Winback: Covert Operations N64 Cheats

WinBack: Covert Operations


Trial mode (level select):

At the Main Menu, press Up, Down, Down, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left,

Left, C-Down + Start. You’ll hear a gunshot to confirm.

All Characters in Multiplayer:

At the Main Menu, press Up, Down, Down, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left,

Left, Left, C-Up + Start. You’ll hear a gunshot to confirm.

Max Power:

At the Main Menu, press press L, Right-C, Left-C, Right-C, Left-C, Down-C, Up-C,

Down-C, Up-C, L + Start. You will hear a gunshot when you press start.

Sudden Death:

At the Main Menu, press C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Down, C-Up,

C-Down, L + Start. You’ll hear a gunshot to confirm.

More modes:

Beat the game on Hard to unlock Trial Mode, Maximum Power and Sudden Death.


Hidden Animation Sequence:

Wait for the demo mode to begin at the “Press Start” screen. Eventually, another

sequence will appear after Demo mode cycles a few times.

Fatal Hits:

It takes skill to master fatal hits. I find it is easier to use the pistol for

fatal hits too. In order to successfully make a fatal hit, you must lock on

your target, aim, and just before you shoot, tip the analog stick up so the

laser point is on the enemy’s head. Right when the laser point is on his head,

shoot! Note: This move takes practice and patience, when it is mastered fatal

hits is a step closer to perfecting your record on levels.

Hidden Ammo Pouches:

There are 4 hidden ammo pouches in the game. Each pouch lets you carry one extra

magazine and one extra box of shotgun shells (only).

1: On the first level, go straight and take a right. Keep going straight until

you see a green truck and a guy on top of a building to the left of the truck.

Go through the door in the building and you should see the first pouch to your

left on a crate.

2: On the second level, follow the path until you come across another green truck

(you should see a guy running ou of the back of it). Under the truck (look carefully)

is a destructible crate. Destroy it and an indestructable crate should fall in

its place. Go up the ramp (where you saw the enemy running from earlier) and inside

the truck is the second ammopouch.

3: On level 23, go straight until you rach a ladder. Go up the ladder, across

to the other ladder and go down. Turn to your left, keep going straight until

you are at the very end wall (be sure to kill guys as neccessary). To your right

go straight. You will see 3 magazines on 2 crates. Turn right and go straight.

You should be heading in the opposite direction where you came (but on the opposite

side aswell). Kill guys as neccessary (it’s easier to use the sentry guns). When

you reach the very end, turn right and you should see 2 destructable crates. Blow

them both up. One contains a rocket launcher and the other contains the third

ammo pouch.

4: On level 25, long after you get to the first cheakpoint, you’ll come across

a large door. Press the red buttons on the right of the large door to unlock it

and go through. Kill guys as neccessary. Go forward and run past the sentry gun

(you can’t kill it with your bullets). You should see a control panel with red

buttons that is being blocked by 2 laser traps, keep it in mind. Be carefull of

the laser traps, turn around and you should see a yellow panel. Destroy it and

go left where it was blocking. Take a left and press the buttons. The crates will

be lifted up and moved. Go left and be carefull of terrorists and falling crates

(they can kill you!). Do not blow up the explosive barrels, they come in handy.

When you get to the smaller crate in front of the larger crate (you’ll notice

it), stop. Hang a freakin’ fast right and hide behind the large crate. Press the

buttons and those blue explosive barrels will be lifted and dropped on the terrorists.

After they are dead, go to where they were before they died. Go to the right corner

of the area and you should see another yellow control panel. Blow it up and go

back where you came from. Kill guys as neccessary. Go back to the control panel

that was being blocked by the 2 laser traps (avoid the sentry gun), and press

the buttons on the panel. Large crates will be lifted up and dropped on the sentry

gun, killing the pilot. Turn around, go forward and take a U-turn left. The 4

large crates blocking a path are now gone. Go forward and you will see a destructable

box in the corner. Blow it to smithereens and voila! You have found all the ammo


GameShark Codes

Infinite Health           8017aabb0064 

No Reload Pistol          8017aab70009 

No Reload Silenced        801587c40009

No Reload Shotgun         8017aab30008 

No Reload Machinegun      8017aa9f001e 

Enable Max Power Mode     8015d4170001 

Enable Extra Characters   8115d412ffff 

Enable Extra Characters   8015d4110003 

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