue through the facility to find the first power node.  You
must find the ElectroTool to destroy it, but where's that? I'll tell you later.
 Right now, you've got other problems: two ChassisBot's with Laser Guns, and a
machine that [once you alert the ChassisBot's] will deploy little spheres that
will explode in your face.  Ouch.  First we want to take care of the machines. 
From here, you should be able to see the feet of an ChassisBot across the
chamber.  Blast it and the machine will deploy the explosives; destroy them
midway.  Now we can take care of the ChassisBots.  Do this by drawing the
ChassisBot toward you.  Yes, that's right, toward you so we can get behind one
of the beams supporting the ceiling.  From that position, nudge a little ways
past it so you can barely make out the ChassisBot but it can't hit you with
it's lasers.  Finish it off from there.  Do the same for the next ChassisBot.

Get down to ground floor and go through either passage, left or right.  Watch
out for the dangerous explosive bearing machines and continue to the same large
processing area; but this time you're on the other side.  Approach the drone
and instead of just shooting it will unroll into a full-flegded robot.  The
same strategy applies for this thing; shoot its turret head to defeat it, then
grab the ElectroTool is guards.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Locate and collect the ElectroTool"

Watch out for the omnipresent robots, whom will spawn once you pick up the
ElectroTool.  Return to the power node and overload it by hitting it with your
ElectroTools primary fire.  After it explodes, a horde of robots will appear. 
Destroy them all while on the ramp, so you can only be shot at from one
direction instead of fifty others.  After you defeat them all, a force field
will dissipate above the ramp.  Head on through.

What you'll come to is a long hallway with an ChassisBot, five or six Rail
Bots, and a drone that will unfold so that it can walk and follow you.  Scared
yet? You better be.  Get on one side of the hall (BEFORE you let the ChassisBot
see you) and drop the Rail Bots, one by one, as they come.  Once no more
appear, step into the hallway to deal with the ChassisBot.  Put a Plasma
grenade on its ass and watch it splatter its greasy parts all over the floor. 
Now, take care of the drone.  Easy right? :P

Across the hall, access the Rail Bot Control Terminal.  Inside the bot, steer
it along the route to a small inaccessible room with a power node.  Destroy the
power by having the Rail Bot shoot the three batteries on the floor surrounding
it.  Two down, two to go.  Return to FPV.

Go through the force-field that just opened.  Ignore the terminal on the right
and head into the large, circular chamber will flame-throwers above you.


Good ole Tagrineth writes with this hint:

In the Robot Factory, if you're having trouble taking care of all the
SentryBots and those EVIL EVIL EVIL (heheh, you are so right, Tagrineth)
Walking Turrets, once you're past the checkpoint you can beat them very
easily... using the controllable Rail Gun (get it? ha ha ha) in the big
circular room.  SentryBots are very, very slow, so if you can trigger a bunch
of them to follow you, you can run back to the console which controls the Rail
Gun and aim for the door... as soon as the SentryBots' feet are visible, NAIL
them.  They won't be able to retaliate (no line of sight, and they can't move
while being hit that fast - but if they do retaliate, the Rail Gun is toast)...
this also helps a LOT with the Walking Turrets (anyone else hate those blasted
things?) to conserve ammo.  One thing to watch out for though is that the more
agile ChassisBots do NOT get stunned by the Rail Gun, so they HAVE to be taken
on personally, preferably with an ElectroTool.

Destroy the drones and explosive eggs and yet another troublesome ChassisBot
will teleport.  Put a grenade in his mouth and continue on through the
corridor.  Press A on the terminal on the left, as well as the following
terminal.  This will destroy another node.  Exit the corridor to find another
processing area.  This is littered with ChassisBot models touting Homing
Launchers, so watch out! Go down the catwalk and notice the body armor lying at
practically every corner.  Trust me you'll need it.  Suite up with full armor
and continue over the bridge to some more drones.  Destroy them, grab another
copy of the ElectroTool, and the fun will begin.

This is the hardest part of the level.  A total of ten ChassisBots, with their
Homing Launchers and Laser Guns, and uncountable amounts of robots will
teleport, though not all at once.  The key to surviving this onslaught is to
keep your body armor level high and grab some of those Homing Launchers to blow
the ChassisBot's over.  I would recommend you to stand in a doorway of some
sort so that you can only be attacked in one direction.  Once the enemies stop
spawning, you'll know things are safe.  Return to the hallway with the two
terminals and you'll find the final node hanging from the ceiling.  You know
what to do.

