Mission: Impossible,Mission Impossible Mission: Impossible FAQ/Walkthrough


Version 1.0
This document Copyright (c) June 27, 200 Tom Valazak

Normal Difficulty Guide

Are you having trouble beating Mission: Impossible for Nintendo 64?
You are in the right place for help! I know this game might be old, and maybe you will never even need this guide, 

but hey, you never know! If you need any help on this game, I suggest you look at this FAQ/ Walkthrough. ******How to use this FAQ/Guide: I will have the objectives labeled so you will know exactly when and where to do them. Enjoy, Tom Valazak (author) ([email protected]) TABLE OF CONTENTS: -- ---------------- 1. Mission Walkthroughs -- ---------------- 2.Cheat Codes -- ---------------- 3.Credits and Wrap-up -- ---------------- ======================================================================= 1. MISSION WALKTHROUGHS ======================================================================= ICE HIT ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 1: Lundkwist Base Objectives: a) Get to Subpen with Clutter b) Change identity c) Find excuse for errand Walkthrough: When you drive in on the boat, jump on the crates and over the fence. When you are over the

fence, go left to the shack. Go in and shoot the low-life that has been standing there. When he says he is going to

get a guard, shoot him. Go behind the desk and pick up the envelope on top. (Objective c done) Now go to the guy you

shot, take out the face maker, and use it on him. (Objective b done) Now put your gun away and leave. Turn left, then go straight through the open gate ahead. Look to your right and you will see

a truck and a guard roaming around it. Go up to him and give him the envelope. He will start the

engine of the truck. Jump in the back of the truck at this time. Clutter will sneak up and jump in with you.

The truck is the exit of the level. (Objective a done) -- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 2:Subpen Objectives: a) Find magnetic bomb b) Give bomb to Clutter c) Join Dowey for getaway Walkthrough: Start the level and take a right. Look for a building and head toward it. This is the pump house.

Go inside and look on the shelves. On the lower one you will find the magnetic bomb. (Objective a done)

Exit and take a right. Blow away any guards that jump in your way. Walk along the wall to the right, head

toward the boats. You will find a man dressed in blue, it is clutter so don't shoot him. Give Clutter the bomb.

(Objective b done) Note that Clutter is easier to find if you follow his directions about the field scanner.

Move along sticking to the right wall. Now find the green dot on your scanner and go down the ladder (press A)

(objective c done) Now, sail away with Dowey and watch the great explosions. You just beat the level. -- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Recover NOC List -- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 3: Embassy Function Objectives: a) Find face maker b) Find score c) Find nausea powder d) Find drink e) Place smoke generators f) Assume Ambassador's Aide's ID g) Access restricted area Walkthrough: When you start, look to your right and down. You will see a vent near the floor.

Walk up to it and place one of your six smoke generators in it. Now continue right, to find another vent.

Place a smoke generator in it. ***Make sure no guards are looking when you place the smoke generators.

To be safe, if you don't know exactly where the guard is at the moment, just wait around until they pass you

then place the generator. Go back to your starting point and go left this time. The third vent is next to the

two brown chairs you will pass. Place a generator, making sure the guard is not in sight. Even with his back

turned he can see you, so wait until he is totally out of sight. Talk to the lady in front of the pottery (where you started the level) ONLY when she is alone. If she is

alone, she will ask you if you want the face maker right now. Look around to make sure no guards are watching

and then get it off her. (Objective a done) Now return to where you placed the third smoke generator, by the two brown chairs. Talk to the man sitting

down and he will stand up. Once you are done talking to him, pick up the score that he was sitting on. (Objective b done)

Now go to the bartender, who can be found in the large crowded room. He will give you the drink and nausea powder.

(Objectives c and d done) Take a left so you are on the right side of the staircase. On both sides of the stairs are

vents to put your smoke generators in. After that is done, take the score you found to the piano player. Give it

to him and he will play a tune that will get the Ambassador's Aide to come down. He will stop at the bottom of the stairs.

Walk up and give him the drink. He will run to the restroom, so follow him. Once there, punch him out then use the face

maker on him. (Objective f done) Return to the staircase and you will now be allowed up. Take a left and look around the

brown chairs. The last vent! Place the last smoke generator. (Objective e done) Go to the right part of the stairs now.

At the top of the ramp is an elevator. Talk to the guard to open it up. (Objective g done) You have finished the level. -- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 4: Embassy Warehouse Objectives: a) Find exit key b) Acces to embassy HQ Walkthrough: Walk forward as you start the level and you will find a guard. Punch him and pick up his gun.

Now look to your right to see an opening blocked off by four crates stacked up. Use the gun you picked up to

shoot the crate on the top-right. Once it blows up, you will see green gases start to fly out. This can't be good!

It's toxic gas! That's why I'm going to show you where to get a chemical protection suit soon, I don't think it's

possible to get through the level without it. Jump over the crate, shoot the guard on the left, and turn left again.

