Diddy Kong Racing N64 Cheats

Diddy Kong Racing


Enter the following Magic codes:

ROCKETFUELAll Balloons are Blue
TOXICOFFENDERAll Balloons are Green 
OPPOSITESATTRACTAll Balloons are Rainbow 
BOMBSAWAYAll Balloons are Red 
BODYARMOR All Balloons are Yellow 
BOGUSBANANAS Bananas Reduce Speed 
ARNOLD Big Characters 
NOYELLOWSTUFF Disable Bananas 
WHODIDTHISDisplay Credits 
OFFROAD Four Wheel Drive 
FREEFORALLMaximum Power Up 
JUKEBOX Music Menu 
VITAMINB No Limit to Bananas 
DOUBLEVISIONSelect Same Player 
TEENYWEENIESSmall Characters 
FREEFRUIT  Start with 10 Bananas  
ZAPTHEZIPPERS Turn off Zippers
JOINTVENTURE Two Player Adventure 

Play as TT:

You have to beat all of the tracks in the game in Time

Challenge to get him. He will then appear as a playable on the character

select screen.

Play as Drumstick:

To play as Drumstick find all of the amulets, the WizPig and the TT

amulets. Once you’ve done this, squash a frog with rooster feathers on his head in the central area (place

with the red spot).

Turbo Start :

As in so many N64 racing games, Diddy’s got a Turbo Start (like Wave Race,

Mario Kart 64). Just after the high-voiced announcer says “Get Ready” and

the words start to fade, press the acceleration button (A). You’ll get a

mighty boost. The boost is more powerful and lasts longer the later you enact it. But be

careful not to start it too late or it won’t work at all.

Zipper Boost:

For a blue flame boost off the zippers, let go of the acceleration

right before the zipper. This will help you win the

races dramatically.

Plane Trick:

When using the plane press “R” twice to flip and hold the

control stick left or right to barrel roll.


To go to Space, you must beat WizPig and get all of the Trophies and Amulets. Once you’ve done that, go to the sign by the lighthouse and honk at the sign near it. The lighthouse will transform into a rocket and blast you into space.

Game Shark Codes

Note: This game requires a keycode. For more info, go here.



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