Super Mario 64 Walkthrough/FAQ

By: Jrcstinger

Super Mario 64
1. Story
2. Bad Guys
3. Items
4. Star Search
- Bob-omb Battlefield
- Whomp's Fortress
- Jolly Roger Bay
- Cool, Cool Mountain
- Big Boo's Haunt
- Hazy-Maze Cave
- Lethal Lava Land
- Shifting Sand Land
- Dire, Dire Docks
- Snowman's Land
- Wet-Dry World
- Tall Tall Mountain
- Tiny-Huge Island
- Tick Tock Clock
- Rainbow Ride
5.   Switches
6. 15 Secret Stars
7. Bosses
8. Techniques
9. FAQ
10.  My Email
11.  Ending

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Peach- "Mario, please come to the castle. I've baked a cake for you. Yours 
truly, Princess Toadstool."

Mario- "Wow, an invitation from Peach! I'll head out right away. I hope she 
can wait for me!"
-Mario is so excited to receive the invitation from the princess, who lives 
in the Mushroom Castle, that he quickly dresses in his best and leaves right 
Mario- "Hmmm, something's not quite right here…It's so quiet…"
-Shaking off his uneasy premonition, Mario steps into the silent castle, 
where he is greeted by the gruff words…

Bowser- "No one's home! Now Scram! Bwa, ha, ha."
- The sound seems to come from everywhere.

Mario- "Who's there?! I've heard that voice somewhere before…"
-Mario begins searching all over the castle. Most of the doors are locked, 
but finding one open he peeks inside. Hanging on the wall is the largest 
painting he has ever seen, and from behind the painting comes the strongest 
sound he has ever heard…

Mario- "I think I hear someone calling. What secrets does this painting 
-Without a second though, Mario jumps at the painting. As he is drawn into 
it, another world opens before his very eyes.
- And so begins the grandest of all adventures!
- Once inside the painting, Mario finds himself in the midst of battling 
bob-ombs. According to the Bob-omb buddies, someone…or something…has 
suddenly attacked the castle and stolen the "Power Stars." These stars 
protect the castle; with the stars in his control, the beasts plan to take 
over the Mushroom Castle.
- To help him accomplish this, he plans to convert the residents of the 
painting world into monsters as well. If nothing is done, all those monsters 
will soon begin to overflow from inside the painting.

Mario- "A plan this maniacal, this cunning…this must be the work of Bowser!"
-Princess Toadstool and Toad are missing, too. Bowser must have taken them 
and sealed them inside the painting. Unless Mario recovers the Power Stars 
immediately, the inhabitants of this world will become Bowser's army.

Mario- "Well, Bowser's not going to get away with it, not as long as I'm 
- Stolen Power Stars are hidden throughout the painting world. Use your 
wisdom and strength to recover the Power Stars and restore peace to the 
Mushroom Castle.

"Mario, You are the only one we can count on."

2. ***Bad Guys***

Amp: Little circle of electricity that shocks Mario if he gets to close.
Big Boo: A huge boo buddy, Sometimes a boss. Three hits and its dead.
Boo Buddy: Regular ghost that floats and stops when you look at it. 
Sometimes attacks you in groups
Bookend: Flying book come to life with sharp teeth.
Chuckya: Big purple guy that grabs Mario and throws him, if Mario is not 
Fwoosh: A cloud that blows Mario's hat off, or blows Mario of the side of 
the mountain.
Green Koopa Troopa: Regular turtle, with many colored and super-sized 
cousins. Turns to shell when jumped on.
Goomba: Regular walking brown guy. A basic enemy.
Heave-ho: Little robot type thing that throws you into the air by a platform 
he carries.
Klepto: A vulture that steals Mario's famous hat in the pyramid stage.
Mad Piano: A grand piano come to life that can bite Mario.
Money Bags: Appear as Mario touches coins, then turns into a money bag and 
hops around.
Mr. Blizzard: Snowman come to life that throws snowballs at you.
Mr. I: A rotating eye that shoots fire at you.
Scuttlebug: Red and yellow bug runs towards Mario when they spot him. Hang 
out in groups, much like the goombas.
Skeeter: Water-skimmer that doesn't go under the surface.
Snufit: Floating guys that spit small bee-bee type bullets at Mario.
Spindle & Grindle: Big blocks of wood that help or hurt Mario in the 
Spindrift: Has propeller on top of its head. Appears in a lot of snow areas. 
Big white head and green and yellow body.
Sushi: Shark that swims around, but will hurt Mario in the pyramid.
Swoop: Bats that fly around in certain areas. Best way to get rid of them is 
to use the metal cap.
Tox Box: Big box with a square hole that you climb in to keep from being 
smushed. They have their own path that you can predict pretty easily.
Unagi: Big eel that shocks Mario when he gets too close.
Wiggler: Long caterpillar that gets mad when you stomp on it.

