NFL Quarterback Club ’99 N64 Cheats

NFL Quarterback Club ’99


Enter these cheats at the ‘Cheat’ menu. You’ll hear a noise to confirm proper


HSPTLInjury Prone Players 
TTHPCKSkinny Players
BTTRFNGRSFumbles on contact
XTRTMSExtra teams
TRBMNInfinite Turbo
PWRKCKRPower Kicks
HSNFRBall smokes while in the air
BGMNYBig coin at kickoff
FLBBRFlubber ball
SHUTOUTStart out with 12 points
RLSTNOpponent always has zero
RCQTBLLRacqetball Mode
PNBLLPinball Mode
SCLLYMLDR Enable Alien stadium
FRRSTGMPPlay in Slow-Motion
DBLDWNS8 downs
STCKYBLLNo fumbles
PWRPYLNSCones on the field
BCHBLLSuper size football
XTRVLTGElectric football mode
RGBYRugby mode
SLPNSLDSlippery field


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