S.C.A.R.S.,S.C.A.R.S N64 Cheats



Enter the following as Passwords:

WLLVDDAll codes enabled
GGWWOOAll cars & cups
NRNNRRCheetah car
TRTTLLCobra car
PXPRTSMaster mode and bonus cars
YMSTTRPanther car
SDSSRTScorpion car
LGSSSXCrystal cup
CRKKYYDiamond cup
DZPKKKZenith cup



On Canyon just after the start go to the far right, there should be a gap in the

wall go through it. It should get you first place. At the first corner go to the

far left there is a road leading down, follow it and it should bring you out in

front by heaps. On Island just after the 180degree turn go into the first opening

it is a lot quicker than the other 3.


Thanks to Revolution readers Nick Barker, James and Mister Mistereeus!