A force-field ,that was in the center of the bride in the previous processing
area, has dissipated.  Go through it to a pair of anterooms.

   OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Overload the energy nodes with electricity"
   OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Find the factory core"
   OBJECTIVE ADDED : Defeat the mechanist

The mechanist is operating a large machine through the anteroom.  It looks like
a dissected Swiss-army knife, but apparently looks don't count for much in this
boss battle.  The machine will swipe at you with it's several weapons and will
spawn some robots to provide support.  Avoid the swiping by strafing back and
forth.  All you must to defeat it is to shoot the fulcrum with your Plasma
Autorifle until the thing is destroyed.  If you need some extra ammo, boxes of
it are to the left and right of this chamber that keep respawning.  Once you
defeat the mechanist, go to the upper level, grab the Time Crystal.  Ignore the
Time Splitters and run through the portal, and you're off to the final level!

 _____                                                          _____
/___/              Level 4.10  Space Station                 /___/

Initial Objectives:

o Retrieve the Time Crystal
o Activate the self destruct sequence
o Escape the space station

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hart has died! :_( Oh well.  Not like the game
revealed a whole lot about her.  Anyway, this is one of the easiest, shortest,
and cheapest levels in the game, with not even a final boss.  Bleh.


Tagrineth writes:

Also I'd like to add a VERY amusing point in the Space Station... desptie Corp.
Hart dying, if you're in Co-Op, player 2 controls her for the entire level
(then she promptly vanishes once you're in the spaceship :P).

Grab the Time Crystal on your left.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Retrieve the Time Crystal"

Ignore the bees, Time Scourges and every other enemy.  Drop to the bottom floor
and go through the door with the yellow "3" next to it.  The bees won't follow
if you're quick enough.  Run up the slopes and activate the three working
consoles you come across until you get the objective completion message.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Activate the self destruct sequence"

If you're not already on the bottom floor, get there and go through the door
marked "Hangar." You still don't need to worry about the bees, because they
don't follow you through corridors.  Head out the other door and kill the
Reaper Splitters.  Press the button near the shaft to bring up a lift, then
ride the lift to the bottom.  Turn RIGHT, through the door, kill the Splitter
and grab the body armor, then head over to the locker.  Run into the
environmental suite to put it on, as you'll need it later.  Proceed through the
halls and corridors, taking out drone guns and Time Splitters as necessary. 
You really don't have to hurry; you have more then ample time to escape the
Space Station.  Eventually you will reach an air lock room.  Wait out the
depressurization period and you'll arrive on the platform in space.  Lucky you
have the environmental suite on, aren't you? Head over to the turret and man

  OBJECTIVE ADDED : Destroy the attacking ships

Destroy all 20 incoming ships with your turret.  It hasn't any missiles, but
you won't need them.  Just don't dally for too long.

  OBJECTIVE COMPLETE : "Destroy the attacking ships"

Return inside the ship to find a whole new set of enemies.  Kill them and
backtrack to the corridor that's marked "Elevator." Proceed through it and open
the door.  Grab the mini-gun and body armor on the shelf.  Take out your Mini
Gun, set it to its secondary function, and go into the following chamber. 
Press the switch near the shaft to bring up a lift.  It'll be a long time
coming up, and don't expect the enemies to cease coming at you.  Wait for the
lift, killing the Time Splitters until the lift arrives.  When it does, get on
it and ride with it as it slowly approaches the below hangar.  Once you reach
bottom in the hangar, make a dash for you ship, which is in the center of the

Enjoy the final cutscene and the end to this spectacular game!

  +                                                               +
  |   5.   Rewards                                                 |
  +                                                               +

Here in this section, I'll go over the rewards you can attain from completing
single player missions, beating league modes, and finishing Challenges.  This
section was practically made by the readers, contributing their knowledge and
correcting mis-information. Thanks, guys!


