Pilotwings 64 N64 Cheats

Pilotwings 64


Find the Birdman Stars

Since the instruction booklet doesn’t make any mention of where the stars are in the game, here are their locations:

•Holiday Island – Under the natural arch on the beach

•Cresent Island – in a hidden cove on the beach

•Little States Island – in Central Park in New York

•Arctic Island – Deep inside the cave that is the source of the elaborate waterfall.

Of course the star turns you into the Birdman suit, unless you’re already flying the Birdman. All of those, with the exception of Holiday Island, are nearly impossible to get without using the jetpack.


Refuel your Vehicles

While there isn’t a code to give you unlimited fuel, there are other ways to refuel your vehicles. There are two gas stations on the “Little States” island from which you can refuel. If you follow the road to the northwest from Cape Canaveral in Florida, you’ll see a gas station on your left. Fly around in there until you hear the same noise you hear when you take off from a hopping pad; you need to be close to the ground. Also, near the nuclear power plant (in the midwest) is a little town. If you fly into that town with either a rocketpack or the gyrocopter you can get a free refill of gas by going under a little gas station roof! This helps you a lot if you are just exploring or are low on gas for a mission!


Get a 100 on Jumble Hopper, mission 3

Jump between the building you start on and the building in front. You will notice a doorway on the building in front. Go through this into the Nintendo building and out of the other doorway. You are teleported to near to the end of the level. You can get 100 every time. It is difficult to get in the doorway, so I worked out an easier way. Aim against the opposite building so as you bounce into or close to the doorway. This makes it easier.


On the Cannonball Stage on Mt. Rushmore, shoot Mario and he will turn into Wario. Then shoot Wario and he’ll turn into Mario. Oh, the fun you’ll have….


Florida, here I come

Go to Seattle in the Little States Level. If you land just South of the Target Landing area and face south

you’ll see a building with a narrow crack in the Wall, just wide enough for

you to fly through. If you fly in without crashing into the walls, you’ll hear

the wind howling. Fly out and Voila! You’re in Florida!


Game Shark Codes

Cannonball level 18036430D 0019
8036445D 0019
803645AD 0019
803646FD 0019                            

Cannonball level 2803649A1 0019 
80364AF1 0019
80364C41 0019
80364D91 0019

Cannonball level 3 80365035 0019
80365185 0019
803652D5 0019
80365425 0019

Skydiving level 18036433D 0064

Skydiving level 2803649D1 0064

Skydiving level 380365065 0064

Jumble hopper level 18036436D 0064

Jumble hopper level 280364A01 0064

Jumble hopper level 380365095 0064

Thanks to Revolution readers Marty Fusciardi, DFtizpa695, Terry Walls, and Ala Whetay!