Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls N64 Cheats

Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls


Enter these codes on the password screen. To access the password screen, press R and Z at the title screen.

2ROKTOO     - Use the Turok 2 effects engine 
2TIMES     - Rollerball last twice as long as usual
ENTAROADUN     - Igggy's girlfriend
GOBABY     - Full Turbos
GOOEYGOOGOO     - Goo Platforms
GOOEYICEPRINCESS - Gooey and Ice platforms
HAPPYHEADS     - All characters except Iggy's girlfriend
ICEPRINCESS     - Ice Platforms
JUMPAROUND     - Level select at pause screen
MICROBALLS     - Small balls
NONSTOP     - Non-stop roller ball
PENCIL     - Pen and Ink mode
ROLFHARRIS     - Black and White mode
SWOPSHOP     - Adds different accessories to your character
THEUNIVERSE      - All Tracks
TOOMUCHPIE     - Fat balls

Full boost:

While on a boost platform, tap Jump .

Extra characters:

Press B, A, L, L, Z at the title screen.

Faster Swing:

To have the balls swing faster, Hold L + R + A + B.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Credits        800bdea50005

Always Have 99 Points   810d8ee00063

Enable All Courses      810ccdf20b00

Extra Characters        810c632effff


Thanks to Revolution readers Patrick Christman, Tyson, Travis Dodd, Ohn The

Great Sword, Tony Shaw, Jason, and Iggy!