    +                                                             +
    |   S i n g l e  P l a y e r   M i s s i o n  R e w a r d s   |
    +                                                             +

These rewards you get by completing the single player missions, as the topic
header states. There is no requirement on how fast you beat it, but you must
beat these on the Normal difficulty. All of those such rewards, though not
many, are listed below.

NOTE:  These rewards are what you earn for completing the various single
       player missions on the NORMAL difficulty, except those especially
       marked with an asterisk (*) next to the reward.

                          * = HARD MODE ONLY.

           |     Level Name     |  Rewards for Completion   |
           |                    |                           |
           |       Siberia      |       Hybrid Mutant       |
           |       Chicago      |         Big Tony          |
           |     Notre Dame     |     Jacque de la Morte    |
           | Return to Planet X |         Ozor Mox          |
           |      NeoTokyo      |          Sadako           |
           |      Wild West     |       The Colonel         |
           |    Atom Smasher    |         Khallos           |
           |       Aztec        |       Stone Golem         |
           |   Robot Factory    |         Mechanist         |
           |   Space Station    |Arcade Level: Streets      |
           |--------------------|Arcade Level: Compound     |
           |         =          |Arcade Level: Site*
           |--------------------|Character: Reaper Splitter |
           |         =          |Cheat: Big Heads           |
           |--------------------|Cheat: cardboard characters|
           |         =          |Cheat: All characters      |
           |--------------------|       cloaked             |
           |         =          |Cheat: Unlimited Ammo*

                          * = HARD MODE ONLY.

    +                                                             +
    |           A r c a d e  L e a g u e  R e w a r d s           |
    +                                                             +

NOTE (1) : When multiple characters can be earned in the same Arcade
           Challenge/Challenge, sometimes one of those characters might
           have a lesser requirement to unlock then the other. In example, for
           "Cold Corpse Caper", two characters are available for
           unlocking: Cyber Fairy and Gargoyle. Getting Cyber Fairy only
           requires a silver, but to unlock the Gargoyle you need a gold.
           Thus, the requirements listed is the requirements necessary to get
           ALL of the listed characters. This sometimes works with maps
           (levels) as well.

NOTE (2) : Any other characters not listed here can be attained by
           beating single player missions (see above section).

|##########################  A m a t e u r  L e a g u e #####################|

                                       Group Name
|     Challenge Name     |      Reward for Completion         | Requirement|

                                     Beginners Series
|     Adios Amigos!      |     Hector Babosal, Lean Molly     |    Gold    |
|       Casualty         |     Dr. Peabody, Crypt Zombie      |    Gold    |
|       Top Shot         |   Hangar, Sgt. Shock, Elim. Mode   |    Gold    |

                                       Mode Madness
|     Chasity Chased     |           Regeneration mode        |    Gold    |
|Shrinking from the Cold | Prv. Sand, Sgt. Slate, Shrink mode |    Gold    |
|      Scrap Metal       |         Scrapyard, ChassisBot      |    Gold    |

                                      It's a Blast
|     Night Shift        |       Sentry bot, Leech mode       |    Gold     |
|    Spoils of War       |       Meezor Mox, Thief mode       |    Gold     |
|  Demolition Derby      |M/F Trooper, Robot Factory, Vampire*|    Gold     |

* - Vampire Mode

                                   Too hot to handle
|   Monkey Immolation    |      Crispin, Flame Tag Mode       |     Gold    |
|     Disco Inferno      |     Louie Big Nose, Lt. Wild       |     Gold    |
|    Burns Department    |Undead Priest, Nightclub, Virus mode|     Gold    |

                                     Team Series A
|      Club Soda         |     Slick Tommy, Jimmy Needles     |    Gold    |
|    Station Stand       |       Lt. Shade, Zones mode        |    Gold    |
|     Men in Gray        |  Accountant, Lawyer, Assault mode  |    Gold    |

|######################### H o n o r a r y  L e a g u e #####################|

                                      Group Name
|     Challenge Name     |      Reward for Completion         | Requirement|

|   Cold Corpse Caper    |       Cyber Fairy, Gargoyle        |    Gold     |
|     Killer Queen       |            Leo Krupps              |    Gold     |
|      R109 Beta         | Lt. Chilli (Gold), Ufopia (Bronze) |See Previous |
|                        |      Gladiator Mode (Bronze)       |             |

