Castlevania: Circle Of The Moon GBA Cheats

Castlevania: Circle Of The Moon

Gameboy Advance

Magician Mode:

After you have beat the game, type FIREBALL as a name and then start a new game. The word "Magician" should appear on the option screen. All trading cards will be available under the DSS option. Once you have beat the game with the Magician code you will be able to use shooter mode.

Shooter Mode:

After you have beat the game with the magician code, type CROSSBOW as a name and then start a new game. The word "Shooter" should appear on the option screen. Nathan will have a substantial number of hearts, extra sub-weapon damage, and can use the Homing Dagger sub-weapon in this mode. Once you have beat the game with the shooter mode, you will be able to use fighter mode

Fighter Mode:

After you have beat the game using the shooter mode, type GRADIUS as a name and start a new game. The word "Fighter" should appear on the option screen. Nathan will be stronger and able to take more damage.Once you have beat the game with fighter mode you'll be able to use thief mode.

Thief Mode:

After you have beat the game using fighter mode, type DAGGER as a name to see your character's thief stats.


Easy Ways to Beat a Few Bosses:

-First of all some people seem to have trouble with the twin Dragon Zombies. I found a very easy way to kill them, I was on about level 25 or so. Just stand in the middle platform and use axes as your sub-weapon and just keep throwing them at the heads. First take out one head then the other and dodge whatever they try to do to you, jumping is usually enough.

-Secondly here is a very easy way to beat Hugh near the end. Use a DSS combo such as Venus and Thunderbird to boost your strength. Next run right up to him and start whipping him. You should be able to get two swings off before he swings his sword so just swing twice and jump to dodge his sword. When he powers up just keep doing this.

-Lastly Camilla was pretty easy but anything is pretty easy if you use the Uranus and Thunderbird DSS combo. I went into this fight with them equipped and just kept unleashing thunderbirds over and over again and she died after about 5 Thunderbirds.

Get The Shining Armor:

To get the shining armor you must beat the battle arena. The shining armor is not needed to beat the game, and it is very hard to get. To beat the battle arena you should be at least lv. 70 with lots of healing items, because magic doesn't work there. Yet if you beat it you can claim the shining armor which gives you +10 strength, +500 denfence, +10 Intellegence, and +10 Luck. The shining armor is the rarest item on the game, but makes it so much easier.

Armor 101:

There are to armors you might want to use for the battle arena. Needle armor which you get from Fallen Angel, she is located near the entrance of the battle arena. The second is Dark armor it come from an enemy called Lilem she is in the top right in a secret room sort of near where you fought Golem. Needle armor is the third best armor in the game. Dark armor is the second.

Killin' Dragon Zombies:

A better way to kill zombie dragons is to go down slash them then go to the left door step and use Jupiter + Mandragora cards to heal your self. Reapeat this it takes a while but works. Another hint is use Jupiter + Manticore to have a poison cloud around you to beat death.

Another Way To Kill The Zombie Dragons:

First get the boomerang which you can get in the triumphant halls, then stand on the first platform in between the two dragons and throw three boomerangs at their heads and then jump on the platform above it. If you do this right you'll get 4-5 hits on one dragon and then it will come back to hit the other dragon. The boomerang takes up 6 hearts so make sure you have plenty of them.

Get the Homing Dagger!:

First get Shooter mode. Then find a candle with a dagger in it. Get the dagger and leave. Come back and get the dagger again! (trust me you can). It will use the same amount of hearts and do more damage. They also leave a cool star trail.

Get the Bear Ring:

First off don't kill any Were-bears or Grizzlies just read on. Where you first fall in the game (the abyss) equip the Jupiter and Serpent cards activate them and fall pressing agianst the left wall. Asecret entrance should appear. Don't leave there yet. Activate the cards again and in the ceiling is another secret entrance!! In there should be a Skeleton Medalist. He drops the Bear Ring.

Kill the Skeleton Medalist!

Equip the earth whip and be on about level 50. You should only have to hit him once ( I'v never been able to hit him two times!). Be carefull. P.S. Don't turn into the bear until you get to a save! You are as weak as the Skeleton! ;)

All My Familiars:

My favorite familiar is the Ghost and the Ghast familiar. The Ghost familiar use 4mp/attack and the Ghast familiar uses 8mp/attack. Just a little help for everyone!

Defeating Death:

To defeat Death very easily, just activate the Jupiter + Manticore DSS combo. His sickles cannot hit you, and by this point in the game you will probably never run out of MP because this combo will use it slower than you restore it.

Summon in the Battle Arena:

To use MP in the battle arena you must have some kind of MIND RESTORES or MIND HIGHS. First use the mind restore and then hit the button combo real quick and you should be able to summon! Only once though for however many Mind restores you have. This trick is really useful when you get to the room where there are nothing but MINOTAURS.

Use all DSS Card Combos w/ 2 Cards:

First you need to acquire at least two cards. Equip the two cards. Then press L and quickly press pause and switch card combo to any one you want even if the cards are not there. Unpause the game and you should get what that card combo does if done correctly! Just don't run out of your MP when doing this trick because it will go away until you get to a save point.

Sexy Evil:

If you manage to cover 100% of the map in less that 6 hours and beat it then after the credits you get to see Camiela at a beach in a bikini before she became evil.

Easiest Way to Defeat the Skeleton Medalist:

Use the combo pluto - griffin, now you can run 3 as fast as the skeleton. You'll have to be patient though, it'll take you at least 5 times to get the bear ring because he also drops toy rings (useless :)

Dual Setup System Cards:

When you finish the entire adventure, you'll earn a password. If you begin a new game using the password as your name, you'll have all of the Dual Set-Up System (DSS) cards available to you at the start.

Get Levels Quickly:

First go to a room with a lot of Spirits and just keep B pressed until you get more and more levels up. 2.Go to a room and kill all the monsters there and go back to the room and kill them again until you get more and more levels. Like at the start of the game I got to level 70!

Good Exp at Around Lvl 45-53:

Try to Kill Devil Under Hugh he gives about 13,000 exp every time you kill him. (if you need health use the Dss Jupiter and mango. near entrance away from him)

Use all DSS Cards!!

First, get a 2 DSS Card combo, then use the DSS combo and you're chacter will glow. As soon as your character starts glowing go to the DSS card menu and select any 2 cards for a combo. This trick will work even you don't have the right cards!

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