3. ***Items***
(Too bad there aren't very many)

Yellow Coins- If you collect one yellow coin, your power meter will recover 
by one. If you collect 50 coins, you'll earn a 1-UP. If you collect 100 
coins you get a star. The coins that appear when you defeat enemies will 
disappear after a short time.

Blue Coins- The blue coins equal five yellow coins. They appear when you 
press the blue coin switch, and they'll disappear after a short time. Blue 
coins will also appear when you destroy certain enemies.

Red Coins- The Red Coins equal two yellow coins, There are eight of these 
coins in each course. Collect all eight in one play to make a Power Star 

Spinning Heart- If you pass through it, your strength (power meter) will 
recover. The faster you run through it, the more strength you'll recover.

1UP Mushroom- Collect this to increase the number of Marios remaining by 

Koopa Shell- Hit a yellow block or stomp on Koopa to find this item. If 
Mario rides on the shell, he will be invincible until he hits a wall or goes 
to a place he could not normally go.

Cannons and Bob-omb Buddies- On some courses you can find Bob-omb Buddies. 
When you talk to one, it will open the cannon hatches. Cannons can be used 
to shoot Mario far away.

5. ***Star Search***

Bob-omb Battlefield-

Star #1- "The big Bob-omb on the summit"
- This star is simple too get. OK, you start off next to those pink 
Bob-ombs. Don't bother talking to them (they just give you crap about how 
they are "peace-loving bob-ombs"). Go over the bridge, I hope that wasn't 
too hard, now go around on the trail. Go past that thing is supposed to be 
like a dog I guess and try not to get hit. He takes a lot off. Now go across 
the bridge ahead (Don't fall, because I'm not explaining how to get back. 
=). Now go across the "field". Watch out for those water bombs and go 
through that fence/bridge thingy. Now you can go to ways: I like turning 
right through the rolling balls. But you can also go up the hill. It seems 
like an eternity to get up there but you will eventually. But anywho, go up 
and up and up the hill. To make it faster go into one of openings where the 
rolling balls come out of. And you will re-appear near the top of the hill. 
So keep going up till you reach the SUMMIT and you will see the BIG BOB-OMB. 
To defeat him see "BOSSES" section of the FAQ.

Star #2- "Foot Race with Koopa the Quick"
- This star is very easy to get. When you start, you see this big turtle 
dude. That's Koopa the "Quick" (Don't be fooled). =). Talk to him and accept 
the race. Now go the same way to get up the hill. Except this time you have 
to make sure you do two things: Go through where those rolling balls are. 
go in the hole in the side of the mountain. If you don't fall off the hill , 
you basically have a 100% percent chance of getting this star (If you do it 
my way, my way or the highway). =). And go next to the flag at the top of 
the hill. And wait …wait…. wait….. for Koopa the "Quick".

Star #3-   "Shoot to the Island in the Sky"
- OK, first go to the pink Bob-omb. Talk to him and he will open up the 
cannon for you that is right there. Get in. Now aim towards the island and 
shoot. You wont make it but that's ok. Hopefully, you got past the dog 
thingy area. Now look for one of those little hill/mountain things. At the 
top of one there is a cannon and you get in it. Now the island is basically 
straight up, but don't aim straight up that would be stupid. But shoot 
yourself up there with just a hint of an angle and land on the island. The 
star is in the box. Jump from under it and get your third star. =)

Star #4-   "Find Eight Red Coins"
1. Up on a hill/mountain near the start of the level
          once you cross the first bridge.
         2. On top of the post that holds Chomp in place.
3+4. After crossing the second bridge (the one the goes up and down) go to 
the left where there are four posts. There are 2 red coins between the 
5. On top of the tree on the floating island.
6. On the hill of eternity. You know the one that is after the fence to go 
up the hill and takes forever for Mario to get up.
7. To the left of the first bridge in the level. At the top of two
          rotating platforms.
8. And under the bridge before the trail that leads up the hill to the boss 

