1602 A.D. PC Cheats

1602 A.D.


Cheat Mode:

Hold Ctrl + Shift + Alt + W during gameplay. At the bottem left corner of the

screen a prompt will appear. Type in 2061 and press A and then Enter.

This will turn on the cheats. Now you can enter the following:

shift + M     Money         
shift + Z     Bricks        
shift + k     Cannon        
shift + h     Wood          
shift + t     Tools         
gold          Gold          
fastgame      All Building          

5 Tons of Whatever:

First enable the cheat mode, then type in Ctrl + Alt + Shift + W again and then

type in a number from 02 to 24.Then press Enter and A. Each time you press A,

you will get 5 tons of the number. If you want another, just type in another number

and press enter and a (Tested on the German version)

02= iron-ore         13= cannons
03= Gold             14= Food
04= wool             15= Cigars
05= suger-cane       16= Spices  
06= tobacco          17= Cocoa
07= cows             18= Alcohol
08= corn             19= fabric
09= flour            20= clothing
10= iron             21= jewellery
11= swords           22= Tool 
12= guns             23= Wood
                     24= Bricks


Thanks to Revolution readers Danny “Psycho Dan~” Thompson and The Junkyard-Keeper!