Shoot out one of the crates and jump over it. To your right, on the wall, is a medical kit. Inside is a health pill,

which will help you regain some of your energy. Go back down the hall and pass up the opening you just came through

(it should be on your right). You will see four wooden crates stacked up here. Shoot the two on the right side and.......

a protection suit! Now that you have this suit on, all of the guards will start to shoot at you. They now know your not

on their side anymore. Go forward and take a left and the end of this hall. Shoot the top-right box in the stack you see,

and be ready for a guard to pop out from behind it. Shoot him with a well-aimed head shot. In the opening you enter, you

will see a very different looking crate. Phelps contacts you at this time and tell you there are five more of these to be

destroyed. Were not worried about that though, that's only required on 'Impossible' difficulty. To your right is a stack

of crates with a guard behind it. Shoot the crate and then him, and continue down this hallway. To your right should be a

pool of green toxic waste. Now go to your right and you should see a large sized box. Shoot this box with your gun until

it blows up, and go right. Another big box confronts you now, so shoot it open too. You should come to a tall crate with

a guard behind it. Zoom in on his head and shoot him, then be sure to pick up his ammo, because I assume you are running

low right now. Four crates stacked up should be in front of you, so shoot only one of the top ones to save ammo. Jump over

this stack of crates and go left, followed by another left. In front of you now should be a stack of four boxes and a guard,

which you can't see yet behind them. Shoot one of the top boxes and shoot the guard. He will drop some ammo and a keycard.

Pick up the ammo and keycard that he drops (Objective a done). Now turn around to face the direction you came from.

Walk forward and take the first right you come to, followed by another right immediately following. Ahead should be

four boxes in front of a toxic waste hole. Jump across the hole and turn to your right to shoot the guard standing

there. You will have to be quick to kill him, or he will shoot at you first. Just ahead is another guard. Kill him and

go right. Keep going right until you get to a pool of toxic waste with boxes on the other side, conveniently located so

you can't make a clear jump across the pool. Shoot two of the boxes that are next to each other and jump across the pool

of toxic waste. To your left is an opening with a large box hiding the exit door. Shoot the box until it blows up and use

the keycard you picked up earlier to open the door (Objective b done). Once you enter this door, the level is over. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 5: K.G.B. HQ Objectives: a) Talk to Barnes b) Find video freezer c) Find facemaker cartridge d) Find dartgun e) Sabotage video link f) Find exit keycard g) Get transfer order h) Escape with Candice Walkthrough: As you exit the elevator turn left and go all the way to the end of the hallway. Enter the door

in front of you and inside is Barnes. Talk to him inside, and soon he will die (at least I think he does). Once

you are done talking to him, you have completed your first objective (Objective a done). Exit this room and take a

left followed by another left. You should now see a janitor's closet. Enter the janitor's closet and inside you will

find the face maker cartridge (Objective c done). Now head back to the doors with the guard standing in front of them.

Talk to him and he will let you in. Inside, a man will start to talk to you. He is being a real big smart guy, so punch

him out, then go up to his body when it is lying on the ground. Press A next to the body and you will drag him behind the

desk so no one will find him. Go behind the desk and pick up the dart gun lying on it (Objective d done). Use your face

maker on Mr. Smart Guy and exit this room. Tell the guards outside that it was a false alarm, then go back inside. Go

over to the small bookcase and press the button to the left of it. This will cause the painting on the wall to slide off

to the side, revealing a button. Press the revealed button to make the opposite bookcase slide to the left, revealing a

door. Don't go in the door yet though. First, exit the room (make sure you don't have your gun out) and enter the first

door on the right. There is a desk in this room that has the video freezer on it. Walk up to the desk and pick up the

video freezer (Objective b done). Go back to Mr. Smart Guy's room and enter that door you revealed. Make sure you have

your gun out, because two guards await you behind the door. Shoot them very fast, and go to the back-left corner of the

room. Use the video freezer here (Objective e done) and to your right, on the table, is the exit keycard (Objective f done).

Put away your dart gun and exit the room(s). Turn left and go down the hallway. Turn left again and enter the room on

your right. In this room, get the transfer orders off the man in black and white (Objective g done). Now head back to

the room where you found the video freezer (NOT WHERE YOU USED IT, WHERE YOU FOUND IT), which is the room where Candice

is locked up. Talk to the guard and you will give him the transfer order automatically. He will then let Candice go

with you. Exit this room and take a right followed by a left. Use the exit keycard to exit the building through the

doors you see (Objective h done). Once you enter these doors, you have completed this level. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 6: Security Hallway Objectives: a) Secure passage for Candice b) Activate master switch Walkthrough: As you start the level, talk to Candice and she will activate a safety system for you to cross the

electric floors. Go across the first electric floor (blue and red tiles make up the electric floors), and be sure to

avoid the red tiles. They will shock you and take a lot of your energy away if you touch them. When you get across, a

guard will pop out of the elevator to your left. Zoom in and blast him. Go across the electric floor to the right, and

be sure to avoid the red tiles! Don't touch them! They take too much energy away from you to afford touching them all

the time! Don't do it! Shoot the guard at the other side of the electric floor and go across yet another floor. Once

you get to the other side of this one, you will see a switch on the wall straight ahead. Activate this switch

(Objective a done). Once you do so, the passage is secured for Candice, and she will come running through the hallway

(Objective b done). Once you meet up with her, this short and easy level is done. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 7: Sewage Control Objectives: a) Find Super-Computer b) Protect Candice c) Get NOC list d) Escape Walkthrough: As soon as the level starts, the door ahead of you opens and exposes a guard. Kill the guard but be

careful not to shoot Candice or you will fail your mission. Take the first left you come to and go straight as far as

you can. Turn to your left and look for a guard with his back turned to you (you will have to zoom in to see the guard).

