WWF No Mercy N64 Cheats

WWF No Mercy


The following characters can be unlocked by playing through championship


Vince McMahon:   WWF course, chapter 10-3 
Shane McMahon:   Intercontinental course, chapter 9-4 
Linda McMahon:   WWF course, chapter 10-2 
Earl Hebner:     WWF course, chapter 10-4 
Shawn Micheals:  WWF course, chapter 10-9 
Cactus Jack:     Hardcore course, chapter 9-7 
Mick Foley:      WWF course, chapter 10-1 
Andre The Giant: WWF course, chapter 10-8

Hidden Characters:

Highlight the Wrestlers listed below then press either C-Left or C-Right

to access the hidden character.

Highlight           Reveal
Terri               Debra
Mae Young           Fabulous Moolah
Taka Michinoku      Funaki
Pat Patterson       Gerald Brisco
Godfather           The Goodfather
Ivory               Jacqueline
JR                  The King

Unlock or buy Earl Hebner:

Howard Finkel   (C-RIGHT)
Paul Bearer     (C-RIGHT, C-RIGHT)
Michael Cole    (C-RIGHT, C-RIGHT, C-RIGHT)

Catch Thrown Weapons :

When A Weapon is thrown at you,Hold Your Taunt Down and Press R button When

the Weapon is in Front of You.The Timing Must Be Perfect or It Won’t Work.

Smoking Skull Belt:

Beat championship mode with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to unlock the Smoking

Skull belt.

Manager Assistance:

During a singles match, you can control your manager by holding C-Up + C-Down

+ Z on controller three to control the manager for Player 1 and on controller

four to control the manager for Player 2.

Place Your Custom Wrestler in the Opening Credits:

All you have to do is go to Superstar Edit or Clone, Clone is easier if

you already have a guy made up. Just change him around. NOTE: Only change

the ones you need, for example, Stone Cold only has one character in the

clip show and it is his 4th character. You only need to change that one

for your guy to be in the clip show. It is pretty cool seeing your created

wrestlers in the begining clip show. This also works during championship

mode. If you don’t like Micheal Cole giving the interviews, like most people,

clone your guy or even Tazz over him. Have fun with it.

Win Iron Man Matches Easily:

When fighting, if you get ahead on points, go backstage because they wont

be able to beat you there (unless it is a hardcore match). Stay back untill

the time is up.

Fatal 4-Way Match:

Choose Royal Rumble, then “Select”. Set the number of superstars to “4”.

Then, set the following rules: Count Out: No, Pin: Yes, Submission: “Yes”,

TKO: “No”, Rope Break: “Yes”, DQ: “No”, Bloodshed: “Yes”, Time Count: “No”.

Unlock Everyone:

It is easier to go through the SURVIVOR mode. Although it might take a few

tries and it should take just about 45-min to an hour to beat. But getting

Andre the Giant is a great reason to keep at it.

How to Trade Created Wrestlers (*NOTE* you need a controller pak

or memory card.):

Go to superstars option and go to DATA. Put one of your created wrestler

on to the controller pak or memory card. Give your controller pak or memory

card to your friend and have them take your wrestler off your controller

pak or memory card and onto their game. DON’T WORRY YOUR WRESTLER SHOULD


Alway Make ‘Em Cry "Uncle":

In an Iron Man match turn TKO mode on and Submission on during the match.

TKO your opponet (be sure to beat him up good though) and every time you

put a submission on him he will submit.

CPU Control:

If you need to take a breather from a tough match, press Z and Up-C together

to give control over to the computer.Repeat the process to take back the


Cross-Dressing Male:

The WWF is no stranger to cross-dressers (Cloudy,Sammy, Pat Patterson).

Take any of the male wrestlers through the Women’s Championship. When you

get to the swimsuit contest, your guy will be sporting a fashionable bikini.

It makes you laugh really hard seeing Stone Cold or other male wrestlers

wearing a bikini.

Steal Opponent’s Taunt:

To throw up your foe’s taunt, make sure you’re focused on him or her. Rotate

your analog stick in a full rotation left or right,it doesn’t matter.Mimic

what they do and you be doing different taunts.

GameShark Codes

Enable Code(Must Be On)  f103e3602400

P1 Max Spirit            d115ab1e0001

P2 Max Spirit            d115ab1e0001

P3 Max Spirit            d115ab1e0001
P4 Max Spirit            d115ab1e0001

P1 No Spirit             d115ab1e0001

P2 No Spirit             d115ab1e0001

P3 No Spirit             d115ab1e0001

P4 No Spirit             d115ab1e0001

P1 Have Special          d115ab1e0001

P2 Have Special          d115ab1e0001

P3 Have Special          d115ab1e0001

P4 Have Special          d115ab1e0001

Infinite Cash            8109940affff

Max Creation Stats       50000a010000

Unlock All Characters/Moves/Costumes 

50000b020000 810bee40ffff

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