Excitebike 64 N64 Cheats

Excitebike 64


Access Cheat Menu:

Go to the main menu. Press and hold the L button, C-Right and C-Down. Then press

the A button. Now input the following:

invisrider Turns all riders invisible 

blahblah Activates big head mode

pinhead Enables small head mode showoff Activates the stunt bonus yadayada Mirror mode midnight Night mode trickster Unlock all stunts Uglymugs Shows producers photos during cedits pat wells Harder levels xlurider Transparent riders: rotcols Crazy color tracks:

Play the original Excitebike:

In season mode go to Tutorial and succesfully complete the Tutorial then go

to Special Tracks and you will be able to play the original Excitebike!

Original Excitebike in 3D Mode:

Place 1st in the Challenge round of the Pro season.

Soccer Mode:

Place 1st in the Silver round of the Novice Season to unlock Soccer Mode with

two or four players.

Hill Climb Mode:

Place 1st in the Gold round of the Amateur Season.


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and Ben!