He is standing in front of a terminal, and since he has his back turned, waste him. You will see a moving platform off

to your left. You will need to jump on the platform and ride it over to where you just killed that guard standing in

front of the terminal. Walk up to the terminal and press the A Button. This will open a door up and let a few guards

out. Be sure to kill them all, since they are in your sight. The guards will try to sneak up on Candice and kill her,

so always keep an eye on Candice. If a guard walks up to her and is about to shoot her, be fast, zoom in and kill him.

For right now, go down the corridor you just opened up by riding the moving platform. At the end of the corridor, there

is a guard to your right. Kill him and go back to the moving platform. If Candice isn't with you right now, go and get

her (that's why you came back to the moving platform after all). Go back down the corridor once Candice is with you and

open the door to your left. Inside is a huge terminal-ran computer screen. Activate this terminal to open the door next

to where you killed that last guard (or when you leave this room, go straight). A guard awaits your arrival around this

corner. Once you waste him, open the door at the end of this new hallway you are in. Inside the door are two guards and

a computer terminal. Once you activate this terminal, a timer starts running at the top-left corner of the screen.

You have three minutes to exit, so let's get a move on. Hurry back to the moving platform and take it as if you were

going back to the beginning of the level. Once you are on the other side, Candice will soon catch up. Once you are

outside the entrance to the moving platform room, take a left. Shoot the two guards and turn around to find another

guard. They just don't learn, do they? But anyways, once Candice is with you go to the end of the hall and find a

door that was locked at the beginning of the level now open! Go inside and you will find the Super-Computer

(Objective a done), and Candice will pick up the NOC list (Objective c done). Exit and go toward the starting

point of the level. Kill the guard that stands in your way and you have finished protecting Candice (Objective b done).

Exit through the same door you started the level at (Objective d done) and you have escaped. Level over with! Way to go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 8: Escape Objectives: a) Secure passage for Candice b) Find the mask of Golytsine Walkthrough: Instead of worrying about electric floors, this time you have to worry about drone guns. You

can easily pick these guns off if you take your time on them all. The first one you will see straight ahead across

the tiled floor. Zoom in and shoot it out, and keep in mind that if you wait too long, Candice will get killed, so

you have to be fast. There are three more guns to take out the same way you took out the first one. Once you have

destroyed four guns total, make a left at the location of the fourth gun. Candice will catch up right now and will

also activate a computer on the wall, which will open doors and deactivate all the guns. How kind of her! Go through

the door on the left, and as soon as you do, it shuts in your face and shows Candice outside taking on about three soldiers.

Not good! Candice then gets punched out by two guards, but you are stuck inside this door! No need to worry, my friend.

In this room you are trapped in, shoot the electric box on the wall with your gun until the bottom part blows up. Now,

look to the left of the electric box to find a storage box type of thing. Press A to open it, and inside...... the mask

of Golytsine (Objective b done). You will now notice that the doors are open due to you shooting the electric box. Shoot

the guards that confront you and be sure to pick up their ammo. Find section C1 and run toward the door straight ahead.

It will open up and a guard will run out. Look inside the door and you will see Candice lying on the floor. She will let

you know about the guards stealing the NOC list off her. This adds one more objective to your list: Get back the NOC list. Find section C4, and once you do, be ready for a gun fight. There are five guards standing here ready to shoot you.

You will have to be fast, or you can wait for the guards to sneak up on you, then pick them off. Once all of these guards

are dead, one of them drops the NOC list. Pick it up (Extra objective done). Now go back to section C3 and go through the

metal door (Objective a done). LEVEL 8 PART 2 Objectives: a) Unfreeze video cameras b) Assume Golytsine's identity c) Find exit key d) Exit into the smoke with Candice The first room you will need to go back to is the one with the sliding bookshelf and the secret door. Go into

the secret door and in the back-right corner of the room, press A to unfreeze the cameras (Objective a done). Now

change your identity by putting on the mask of Golytsine. Once you put the mask on, you have assumed his identity

(Objective b done). Once again, a timer starts up at the top-left corner of the screen. This time you have three

minutes and thirty seconds to exit the building. Return to the room where you got the transfer orders in Level Five.

Punch the guard out in this room, and he will drop the exit key (Objective c done). Now take the exit key and go back

to the storage room. Look across the hall from the storage room to find a set of double doors. Use your key to enter

the double doors (Objective d done). Once you enter these doors, this level is over. Way to go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 9- Fire Alarm Objectives: a) Secure access to the lift b) Find Jack c) Dress as fireman d) Give Candice fireman outfit e) Escape the Embassy Walkthrough: Take a left as soon as the level starts. If any guards try to step in your way, punch them out.