Star #4-   Mario Wings to the Sky
- First of all, you need the red cap to do this with any sort of ease. Now, 
get to the island in the sky (if you don't know how to get the, check out 
star #3). Now get the red cap and get in the cannon. Look for the circles of 
coins, with the coins in the middle. Now, what you have to do is get the 
middle coin out of each coin circle. It will probably take a few tries, but 
you'll get it. The star ends up between the four pillars on the ground with 
the two red coins. =)

Star #6-   "Behind Chain Chomp's Gate"
- This star is rather easy too get. Go to Chain Chomp's little area. If you 
don't know where this is…….. well……. yeah……. youre an idiot. =) But anyways, 
see that little stump thing with the red coin on it. Well when Chomp tries 
to eat you and he is extended out……quickly run to the stump get on it and 
pound it three times. You have to do this quickly though. Then chain chomp 
will bounce around going insane and break open the cage.

Star #7- 100 Coins
- Collect 100 coins. It's quite easy. =) Don't forget those red coins 

Whomp's Fortress

Star #1-   Chip off Whomp's Block
- This is just like the first star of Bob-omb Battlefield. You have to get 
to the top of the board and beat the boss. Ok, you start off at the bottom 
of the level. Now run and go up the slant on the hill that's kind of above 
you. Now run down this and dodge those damn things that try to push you off 
the edge. Now go across the next part without falling through. Now you have 
to go up these stairs. Don't get squished by those Thwomps. Now you are next 
to a stair case thing and a piranha flower. Sneak past the piranha and go 
across the bridge instead of going along the wall with the red coin. Now go 
across the wooden board. And you are at a turning wooden thingy. Get on it 
when it stops, and run to the middle.  When it gets to the other side it 
stops. Run off of it and your on the other side. =) Now go down this path 
and watch out for the big thins that try to fall on you. To kill them you 
just wait to they fall and pound the ground on them while they are down. Now 
keep going, you will pass two of these things. Get on the turning platform 
things and get to the top. And there is the head honcho Whomp. To defeat him 
see "BOSSES" section of FAQ.

Star #2-   "To the Top of the Fortress"
- First off, you have to get to the place where you beat Whomp. You know the 
big dude that you beat up in the first star. Well if you don't know, Ill 
give you a quick run through. OK, here it goes, run up the hill and get past 
the guys that try to push you off and get past the things that come out from 
under you. Run up the stairs and watch out for the Thwomps mind you. Then 
run past the Piranha flower. Go across the bridge that goes around in a 
circle. Go down the path to the rotating platforms. Get on it and get to the 
top. Now theres a big building there. Go around it until you find the 
platform that is closest to you. Jump up on it and jump on each one. Watch 
out because some of them are moving in and out. And then keep going until 
you get on that is an elevator that goes up. Get on the top and on the other 
side of the top and the star is right there.

Star #3-   "Shoot Into the Wild Blue"
- OK, for this one you need the cannon. Go up on that stone wall above you 
and get in the part with that water run across and go to the pink bob-omb 
and talk to him. Hop in the cannon that's right there and look at the 
platform that's across the level. Notice how there are two platforms kind 
of. You are going to shoot yourself on the top one. Line yourself up we with 
one of the pillars on the bottom and aim higher than it of course. Now shoot 
and you should hit the pillar and fall back on the platform. And the star is 
on the platform below it. Just slide down the pole.

Star #4-    "Red coins on the Floating Isle"
1. Start up the path and its right on top of the middle thing that tries to 
push you off the edge.
2. Go on the step above the thwomp that is on the one step. And when it goes 
down jump on it and then it will bring you up and jump and there it is.
3. After the thwomp coin, go up that small staircase before the Piranha 
flower. The coin is right behind it. If you cant find this 
one….well……frankly…'re an idiot. =)
4. Right after #3, go on that edge that comes off the fortress. And slowly 
go across it so you don't fall.
5. Get on the bridge that goes around in a circle. Then go to the middle, 
when it goes around go to the other end and let it go around and you got 
yourself a coin.
6. Now after #5, fall down in the space that you are in. You will fall down 
where the cannon is (kinda). You will actually land on a slant which has a 
red coin on it. If you miss it when you are sliding down it, use the triple 
jump. That's what I found effective.
7+8. These are both on the floating isle. Hence the name, "Red coins on the 
Floating Isle". So once again you have to get to the top of the fortress. So 
go up there (no I'm not explaining it again), and you will hopefully see a 
long board standing up. So to get it down, just jump and kick it a couple of 
times. Once it falls jump from island to island to get the red coins.

