Mike Piazza’s Strike Zone N64 Cheats

Mike Piazza's Strike Zone


Cheat menu:

Press L, R, L, R at the pre-game menu. This must be done before inputting any cheats below.

Now enter the following codes at the pre-game menu...

Alternate SkiesC-Right, A, Z, C-Up, L, R, Z  
Aluminum Bats R, A, Z, B, A, L, L 
Red Bats R, Down, B, A, Right 
Blue BatsB, L, B, A, Right
Crazy Ball C-Right, A, Z, B, A, L, L 
Crazy Pitch C-Right, A, Z,C-Up, R, B
Devil's Thumb Stadium Right, A, C-Up, L, A
Easy Homeruns L, A, Down, Right
Easy Steals C-Left, A,Down, C-up, Z 
Psycho Bats Z, B, R, A
Varied pitchesC-Right, A, Z, C-Up, R, L 
Low gravityUp, R, A, L 
Increased gravityUp, Down, L, Up, R 
Fast gameL, A, Z, R, B, A, L, L 
Slow gameUp, L, L, B, A, L, 

Bonus teams:

At the Title Screen, enter C-Right, A, Down, Left.

See Credits:

At the Title Screen, enter R, A, Z, R, C-Right, A, B.

Hidden Messages:

At the Title Screen, enter C-Up, R, B, B.


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