Golden Eye 007 FAQ

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By: Aaron Illingworth
Platform: Nintendo 64
Rated: 13+
Company: Rareware
My e-mail: [email protected]

~The Goleneye Story~:

All right, 007, it's time to get down to business. Some time ago, Pirate, a 
top-secret combat helicopter was hijacked from a French war vessel in Monte 
Carlo. Pirate was stolen by Xenia Onatopp. She was assisted by several 
mysterious comrades.

Xenia, a former Soviet pilot, is a known accomplice of Janus Syndicate, an 
international organization that is world renowned for it's dealings in 
top-flight arms. They are currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Pirate reappeared two days ago in Russia near the site of an unusual 
disturbance believed to be the result of the discharge of the Goldeneye 
weapon satellite.

The situation is serious, 007. If Pirate or Goldeneye has fallen into the 
wrong hands, I don't have to tell you that the security of the free world 
couold be in jeopardy. We want you to recover the Pirate helicopter and get 
to the bottom of this. You are licensed to kill.


Main Characters:

James Bond(007)
Natalya Simenova
Alec Trevelyan(006)
Defense Minister Mishkin
Xenia Onatopp(Janus lieutenant)
Boris Grishenko(Programmer)
Valetin Zukovsky(black market trader)


Throwing Knife
Fighting Knife
PP7 Special Issue
DD44 Dostovei
Cougar Magnum
Spyder(Not in English version)
ZMG 9mm
KF7 Soviet
US AR33 Assault Rifle
RC P90
Grenade Launcher
Rocket Launcher
Sniper Rifle
Remote Mies
Timed Mines
Proximity Mines


Bungee Equipment
Door Decoder
Key Analyzer
Covert Modem
Watch Laser
Watch Magnet

Ok, now that I got some of the main characters, weapons, and gadgets out of 
the way, here is a walkthrough for Goldeneye 007..


Instead of sitting here all day long typing the Agent, secret agent, and 00 
agent, I will just explain all the missions in 00 agent, so I can cover all 
the we go!

Level 1: Dam

A. Neutrailize all alarms
B. Insert Covert Modem
C. Intercept data backup
D. Bungee jump off platform

Objective A:
Easy peesy, follow the green truck, as soon as it parks, the first alarm is 
nearby. The building next to the parking lot, an alarm is attached to the 
wall on the buling outside. Shoot it, and it explodes. Easy enough? Keep on 
going, there are three more alarms left. Goto the gate, shoot the lock, and 
follow the long rode down. There are three buildings. Open each door, and an 
alarm is right inside. Destroy them all, this is an easy task.

Objective B:
Still easy. Before you goto the gate with the lock, go behind the buliding, 
and there is a computer type monitor. Goto your inventory, and equpit the 
Covert Modem, throw it in place.

Objective C:
This objective is alittle tough. Goto any of the three buildings(I suggest 
the third building) and follow the tunnel. You should come apon a large 
door, it looks weird, and open it. Kill all the enemies in this room. And 
Intercept data backup from the big radio type things.

Objective D:
DO THIS LAST! Bungee jump from the platform. This level easy enough? Get 
ready, it gets harder. Get ready to enter the Facility...

Level 2: Facility

Objective A: Gain entrance to Lab area
Objective B: Meet up with double agent
Objective C: Rendezvous with 006
Objective D: Destroy all tanks in bottling room
Objective E: Minimize Scientist Casualties

Objective A:
This objective can be easy, exit the bathroom, go down the stairs, turn 
left, and turn left again, enter the room, kill the guy, take his key card, 
exit. Enter room in front of stairs, kill the enemies in there, use the 
control panel, open the electronic locked doors, go out, turn left, turn 
left again, go through doors, go straight(watch out for two enemies) open 
doors, kill three enemies, keep going straight, open doors, turn left(watch 
out for ALOT of enemies) keep going straight, kill ALL enemies, use left 
control panel, open door to your left, exit, turn right, turn right AGAIN, 
keep going straight, and your there! Ok, hope I explained that well enough.

