Rampage World Tour,Rampage: World Tour N64 Cheats

Rampage: World Tour


Hidden Cities:

At the Pick City Screen, rapidly press one of the following buttons….

George: Jump

Lizzy: Punch

Ralph: Kick

Level Select:

At the Character Select screen press and hold L and all four C-buttons until

you hear a tone. Start your game. You should now be able to select where you

want to go at the city preview screen. Press up/down to select country and left/right

to select the city. You can even select the secret areas!


To play as V.E.R.N. (Violent Enraged Radioactive Nemesis), search for a Scum

Lab facility. Eat the toxic waste barrels and you will be turned into V.E.R.N.

for the rest of the stage. V.E.R.N can fly and has super strength.

Bad Food, Good Food:

When a World Tour is over and the name of an American city appears on screen,

hold Down and, if you’re George, press Jump three times; if you’re Lizzy, Punch

three times, or if you’re Ralph, Kick three times. This code will change bad

food to health-boosting good food.


Each monster is allergic to something…

George: Dogs

Lizzy: Birds

Ralph: Cats

GameShark Codes

Infinite HealthP1  800BF86COO64
P2  800BFA360064
P3  800BFCO40064 


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