Super Smash Brothers FAQ

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1. Characters
2. Weapons and Items
3. Levels
4. 1st Player Mode
5. Multiplayer Mode
6. Options
7. Secret Characters
8. Other Secrets

1. Characters

(Descriptions of characters and weapons located in instruction booklet of 
your game.)

Mario - The internationally-famous mustachioed super star. Mario's distinct 
jumping action is the key to his success.

Donkey Kong - Mario's former enemy. This mighty ape is bestowed with 
tremendous power and overwhelming attacks.

Samus Aran - The greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. Samus Aran fights 
with the super-human power of her hi-tech power suit.

Fox McCloud - Following in his father's footsteps, Fox McCloud is the young 
leader of the Star Fox Team. With his trusty blaster, he plunges head-first 
into battle.

Pikachu - This popular Pokemon has become so famous that these days everone 
knows it's name. Pikachu's electricity attacks are a real shock to any 

Link - Link is the young fighter who protects the peace in the realm of 
Hyrule. His skills with the sword are both varied and powerful.

Kirby - An 8-inch high creature from a distant star. He may look harmless, 
but using his Copy ability, Kirby becomes a formidable opponent.

Yoshi - Yoshi is the cute dinosaur that lives on a tropical island. You'd be 
surprised what he can do with a simple egg.

2. Weapons and Items


Crate - This contains one to three items. Since it's so heavy, only DK can 
carry it around.

Barrel - Attack it or pick it up and throw it to break it open and release 
its contents.

Chansey Egg - Break the egg open to get to the item inside. Look for it when 
the Pokemon Chansey appears.

Capsule - Since this is small, anybody can carry it. Break it open to reveal 
what's inside.

Weapons -

(Throwing Items)

Motion Sensor Bomb - When thrown, these will activate wherever they land. 
The first character to apporach an active bomb is in for a big surprise!

Bumper - Hit an oppenent with this item for a little pinball action-but be 
careful, because the bumper might bump you!

Bob-omb - When grabbed thrown at an enemy, this item exploded, but if left 
alone, it will start wlaking around intil it's timmer reaches zero...

Poke Ball - When thrown, the ball opens up, and a Pokemon pops out. The 
Pokemon that appears is random; it performs it's special skill then leaves.

(Clobbering Items)

Beam Sword - This is an item of great power. It also has the longest range 
of all Clobbering Items when thrown.

Hammer - A favorite of Mario's in his younger days, the Hammer entraptures 
any character that grabs it and sends them into a clobbering frenzy!

Fan - Since it's light, it's good for quick attacks. However, it doesn't do 
much damge and can't be thrown very far.

Home Run Bat -  You can't throw it very far, but if you combine it with a 
Smash Attack you just might hit a home run!

(Special Items)

Fire Flower - Use the Fire Flower to blast your opponents with fiery breath. 
Be sure to get in close because even breath this bad can't reach to far!

Ray Gun - This Ray Gun  can hit enemies from a distance with it's long range 
laser shot. Unfortunetly, it's only a 16-shooter.

Star Rod - With the A Button and the Control Stick, you can shoot 20 stars 
at your opponents. This can also be used as a Clobbering Item.

Star - The character that grabs the Star becomes INVINCIBLE!...but only for 
a short while.

Green Shell - When attacked or thrown, this shell slides around the battle 
stage, damaging whomever it hits.

Red Shell - Basically the same as the Green Shell, this shell bounces back 
and forth in the same area of the stage.

(Recovery Items)

Maxim Tomato - This tasty veggie recovers up to 100% on your Damage Meter.

Heart Container - The Heart Container recovers all of your strength, 
returning your Damage Meter to 0%.

3. Levels

Peach's Castle - A bumper floats above the center of this stage. Watch where 
you jump, or you'll get bumped sky high!

Congo Jungle - The moving barrel beneath the stage could be your salvation 
if you get knocked off.

Planet Zebes - Anyone who touches the ebbing and flowing sea of acid on the 
planet's surface will be severly damaged.

Sector Z - Fox's favorite ship, Arwing, flies past and indiscriminately 
shoots it's lasers across the stage.

Saffron City - Wild Pokemon appear in the middle of the city to attack the 
fighters. It's best just to stay out of their way.

Hyrule Castle - A tornado spins about the stage, wreaking havoc on all the 
cross it's path.

Dream Land - Beward the wind that blows from the Whipser Woods- it just 
might blow you away.

Yoshi's Island - You can land on the clouds that float on either side of the 
stage, but if you do, they won't hold you up for long.

Mushroom Kingdom - A secret stage. Go to my "Other Secrets" section to find 
out how to earn it!

4. 1st Player Mode

This mode is the way to complete the game with a character. Choose someone 
and you have a choice of how many lives you want, and what difficulty you 
want, here is the list of the difficulties.

Very Easy - No doubt, this is VERY EASY. A beginner's choice.

Easy - Also another beginner choice, not hard at all.