Objective B:
You can meet this guy alot of places. I don't really need to explain this 
objective really, because you will pretty much meet up with him anyway. 
Let's move on.

Objective C:
Near the end, he is near the gas bottles.

Objective D:
Use the remote mines on the bottles, press the detonator, and KABOOM!

Objective E:
Easy, DON'T KILL ANY OF THE SCIENTISTS, and you won't have to worry about 
this objective.

Level 3: Runway

Objective A: Get plane ignition key
Objective B: Destroy missle battery
Objective C: Escape in Plane

Objective A:
Exit the gates, and turn left into the building. Two enemies await you 
there, kill them, or run for the key on the desk.

Objective B:
Follow the long rode, just throw grenades at the big battery or mines, 
doesn't matter, and it will explode.

Objective C:
Run to the red and white plane at the end of the road. This level is so 
easy, you shouldn't have much trouble with it. Press B when you get to the 

Level 4: Surface

Objective A: Power down communications link dish
Objective B: Obtain safe key
Objective C: Steal building plans
Objective D: Enter base via ventilation tower

Objective A:
Goto the huge building with the satellite dish. Go inside, and go upstairs. 
A computer like monitor is there, press B, and this objective will be 

Objective B:
Ok, this key is in one of those small cabins. I can specifically tell you 
the exact one, but the cabin is locked. Find a cabin with a key in it and 
unlock that cabin. The safe key should be there.

Objective C:
In the safe. Obtain the safe key, and unlock the safe, the plans are inside.

Objective D:
Climb the ladder where the tunnel like building is at. Break the four locks, 
and enter the Bunker. This level is finished.

Level 5: Bunker

Objective A: Disrupt all survelliance equipment
Objective B: Copy Goldenye key and leave the original
Objective C: Get personnel to activate computer
Objective D: Photograph main video screen

Objective A:
This is pretty easy, but some security cameras are hard to find, and don't 
stand in front of one to long or more guys will come and try to kill you! 
So, here are the locations:

1st camera: Pretty much behind you! Turn around and look up! Peek a boo!
2nd camera: You can go either to the door behind you, or the door in front 
of you, I suggest you goto the door behind you. It's right in front of your 
3rd camera: Turn around and go back, kill the two guys guarding, make sure 
the guy at the end of the room doesn't set of the security alarm! Go out the 
double doors, and turn right, one camera is on the wall.
4th camera: Turn left, there's one!
5th camera: After you destroy the 4th camera, turn left, and go through the 
double doors, one of them is in the room with an enemy.
6th camera: Exit the double doors, and turn right. Go all the way down the 
hallway, turn left, and there is another one.
7th camera: Go pretty much the way you started, but go down the stairs at 
the end of the hallway from where you killed the guy by the security button. 
Turn left and there should be one at the end of the hallway.
8th camera: Last one, goto the main control room, and at the end of the 
room, go up the stairs, and there is the last one!

Objective B:
Find Boris, he is at the computer in the main control room. Take the key, 
analyze it, and leave the original.(Toss it)

Objective C:
Now, point your gun at Boris, and follow him. He will activate a computer, 
and he sets of the security alarm! Get ready for enemies!

Objective D:
This is easy, goto the main control room, equipt your camera, and press Z. 
James will photograph the main screen. Make sure your pointing your camera 
at the main screen! Ok, exit the glass doors, up the stairs, and the level 
is over!

Level 6: Silo

Objective A: Plant bombs in fuel rooms
Objective B: Photograph satellite
Objective C: Obtain telelmetric data
Objective D: Retrieve satellite circuitry
Objective E: Minimize Scientist casualties

Objective A:
Each of the main computer rooms(the scientists are at these places) plant a 
bomb in. The fuel rooms have scientists in them, so that makes it easier to 

Objective B:
The last room, a satellite sits on the ground. Get out your handy dandy 
camera, and take a picture of it.

Objective C:
Obtain all the folders on the tables from all the fuel rooms. There might 
not be a file in every fuel room, but almost all of them.

