World Is Not Enough, The The World is Not Enough Walkthrough

The World is Not Enough Walkthrough

Level 1 Courier


This one is easy. View the MI6 message by pressing select. Then talk to the 
person in front of you (see the MI6 message for the controls). Then, activate 
your VLF disruptor and pass through the security. You will see a guard near 
the door. Kill him, use your Wolfram. Pause, then Inventory. Choose Wolfram 
P2K. After you kill him, go through the door (Action button). You will be in 
the next room. WAIT! Don't go yet. There are enemies. Take your Wolfram P2K 
and wait till the guards are in front of you then SHOOT!. After they are dead, 
take their ammo. Activate the elevator switch. The elevator door will open. 
After that, go to the elevator and go up (press the switch). In the next room, 
there are a few cameras. Remember not to get too close when you see one. If 
you do, get away from it as far as possible. Take out your Wolfram and shoot 
it. After that, there are more so watch out. Once you take all out, fond the 
door that leads to another room. Go straight, and open the door. You will 
recieve an MI6 message. THE FIRST GUARD YOU SEE YOU KILL! Then take his 
weapon. Equip it, since the alarm went off and more guards are there. Then 
look for an unlocked door that leads to a small library. There is a picture 
that is not in place. Fix it, use the action button. The bookshelf will move 
and there is a guard. Kill him, get his Frinesi Shotgun. You see the thing 
where it is surrounded by a square that turns green when you are near, right 
behind the guard. Use the Fingerprint Scanner to scan the guard's fingerprint. 
You see the electronically locked door, use the fingerprint scanner on the 
lock. The door will be unlocked. Then there is another door, also 
electronically locked. Scan the electronic lock with the fingerprint scanner. 
The door will be unlocked and the briefcase is there. After the scene you find 
yourself trapped in the room. ESCAPE! Get the briefcase. There is a window 
behind you. Smash it with the briefcase. Mission complete!

After that you will see Bond escaping through the window.

TIPS: You must do the escape real fast. If they catch you, you will fail.

Level 2 King's Ransom

You will see a movie that Bond tries to chase the woman.

Here you don't really need to do the boat scene. All you have to do is chase 
the woman. Note that I will not provide you with the complete walkthrough of 
this stage, but I will just mention the important parts. Why? Because it's 
considered time wasting, since you will be going to do just twists and turns 
here, no secret areas or other complicated stuff. Besides, if you ask me that 
I can get to the prolific contributors list fast that's nonsense. My primary 
objective is to help people and reply to my e-mail. The prolific list, the 
ASCII art, and whatever goes second.

Now, get the Frinesi Auto at the left, near the wall. It is an automatic 
shoutgun. Now kill the guards, and keep watch for the ones on top of the 
buildings. Make sure you get the Ingalls type 20 from them.

In the middle of the stage, there is a place where three barrels block the 
way, and you can't use the other doors. Shoot the barrels. In one of them 
there is a light armor.

At the and of the stage, Bond will take out his grappling hook watch. Aim for 
the rope, the one where the square indicates. Mission Complete!

There will be a movie where the woman will try to kill herself.

Level 3 Cold Reception

Now, in this level, you will wind up against some snowmobiles in parachutes. 
Don't mind them yet, kill the other guys first. In one of the guards there is 
a sniper. Don't use it yet. Go straight ahead. When you reach the pipe, there 
is an enemy. when you get close, be ready. Take his ammo. After that, go to 
the next part. Elektra will be there. Kill the first batch of enemies with 
your sniper, and finish off the remaining before attacking the parachute 
people. Then equip your Ingalls Type 20. Shoot the snowmobiles. When they aim 
at you, hide. They will just go around and around after that, you can shoot 
now. After you do that, Mission Complete!.

Level 4 Russian Roulette

This level has no enemies. What you do is, you find the door where Zukovski 
is. Go to the door to exit, and you will see two guards each guarding a door. 
Go to the woman at the bar. The other guard will do to the woman. Now, do this 
real fast. Put out your credit card lockpick. Use it on the door. Zukovski is 
there. You will need to talk to him. Bond will ask him about Renard, but first 
Bond must make $100,000. Zukovski will give you a check with $25,000. Now go 
to the other guard and show him the credit card. That'll be the lockpick. Now 
show him the check. Inside the room you can exchange the money and play. Play 
the Blackjack. There will be an MI6 message about blackjack. An effective way 
of getting 100,000 is to bet low when you are low on money, and if you are in 
75,000+ bet the money needed to get just exactly 100,000. Like if you have 
75,000 bet 25,000. After that return to Zukovski. Mission Complete!

Level 5 Night Watch

This one is really complicated; lots more than King's Ransom. Mainly because 
there are tens of ways to finish this one. Oh, well. Here goes...

First, opposite the door is a room with a telephone, bug that one. There is a 
piano, no need for that, but you can use the action button there, James Bond 
Theme! Equip your cell phone stunner, and stun any enemy that you pass by, or 
the'yll call security. Then there is a large room.

Here is a simple layout:
    /                Door 1                  
 _|                                            |_
  |                                            |
 _|Door 2            Enemy               Door 3|_
  |                                            |
  |                                            |
   Door 4                                    /
    ______________          ________________/
    |              | Stairs |                |

All doors except 4 are locked. You can unlock them with your lockpick. 

Door 2 has ammo and armor in it. 

In door 1 there is a room with a kitchen and an elevator. The kitchen has a 
phone, bug it. Also there is a Davidov letter, use your Micro Camera to take a 
picture. There is also another room there with another phone. The elevator 
leads to a room with three phones, and a computer. The computer has an e-mail, 
take a picture of it. 

In room 3, there is a map, take a picture of it.

When all your objectives are almost complete, i.e. all phones bugged and 
pictures taken, there will be another man in the middle of this large room. 
Talk to him. Enemies will appear, kill them. When all of them are killed go to 
room 1 and find the door where the garage is. He will be there. Kill him.

Mission complete!
Part 4 What do I think about this game                              MY_REVIEW
Some may ask, are you a James Bond fan? I say no. Well I do like James Bond 
games and movies.

This game is great. Good graphics and sound. The only flaw of this game is it 
does not last very long after you finished it once. It only has 10 levels, so 
the people who want the fun they had in Metal Gear Solid and Syphon Filter 
could be disappointed, because SF has twice the levels and MGS has quite a 

As for "the" James Bond fans, maybe you'll like this one.

Extra special thanks to Revolution readers Jesse Baumann, and thank you CARLOS M!