Turn right at the end of the hallway to find the elevator (Objective a done). Now go down the stairs, and in the

ballroom, talk to the two firemen. One of them is Jack (Objective b done). Punch any guards that you see on the

way to the restroom, which is where you should go to get your fireman outfit. You should remember where the restroom

is from the Embassy Function level, but anyways, from the ballroom, you go down the hall and take the first left.

Go straight until you see the restroom entrance. Inside the restroom, Jack supplies you with an extra fireman's outfit.

Change into the fireman's outfit in the restroom (Objective c done). Now that you are dressed as a fireman, none of

the guards will mind you. Don't punch anyone, or it will cause a mission failure. Now go all the way back to the

elevator, which is where Candice is, and give her the fireman's outfit (Objective d done). Now Candice will show you

the way to the level exit, so just simply follow her (Objective e done). Once you exit through the double doors,

this mission is over! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ESCAPE FROM CIA ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 10: Interrogation Room Objectives: a) Escape from interrogation b) Pick up the equipment c) Get into hallway Walkthrough: You are trapped in an interrogation room, all alone, nothing to eat, nothing to drink, just

simply you, a table, and a button on the wall....... wait a minute! A button on the wall! That's it! Go over to

the button and press it to reveal a window. Now Candice will tell you that she has hidden some explosive gum under

the coffee mug on the table. Go over to the coffee mug and press A. You will then pick up the explosive gum. Now go

over to that window you revealed by pressing the button on the wall. Put the explosive gum on the glass and get away.

It will blow up the glass and you will have a passageway to escape the interrogation room (Objective a done). Once you

are in the other room, grab the equipment on the desk (Objective b done). Now that you have all your equipment, go

through the door and into the hallway (Objective c done). LEVEL 10 PART 2 Objectives: a) Get out the interrogation sector b) Take free access print c) Find Sargent for sas access d) Reach elevator to infirmary Go into the room with the computers and use your dart gun to kill the guard standing there. Once he is down,

use the fingerprint maker on him. Pick up his Stunner, and press the button on the wall to open the door ahead. Go

down the long hallway and turn left at the end. You should see a stack of crates with a guard behind them. Use your

dart gun to kill the guard and then go pick up his Stunner. Also pick up the can of blue spray paint lying conveniently

on the ground. A guard might try to sneak up on you at this point, so just shoot him with your dart gun. Now go straight

down the hall and ignore the cameras. You don't really need to worry about them considering the guards will cause you more

trouble than the cameras. Shoot every guard you see with your dart gun or Stunner, whichever one works best for you.

Go down this long hallway and take a left at the end. Shoot the guard and pick up his Stunner, you will need it later

on in the level. More guards will attack you now if you got sighted by the cameras, but these guards are no problem.

They are very easy to kill, so you do your thing to them all. Turn the next corner and shoot the two guards. Take out

your fingerprint maker and take fingerprints off one of them (Objective b done). Go back down the hall and press the

first button you see on the wall. Go through the door it opens and then press the next button on the wall. Go through

the door it opens also, and you will see a man behind his desk in this room. HAVE YOUR DARTGUN OUT AND SHOT HIM BEFORE

HE SETS AN ALARM OFF! Must I repeat that? Just be fast and you will not get caught. In the next room to the right is

the Sargent. He will shoot you with a Stunner, and you will have to take the hit (Objective c done). Now he will try

to run away from you, so just follow him. He will open up two doors that you couldn't without him. Try to get ahead

of the Sargent and once your poisoning starts to kick in, shoot him with your dart gun. Now go left and go into the

elevator. Be sure to put all your weapons away right now, and just enter the infirmary unarmed. Enter the elevator and

press the button to the right of the door (Objective d done). LEVEL 10 PART 3 Objectives: a) Find the antidote b) Distract attention c) Enter CIA Rooftop You are now in the infirmary. As soon as you exit the elevator, turn left and talk to the nurse. She will give you

the antidote (Objective a done). Now go to the right and look for a man running on a treadmill. On the left of the

treadmill is a button. Push the button and watch the man go falling off of it (Objective b done). Now that all the

nurses and everyone have gone to help the falling man out, you can look to your left at the windows and see an open one.

Double check that no one is looking. It is vital that you double check that no one is looking. If no one is looking, be

quick to it. Go out the open window (Objective c done). Once you are outside, you are at the end of that long level. Way

to do it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 11: CIA Rooftop Objectives: a) Sabotage heliport lights b) Find bag of equipment c) Find zone digit cards d) Fix lights e) Install EMS near heliport f) Enter security level g) Find security level code h) Meet Candice Walkthrough: Have you dart gun ready to go, and walk forward until you can turn left. Once you turn left, a guard

will be standing there. Shoot him with you dart gun and pick up his security card. If you look ahead, you will see a

spotlight hanging on the wall to your left. Try to avoid getting spotted. Keep going forward and you will come to a

small building with a crate beside it. Climb up on the crate, then climb up onto the top of the small building. From

here, climb up one more time to get on the roof. Once you are on the roof, walk straight forward and go up to the

electrical box. Press A when you are in front of the box to deactivate the electric floor, which you will need to travel

over. Once you go over the electric floor, go straight and turn right. You will come to another electrical box, so press

A next to it to sabotage the heliport lights (Objective a done). Now return to the small building with the crate next to

it that you climbed up. Climb down this time, and go left. You will come to a locked gate, but no need to worry, you

picked up that first guard's security card, didn't you? If you did, use it to open this gate and take a left. You will

see another gate with a guard standing in front of it. Shoot him fast, because if you wait too long you will get arrested,

causing you to have to start the level over again. Go through this gate and kill the guard straight ahead.

