Gauntlet Legends N64 Cheats

Gauntlet Legends


Unlock the Falconess:

Get 50 coins in the bonus stage in the Castle world to unlock the Falconess, a

stronger form of the valkyrie.

Unlock the Jackal:

Play through the second level of the Ice world. At the end, on top of the pile

of crates, is a trapdoor at a dead end. Enter the door and collect 50 tokens

to unlock the Jackal, a stronger form of the wizard.

Unlock the Minotaur:

In the third Mountain level, find every switch and then go to the exit. Instead

of going through the exit, stand on the door with the skull on it. Collect 50

coins to unlock the Minotaur.

Unlock the Summoner:

Exit through the secret door in the last level of The Battlefield, the Trench.

Now collect 50 coins in the bonus level to unlck the Summoner.

Unlock the Tigress:

Find all the main switches in the first Town level and head to the portal. On

the way, you’ll see a hill with a chest, a switch, and death on it. Avoid death

and hit the switch. Head in the position the switch is pointing and you will

be lead to some zombies and the trap door. Enter the door and collect 50 coins

to unlock the Tigress.

Secret Weapons

  • The Ice Axe of Untar – Found in the Armory level of the Valkyrie’s

    Castle. This weapon is useful in defeating the Red Dragon in the Warrior’s

  • The Scimitar of Rasha – Found in the Cave level of the Warrior’s

    Mountain. This weapon is useful in defeating the Chimera in the Valkyrie’s

  • The Flame of Tarkana – Found in the Spire level of the Skytown. This

    weapon is useful in defeating the Yeti in the Ice Domain.
  • Marker’s Javelin – Found in the Fissure level of the Ice Domain.

    This weapon is useful in defeating The Plague in the Skytown.

Time-stop Cheat:

When you have a timestop, go to the dragon boss in the first world you start

at. Then wait until your health is very low (he has to be killing you of course)

and turn on the timestop. Let the dragon kill you before the timestop runs out!

This is important to do right because if you wait then the trick won’t work.

When the sign says “you failed” just continue. You’ll start over in the same

world with the stats that you had before. Go to any level and don’t turn on

or get any timestops. If you do the people will start to move again. If you

do the trick right, nobody will move making it easier to solve the puzzles for

the rune stones or obelisks. The downside of this code is that you can’t kill

the frozen people or bosses to get experience.


Easy Experience Points:

For easy experience pts. stand at an angle in front of a generator to where

you can kill the enemies but not destroy the generator and this will improve

your experience. Enjoy!!

More Experience Points:

A Useful strategy to go up levels in Gauntlet Legends is to do the first level

of the first world over and over again. When doing this, combine it with the

hint to hide at the bottom of stairs and keep firing if you know a generator

is nearby. You will get the most experience points by doing this as well as

go to the next level faster.

Secret Weapon:

The soul savior-Found in the tower level of skorn’s realm.This weapon is useful

in defeating The second form of Skorn in the underworld.

GameShark Codes

Note: The following require a Game Shark that is version 3.2 or higher.
If you cannot use this code, then you must turn the Code Generator on 
every time you use the Game Shark with this game. However, if you can use 
this code, then you never have to use the Code Generator. 

Enable Code     EE000000 0000

Player 1 Codes

Infinite Health 810C5C54 0000
                810C5C56 270F
Max Health      810C5C64 0000 
                810C5C66 270F 

Max Strength    810C5C04 0000 
                810C5C06 FFFF 

Max Speed       810C5C14 0000
                810C5C16 FFFF
Max Magic       810C5C24 0000
                810C5C26 FFFF 

Max Armor       810C5C34 0000 
                810C5C36 FFFF 
Level 99        810C5C44 0000
                810C5C46 0063

Player 2 Codes:

Infinite Health 810C6054 0000 
                810C6056 270F
Max Health      810C6064 0000
                810C6066 270F 

Max Strength    810C6004 0000
                810C6006 270F 

Max Speed       810C6014 0000
                810C6016 270F 

Max Magic       810C6024 0000
                810C6026 270F 

Max Armor       810C6034 0000
                810C6036 270F 

Level 99        810C6044 0000 
                810C6046 270F 

Player 3 Codes:

Infinite Health 810C6454 0000
                810C6456 270F 

Max Health      810C6464 0000
                810C6466 270F
Max Strength    810C6404 0000
                810C6406 270F
Max Speed       810C6414 0000
                810C6416 270F 

Max Magic       810C6424 0000
                810C6426 270F
Max Armor       810C6434 0000 
                810C6436 270F 

Level 99        810C6444 0000
                810C6446 270F 

Player 4 Codes:
Infinite Health 810C6854 0000 
                810C6856 270F 

Max Health      810C6864 0000
                810C6866 270F
Max Strength    810C6804 0000 
                810C6806 270F
Max Speed       810C6814 0000
                810C6816 270F 

Max Magic       810C6824 0000
                810C6826 270F 

Max Armor       810C6834 0000
                810C6836 270F 

Level 99        810C6844 0000
                810C6846 270F 

Thanks to Revolution readers William Kennedy, bozzy B, MalaraSha, Benn Gleason,

Nick Rhoton, Ruben Martinez, Anibis, Daniel Creston, Mike Smith, Thomas Puckett,

Brooks Kowal and Chris Kirsch!