Objective D:
In the last room, or second to last, a scientist is holding something, scare 
him, and take the thing he drops.

Objective E:
Don't kill any of the scientists and you'll be fine. The end of the level is 
through an elevator, hurry, you have about 6 min. to escape!

Level 7: Frigate

Objective A: Rescue hostages
Objective B: Disarm bridge bomb
Objective C: Disarm engine room bomb
Objective D: Plant tracker bug on helicopter

Objective A:
There are about seven or six hostages to rescue. Kill the enemies that are 
holding the hostages, pretty easy.

Objective B:
Goto the huge room on top of the ship that has a big view of the back of the 
ship. Disarm the square like thing on the control panel with the bomb 

Objective C:
Goto the engine room near the bottom of the ship. Goto the control panel and 
disarm this one as well.

Objective D:
Find the helicopter. It's outside near the big gates. Place the tracker bug 
on, and hop back on your boat, this level is done.

Level 8: Surface 2

Objective A: Disrupt all survelliance equipment
Objective B: Break communications link to Bunker
Objective C: Disable Spetznac support aircraft
Objective D: Gain entrance to Bunker.

Objective A:
Destroy all the cameras and other security things around the area. There 
pretty easy to find, there aren't very many security cameras around anyway.

Objective B:
Goto the satellite building. You need to find a key or something, but heres 
an easier way. If you have an grenade or something, throw it near the door 
and the communications link will explode!

Objective C:
Find the big helicopter near the Bunker entrance, plant a mine or throw a 
grenade, and this helicopter will explode and go KABOOM!

Objective D:
After getting rid of the helicopter, enter the Bunker. Hooray! This level is 

Level 9: Bunker 2

Objective A: Compare staff/casuality lists
Objective B: Recover CCTV tape
Objective C: Disable all security cameras
Objective D: Recover Goldeneye operations manual
Objective E: Escape with Natalya

Objective A:
Find the safe key from one of the enemies walking around. He is on the 
second floor. Open the safe from the first floor, and take the list.

Objective B:
On the second floor, goto the room you first started your mission on the 
first bunker. The tape is in the room right next to it sitting on a table.

Objective C:
The cameras are in all the locations from before. I don't think there are as 

Objective D:
Goto the first floor, kill one of the guys in the room where there is alot 
of boxes laying around. One of the guys has the manual.

Objective E.
Escape with Natalya, the same escape you did in the first Bunker, through 
the glass doors, up the stairs, and out the door.

Level 10: Statue

Objective A: Contact Valetin
Objective B: Confront and unmask Janus
Objective C: Locate helicopter
Objective D: Resuce Natalya
Objective E. Find flight recorder

Objective A:
Valetin is in a small, reddish orangish building, well, it's not really a 
building, but it's a small opening to a train car or something. But that's 
where he is.

Objective B:
Valetine will tell you where Janus will meet you. When you find Janus, be a 
good boy and put your gun away. Can you guess who Janus is?

Objective C:
Janus tells you the helicopter is by the gates(where you first started your 
mission) Kill Janus' men, or run, and head back to the gates.

Objective D:
Natalya is by the helicopter, wake her up, and run away from the helicopter, 
because it's about to explode!

Objective E:
You will tell Natalya to wait by the gates, and go back a little way. Find 
the flight recorder on the ground, it's nearby. Go back to find Natalya 
hostage again! Put your gun away, and walk slowly to Mishkin. He will talk 
to you, and open the gates. This level is done!

Level 11: Archives

Objective A: Escape from interrogation room
Objective B: Find Natalya
Objective C: Recover helicopter black box
Objective D: Escape with Natalya

Objective A:
You start in a room with two guys. You don't have any guns! You can listen 
to them talk, or grab the PP7 and ammo on the table. They will get angry 
with you, so shoot them, take the key from one of the guys, and escape the 

Objective B:
Go upstairs, turn left, go through the doors, turn left again, turn right 
into the door, now, you can turn right, or go forward, goto to single door 
room. Natalya is inside, quickly shoot the enemies, and this objective will 
be finished.