Go into the small building that the guard you just killed was standing neat and find some darts inside.

Go through the door to your right and kill the guard. You will then see boxes you will need to climb up on to get to

the roof above. Off to the side is the bag of equipment that Candice left for you (Objective b done). Now is the time

to put your dart gun away and change into a repairman. Do this by using the bag of equipment Candice left for you.

Once you have changed your identity, time to get going again. Walk forward until you see a guard next to a door.

Don't do anything to the guard, remember, you don't need to! Just enter the door and take it up to the next roof.

Now that you are on the next level of the building, go across the catwalk. At the other end is a locked door, but

since you are dressed as a repairman, the two guards will let you in. On the other side of this locked door, take a

left and go down the stairs to the electrical box. Go up to the electrical box and press A to fix the lights

(Objective d done). Go back up the stairs and run toward the helicopter. Look behind the helicopter and you will see

a small box on the wall. Open it up and take out your EMS, then place the EMS on the inside of the box (Objective e done).

Now go to the left and go down the stairs. Shoot the guard at the bottom with your dart gun, pick up his security card,

and continue down another flight of stairs. At the bottom, go through the door straight ahead. Don't just run right out

in the open here, because there is a guard just to the left of the wall you are standing behind. Pop out very fast and

shoot the guard so he doesn't have a chance to arrest you. Once he is down, pick up the zone digit cards, which is what

he drops (Objective c done). Continue to circle around the roof until you see a tall stack of crates. Climb these crates

to get to the next level of the building. Once you are on the top box of the stack, shoot the guard to your left.

It's time to put on your infrared glasses. Now take out your antenna and place it on the ground in front of the pink

lasers. This will block out the path of the lasers, allowing you to get to the security level (Objective f done).

Go left and through the next two gates. When you come to a crate across from one of those small buildings, jump up

on the crate and place your camera on top of it. Now, get down and go behind the small building. Crouch down (R + C Down)

and wait for a guard to come by and type in the security code. It's a good thing you dropped that camera, because now you

have the security code! Go up on top of the boxes and get your camera, which contains the security code (Objective g done).

Enter the small building you were crouched behind and you will type in the security level code. Once you do, you will

ride an elevator up to the top roof. Go to your right and shoot the guard, but don't get arrested! You have made it too

far in the level to get arrested now! Walk around this wall until you come to a door. Inside this door, Candice awaits

(Objective h done). She will talk to you and let you know what's going on, and then this level is over finally! Way to go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 12: Terminal Room Objectives: a) Switch on the computer b) Get the NOC list c) Escape Walkthrough: This stage is definitely the most frustrating in the game. Even though I couldn't get through it in five

tries or more, I will try to walk you through it the best I can. You start as if you were lying down on your stomach.

Position your self as if you were standing up, then wait for the red lasers to move to a position where it is safe for

you to proceed. The next set of lasers has a yellow one. This laser, if touched, will cause you to fail your mission,

considering it sets off an alarm. Get in a position as if you were lying on your stomach. Now turn so you are parallel

with the yellow laser. Wait until the path is cleared, then make your move. Do that same thing on the next set of lasers.

You should be at the last set of lasers before the floor. A guy might open the door below at this time, so listen for the

sound of an opening door. If he sees you, you fail your mission. So, to play it safe, even if you are at the bottom set

of lasers very quickly, wait until the man comes in and then leaves to go down to the bottom floor. At the last set of

