Gex 64: Enter the Gecko N64 Cheats

Gex 64


99 lives and All Remotes:

Enter the password m758fqrw3j58fqrw4!

Titanic Level:

At the beginning of the game, go to the first main room and approach the arch.

Climb the wall facing away from Gilligex Island and get to the top. Look for

a floating square and jump on it to ride to the Titanic TV screen.

Secret Level:

After putting in the 99 lives and All Remotes cheat, go through the glass doors

facing away from Gillagex island. Take a left and ride the floating block across

the space then jump on the place. Take a left and you should see a pole you

can climb. Climb it to the bridge shaped pole. Climb on top of the rafters and

on the second rafter you should see”A LIZZARD IN A CHINA SHOP”!!

GameShark Codes

Infinite Lives800c56b70005
Infinite Health800c56bb0005
Have All Artifacts800c56bf0063
Have All Artifacts800c56c30063
Have All Artifacts800c56c70063


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