Objective C:
Exit the room, exit the next room, and go down the stairs. Turn left, go 
through the doors, and this part becomes a maze sort of. Find Mishkin, and 
he finds out you were right, Ourumov is a traitor. He gives you a safe key, 
and open the save in the room, the helicopter black box is inside.

Objective D:
Exit through one of the large windows. Shoot the windows, and jump through, 
this level is finished.

Level 12: Streets

Objective A: Contact Valetin
Objective B: Pursue Ourumov and Natalya
Objective C: Minimize civilian casualties

Objective A:
Valeltin is in one of the large buildings. There is actually one large 
building you can enter, Valentin is inside.

Objective B:
Make sure you get to the end of the level with the time running out, this 
level is a maze, but the end is pretty easy to find, the end is a big 
opening at a dead end street.

Objective C:
Don't kill any of the civilians and you'll be fine. (A civilian is an 
innocent person if your wondering.)

Level 13: Depot

Objective A: Destroy illegal arms cache
Objective B: Destroy computer network
Objective C: Obtain safe key
Objective D: Recover helicopter blueprints
Objective E: Locate Trevelyan's train

Objective A:
Ok, I can tell you this. Objective A, B, and C are in rooms. See those 
opening gates that are blue? If you check all of them, you will get A, B, 
and C done.

Objective B:
In one of the blue gates.

Objective C:
I can give you a clue on this one. The safe key is in a blue gate, in the 
blue gate with the drone guns, and computers. The key is on one of the 

Objective D:
Near the end, when you go through the big building to goto Trevelyan's 
train, go up the stairs, and the safe awaits there. The blueprints are 

Objective E:
After you recover the blueprints, go through the blue gates, and Trevelyan's 
train is outside. Press B to open the doors, cheer for joy, this level is 

Level 14: Train

Objective A: Destroy brake units
Objective B: Rescue Natalya
Objective C: Locate Janus secret base
Objective D: Crack Boris' code
Objective E: Escape to safety

Objective A:
As you go along the train, search on the walls, the bottom of the walls. A 
silver box is attached, shoot it a few times, and they will explode. There 
are about five or six of them.

Objective B:
At the end of the level. Peek through the end door, and see Ourumov pointing 
a gun at Natalya, shoot Ourumov, and Natalya will be free.

Objective C:
Natalya will work on the computer, and do Objective C, and D for you. Easy 
work huh? While she does this, you must find a way out. Equipt your laser, 
and search the floor. She the way out? Shoot the things holding the way out 
in. The shaft will fall off! There is your escape!

Objective D:
Natalya will try to crack Boris' code, it will take her awhile, but she will 
do it.

Objective E:
Hurry hurry run run run!! The train is going to explode! When your in 
safety, celebrate, this level is through!!

Level 15: Jungle

Objective A: Destroy drone guns
Objective B: Eliminate Xenia
Objective C: Destroy ammo dump
Objective D: Escort Natalya to Janus Base

Objective A:
This level isn't to hard, but it can be. Shoot the big guns that fire at you 
continously as your in its way. There are about six or seven of these guns 
in this level. Watch out, they can be a big pain.

Objective B:
Ok, here's a boss. Xenia Onatopp. She can be quit tricky, remember to avoid 
her most, she jumps up and down and has to guns! After you cross the long 
bridge, get ready to fight her. Get a powerful gun out. Like the Assault 
Rifle, or an RC P90. After alot of hits, she will go down. (There are a 
couple drone guns firing at you as you fight her, destroy them first, and 
then fight her.

Objective C:
The ammo dump is all the ammo boxes lying around. Destroy them all and this 
objective will be done. I think they are brown ammo boxes. Just look for a 
tremendous amount of ammo lying around together in a cluster.

Objective D:
Follow the level correctly, it isn't to hard, and find the elevator, and you 
will be free from this level!