lasers, wait until they all spread apart, which is tricky, but you will know what I mean. Once you have cleared the last set of lasers, drop down slowly until you see him say, "This is the right height to reach the computer." Now swing back and forth until you can reach the computer, and hen you do, he switches it on (Objective a done). Now swing to reach the computer again, and this time you will automatically find the NOC list (Objective b done). Now a message from that guy you saw walking around the computer earlier pops up and he says, " I'm coming back with the security officer!" Oh, no! But no need to panic, the laser system has been shut down. So now all you have to do is escape through the same way you entered by holding down the B button, and watch yourself fly at top speed through the entrance/exit of this level (Objective c done). Way to go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 13: Rooftop Escape Objectives: a) Join Heliport b) Deactivate EMS c) Escape on the helicopter Walkthrough: At the start, shoot the guard in front of you with your handy dart gun. If you look ahead now, you will see an elevator. Take is down to the next roof, and go to the left. Take out your infrared lenses and put them on. Continue and make the next two lefts. Shoot the guard you see here and jump up on the crates. You don't need the antenna this time because you can clear the lasers with a simple jump. After jumping the lasers, look to your right. You will see a drainage system containing three pipes. Take out your explosive gum and place it on the pipes. Now run away in the opposite direction. Run all the way around and shoot the two guards you will come across. Go through the gate and turn right immediately following. You should now be in the same small corridor as level eleven, remember? Open the door and shoot the guard, keeping in mind you must be fast with him. I got arrested at this point in the game many, many times. If you don't get by the first time, don't get too frustrated. If you successfully killed the guard, go up the stairs straight ahead. At the top, go up the next flight of stairs. Run through the gate ahead and onto the catwalk. Cross the catwalk (Objective a done). Wait here until that guard is out of sight, or when he can't see you, then go back across the catwalk and through the gate. Run toward the helicopter and pass it up. Look for that box on the wall where you placed the EMS in level eleven. Open the box by pressing A, then take the EMS out of it. Select it from your inventory and throw it against the wall to break it up (Objective b done). Now the helicopter is ready to leave. Now that it is leaving, run over to it, hold on tight, and you have finished your last objective in this level (Objective c done). This ends the Escape from CIA missions! Way to go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MOLE HUNT ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 14: Station Objectives: a) Protect Ethan b) Take the train Walkthrough: You do not control Ethan in this level. You are the sniper who is given the responsibility of protecting Ethan. The rules are simple: You shoot a civilian and you fail your mission. You have to keep Ethan in sight at all times and watch the people around him. If anyone pulls a gun out, then you have to shoot the person real fast. You can zoom in on Ethan by pressing C Up. I suggest that be the first thing you do. Pick off the two guys in black surrounding him right away. There is no specific walkthrough for this level, because it changes every time you go through it. To complete the first objective, just don't let anyone shoot Ethan (Objective a done). As you continue to see his way to the train, and protect him for enough time, he will board the train (Objective b done). That's about all for that level. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 15: Train Car Objectives: a) Neutralize Max's henchmen b) Meet Candice c) Find switch to block exits d) Knock out Max's bodyguards e) Stop Max and seize NOC list f) Defuse Max's backup plan Walkthrough: Start off by shooting the two guys in front of you pointing guns at you (probably a good idea). Now walk up to the door and look to your right. You will see a man holding someone hostage. Zoom in and shoot him very fast before he kills the hostage. Be sure to aim for the man's head so you don't come close to hitting the hostage when you shoot. Now, enter the door that leads to the next car. Sidestep to the right so you can shoot the guy way down at the end of the car. Once you have him down, look ahead and to the left. There is a room labeled number one with a guard in it. If he isn't already shooting at you, kill him. Another guy will show up way down near the end of the car, so blast him too. Pick up every piece of ammo you can find. Once all of the guards are dead here, go on to the next car. This room looks familiar! It's built the same way that last room was. So, you know what to do now, don't you? Sidestep into the corner and look to the end of the car and shoot the guy, then one behind him. There is yet one more guard in room two (Objective a done). Meet Candice in room four (Objective b done). She gives you grenades and a face maker. You will need these items, too, so hold onto them. Now go on to the next car, but before entering the second door, look around this small area. There is a switch to block the exits in this room (Objective c done). Now go on and into the next car. Go to the very back where you will find a train car aid dressed in blue. He's not moving a muscle, so what good is he doing at the moment standing there staring at the floor? Punch him out! When he is down, use the face maker on him. Put all of your guns away and walk into the next car. Punch out all of the men dressed in black in this car. Now walk into room four to find Max. Shoot her in the head and she will drop the NOC list. Pick it up (Objective e done). Once you leave room four, a couple of bodyguards are still here. Shoot them all, then enter the next car. This next car is a bar (hey, that rhymes!) Shoot the bartender and the guy drinking at the bar, then shoot the girl that comes running to