Top Gear Overdrive N64 Cheats

Top Gear Overdrive


To enter the following codes, go to the Main Menu. Highlight the menu options

in the order shown below by selecting it with the analog stick, and press Z

to confirm each menu option selection. A smiling face should appear at the bottom

of the screen to confirm proper entry…

All Standard Cars: Credits, Championship, Championship, Versus

All Standard and Bonus Cars:Credits, Credits, Versus, Credits, Setup, 
Championship, Championship, Championship, Versus

Begin in Season 4:Versus, Championship, Championship, Credits,
Setup, Setup, Championship

Begin in Season 5:Setup, Championship, Credits, Versus, Versus,
Setup, Championship, Versus, Credits, Championship

Begin in Season 6:Credits, Setup, Versus, Championship, Championship,
Credits, Championship, Versus, Setup, Championship, Credits, 
Setup, Setup

Ending Credits: Setup, Setup, Championship, Versus

Hot Dog car: Credits, Versus, Setup, Championship, Versus, Versus

Nintendo Power car:Championship, Credits, Versus, Setup, Versus, Championship,
Setup, Credits

Nintendo logo car:Credits, Versus, Versus, Championship, Credits,
Championship, Versus, Championship, Credits, Setup, Versus, Setup

Bonus Cars:

Complete all six seasons to unlock four extra cars: the Hot Dog, Taco car, Nintendo

Power Magazine car, and Nintendo logo on wheels.

Pony In a Glass Case:

When you get the “taco” car play the 6th season (with the taco car) 3 times

and you will get a “pony in a glass case” car.

Thanks to Revolution readers David and Joey, Cam Groves, Matt H., Viper, TyerM316,

Brendan, wasyl golyk and Chris Waugh!