Beetle Adventure Racing N64 Cheats

Beetle Adventure Racing


Cheat mode:

Start Championship mode on the Coventry Cove track. Find the shortcut near the

barn with two haystacks. Intentionally drive into the haystack closest to the

track and hit the box hidden inside. The word “Groovy” will confirm. Now finish

the race. A “Cheats” option is now found on the Options screen.

More Beetles:

Beat the Novice tracks to enable the Lightning Beetle, the Number 8 Beetle and

the Racing Striped Beetle.

Even More Beetles:

Beat the Advanced tracks to enable the Lightning Beetle with a spoiler, the

Number 8 Beetle with a spoiler, and the Flower Beetle.

Alien Beetle:

Beat the Professional Championship to enable the Alien Beetle.

Bonus Mode:

Beat all the standard Championships to unlock a Bonus mode.

Police Beetle:

Beat Bonus mode to enable the Police Beetle. As this car, press C-Left to use

the siren and your opponents will pull over.


Breaking Out:

This is a glitch in the game. You can do it on any track it’s the best if done

on the ice level Mount Mayhem. Go around the track all three times, when it says

final lap turn around and go backward through the level. When you get to the barrier

that you can’t go past, go to the far right corner and press (L) it will take

you on the other side of the barrier, then head to the end. This makes it possible

for you to go past the finish line and slide around on the ice.

GameShark Codes

Low Timer81025dd43f40

All Cars8002cff7000B

All tracks8002cff30006

All Difficulties      8002cffb0003

Castle Track (Multi)          8002d0030001

Ice Flows (Multi)             8002d0040001

Volcano (Multi)               8002d0050001

Dunes (Multi)                 8002d0060001

Rooftops (Multi)              8002d0070001

Woods (Multi)                 8002d0080001

Number of Lady Bugs Cheat     8002d0090001

Ladybug Color Change Cheat    8002d00a0001

Health Cheat                  8002d00b0001

Power-ups Cheat               8002d00c0001

Time Limit Cheat              8002d00d0001

Radar Cheat                   8002d00e0001

Damage Cheat                  8002d00f0001

? Mode Cheat                  8002d0100001

Time Attack Bonus Boxes Cheat 8002d0110001

Breakables Cheat              8002d0120001

Environment Cheat             8002d0130001

Cars Cheat                    8002d0140001

Handicap - Two Player Cheat   8002d0150001

Color Change Cheat            8002d0160001

Field of View Cheat           8002d0170001

Horn Cheat                    8002d0180001

Track Music Cheat             8002d0190001

Handbrake Power Cheat         8002d01a0001


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Vic K. & L.T., bug, Mario Ingram, John Pelech, Funkie, Andrew Ramirez and Meester