                                  Elimination Series
| Baking For The Taking  |   Chinese Chef, Gingerbread Man    |    Silver   |
|    Brace Yourself      |      Braces, Trooper Brown         |     Gold    |
|   Starship Whoopers    |Chinese Level, Monkey Assistant     |     Gold    |
|                        |           Trace  Black             |             |

                                    Burns 'n Bags
|     Chinese Burns      |        Calamari, Chef Hat          |     Gold   |
|     Snow Business      |      Snowman, Trooper Grey         |     Gold   |
|      Rocket Man        |      Venus Star, Capt. Sand        |     Gold   |

                            Outnumbered, but never outpunned!
|Someone Has Got To Pay..|           Duckman Drake             |    Gold     |
|    Time to Split       |    Barby Gimp, Scourge Splitter     |    Gold     |
|  Can't Handle This     |    Chasm, Hatchet Sal, Handyman     |    Gold     |

                                     Team Series B
|     Hack A Hacker      |         Krayola, Milkbaby           |   Silver    |
|   Rice Cracker Rush    |     Riot Officer, The Master        |    Gold     |
|     Superfly Lady      |Capt. Pain, New Assault level: Hangar|    Gold     |

|########################### E l i t e  L e a g u e #########################|

                                      Group Name
|     Challenge Name     |      Reward for Completion         | Requirement|

                                   One Shot Thrills
|  Babes in the Woods    |           Jo-Beth Casey             |   Silver    |
|     Double Bill        |  Beetleman, The Elvis Impersonator  |    Gold     |
|  Nikki Jinki Bricky    |            Nikki, Jinki             |    Gold     |

                                     Duel Meaning
|If I'm Ugly---You Smell!|Mikey Twoguns(Silver)Jared Slim(Gold)|    Gold     |
|     Golem Guru         |              Kypriss                |    Gold     |
|    Golden Thighs       |     High Priest, Aztec Warrior      |    Gold     |

                                    Frantic Series
|  Hangar's Hat's Off!   |      Henchman, Dark Henchman        |    Gold     |
|Can't Please Everyone...|        Maiden, Changeling           |    Gold     |
|    Big Top Blowout     | Mr. Giggles (Silver), Stumpy (Gold) | See Previous|

                                     Team Series C
|     Bags Of Fun        |Ringmistress, Big Hands, Slow Deaths |    Gold     |
|  They're Not Pets!     |          Baby Drone, Bear           |    Gold     |
|    Nice Threads        | Assault level: Scrapyard available  |   Silver    |

                              Sincerest Form of Flattery
|"Aztec" The Dino Hunter |              Dinosaur               |   Silver    |
|       Half Death       |           Drone Splitter            |   Silver    |
|     Dead Fraction      |           Jebediah Crump            |   Silver    |


LMAO! Look at the above table, the names of the challenges. If you haven't
guessed, they're all parody's of popular game titles: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter,
Half-Life, and Red Faction. Free Radical does have a sense of humor ^^


     +                                                             +
     |             C h a l l e n g e    R e w a r d s              |
     +                                                             +

                                     Group Name
|     Challenge Name     |      Reward for Completion         | Requirement|

                                       Glass Smash
|    Pane In The Neck    |       Cheat:  Rotating Head        |    Silver    |
|      Bricking It       |            Brick Weapon            |    Silver    |
|     Stain Removal      |              Hunchback             |    Silver    |

                                    Behead the Undead
|Fight off the living dead|            Sewer Zombie            |   Silver    |
|  Sergio's Last Stand    |               Sergio               |   Silver    |
|   Day Of The Dammed     |           Feeder Zombie            |   Silver    |

|   Silent, But Deadly   |             Viking Hat              |    Gold     |
|  Trouble At The Docks  |             Pirate Hat              |    Gold     |
|  Escape From NeoTokyo  |            Big Ears hat             |    Gold     |

                                      Banana Chomp
|     Gone Bananas       |            Private Coal             |   Silver    |
|   Monkey Business      |           Private Poorly            |   Silver    |
|  Playing With Fire     |             Wood Golem              |   Silver    |

                                   Cut-Out Shoot-out
|     Take 'em Down      |             Ample Sally             |   Silver    |
|       Fall Out         |          Marco the Snitch           |   Silver    |
|    Pick Yer Piece      |             Sgt. Rock               |   Bronze    |