you. Look in the background to see Phelps. Don't worry about him yet, you will catch him in the next level. In the next car is a storage type of room, with four of Max's bodyguards hiding in it. Pick them all off (Objective d done). Look on top of the wooden boxes. One of them has a blowtorch on top of it, and another one has liquid nitrogen on it. Now go up to the safe and take out your liquid nitrogen. Use it to freeze both orange-brown things on the sides. Once you freeze them enough, they will falloff and you can get into the safe. Open it up and place the detonator you got when you killed Max. use it on the bomb inside the safe (Objective f done). Now you have beat the level! Way to go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 16: Train Roof Objectives: a) Catch Phelps Walkthrough: One simple objective, huh? Catch Phelps. Not as easy as you think though, as you will figure out what I mean. Well, the first thing you need to do is to look forward for a guy in a black suit. Shoot him very quickly and pick up his Rocket Launcher. Now watch out to your left, on the road, which is where the next attack on you will take place. A car will go by with two men dressed in those black suits in it. Shoot the one driving the car, then you wont have to waste ammo on the other guy because the car will spin out and off the road. Now you have to look forward again and kill two black suited guys. Pick up their ammo, as you will need every shot you can get out of your gun. You will now hear a helicopter. Look up and to the left, then take out your Rocket Launcher. Keep the helicopter in your sights and make one well-aimed shot with the launcher to blow up the helicopter. DON NOT MISS! I REPEAT, DO NOT MISS! If you miss you will only have four rockets remaining, which will not get you by. So use your rockets wisely. Look forward, shoot the black suited guy, and look to your right this time. Another helicopter! Get out that Rocket Launcher again! Once the helicopter is done, look forward and take out the two black suited guys. Pick up their guns and look to the right to find another helicopter. Must I explain what to do with them again? I think you know by now, so look to the left to find another car with black suited men in it. Shoot the driver like before, then look to the left to see another helicopter. Shoot it down with your Rocket Launcher and then shoot the two black suited guys in front of you on the train top. Another black suited guard just up ahead, then another helicopter..... this is getting just a little old by now! This same thing occurs off to the left. If you are running low on rockets, don't shoot anymore. You will need them to beat the level. You should now be entering a tunnel on the train and at the other end, you see Phelps getting in the helicopter. Use one of your rockets to shoot down the helicopter he is in (Objective a done). Once you do that stuff, this level is done for. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ICE STORM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 17: Subpen Objectives: a) Get the A.F. scrambler b) Get the mine c) Bring Clutter A.F.S. and mine d) Get the gas injector e) Get the R.C. Detonator f) Get the explosives g) Sabotage the pump house h) Regroup on com. Building Walkthrough: Run up this ramp and shoot the guard. Pick up his gun and go to the right. Almost make a U-turn until you see a large stack of small crates. On top of this stack of crates is the A.F. scrambler (Objective a done). Get off the stack of crates and straight ahead is a guard. Shoot him and pick up his ammo. Now go to the right and find the mine lying on the ground (Objective b done). Stay to the right side as you are right now. Shoot the guard and keep going until you see explosives on the ground. Pick them up! You will surely need them (Objective f done). Now head back to Clutter, and on the way you will come across a ninja. He has a machine gun, so you have to kill him as fast as you can. Well, anyways, give your material to Clutter (Objective c done). From Clutter (your starting point), go up the ramp and stay to the left. You will soon come to the pump house, which next to it is the gas injector (Objective d done). Stay next to the pump house and follow it around until you see a door. Go in the door and shoot the ninja guard in the back. Now go to the corner of the pump house and pick up the wire cutters on the table you see. Now, before leaving, place the explosives on the gas tanks. Now go out the door and turn left. You should see a small stack of crates here and behind them you will find Dowey. Give Dowey the wire cutters (extra objective done). Now turn around and go back to the pump house door. Go straight from here and shoot the guard. Walk forward a little more and you will see a small building. Don't open the door, instead, use the gas injector just outside the door. This will kill all the ninjas inside. Now enter the small building and pick up the infrared glasses and the R.C. detonator (Objective e done). As soon as you pick up the detonator, selectit and the pump house will blow up (Objective g done). Exit this small building and go left. Shoot the guard and go straight until you get to the tire marks in the snow. Turn left at these marks and go up to the building you see in the distance straight ahead. Climb the stack of crates and get on the roof of the building. You will now have to shoot a few guards on the roof, and also look down on ground to watch for guards walking around. Once all of the guards on the roof are dead, you have completed the last objective (Objective h done). Now you have to exit this mess. Well you remember those tire marks, right? They were surely from a vehicle running through there, and they go right by this building. Wait for one of the vehicles to go by, step to the edge of the building, and jump on the back of the vehicle. The vehicle will take you to the exit of the level. Way to go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 18: Tunnel Objectives: a) Find explosives b) Sabotage anchor bolts Walkthrough: You are riding on the back of that truck still, so you will want to either duck under or jump over all

