Extreme-G 2 N64 Cheats

Extreme-G 2


Venom bike:

Enter 68QCMH3H9HT as a password.

Wasp bike:

Enter 55HZ1MH3H9H1 as a password.

All Bikes:

Enter 3GP8ZKW76ZMW as a password.

Enter "Extreme Contest” mode and type the following as a name at the bike

selection screen:

SPIRALSpiraling screen
SPYEYE Overhead view
MISPLACEMisplace mode
XCHARGEInfinite shields and primary weapon
MISTAKE Infinite weapons
NITROID Infinite turbos
NOPANELRemove all meters and text
2064    Wipeout mode
XXX     Turbo mode
FLICK   Magnification mode
LINEAR  Wireframe graphics 
PIXIERemove Fog
JUGGLE Juggle Mode

Neat Tricks:

Type RA50 as a name. And at any time during the race press Pause and select

quit. Instead of quitting the race, the game will act like you finished the

race. If you pause before the race starts, you’ll get the first pole position.

You can do this at any race without putting the code again.


Thanks to Revolution readers Rene Ellul, Kyle Greivenkamp, Sufyan, Bradley

Kilgore, Cyborg, Jason Alvarado, Aaron, Daniel Chimene, Felipe Stefanini Rodigues,

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