Hey You Pikachu N64 Cheats

Hey You Pikachu


Bow To Your Master:

In the beginning, go to Pikachu’s discovery days. Go to any level and say

“FIERCE DIETY” (DEE-I-TEE). He will start to bow down at you!

Another Cheat:

At any level, say “orochi” (OR-O-CHEE). He will start thunderbolting like

crazy!!! You may have to complete the game to do this first. to complete

it, catch all of the best, water all the oddish, that sort of thing.


Go to The Orchre Picnic game and go to the section on the very right. You

will find a cave. Say “cave” to Pikachu and he will come out with a Togepi

Egg. Abra will fall out of the sky.He will take the egg. Visit the shop

often enough to hatch the egg. If Pikachu had bought a balloon the time

Togepi hatches, he will give the baloon to Togepi!

Secret Camp-out:

Beat the Pinata stage with Venusaur perfectly and you shall be taken to

a hidden stage. The stage is an overnight campout with Pikachu. Haunter

shall sneak up on Pikachu and scare him occasionally.


Thanks to Revolution reader Kevin Liu, Shane Kronstedt and Mikau Zora!