Space Station Silicon Valley N64 Cheats

Space Station Silicon Valley


Alternate intro:

Hold A or B and turn on the N64 to view two different introduction sequences

after the DMV man appears.

Bonus game:

To activate a bonus game (a cross between Asteroids and Defender), press Down,

Up, Z, L, Down, Left, Z, Down at the Zone Select screen. If you did it right,

you will hear a tone. Now enter any zone, then exit and return to the Zone Select

screen. Cycle through the Zones and the bonus game should be there.

Enter the following at the Zone Select screen:

Recharge energy:C-Left, L, Z, Down, L, Z, C-Left, C-Right.

Open Europe: Up, Down, L, Z, Down, Up, Z, Down

Open Ice:Up, Down, Z, L, Down, C-Right, Z, Down

Open Jungle: Up, Down, L, Z, Down, C-Left, Z, Down 

Open Desert:Up, Down, L, Z, Down, Left, Z, Down 

Open Final Stage:Up, Down, L, Z, Down, Right, Z, Down 



Thanks to Revolution reader Apache Chief, Zac Boyer, Tadd Mullarkey, JDuran8444,

and Steven Nguyen!