Fighters Destiny N64 Cheats

Fighters Destiny


Play as Robert:

Beat Time Attack in under a minute.

Play as Boro:

Just beat the game on easy mode.

Play as Ushi:

Survive in the ring for 1 minute in Rodeo mode.

Play as the Master:

Beat all of the Masters in Master Challenge mode.

Play as Joker:

Beat 100 people in survival mode.

GameShark Codes

P1 Always Have 0 Stars80209757 0000
P1 Start W/ Extra Starsd0209757 0000
P1 Start W/ Extra Stars80209757 000f
P2 Always Have 0 Stars8020b61f 0000
P2 Start W/ Extra Starsd020b61f 0000
P2 Start W/ Extra Stars8020b61f 000f 

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