Army Men: Sarges Heroes 2,Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes 2 N64 Cheats

Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes 2


Passwords     Level
FLLNGDWN    2 Bridge 
GTMLK       3 Fridge  
CHLLBB      4 Freezer 
CLSNGN      5 Inside Wall 
DGTHS       6 Graveyard 
FRNKNSTN    7 Castle 
BDBZ        8 Tan Base 
LBBCK       9 Revenge 
DSKJB      10 Desk 
GTSLP      11 Bed 
SMLLVLL    12 Blue Town 
CHRGT      13 Cashier 
NTBRT      14 Train 
RDGLR      15 Rockets 
FSTNLS     16 Pool Table 
WHSWZRD    17 Pinball Table 

Enter these codes as a passwords:

Codes          Result

THDTST Debug-To display Some Test Info GBZRK Get all weapons SLGFST Infinite ammo PLSTRLVSVG Play as Pastro GRNGRLRX Play As Vikky


Rocket Stage Hint:

When you’re in the Rocket Stage, you need TNT to blow open the doors to

the rocket launch pads. You should have just enough TNT, but if you run

out, don’t worry! You can use your bazooka to blow open the doors to the

rockets and destroy the rockets themselves. This comes in real handy if

you use a lot of ammo like me!

Tin-Foil Uniform:

Enter tnmn as a code to get the tin-foil uniform but its not


Pissed Off Vikki:

When you go to boot camp kill every green guy you see and then when you

get to the end of boot camp where you have to jump onto the 7 platforms

when your done and you go to the door where vikki is standing she will have

grey clothes on and she will be shooting at you with a bazooka.


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