Yoshi’s Story N64 Cheats

Yoshi’s Story


Infinite Lives:

Reset the game if you die. You’ll be put right back at the beginning of the level you were on with a full set of Yoshi’s. You won’t, however, be restored to the last checkpoint.

Break Bubbles without Eggs:

To break bubbles without using eggs, just run into them several times.

Get Black yoshi:

To get the black yoshi go to page 2 level 1, find Miss Warp 4 and go to the

tulip to the left of her and fire straight up on the top place. There should

be a bubble. Pop it. There will be a big egg with black spots. Get the egg and

win the level. You only get one try per game. This will only work on Story mode.

Get White Yoshi:

Go to page 3. Go to level Poochy and Nippy. From the start, go to warp vase

B. At Miss warp 3, go over Poochy, watch out for black shy guys. Go straight

over the rock pyramid and into the top warp vase. Go down the red pipe, shoot

an egg at the bubble with a question mark inside, and you will find a beautiful

white egg!

Rotate pop-up Stages:

To get a better look at the stage select pop-up displays, you can turn them

slightly with the C-buttons and zoom in and out with R and Z.

Kill your Yoshi:

Press B, A, Z, and L together. This only really helps if you get stuck…

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health Dark Blue Yoshi


Infinite Health Green Yoshi


Infinite Health Light Blue Yoshi


Infinite Health Pink Yoshi


Infinite Health Red Yoshi


Infinite Health Yellow Yoshi


Infinite Health Black Yoshi


Infinite Health White Yoshi


Infinite Lives All Yoshi’s


Must Be On



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