Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion N64 Cheats

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion


To enter these cheats go to the “SECRETS” option on the title screen or

in the pause menu during a game then enter these combinations.

All Keys:

Lizard, Dragonfly, Bull, Bear, Wolf, Eagle.

All Weapons:

Owl, Bear, Owl, Insect, Hawk, Owl.

Big Hands/Feet:

Lizard, Lizard, Dragonfly, Horse, Lizard, Coyote.

Big Heads:

Cougar, Wolf, Snake, Rabbit, Lizard, Coyote.

Clean Screen. Displays Off:

Rabbit, Owl, Lizard, Elk, Salmon, Rabbit.


Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk.

Gourad (funny textures):

Lizard, Salmon, Insect, Salmon, Wolf, Dragonfly.

Headless Enemies:

Lizard, Elk, Eagle, Owl, Salmon, Horse.


Raven (purple), Salmon, Eagle, Bear, Lizard, Rabbit.

Mannequin (Strange stuff in deathmatch mode):

Snake, Bull, Snake, Frog, Bear, Elk.

Menu Madness:

Rabbit, Owl, Horse, Insect, Bear, Bear.

Pen & Ink Mode:

Cougar, Horse, Elk, Fish, Lion, Hawk (red).

Stick Mode:

Horse, Eagle, Snake, Cougar, Insect, Salmon

Gasping Mode:

Dragon Fly, Bull, Rabbit, Salmon, Eagle, Raven

Tiny Enemies:

Frog, Frog, Salmon, Insect, Wolf, Cougar.

Unlimited Ammo:

Salmon, Elk, Bull, Snake, Eagle, Salmon.

Warp Codes (you can play boss of any chapter or start from beginning

of that chapter.)

Level 1: Frog, Elk, Horse, Dragonfly, Wolf, Rabbit.

2: Owl, Owl, Horse, Elk, Elk, Elk.

3: Owl, Rabbit, Bear, Insect, Frog, Cougar.

4: Bear, Horse, Raven, Eagle, Horse, Coyote.

5: Bear, Dragonfly, Horse, Bear, Frog, Elk.


How to Defeat the Cops on Level 1:

You must use the cheat for all guns. You must use the PSG. It will kill the

cop/cops. It won’t work for the police robots or cars.


Thanks to Revolution readers Da Dark Platypus, Mackenzie Chami and Chris