                                Timesplitters Story Classic
|  Badass Buspass Impasse   |          Badass Cyborg            |   Silver   |
|Where do the batteries Go? |          R One-Oh-Seven           |   Silver   |
|Hit me Baby One Morgue Time|            Cropolite              |   Silver   |

                                   Monkeying Around
|     Simian Shooter     |           Insect Mutant             |   Silver    |
|     Monkey Mayhem      |      Mischief, Lola Varuska         |    Gold     |
|     Dam Bursters       |      Robofish, Circus level         |   Silver    |

     +                                                             +
     |              M i n i  G a m e  L o c a t i o n s            |
     +                                                             +

There are three mini-game cards you can find in this game. They serve no
particular purpose, but you can play them on your Temporal Uplink if you want.
If you ask me they're dreadfully boring and extremely hard, but here are the
locations anyway since I receive at least 5 emails a day regarding this
subject. This section is contributed entirely by the reader Tagrineth, so give
her the thanks, not me. Girl gamers rock!

(1) Anaconda Card (Siberia):

On all difficulties, after entering the top of the installation just past the
dam, there are three shelf stand thingies... two of them are parallel to each
other.  The one which is perpendicular to those two houses the Anaconda
minigame cartridge.

(2) AstroLander (NeoTokyo):

On Normal and Hard, in the lockers next to the laptop and digital camera,
there's an AstroLander cartridge as well as the SBP90 Machine Gun.  AstroLander
rocks :)

(3) RetroRacer (Robot Factory):

Apparently the third cartridge is a racing game, and it's in the Robot Factory
on Hard.  Know what I have to say about that?  ...Ouch.  Apparently it's under
one of the ramps in the last room before the Machinist.

  +                                                               +
  |   6.  Credits                                                 |
  +                                                               +

gamewinners.com      :  For [some] of the rewards section information
Richard Giles        :  For the information on Sergio's Last Stand
Cropolite2401        :  Information on the Stain Removal challenge
Michael Green        :  For a diagram in the Aztec level
Turbo G              :  Although many people later emailed about this, Turbo G
                        was first: he informed me of the purpose of the
                        weapon parts in "Return to Planet X"
mogtaka              :  Monkey Business information
Jeff Mitchell        :  "Pane in the Neck" Mis-information brought to my
Aardvark2103         :  More mis-information brought to my attention.
Marc Louisseize      :  Pointing out mis-information.
RbrtTurner           :  Lotsa corrections, as those are always good, and some
Tagrineth            :  For corrections in the tables, as well as a few hints
                        for the single player. She also contributed the
                        "Game Cards Rewards" section.
Husky219             :  Some corrections in Siberia, letting me know that it
                        only takes 3 mines to destroy the biocontainment
                        container, and he told me that it's the *special
                        forces* that attack you on the dam, not mutants
Firaga01             :  Gave me more precise information on the R-109 Beta
                        Challenge, and corrected the "Half Death" requirement
                        for getting the Drone Splitter.
ifandonlyif600       :  More specific locations of the weapons part in
                        "Return to Planet X," and s/he gave me a multiplayer
                        tip, seen in my description of the ElectroTool
Jonathan Petersen    :  Pointed out that objective I missed in NeoTokyo. Good
                        thing he emailed me ;)
Billy Bissette       :  For quite a few chart corrections (could I be any more
Acdmitchell          :  For supplying me with the information of what you earn
                        by beating the single player missions on Hard.
Rory Scollard        :  A tip in the "Aztec" level, saying that you can use the
                        explosive watermelons to kill the golems, and a
                        correction in the Arcade charts.
MonstrousBilly       :  Correcting me, saying that the Thompson Machine Gun
                        wasn't used in WWII.
Tyson Reinhart       :  This guy informed me that the Tommy Gun WAS used in
                        WWII. This is getting rediculous.
sliderx666           :  Arcade challenge "Superfly Lady" information. More
                        specifically, s/he informed me that you get the
                        Assault Level Hanger as a reward.


                       FAQ/Walkthrough by black hole sun
                      © 2002 Paul 'black hole sun' Lauria
                         Completed in November of 2002
                              All rights reserved


Many thanks to Revolution reader Paul Lauria!