Star #5-   "Fall onto the Caged Island"
- OK, when you start out jump on the tree that is right there and an owl 
will come out. He will say some stuff about controls and what not, SO READ 
IT. I'm not going over what he says. So anyways, hop on him and he will fly 
into the air. Now go right until you see the floating isle, and you will see 
one that is a cage. Lo and Behold there is a star in the cage, how bout them 
apples! But anywho…..aim yourself over the cage and let go of Mr. Owl dude.

Star #6-   "Blast Away the Wall"
- First off, get into the levels ONLY cannon. Now turn it to the right and 
you will see that rotating bridge with two walls coming off to the sides. 
Aim yourself at the top right corner of the second one and if you hit it 
right it will blow off. Now the star is where the wall was. So get back in 
the cannon and shoot yourself to the star. HELPFUL HINT: DON'T AIM TO HIGH, 

Star #7-   100 Coins
- Collect 100 coins. Don't forget about the blue box for all of those happy 
blue coins. =)

Jolly Roger Bay

Star #1-   "Plunder in the Sunken Ship"
- OK, first you have to swim to the other side from where you start. Now 
swim down to the sunken ship and in a hole you will see this big freakin' 
eel. Now go near him for a little and swim around him and then go back and 
get some air. Now go back down and he should be gone. Go in the hole that he 
was keeping warm. The hole is in the ship if you cant remember. Once you are 
in, go to the treasure chests that are to the left. Open them in the correct 
order; use guess and check. Once you do this the ship will float to the top 
of the water and the water will empty out. Now go up the step sort of things 
until you get the one that has a box. This box contains a star. =)

Star 2#-   "Can the Eel Come Out to Play"

- Go down to where the sunken ship used to be and there is a spot where that 
stupid eel is again. And once again, you have to lure him out by going next 
to him and around him. Once he's out you will see the star is on his tail. 
Now this is a major pain in the ass because controlling Mario in water is 
not exactly easy. But just try to get behind him and swim to the star. Good 
luck =)

Star #3-   "Treasure of the Ocean Cave"
- After doing star #2 this should be quite easy. Go down, once again, where 
the sunken ship was. There is a cave you can go in. It has an arrangement of 
eight coins in a circle. So, go in the cave. And follow the path (if you 
cant do this……I wonder how you got enough stars to enter the level). Now, 
once you get to land you are in a room sort of thing. Run to the right and 
watch out for the falling pillars. Now remember those four treasure chests 
from star #1 in this level? Guess what?! There are four treasure chests once 
again. And once again you have to get them in the right order. So do that 
and you will get the star. =)

Star #4-   "Red Coins on the Ship Afloat"
1, 2, 3 and 4. All of these are in the clams throughout the board. Make 
sure you get the clams on each section. There are two in the shallow section 
and two in the deep section.
5. There is a platform to the right of they bay for this coin. On top of it 
there is a bob-omb buddy. To get up there just jump up and obviously get the 
6, 7 and 8. These coins are on the ship. To get there get on the floating 
wood to the right of the bay between the two platform type of things. Get up 
on the one without the bob-omb buddy and run over that switch. This makes a 
pathway to get across the floating bridges if you will. I can't think of a 
better word right now. Now if you get across these things jump to the boat 
and there is one coin on the bow and two on the stern. The star appears on 
the stern. Go get it.

Star #5-   "Blast to the Stone Pillar"
- To do this you need a cannon obviously. Go talk to the bob-omb buddy and 
get into the cannon.  This is the levels ONLY cannon. Well aim at the stone 
pillars to the left. Now you want to get on the pillar furthest to the left 
so center your target on it then aim higher than the pillar and shoot. If 
you did it right. You hit the stone pillar and are on it. Now climb to the 
top of it and do a hand stand. Aim yourself towards that ledge that comes 
off the wall and land on it. Hit the box and get the star.

Star #6-   "Through the Jet Stream"
- This star is quite easy to get. But you need the green switch cap to get 
it. So when you start put the cap on and jump in the water. Now you have to 
do this quickly. So get in the water and run to the deepest part of the bay. 
You should know where that is by now. But see the bubbles thing….that's the 
jet stream. And what's that at the bottom? A star, so run and get it dumby!

