Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey N64 Cheats

Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey


New Division:

At the options menu hold the L button and push the following C buttons: Right

Left Left Right Left Left Right Left Left

A bunch of numbers appear and now when you pick Play Game mode you will see

another division with team ‘Williams the 99er’s Canada and USA.’

Invisible Players:

Press start during the game and go into replay. Press L or R to make a

player flash. Then press Z to make him disappear. Note:If you go over an

invisible player he will reappear so be careful!

Multiplayer Practice:

To play in practice mode with more than one player, each player aside from player 1 should hold the A button at the title

screen, then have Player 1 highlight “Practice” and press A. If you do this,

all of the player who were holding A will get to play in practice mode together.

To have the N64 play against itself:

At the Team Select screen,

highlight the team you would like to use and press C-Right 3 times. You will hear a click to tell you that it worked.


Go to Setup, then Options. Hold down L and press the following C buttons:

Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Right, Down. Now go to records and access Team Stats. Press C-Up 10 times. A special modify teams option will appear.

Non-stop fighting:

During the game go to Option and highlight Fighting. Now hold L

and press the following C buttons:

Right, Left, Left, Right, Down, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left. You should now get into a fight every time you check.

Debug Mode:

At the Options screen press C-Down + C-Left + R or C-Up + R. A screen will

appear where you can modify a 16-bit register. You can only alter the first

6 bits.

To alter the bits, use these controls:

C-Down + R: alters bits 1 and 2 (10, 01, 11)

C-Left + R: alters bits 3 and 4 (10, 01)

C-Up + R: alters bits 5 and 6 (10, 01)

100000: Stocky Players.
010000: Stocky Players, Big Heads.
110000: Stocky Players, Small Heads.
001000: Small Players, Small Announcer.
000100: Large Players, Large Announcer.
000010: Crunched Players, Small Announcer.
000001: Elongated Players, Large Announcer.
110110: Large Players, Small Heads, large anouncer.
010010: Crunched Players, Small Heads, Small Announcer.
010101: Large Players, Large Heads, Large Announcer.
010001: Elongated Players, Large Heads, Large Annpuncer.

Can’t miss shot:

Take the puck through two of the face off circles then do a power shot by pressing

A and bottom C at the same time.

Thanks to Game Revolution readers Matt Hagel, Mike Schwarzkopf, Adam Barnhardt,

Wesley Newman, Thomas Faulks, Blobson the Rat, Josh Torrenga, Errol Wilcox,

Ian Beaudette and Cyrus!!