Super Mario 64 N64 Cheats

Super Mario 64


How to deform Mario's Face

To deform Mario's face, at the start where it says "press start" DONT. What you should do

is click near Mario's face and click any feature like his hat. Take the hand that is shown

and hold down A. Move the stick and Mario's face is deformed!

Control the Ending Camera

During the ending sequence after you beat Bowser, you can control the camera if you have a second controller plugged in. Using controller two's analog control stick, you can move the camera in many different ways during the sequence with the Princess and during the tour of levels!

Carry the Rabbit to Other Areas

Find a door which you can easily go in and out of. After going through the door, quickly execute a jump kick back at the door. Usually you'll go through the door completely without opening it. However, if you time it right, you can "merge" Mario with the door, i.e. half of Mario will be on one side and the other half will be on the other side.

There is a situation in which you can actually do something weird with this trick. If you manage to find the rabbit in the basement and catch him, don't collect his star. Instead, carry him to a door and set him down just in front of it. Now go through the door and try the jump kick trick mentioned above until you get Mario "merged" with the door (don't be surprised if it takes a while to get the timing right). Now pick the rabbit back up and set him down on the other side of the door. Go through the door and now you can carry the rabbit to some other parts of the castle. This trick may be just "for kicks", but it is kind of fun to do.

Turn Butterflies into One-Ups

This works for Course 2, Course 12 and Course 13. Sometimes as you walk along, a bunch of butterflies will come out of the grass or trees. If you punch the butterfiles, they will turn into black round bombs that chase you. They will either explode or turn into one-up mushrooms! I thought it was kind of a neat trick. Not too impressive, but neat!

Mario's Hat Factory

Go to any level where Mario loses his cap (the desert or the last snow zone) and make the plumber lose his hat. Watch where the hat lands, but don't pick it up. Instead, go to a warp (use it) and then go back to your hat. Once you're there, tip-toe slowly to the headgear and Mario will grab it, but there'll be another hat underneath it!

Be careful not to run into these two hats, or you'll pick both of them up. Now there will be two hats (one left and one on your head!), so repeat the hat loss routine (get the hat blown off, watch where it lands, warp and return again), pick up the second hat and you'll find another under it! You can repeat this fifty times for fifty hats, when, finally, the game shuts down!

A variation on this cheat enables Mario to continue his merry way around the snow level with his hat in hand! Do the routine for obtaining two hats (explained above), and when you're creeping to collect the hats, grab both of them at the same time. With luck you'll pick one, then Mario stops in the middle of putting on the other hat!

Mario can then hit enemies with his hat, and he won't put it back on his head until you either use the warp again, get a star or leave the level. Be forewarned: When Mario has his hat in hand, he will take double damage.

Mario's Hat Factory Part 2

Have you ever wanted to do the hat trick in other levels besides Stage 10? Now, you can do the trick even earlier in the game. First, go into Stage 8 and make sure that you select Star 2 or higher. Go to the area where the pink Bob-omb is standing and let the bird steal your hat (you know, the bird that looks like Mini-Necky from DKC.) Now get on top of one of the obelisks and jump to knock the hat away from the Mini-Necky when he swoops by. Don't take the hat! Just leave it there and stand next to the palm tree so that you warp to the area near the cannon. Warp back and forth as many times as you like (well, don't do it too much ...) and there will be another new hat each time. If you pick up too many hats at once, Mario will hold one in his hand! This is similar to the trick on Stage 10.

There are a few things you can do with the hat trick on Stage 8 that you couldn't do on Stage 10. One cool trick is to go ahead and create a large pile of hats, but leave them there. Then, look for a Wing Cap and fly back over to the pile of hats. Now pick up a bunch of them, and Mario will hold the Wing Cap in his hand! You can now fly around without wearing the Wing Cap!! (Peter Pan, eat your heart out.)

1000 Coin Cheat (Japanese only)

Notice the magical 'M' after you get 1000 coins.

NOTE: This trick only works on the Japanese version. The American version stops at 999 coins.

When you're fighting Bowser for the first time, keep avoiding him and collect the coins that his flame attack leaves. After you collect 1000 coins, a 'M' appears next to your lives. Now when you lose a life, your number of lives actually goes up. And when you collect a life the number goes down. Don't let your number of lives get down to zero, or you lose the 'M'. A word of warning: If you have 120 stars, do NOT talk to Yoshi because he will give you 100 lives and make the 'M' go away.

Notice how you lose a life by picking up extra guys.

Even though the 1000 coin trick does not work in the American version of Super Mario 64, it is still VERY useful. In Bowser stage #1 or #2 (in #3, it seems sort of ridiculous), get all the course coins you can. Then, when facing Bowser, avoid grabbing and throwing him. Instead, let his fire become coins. Collect as many as you can! (1000 is not infinite lives in the American version, but when you defeat Bowser, the coins will become about five or six extra lives.)