Star #7-   100 Coins
- Get 100 coins. Don't forget the cave in star #3. =)

Cool, Cool Mountain

Star #1-   "Slip Slidin' Away"
- This one might take a couple of tries at first but its quite easy. When 
you start off you see that building. Jump in the chimney. Now you have a 
slide to go down. So jump on the slide and go down it. If you get down it 
you get a star. Just walk through the door and it appears.
The course is laid out like this: A slow right turn begins the slide, then a 
long stretch downwards into another shallow right turn, quickly followed by 
a tight left turn running into a tunnel section leading to a gentle left 
turn. The next, tight right turn is tricky and you can easily over-steer to 
the right and bounce off, fight to stay in the middle. Now a long straight 
with lots of coins leading to tight right turn (don't over-steer), a gentle 
right and then left into another tunnel which turns sharp right before the 
narrow icy strip to the
finish (line yourself up for that carefully!). =)

Star #2-   "Lil' Penguin Lost"
- If you've got the sound on, you'll no doubt heard the pitiful wailing of 
the Baby Penguin which is panicking at the top of the Cool, Cool Mountain. 
Jump onto the Cabin's chimney and then up beside Baby Penguin. Pick up Baby 
by standing beside it and pressing B. Now you have to get down the Mountain. 
Moving left will cause you to start sliding - don't worry, use the sliding 
skills you picked up for Star One to navigate a rightward, downward 
spiraling track. Watch out for a sharp left turn, but if you don't do 
anything you'll be all right. This will take you down to a wooden bridge 
patrolled by two jumping Snowmen. These can't be thumped or bottom-bounced, 
only avoid them. Watch how they move. They each patrol one half of the 
bridge. Wait until the nearest snowman has turned and is coming toward you, 
now when's close, time your run under his next jump. If you get hit, you'll 
lose two Energy Units and Baby Penguin will be free. Pick him up using B and 
carry on. A wooden track will take you down to a snowy ledge, walk down this 
and watch out for a surprise snowman, as well as Mr. Flowerhead. Walk down 
the final wooden section and go around to Mother Penguin. While holding Baby 
Penguin, talk to Mother Penguin who'll give you a Star as a token of her 
eternal gratitude.
Star #3-   "Big Penguin Race"
- This one is pretty easy if you do it right once. Once again you have to go 
down the slide. If you're not comfortable with the slide yet keep 
practicing. Just say no to the race and you can go down without Mr. Big fat 
penguin in your way. But when you go down you cant use any shortcuts or 
anything. So the way I like to do this is to stay behind him for about half 
the race and then blow by him on the big hill. Then go as fast as you can 
down the rest of it. I know it seems stupid but it works everytime for me. 
=) SO when you get to the bottom just talk to him and he will give you the 

Star #4- "Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins"
1. Above tree at start.
2. On Cold, Cold Crevasse ledge below icy blue mountain face. (When sliding 
from the top of the mountain, watch out for the snowy bridge running beside 
the blue mountain face. There are wooden fences either side and five Yellow 
Coins. You can leap over on the right to get to it (jump over the fence 
toward where the right, grey mountain wall meets the blue mountain face), or 
even use the Cannon to shoot Mario onto the ledge. Another option is to 
simply to walk off the broken bridge to the right of the start - it's got a 
sign by it warning of the Cold, Cold Crevasse. You'll automatically slide 
down to the ledge, but watch out for the bridge obscuring your view as you 
land on the ledge. It's easy to slide straight off so be ready to turn 
and/or jump to stop Mario. The Red Coin is behind an icy column beside a 
Yellow Exclamation Box with an extra life in it. Once you've collected the 
Red Coin, the safest option is to drop off the ledge to the left. 
Alternatively, you can jump to the right and the ledge with the Blue Coin 
Box, but this is very tricky!) =)

3. Beside wall just before Snowman Head and Rope Bridge.
4.  At the top of Rope Tram. (Simply explore to the right of Rope Bridge and 
the Snowman Head.)
5. At the end of the Broken Rope Bridge. (After crossing the Rope Bridge, 
explore to the left.)
6. Above the tree by the bottom cabin.
7. On the platform between two bridges to the right of the bottom cabin.
8. At the corner to the right of Red Coin 7.

