Snowboard Kids N64 Cheats

Snowboard Kids


All courses, all snowboards, the secret racer Sinobin, and play

as the same character in the multiplayer mode

At the title screen, press Down on the control stick, Up on the control stick,

Down on D-pad, Up on D-pad, C-Down, C-Up, L, R, Z, Left on D-pad, C-Right,

Up on the control stick, B, Right on D-pad, C-Left, and then Start. You should then hear a “Yeah!”, showing that the code worked.

Feather Board:

Get 2700 points in the trick skill game

Hidden Silver Mountain Track:

First you must earn gold cups on tracks 1 to 7 to open up Quicksand

Valley. Now go for the gold on Quicksand Valley, and Silver Mountain

will open up.

Hidden Quicksand Valley Track:

Collect all Gold Cups on tracks 1 to 6, and you will be rewarded with

the desert track, Quicksand Valley, and an additional snowboard.

Hidden Ninja Land Track:

First you must earn gold cups on tracks 1 to 8. After you opened up

Silver Mountain, come in first to get a gold cup and you will be treated

to an ending sequence with all the characters. Track 9, Ninja Land, will

now be open.

GameShark Codes

Infinite cash 801222eac350

1 lap race d01222880000

Enable Sinobin 8110ae5e0100

Gold Medals 810eca220101


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