Damage Incorporated Mac Cheats

Damage Incorporated


Hard Core Multiplayer:

Hold down command and press “m” instead of selecting new game. This puts you in

a multiplayer level where you try to get as many kills as possible before dying

(the bad guys keep coming back)…

Level Skip:

Hold down command and option and click ‘new game.’ This skips you to any level.

Cheat codes:

To use these cheat codes, you absolutely need version 1.2 or later. If you

don’t have it, download

the patch

While playing, press and hold the “Ctrl” button while you type the

code. If you have the “Ctrl” button set as your trigger, you may run

into some problems (codes not working). To solve this, select the bayonnet before

using the cheat code.

Code                      Code Result      

HELL               Give  yourself full health. 

ARM Give yourself full armor.

PHISH Changes your field of view. Try it several times for different settings.

BLUE Map shows all locations.

GODEYE Map reveals all locations and shows enemies (green dots) and objects (white dots).

ASD Make a "super" jump, much larger than a normal jump.

WOO Give yourself two pistols and all the ammo therefore.

FREEDOM Give yourself two shotguns and all their ammo.

XSE Give yourself an M16 and all the ammo for it.

AXES Give yourself all the access cards.

MEDIC Give your squad members full health.

CHAT Force a squad member to do a "chit chat."

NIMROD Make your squadies rebel against you.

ASLAG Give yourself all weapons with full ammo and full health.

OXY Give yourself full oxygen.

VOMIT Changes your field of view to 170 degree vision. May cause motion sickness in some people.

ACID You can see in infrared vision.

KLATU Will freeze all enemies.

KSA Will kill squad member one.

KSB Will kill squad members two.

KSC Will kill squad members three.

KSD Will kill squad member four.

HORSE Give yourself all types of grenades.

DETH Give yourself a SMAW and full ammo for it. TOZT Give yourself a flamethrower and full ammo for it.

VENT Give youself two MP5N machine guns and full ammo for them.

THRILL Allows squad members to use all weapons.

HDCS Can cause certain squad members to become mentally unstable.

NOTE: Squad members can become TRAITOR, BERSERK, or SHELL SHOCKED. If they survive

at the end of the mission, they cannot be used for the rest of the game.

Thanks to Revolution readers Susie and Dustin!