Star #5-   "Snowman's Lost His Head"
- From the start, jump onto the cabin's chimney and then up onto the 
mountain. Go down to the wooden platform where there's a large snowball this 
only appears at this point and wasn't there for previous Stars. Unlike Koopa 
The Quick or Big Penguin, there's no option to decline the coming race. As 
soon as you get near the Snowman Body conversation begins instantly, after 
which it starts its downward roll - so be prepared and try to be in front 
when you touch the Snowman Body. It moves quite quickly, and will happily 
roll over Mario at a cost of three Energy Units, so it's tempting to simply 
jump over the side of the bridge and land near Snowman's Head. Sadly, this 
just doesn't work. Lacking eyes, Snowman's Body won't notice the Head and 
trundle past it unless Mario guides the Body straight to the Head and stands 
beside it. The Body will then jump onto the Head, merging the two and 
creating a new Mr. Snowman who'll reward Mario with a Star.

Star #6-   "Wall Kicks Will Work"
- First you need to activate the cannon. To activate the Cannon you need to 
speak to the pink Bob-omb Buddy on the rock platform beside the Rope Lift. 
Jump on the Lift and rotate the camera around so it's looking toward the 
mountain and the floating platform. The gap between the Lift and the 
platform isn't that big - a normal jump will be quite enough to get over. 
Talk to the Bob-omb Buddy. Now you have two options. It is possible to jump 
back onto the platform as it returns. Alternatively, a sign on the platform 
warns of strong gusts. If you run toward Mother Penguin and then leap, a 
gust of wind will lift Mario up and should safely carry him over. Don't 
worry if you die, the Cannon will still be active until you turn the machine 
off. If, on the other hand, you collect a Star before turning off then the 
active Cannon will be permanentl saved along with the Star. Now use the 
bottom Cannon, by the Rope Bridge, to shoot over to a ledge opposite - aim 
above the tree which, as you descend, will stop you sliding on impact. The 
top cursor should point at where two sides (gray and dark gray) of the 
rockface above the tree meet. Once you land, follow the track around, be 
careful as you thump enemies on a narrow ice ledge, then keep going upwards. 
There's a gap you'll have to long jump over (squeeze Z just before pressing 
B). Alternatively, stand with your back angled toward the wall and backflip 
onto the track above. This track may appear to end nowhere, but if you pause 
you'll see there's a ledge above and behind you. To reach this you must jump 
at and then off the side wall to bounce onto this ledge. You can run 
directly along the edge toward the wall, then bounce off the wall up and to 
the right. Fortunately, if you fail you'll usually land safely below - with 
a heart to re-energise energy before trying again. If you succeed, make your 
way along a narrow ice ledge to collect the Star. Now carefully walk along 
the narrow, very slippery ice bridge to the Star.

Star #7-   100 Coins
- Use the slide, it makes it a lot easier. =)

Big Boo's Haunt

Star #1-   "Go on a Ghost Hunt"
- For this you need to kill five small boos and then Big Boo at the end. Go 
round to the back of the Haunted House and enter the back door. You will be 
in a room with two Boos (1, 2), kill them both either by punching them or 
bottom bouncing them. Exit and go around to the front of the house. Upon 
entering, go through the left door on the far wall. Kill the single Boo (3) 
and exit. Go through the right door on the far wall and cross over the 
bridge (IT WILL FALL FROM UNDER YOU….BE CAREFUL). Kill the Boo (4) here and 
proceed through the door. Inch along the narrow ledge and kill a fifth Boo 
(5). You will now hear a tune and Big Boo will appear in the House's main 
hallway. To defeat Big Boo, you must bottom bounce him three times. This is 
relatively easy as he moves very slowly. When he disappears, a Star will 
whizz up to the next floor. Entirely unreachable, except that a staircase 
will now magically appear. Now you are done. =)

Star #2-   "Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round"
- This time your not going to go in the haunted house thingy. Your going to 
go in the other building. Its to the left dumby =) But anyways go into the 
building and kill the eye thing or just run by it and get on the elevator. 
You will start to hear creepy music that souds like a merry-go-round. So run 
donw the hall and you will enter a room with some paths to run on and some 
water. Go around the thing in the middle until you find an entrance. You 
will have to fight some more boos. Fun aint it? =) So after you kill three 
small boos the head honcho Big Boo will appear. Kill him but make sure you 
watch out for that damn flame jet too. After you kill him you get the star.

Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Jrcstinger!