Medium - Once someone has gotten a little better at the game, this mode is 
the way to go.

Hard - A little harder than medium. It speaks for itself, "Hard"

Very Hard - The hardest of all difficulties. You would probably need to be 
an expert at this game to complete it.

And you can choose how many lives you want. A choice of 5 lives is the 

Here is the list of all the bosses for each level.

1st Boss - Link
2nd Boss - Yoshi Team x18
3rd Boss - Fox McCloud
4th Boss - BONUS STAGE
5th Boss - Mario Brothers
6th Boss - Pikachu
7th Boss - Giant Donkey Kong
8th Boss - BONUS STAGE
9th Boss - Kirby Team
10th Boss - Samus Aran
11th Boss - Metal Mario
12th Boss - BONUS STAGE
13th Boss - Fighting Polygon Team x30
14th Boss - Giant Hand (Final Boss)

When you complete the game, you get a screen featuring something that has to 
do with your character and a voice says, "Congratulations." WOW! Great 
ending! Oh well, at least you completed it and you can give yourself a pat 
on the back.

5. Multiplayer Mode

This is the most funnest part of the game. You can play with other people, 
or the computer. If you are alone, then battling three computers players is 
fun, but not half the fun at playing with your friends! You can set the 
computer player level to 1-9 for a difficulty.

1 - Extrememly Easy
2 - Very Easy
3 - Easy
4 - Easy/Medium
5 - Medium
6 - Medium/Hard
7 - Hard
8 - Hard/Very Hard
9 - Very Hard

Right now, I consider 9 easy since I played this game alot. But beginners 
should probably look at this scale.

Free for all - Battle against your friends or the computer. Every man for 

Team Battle - Teams! You can team up with one of your friends, or you can 
team up with a computer player, or hey, you can even do 1 player vs. 3 
players if your really good.

Time - A timed battle.

Stock - Lives are set (unlimited - 99)

Time Team - A timed battle with teams.

Stock Team - A stock battle with teams.

Have fun in multiplayer!

6. Options

You might go to this screen a few times. The options menu has sound, screen 
adjust, or backup clear. I hardly ever go to the options screen since there 
isn't that much to do in it. Here are other option screens to go to.

Data Screen - This is not very useful. You can go there to look at character 
profiles and your victories. Well, it can be fun to look at.

VS Options - This screen is however very useful. You can shut handicap on or 
off and even auto(whatever that is, never tried it.) Team attack on or off. 
Stage Select on or off. Damage, amd Item Switch(Item Switch is a secret 
button. Go to my "Other Secrets section to find out how to get it.)

7. Secret Characters

Luigi - Break all the targets, and boarder all the platforms by going to the 
1P mode, and choosing Bonus 1 Practice, and Bonus 2 Practice. Once you beat 
all of them with all the main 8 characters, you will go against Luigi. If 
you beat him, he will be playble.

Captain Falcon - Ok, many codes on the internet are different. But of what I 
can remember, I think you must beat the game in under 15 minutes? I can't 
remember, but you can be under any mode you like, and I think maybe you have 
to have only three lives or something like that. When you beat the game, you 
will go against him, and if you beat him, he will be playable.

Ness - This is probably the hardest secret character to get. You must play 
through the 1P mode under Medium mode, and must only have three lives. If 
you die before beating the game, that's it, you can't get him, you must 
start all over. Once you beat the game with at least having one live left, 
or all of them, he will go against you, and if you beat him, he will be 

Jiggly Puff - The easiest character to earn. Just play through 1P mode under 
any difficulty, and how many lives you want. Beat it, and then you will go 
against Jiggly Puff and if you beat her, she will be playable.

I heard a rumor that there are other secret characters like Metal Mario, 
Raichu, Giant Donkey Kong, and Wiggly Tuff. Has anyone discovered these. 
Someone sent me an e-mail a long time ago telling me exactly how to get 
them, but they were to hard to get. He said that he had them. Was he lying? 
I will try to find that e-mail and I will post it in the GR Message Board 
(that is if I find it.)

8. Other Secrets

Here are all of the secrets that I know of.

How to earn Mushroom Kingdom stage - Beat the game with the 8 main 
characters on medium mode and you will earn this stage.

Sound Test - Beat Bonus 1 and Bonus 2 practices with all of the characters 
including the secret ones. Once you do, the Sound Test will be available.

Item Switch - Play the VS. Mode 50 times to open up the Item Switch. This is 
useful, then you can make the items appear more, or less, and even turn 
unwanted items off to increase the happenings of your favorite items to 
appear more often.

Change characters outfit - When choosing your character, press the c-buttons 
left, right, or down to choose a different color for your character's 
outfit. Pressing c-up makes your character go back to it's original outfit. 
(You must choose your character first before you can change their color.)

Thanks for reading my Super Smash Brother's FAQ. update! If you have any 
questions at all about the game or the faq. you can e-mail me at this 

[email protected]

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I think that is it... But anyway, thanks again for reading my faq.!

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