Mario Pary 3 Mario Party 3 FAQ

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* Mario Party 3 FAQ. (update)                    *
* FAQ. By: Aaron Illingworth                     *
* Creators of game: Hudson                       *
* Rating: E (for everyone)                       *
* My e-mail address: [email protected]      *
* My rating for Mario Party 3: 4 out of 5        *
* Definetly the BEST Mario Party of them all!    *
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(NOTE: I am updating this FAQ. because I realized I left out a few things 
and made mistakes on a few things. You can find changes as you go along 
reading my FAQ.)

1. Characters
2. Boards
3. Secret Boards
4. Story Mode
5. Party Mode
6. Options
7. Other Stuff
8. Ending of my FAQ.

1. Characters

   ~~Mario~~ Mario is back beginning his third party! While lounging in
Princess Peach's castle, the Millenium Star crashes in the court yard. Him 
and his friends argue who should keep it.

   %%Luigi%% Luigi is tall, and younger than his brother Mario. Luigi like 
always is hidden in Mario's shadow, but maybe this time will come out on top 
and finally be the star.

   **Peach** Peach is a good choice to become a super star, but along with 
the others, she has alot of competition. With Daisy along now, she has a 
tough challenge.

   ^^Yoshi^^ Yoshi is the kindest of all, and is a dinosaur. He is very
brave and someone who could definetly make it out to become the ultimate
super star.

   ||Wario|| Wario is fat, and has wilt. He doesn't run very fast and is 
kind of a klutz. But he is tough and could break his way out and become the 
ultimate super star.

   ((DK)) Donkey Kong is the strongest of all and is a furry monkey. He
would love the chance to become the super star and come out on top. He has 
many challenges ahead but could definetly complete them all.

   //Waluigi\  Waluigi is a new character joining the party and is very 
mischievous. He is sly and could be tricky and find a way to cheat his way 
to becoming the super star.

   ##Daisy##  Daisy is said to be the most beautiful, but Peach doesn't seem 
to think so. Daisy could earn her way and earn the stamp of Beauty and could 
beat Peach.

   OOToadOO  Although not playable, he helps his friends out on their
journey. Now that the Millenium Star is here, Toad no longer holds the
position to selling stars, he works at the shops.

   XXBoswerXX The king of trouble, it's Bowser. He causes danger and will do 
anything to stop Mario and his friends on their quest.

   xxBaby Bowserxx  Bowser's little helper, Baby Bowser. He does anything he 
can to help out Bowser and cause extra trouble for the others.

2. Boards

   Deep Bloober Sea: Take a quest underwater! Watch out for the big fish 
that can blow you across the board! This level is very easy.

   Spiney Desert: This board is tricky. The Millenium Star is there to sell 
you stars, while a mirage is somewhere around the level that looks exactly 
the same, watch out!

   Woody Woods: This level is hard. Many different turns, and you can lose 
your way very easily. The map helps.

   Creepy Caverns: Another hard board. A big level, and many different turns 
to make your character lost. Once again, the map helps.

   Chilly Waters: A snow board, pretty easy. Watch out for the breaking ice! 
If you are on it, and another player steps on, it will break!

3. Secret Boards

   Waluigi's Island: A tricky level, many different steps set. Once you go 
through Story Mode, you will come across this when you are trying to collect 
the Mishief Star stamp.

   That's the only secret boards I know of at the moment!

4. Story Mode

You must collect Star Stamps:

Wit Star Stamp:
Competitor: Wario

Kindness Star Stamp:
Competitor: Yoshi

Strength Star Stamp:
Competitor: DK

Love Star Stamp:
Competitor: Luigi

Courage Star Stamp:
Competitor: Mario

Beauty Star Stamp:
Competitor: Daisy

Mischief Star Stamp:
Competitor: Waluigi

I did this with Peach, so if you are a different character, this will

Beating this will earn you the board, Waluigi's Island!

5. Party Mode

You can be any of the eight players. Battle Royal Map, Mini-Game room, etc. 
This is a good place to play with your friends. Story Mode is only 1-player. 
Here are your selecting characters!


Maybe they will make a Mario Party 4 with more characters? You should be 
able to be Toad, Boo, Koopa, Bowser, Baby Mario, Baby Bowser, Birdo, and 
others! This is just not enough! I want to be Toad, he's my favorite.

Oh well, maybe they will make something like this in the future, and better 
gameplay, the classic game board is starting to get really boring, the 
mini-game are improved, 70 new ones, but after playing it the first night I 
got it, I pretty much played all of them. But still, I have alot left to 
earn. This one is really the best one of all three!

6. Options

By going to Princess Peach's Castle, you can change the options (Stereo to 
Mono) or listen to character's voices.

Not much of a place where you would want to go all the time, but someplace 
good to visit at least once. You can also look at your stats from boards, 
and other stuff.

Have fun!

7. Other Stuff

Here are some of the list of NEW items only! Secret items not listed.
(To many secret items to list)

Cellular Shopper - Call Toad or Baby Bowser (shops)
Bowser Phone - Call Bowser to cause trouble for a player!
Item Bag - Gives you three mystery items!
Reverse Mushroom - Change the direction of a different player
Poison Mushroom - One of your players can only move up to 3 spaces.
Lucky Lamp - Calls the Mushroom Genie to change the place of the star.
Boo Repelent - No stars taken away from another player or coins!

Here are a few other things that I could mention about the Battle Royal Map:

Battle Royal Map: Once you are playing a board game, you might actually get 
BORED of watching the computer play their item mini-games, or when they go 
to Shy Guy's game room. Well, you can turn off an action so you don't have 
to watch it! Press Start, and go to Settings. You can turn off the action 
where you don't have to watch the computer play their mini-games! Also, you 
can turn off the instructions for mini-games. Now you can just play a 
mini-game without going to the directions screen!

Duel Map:

I realized I didn't mention this since I am updating this FAQ. This is a new 
feature to the Mario Party series. You go head-to-head with another player 
or computer player and fight on a board like Battle Royal. Except, you get 
to have a partner with you.

Partner: Koopa Troopa

Partner: Goomba

Princess Peach
Partner: Toad

Partner: Boo

Donkey Kong
Partner: Whomp

Partner: Bob-Omb

Partner: Snifit

Partner: Piranha Plant

You fight with energy (heart pieces) and you go around the board like usual. 
If you get behind a character, your parnter can attack! Same goes with 
behind, if you have a second partner, your partner from behind can attack. 
First one to loose all their hearts loses! If no one attacks each other or 
destroys someone, the turns will still go on! You go 20 turns, but you don't 
play a mini-game after every turn.

Want more info? You can e-mail me!


8. Ending of my FAQ.

Thanks for reading my FAQ. for Mario Party 3! If you have any questions, 
just e-mail me from the address above! I will list it below, also:

[email protected]

Once again, this game is much better than the first one and the second, and 
a definite must buy!

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(I will type more FAQ.'s and walkthroughs to come. Once again, thanks for 
reading my FAQ. for Mario Party 3.)

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Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Aaron "The Man" Illingworth!