Quarterback Club ’98 N64 Cheats

Quarterback Club '98


Enter the following in the Cheat Menu:

BBMNTBLMakes the characters squished, tall and skinny

BGBFYFFMakes your players stronger and faster BGTWSTRSMakes ball carrier spin like mad BRDWYNMTHImproves your quarterback's abilities CRLLWYSEnables you to jump far like Carl Lewis DWNDRVGives you an unlimited number of downs FRMBYFRMSlow Motion mode GLYTHMDMakes the players huge and voices deeper GTNHNDSMakes fumbles occur more often HHDSLCPlayers have ponytails JPNSMWRMakes the characters look kind of short, wide and flattened LDSTRTRKInstant Pass Catching LLDFSCKZero Attributes for Defense LLFFSCKZero attributes for Offense MCHLJNSNFaster players MNFLDMDMine Field

CPU won't try and tackle PBYBYMDCrawl mode PWHYRMNAll Players zero attributes RNLDSWZNGRTough Running Backs SMLMDGTMakes all the players tiny and voices higher SNWSLDSPuts guys on sleds SPRBGRMSQb's, Punters, and Kickers can make ball go 100 yards SPRDPRTCKLKiller Tackles SPRSLYDMore slippery playing surface SPRTMMDAll Players Max SPRTRBMDSuper turbo mode, allows players to run on turbo all the time STNTXTMAccess Iguana team and Acclaim team STYCKYHNDSGives your receivers improved catching abilities TGHTGRPNo Turn Overs TRNTDLFRZero Pass Accuracy WLTRPYTNMakes your running backs as good as Walter Payton YLCTRCFBMakes play similar to those old electric games YNSTYNSDiscipline and Awareness max

Score a touchdown on every kickoff:

After you receive the ball, pull a man behind the receiver and pitch him the

ball (lateral) WITHOUT it touching the ground. If it touches, pick it up and

pitch it until the other player catches the ball. If you do it right, you won't

be tackled by the opposing team, but if your own men touch you, you will most

definitely go down.

Block punts for TD's:

If your opponent is punting you can get a touchdown easily by passing the line

of scrimmage before the hike and blocking the punt. It will be offsides but

if you take the blocked punt and score a touchdown the computer will decline

and you'll get 6 points. If you don't score a touchdown the computer will take

the penalty.

Different ending credits:

The game is programmed to look at the starting quarterback on the Packers when

they show the picture in the development team staff credits.You can have anyone

take the place of Brette Farve in the staff credits, you just have to trade

the person you want with Brette Favre.


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