Warp Stations

On Course 4 (Cool, Cool Mountain) there is a warp on the bridge to the right of the mountain where the broken bridge is. Go to the end and stand there for about 2 or 3 seconds (without falling!), and it will automatically take you to the bottom. Also, on course 8 (Shifting Sand Lands) there is a warp under the palm tree after you survive the moving blocks. By standing under palm tree for about 2 or 3 seconds, it will warp you to another part of the desert next to a handy cannon and a flying hat that is in a red box.

Princess's Secret Slide Ride:

In the main area of the castle, go through door number 1, up the stairs and to the far right, enter in (it should have a stained glass picture of the Princess in the front), go in and turn to your right and you'll see another stained glass window), jump up on it and you can walk right through, you'll appear in an area with a slide, complete the slide without falling off and you will get a star!

Hidden passageway into the castle?

After you get 120 stars, go find Yoshi and talk to him. Then grab the winged cap out of the red box and go back to that cannon. Pull all the way back so you launch as high as possible, and then fly onto the red brick ledge just before the highest grating on the castle. Now, standing on the ledge facing the grating, run forward towards the grating. If it doesn't work first time just run at it again. Sometimes you will run up the wall this means you have to do it again. Eventually you will just run through the wall and fall into the castle without going through the main door. Now you appear to be stuck in a dark black room with the main doorway leading back out into the courtyard. Run through the door and the whole outside turns into a black box but the whole of the inside is now visible. This is mostly likely just a glitch, but it's still pretty neat.

For those of you that haven't figured it out yet, you can do a back-flip to turn things back to normal (when you are facing the opposite direction, so you'll back-flip right above the door.) This way, you don't have to press reset every time you feel the urge to try this trick.

Mystery of the clock revealed

Before you enter Course 14, you will notice that the hands of the clock move. The minute hand is what affects the way things move. Any hour on the hour (minute hand on 12) the clock is stopped. Any hour at the half hour (minute hand on 6) the clock stop/starts a lot and is screwy. Any hour quarter after (minute hand on 3) the clock is slow. And any hour quarter till (minute hand on 9) the clock is pretty fast.

Go up to the clock and wait until the hands are at one o' clock. At that very moment, enter the level (Course 14). If this has been done correctly, all the obstacles throughout the course will be turned off.

Fly with the Owl

Go to Whomps fortress. Then climb the first tree you see and an owl will appear. Jump at the owl and it'll take you to anywhere in the stage.

Change the Music

You can change the music in the first level to the wing cap music without the wing cap. First you have to select the second star (Koopa the Quick). Then go get the wing cap and talk to Koopa and race him. After that go to the cannon and get as close to the top of the mountain, get to the flag and touch it. Then go to a cave and warp, and warp again to the first cave that you warped from first. Go back to the top of the mountain and Koopa will say you cheated and you don't get the star but you get the wing cap music.

Get Yoshi

Here's a way to get Yoshi without getting 120 stars. Go to the right side of Princess Toadstools castle. Next to the slope that leads into the moat there is a V - shape. Use your wall-kick move to climb up the curve and find Yoshi...

Many 1ups

Go outside of the castle, and to the right, by the fence that separates you from the waterfall. Next, climb the third tree from the fence, and do a handstand. You will receive a 1-up. Now go back into the castle, and repeat the trick. You can do this an unlimited number of long as you go back into the castle every time you finish one round of this cheat.

More Stuff

After getting 120 stars, go outside to the cannon. Shoot to the roof and talk to Yoshi. Then get the wing cap and quickly go back to the cannon. Pull the cannon way back and fly to the second highest point on the roof. Then run to the side with the waterfall (still on the second highest point) and you can run up the wall. It will take you to the top of the castle.

If you can get up there with the wing cap...have fun!

After you win the race against Koopa-Troopa, go again in the Bob-omb level. Go to the bridge, turn right and go straight-up until you meet three enemies. Koopa-Troopa should be here (in a smaller version). Now if you punch him, he will lose his "house" and if you pick-it up before him you will have your turtle snowboard until you hit a wall.

On levels that have the blocks that try and squash you, after they fall flat get on top of them. They give you a coin. You can repeat this over and over again.

In the Frostie Slide on Cool Cool mountain (in the cabin), on the third turn, there is a short cut hidden in the wall. But if your in a race, it's not a great idea to use it.

Fat Penguin

When you have all 120 stars, go to Cool Cool Mountain and select the Penguin Race Star. Jump into the cabin and the penguin will be fatter and faster.

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