Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer N64 Cheats

Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer


Choose Tournament Mode. Select an empty name slot, hold Z, then enter the following

codes. Press L to enter each letter. When finished, select “End” and press L

followed by A.

All Cheats enabled:

First, enter RRTANGENT. Select ‘End’ and press L followed by B (instead

of A). Now choose the same player file again, and this time enter ABACUS.

Now select ‘End’ and press L followed by A, like you do with the other codes.

To activate, start a game, then pause and press Up, Left, Down, Right. All the

cheats should be enabled! Now try pressing R + Z during play to activate auto-pilot.

Invincibility & Debug:

Enter RRJABBA. To activate, start a game, then pause and press Left,

Down, Right, Up.

Unlock Invitational Tournament Circuit:

First, beat all the normal levels, placing at least fourth in each one to get

the first two levels, Ando Prime Centrum, and Abyss. To get the third, place

first in Ando Prim Centrum and Abyss, to unlock the fourth, Inferno, place first

in every track including the Invitational Tracks. Beat all these tracks to get

a cool new beginning video and screen.

Mirror Mode:

Enter RRTHEBEAST. To activate, start a game, then pause and press Left,

Down, Right, Up.

Extra Pilot Jinne Reeso:

First unlock Mars Guo (see below). Then enter RRJINNRE. You’ll replace

Mars with Jinne.

Extra Pilot Cy Yunga:

First unlock Bullseye Navior (see below). Then enter RRCYYUN. You’ll

replace Bullseye with Cy.

Race With No Engines:

First you have to put in the code RRCYYUN. Then you select two player

mode. Pick the secret driver (where Bulleyes is)and pick you course and race

with no engines.

Dual Controller Mode:

Enter RRDUAL. Controllers 1 and 3 are used to control each pod racer

engine. Use the analog sticks for acceleration and steering.


Hold Z and press A to begin a race. You’ll see a brief sequence in which your

racer and a rival trash-talk each other in a hanger. During the race, press

R twice for more taunts.

Turbo Start:

At the start of a race, press A right after the ‘1’ disappears.

Hidden Racers:

To unlock extra racers, beat the following lap and circuit:

SebulbaThe Boonta ClassicGalactic
Aldar BeedoBeedo’s Wild RideAmateur
Ratts TyerellHowler GorgeSemi-pro
MawhonicAndobi Mtn. RunGalactic
Slide ParamitaAP CentrumInvitational
Clegg HoldfastAquilaris ClassicAmateur
Bullseye NaviorSunken CitySemi-pro
Ark Bumpy RooseBumpy’s BreakersSemi-pro
Wan SandageScrapper’s RunSemi-pro
Bozzie BarantaAbyssInvitational
Neva Kee Baroo Coast Semi-pro
Ben QuadinarosInfernoInvitational
Teemto PagaliesMon Gazza SpeedwayAmateur
Mars GuoSpice Mine Run Amateur
Boles RoorZugga ChallengeSemi-pro
Fud SangVengeanceAmateur
Toy DampnerExecutionerGalactic

GameShark Codes

Note: You must have Gameshark 2.2 or higher and the game must be running in
LOW Resolution Mode for these codes to work.

Have All Tracks81113e68ffff

All Tracks Finished In 1st81113e6c3fff
Have All Characters81113e74007d
Start On Lap 3  8111900a0002
(Finish 1st) P1

Infinite Trugets81113e7a7d00

Enable Cheat Menu8009b7d70001

Enable All Cheat Options8109b7daffff


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