the signs that you pass. If you don't it will cause a lot of damage and you will die soon after getting off the truck. When you are approaching the overpass, to your right will be a platform. Jump off the truck and onto the platform in enough time that you wont get slammed into the overpass. Open the door straight ahead. Behind the door is a guard that you will need to punch out. Once you do, look to the left to find the explosives lying on the ground (Objective a done). Now you will have to look for the anchor bolts on each side of every door, and they are on the beams in the walls. Place and explosive on the anchor bolt here. You will now need to jump off the platform and onto a moving truck. The best way to do this successfully is to wait until you see the truck, and when it is a little bit behind you, start jumping. This should get you on the truck safely. You will have to either duck under or jump over a few signs, and when you see another platform off to the right, jump off the truck and onto the platform. Go through the door and place an explosive on every anchor bolt you see. In the doorway is a guard, then on the other side is a guard too. Punch them both out. Get on the truck that drives by now, and duck or jump the signs. Same thing as before. When you jump off to the platform off to the right, punch the guard out and place the explosives on the anchor bolts. Open the door ahead, and kill the two guards waiting for you. Get on the truck that goes by. Same thing as before, I don't even have to explain that you will have to either jump over or duck under the signs, but wait, I just did explain that. Oh well, couldn't hurt, huh? Jump off to the right, kill the guard, place the last of the explosives (Objective b done). Now jump on the truck and the level is over. Way to go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 19: Mainland Objectives: a) Find explosives and plastic b) Sabotage power plant c) Cut off camera power d) Take on Accountant's ID e) Get briefcase from bunker f) Sabotage briefcase g) Bring briefcase to deal h) Blow away helicopter I) Escape on gunboat with Clutter Walkthrough: This is the longest level in the game. Believe me When I say you don't want to fail an objective right at the end. To prevent that, just simply listen carefully to this walkthrough. You will have to read this level's walkthrough more carefully than the other to understand it because this level is so huge.Start off by getting off the boat and going through a hole in the wire fence. You will be able to see this, it's not very hidden. Stay to the backs of the buildings you are next to until you get to the back. You will be in front of a wall here, so take a right and shoot the guard. Stay along this wall until you come to a large opening. Look to your right to see a small building. Go in the building and you will see two sleeping guards. One of them is a ninja with a machine gun, the other just a sissy. If you wait too long to shoot them first, they will get up and kill you, so shoot them as soon as you walk through the door. Killing these guards is important if you want to make it through this level easily, if you don't kill them, they will be after you later. Exit the building and make your way to the stack of crates in the distance. Beside these crates is of course a fence, but this fence is different. There is a hole for you to go through in it. Go through the hole behind the crates, then on the other side turn to your left. You should now see a huge stack of small crates leading to the overpass of a tunnel. Climb over this overpass, and on the other side of the river, climb on top of the building by using the crates on the side you are facing. At the top, sneak to the right and shoot the two guards there. One of them is a ninja with a machine gun, so be careful! Don't just go running right out there! You have to sneak up on them. Jump down off the building on the side opposite where you got up there. Turn to your right to see a hole in the fence. Go through the hole and look for the green dot on your field scanner. This dot is Clutter, who you will find close by. Go up to him to get the explosives and plastic (Objective a done). Now go back to the river. Cross it by going on the overpass. Go through the hole in the fence and get on the road. Stay on the road until you get to the power plant. Shoot the guard who is in front of the electrical panel, then look inside the panel. Place your plastic explosives on the panel, back away, and shoot the explosives (Objective c done). To the right is the entrance to the power plant. Go up the small flight of stairs, and now you should be in the middle of the power plant area. Drop those explosives off here (Objective b done). Now, exit the power plant area. Oh no! You only have twenty minutes to get out of this mission! This could be some trouble! Exit the power plant area by going through the big gate, then go into the building on the right. Don't worry about the security camera here, it doesn't work anymore because of you cutting off the camera power. Punch the man inside here out, then use your face maker to take on his identity. Pick up his ID card off the desk to complete this objective (Objective d done). Leave this small building and go to the right. Go back through the fence and over the river. Get on the roof, but instead of going all the way across this time, drop down the opening in the middle. Turn around until you see a door that leads into the building. Put your guns away, too. Now enter the door, and use your ID card you picked up to earn your way into the safety vault. Inside is the briefcase (Objective e done). Exit this building and go to your left. You should see Clutter in the same spot as last time. Give him he briefcase for sabotaging reasons (Objective f done). Now go to the left, pass up the helicopter, and enter the large brick building on the right. Go up to the men gathered around inside to bring the briefcase to a deal (Objective g done). The men will now go and board the helicopter, then it will soon blow up (Objective h done). Clutter will now find you, but before you board the boat, which you are about to do, take out your sniper rifle and shoot the ninja guards that are near the boat. Once they are all dead, go back in the large brick building to get Clutter. If he is with you, it is alright to get on the boat. Once you are on the boat, you will escape with Clutter (Objective I done). This is the end of the level! Way to go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 20: Gunboat Objectives: a) Escape enemy base b) Destroy gas factory Walkthrough: This level is simple, and fun. You have two guns with infinite ammo. The only good advice I can give on this level is to shoot everything in sight! After sailing down the river a while and shooting EVERYTHING, you will have escaped the enemy base (Objective a done). Now for the final objective. Near the end of the level, look for two or three pillars sticking up. Shoot these and all the buildings around it to complete this objective (Objective b ddone). Now, after a few more seconds, the level and game end. You then get to see Ethan and Candice making out on top of a black submarine! Alright! Well, my point is that you just beat the game, so way to go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- You are now back in the Embassy, where you will get to talk to the people who made the game. They will tell you their name and what they do. Not too exciting, but hey, just thought I would add that little section in. ======================================================================= 2. CHEAT CODES ======================================================================= *** All of these codes must be entered at the mission select screen 1. 7.65 Silenced Pistol with 30 rounds: C-Up, L, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up 2. 9mm Pistol: R, L, C-Down, C-Up, C-Up 3. Fast mode: C-Up, Z, C-Up, Z, C-Up ==================================================================== 3. CREDITS AND WRAP-UP ==================================================================== Thanks to: Adam, for telling me the three cheat codes in this FAQ Jason, for getting me through level 14, geez is that one frustrating! Well folks, that's about all for this FAQ. I will be writing many more FAQs, so keep checking www.game-revolution.com for the best gaming information on the web! Until next time, see ya later! Sincerely, Tom Valazak (author of this FAQ) -End of FAQ/ Walkthrough- Extra Special thanks to Revolution reader Tom Valazak!