Killer Instinct Gold N64 Cheats

Killer Instinct Gold


100% Combos

Here’s an easy way to get a 99% damage combo with every character that WILL save on the high damage tables:

Set EARLY ULTIMATES to ON in the level four options. This option lets you perform an Ultimate at any time on your opponent’s second life bar. Deplete your opponents first life bar. When they get up, perform any combo that ends with an Ultimate and all 99% of their second life bar will be drained. Easy 99% combo!

Make sure that KNOCKDOWNS are turned ON and CHEAP JUGGLES are turned OFF or the game won’t allow you to register your initials.


Legends Score Explained

The LEGENDS score is simply the total of your STREAKS, FATALS, and SPEED rankings. Each entry in those categories is worth 1-10 points based on its order in the list. For example, if you are first in STREAKS you would have a LEGENDS score of 10. If you were first in STREAKS, second in FATALS, and third in SPEED you would have a LEGENDS score of 27 (10+9+8).

So the maximum LEGENDS score you can obtain is 165 points (your initials on all 10 spots in STREAKS, FATALS, and SPEED). Good luck. 😉

This is a little different than KI2 in the arcade as NO points are given for each character’s # OF HITS and DAMAGE PERCENTAGE.


Access All Options

To be able to access all the game’s level options without beating the game on the higher difficulty levels, wait for the character profiles to come up. Now press Z, B, A, L, A, Z. (That’s the L button on top of the controller.) The announcer will say “Perfect” if you did it correctly!


See the Ending Credits Without Beating the Game

To check out the ending credits without beating the game (read: the credits only; you do not see any character’s ending), wait for the character profiles to come up. Now press Z, L, A, Z, A, R. (That’s the L and R buttons on top of the controller.) You’ll see the game’s credits come up if you did it correctly!


Be Able to Select from All Colors

To be able to select the White, Shadow and Gold versions of any character (without having to get through the Practice mode), wait for the character profiles to come up. Now press Z, B, A, Z, A, L. (That’s the L button on top of the controller.) The announcer will say “Welcome” if you did it right!


Play as Gargos!!!

To play as Gargos, wait for the character profiles to come up. Now press Z, A, R, Z, A, B. (That’s the R button on top of the controller.) Gargos will laugh if you did it right! Now he is selectable in the Arcade, Team (but not Team Elimination) and Tournament modes!


Easy Path to Gargos

No matter which level of difficulty you select, there is a relatively easy path to get to Gargos. This cheat will require two controllers. First of all, you must play a two-player Arcade match on the Sky Stage (see below.) Make sure you select the character you want to use and just select any ol’ character as your opponent.

The next thing you must do is beat up on that second player (I doubt it will be hard if no one is controlling him. 😉 When you defeat them, do NOT have the second player continue. If you selected the Arcade mode, then you should now face off against the computer.

You’ll notice that all of the battles against the computer will be on the Sky Stage! Doing an uppercut move near the ledge means an easy knockoff and an easy win for you. All of your opponents, except Gargos, will battle you in the sky. This is much, much easier than fighting the characters on their respective stages. And it gives you an opportunity to “cheat” your way to better records on the High Scores table! Unfortunately, you still have to contend with Gargos on his regular stage!


Change the Level/Music in the Two-Player Mode

Just like the arcade version of KI2, you can choose the level you want to play on and the music background to go with any two-player mode in the game (Arcade, Team, Tournament, etc.) The following button sequences below should be done as you select your character. The first person to pick their character determines the scene. And the second person will determine the background music.

Up + FP – Spaceship (Glacius)

Up + MP – Jungle (Maya)

Up + QP – Castle (Sabrewulf)

Up + FK – Helipad (Orchid)

Up + MK – Museum (Fulgore)

Up + QK – Stonehenge (Tusk)

Down + FP – Street (TJ Combo)

Down + MP – Dungeon (Gargos)

Down + QP – Bridge (Jago)

Down + FK – Nothing

Down + MK – Spinal Ship (Spinal)

Down + QK – Dojo (Kim Wu)

So, for example, if you wanted to fight on Jago’s Bridge with Orchid’s “Play Hard” music, the first player to select their character would have to press Down + QP as they pick their character. And the other player would have to press Up + FK when they select their character.


Play on the Sky Stage

As with the previous Killer Instinct games, there is a special Sky Stage you can fight on in the two-player modes. The Sky Stage makes knockoffs very easy, though. To access the Sky Stage, both players must press Down + MK when they select their character. All subsequent battles will continue to be on this stage until you select a different one from the list above.


Random Character Select

Even though there’s an option to force random character selects in the option screen, you can still hold up and press start to have a random character chosen for you.


View the High Scores Table

This is not really a trick per se, but some of you still may not have figured this out yet. As you may or may not know, Killer Instinct Gold contains a built-in EEPROM chip to save all your scores and options. If you would like to view the different records screen, just press the Z-trigger button underneath the controller.


Get a Shadow or Gold Version of Your Character

Beat Training on EASY with all “A’s. After that select your character, and if you change the colors, you will get a white one of THAT CHARACTER ONLY!

Beat Training on NORMAL with all “A’s. After that select your character, and if you change the colors, you will get a white one and gold one of THAT CHARACTER ONLY!

Beat Training on HARD with all “A’s. When you do you will get an average of “Grand Master”. After that select your character, and if you change the colors, you will get a white one, shadow one, and gold one of THAT CHARACTER ONLY! You will also get the Options level as if you beat the game on HARD too.

Advantages of Shadow:

•Very hard to tell what moves they are doing and if they are blocking.

Advantages of Gold:

•Cool color.

Tips on geting “Grand Master” on training:

Go to easy on Training and write down all the moves to do. Then play it on HARD and do all those moves. It is better to beat it on HARD becuase you get all the colors in one try.

Tips on winning after beating HARD:

Set Super bar and all those cool options to win easy. I think the Super Bar

starts you off with a full super bar and gives you unlimited super bar too.

Be Glacius and once you are loosing life do a teleport with QK (fireball motion

with quick kick) and hold QK. He will gain his energy back. Pretty neat huh.

That would waste his super bar but you have unlimted. The bad thing is you can

get hit by any attack and then you will pop right out of it.

GameShark Codes

Unlock All Options        80127D38 0001
Unlock All Options        8012834C 0006 
Player 1 Untouchable      801d34d4000a  

Player 1 Fast Punch Kick  801d347e0010 
Player 1 Fast Jump/Walk   801d347c0001
Player 1 Slow Jump/Walk   801d347d0050
Player 1 Unlimited Energy 801d34840069

Thanks to Revolution reader Franco Oudelait!