Level 16: Control

Objective A: Protect Natalya
Objective B: Disable Goldeneye satellite
Objective C: Destroy armed mainframes

Objective A:
As Natalya works on the computer, and the alarm goes off, do your best to 
protect her! She will tell you when she's done.

Objective B:
Natalya will do this objective for you as she works on her computer.

Objective C:
There are alot of these things sitting around. They look like radio speakers 
kind of, there are about seven of them or so. Use a mine on them, and 
explode them. After all the objectives are done, escape through one of the 

Level 17: Caverns

Objective A: Destroy inlet pump controls
Objective B: Destroy outlet pump controls
Objective C: Destroy master control console
Objective D: Use radio to contact Jack Wade
Objective E: Minimize scientist casualties

Objective A:
To describe this objective..Scientists are working on some kind of computer, 
a tall computer, scare them off, and blow the computers up. This objective 
will be taken care of. To give another clue, walk down a flight of stairs, 
there it is. There are enemies there to.

Objective B:
I can tell you this objective is pretty much the same thing as Objective A. 
Look for the tall computers, and destroy them.

Objective C:
I always forget where this one is, and this level is a BIG maze. Look for 
the big boy, the master control, it's somewhere around the Caverns, there 
aren't very many enemies, so you must have some patience in this level.

Objective D:
This part is easy. Goto the big room where scientists are working on 
computers, and enemies are guarding the area. There are glass windows 
surrounding your desination, but there's an opening. Watch out for those 
pipe things that blow up, don't kill the scientists! Press B at the radio to 
contact Jack Wade.

Objective E:
You know, don't kill any of the scientists and you will be alright. The 
ending of this level is through an elevator, Trevelyan will shout out to 
you, this sign tells you that your almost at the end of the level, just 
follow him.

Level 18: Cradle

Objective A: Destroy control console
Objective B: Settle the score with Trevelyan

Objective A:
This part is the easiest, but this level can be very hard because there is 
ALOT of enemies, watch all of your sides, because there is usually a guy on 
each side of you, make sure to find alot of armor, there are two armor wears 
in this one. Follow Trevelyan, and destroy the console he starts up. Hurry, 
or the satellite will be working again.

Objective B:
Chase Trevelyan and shoot at him constantly. To let you know he's almost 
dead he says "Finish the job James--if you can!" Follow him, and he will 
stay put on a ledge. Kill him, and your the victor!

Level 18: Aztec

Objective A: Reprogram shuttle guidance
Objective B: Launch shuttle

Objective A:
This part can be easy. Find Jaws and kill him. He has something you need! 
Here is where he is. Right from the beginning, go straight, and open the 
secret door. See the falling area? Drop down, and follow the pathway, as 
soon as you find Jaws, kill him, and take stuff he has. Now, you must goto 
the control console that is behind glass. There is a glass door hard to see, 
but press B, and it will open. Use the thing Jaws had, and head to your 
right, open the control console, it's a door! Follow the path, and head to 
the HUGE room. There are drone guns there to. Use the control console on 
your upper left, and Objective A will be finished.

Objective B:
By launching the shuttle, finish the job on the console, and climb the 
ladder by the space shuttle. Start the computer up, and this level is done!

Level 20: Egyptian

Objective A: Recover the Golden Gun
Objective B: Defeat Baron Samedi?

Objective A:
This part is very HARD! Goto the Goldeneye cheats page, and check how to do 
this part because this part you have to get every direction right to get the 
Golden Gun, it will explain all the correct steps.

Objective B:
This part is pretty easy, but you MUST have the Golden Gun first! Shoot at 
him once or twice with the Golden Gun, and he will fall to the ground. He 
isn't done yet, this guy is into voodoo or something! He will reposition 
himself two more times, and you have won! This game is completed!

Ok, everyone, I am through with my Goldeneye FAQ/Walkthrough. I hope it 
answered some of your questions and helped you succeed in levels. If you 
still have a question or anything that isn't on this page, my e-mail me at 

Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Aaron Illingworth!