Command and Conquer 64 N64 Cheats

Command and Conquer 64



Cheat Mode:

At the title screen press B, A, R, R, A, C-Right, Up, Down, A. Select Replay

Mission option at the main menu, then press L to show all missions and R to

choose your team.

Start battle after enabling the code. Press L + R to show programming debug

sceen. Press R + L + Up for an automatic win or R + L + Down for an automatic



Hold L press C-Up or C-Down to zoom in and out of the battlefield.

Easy Construction:

From the toolbar, highlight a unit to be created then press A. Hold Z and press

A again after receiving the “Unit Ready” or “Construction Complete” message

to build the same unit again without returning to the toolbar.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Cash GDI     800c4f0600ff

Infinite Cash NOD     800c50ae00ff

Instant Air Strike (GDI)     800962a40032

Instant Ion Cannon (GDI)     800962a50033

Instant Nuclear Strike (GDI) 800962a60034

Instant Air Strike (NOD) 800962a40032

Instant Ion Cannon (NOD)     800962a50033

Instant Nuclear Strike (NOD) 800962a60034


Thanks to Revolution readers Chad Dodsworth, Marky McDaniel, Chris Terrance,

and Thomas “SANCHO” Beesley!