Age of Empires PC Cheats

Age of Empires


During play, press Enter and type in the following:

BIG BERTHA Big Catapults
BIGDADDY Car w/rocket launcher
BLACK RIDER Horse Archer is Black Rider
COINAGE1000 gold
DIEDIEDIEAll enemies die

Adv Bowmen turn into trees

when standing still and can walk on water

E=MC2 TROOPER Trooper fires a nuclear missile
FLYING DUTCHMANJuggernauts turn into the Flying Dutchman
GAIA Control Animals (lose control of the humans)
HOME RUNWin scenario
HOYOHOYOPriests speed up and get 600 hit points
ICBMBallista has range of 100
JACK BE NIMBLESelect a Catapult and enter this cheat. The Catapult will then fire cows, super villagers with capes (and no pants!) or tumbling villagers, depending on orientation.
KILLXWhere 'X' is the player's position (1-8)
MEDUSA Villagers become medusa. When a villager is killed, he becomes a black rider. And if he is killed again, the villager becomes a heavy catapult.
NO FOGRemoves Fog of War
PHOTON MANGet a 'Nuke Trooper' (guy with a laser gun)
QUARRY1000 stone
RESIGNYou resign
STEROIDS Instant build
WOODSTOCK 1000 wood

To enable food, wood, stone and gold cheat keys in a single player


Press CTRL-N to start a new game. Return to Main Menu and choose Single Player Mode.

The following Cheat keys are enabled when you choose a Campaign:

  • F6 - Reveal Map
  • F7 - Disable Fog of War
  • CTRL+F - 1000 food
  • CTRL+G - 1000 gold
  • CTRL+S - 1000 stone
  • CTRL+W - 1000 wood
  • CTRL+P - Place rock with left mouse button click.
  • CTRL+Q - Quick build
  • CTRL+T - Menu

Note: You can't use these cheats once a game has already started.

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