Airline Tycoon PC Cheats

Airline Tycoon


Enter the following during play:

atmissallLevel select 
crowdMore people 
donaldtrumpMore Money  
expanderExpand airport
famousBetter reputation  
mentatAll helpers active 
nodebts Eliminate debts  
showallSee all flights 
winningLevel skip
panic       Evacuate the airport
runningman  The people will move faster
bubblegum   The balloons above won't vanish anymore


There are many objects in the game that you can buy or get. Once you have them,

here's what to do with some of them:

The Violin Case:

After a few days from the beginning of the game, go to the Duty-Free shop and

buy a violin case. Then go to Petrolair and give the man the violin case as

a present. He will be thank you and tell you to press the fire extinguisher

to your right. Do what he says and you will enter the secret private room of

the mercenary. If you want you can pay him to sabotage another airline.

The Paper Clips:

Go to the Route Management notice board, to the right of Mr. Uhrig office, the

Airport Director, and steel four paper clips. Then go to the Cargo Department,

situated in the left corner of the Airport and give the operator the clips.

He will accept the clips and say that he would rather use the paper clips then

the liquid glue. Pick up the liquid glue which is in front of a small box next

to the operator crane. Now what will you do with the glue? Easy! Go to any part

of the 1st floor in Airport and drop the glue on the floor by clicking on it

(at the bottom of the screen). Now, when any of your opponents step on they'll

get stuck there for a while. This is a great trick to be used early in the morning

right after the reunion with Mr. Uhrig because it will prevent your opponents

from getting to the AirTravel agency before you!

The Candy Box:

Go to the Duty-Free shop and buy a candy box without alcohol. Find your female

opponent Anita de Lucia and give her the candy box. She will be very happy with


The Jimmy Talker Liqueur:

Go to the Duty-Free shop again and buy a nice bottle of Jimmy Talker 25 years

old liqueur. Go to the plane hanger and give it to the young mechanic Paul (his

boss is always out) and he will be very thankful. Tip: Never remind him

that it is not allowed to smoke in the hanger.

PMS Pills:

Go to Mr. Uhrig's (The Airport Manager's) office no later than the fifth day

of game play. In his office is a tote board with a pizza menu and a periodic


BUT YOU CAN STILL SEE THE BOARD!) Remove the postcard on the board. Bring it

to your personnel manager, Mrs. Selig. She will be very grateful! So grateful,

that she will let you have some of her PMS pills (In the red box) in the lower

left drawer of her desk! Sometimes your competitors get pissed off at you. Some

might go down to the saboteur behind Petrol-Air and pay him to spike your coffee

with botulism! This is indicated by frequent and sudden trips to the bathroom.

So, take the pills that Mrs. Selig gave you! They will cure your runs and return

you to normal!!! :-). After you take the pills, the post card will reappear

on the tote board. Always keep a supply of PMS pills on you just incase someone

gets a burr up their behind!!!

Lucky You:

Go to the airplane broker. Buy up to $250,000,000 of Boeing airplanes. (NOTE:

It does not matter the model; however, the planes MUST be made by Boeing.) You

can buy them all at once or over time. After this goal is achieved, the overhead

luggage compartment will pop open and it will be filled with ladies lingerie!

Take the bra and go to the duty-free shop. There is a horseshoe located above

the dressing room of the store. Give the clerk her bra. She will be so thankful

that she will sell you the horseshoe! You have two choices...

1) Keep the horseshoe on you at all times. If someone bombs your office, it

will NOT explode if you have the horseshoe! 😀

2) Give the horseshoe to the drunk at Rick's Bar. He will be thankful, but has

yet to do anything for me. Maybe he will later on???

Lucky 777:

In the above tip, you bought $250,000,000 worth of Boeing aircraft to get the

bra. If it is out already, buy the BOEING 777-300 for $30,000,000. (Quite a

bargain, huh!) After you buy these planes, DO NOTHING TO THEM! Go to the Museum

and offer to sell the 777's ON THE SAME DAY!!! The curator will buy the planes

for $41,000,000! A profit of $11,000,000!!!! He will always offer this price

for a new Boeing 777!!! REMEMBER: You CAN NOT modify the 777 that you will sell

for this to work!!!

Cause a Big Stink:

Go to the Petrol-Air Counter after 10 days and beyond. There will be a pair

of gloves on the counter by the leaflets. Take them and go to the Coke machine

between Air Freight and the Museum. Patronize the vending machine. The gloves

keep you from becoming electrocuted! Take the Coke and go to the Newsstand.

Give the newsy the Coke. Then, click on the package of stink bombs in the lower

left corner of his window. He will give them to you as a gift. !

Check out the boards from time-to-time to see what flights are arriving or departing.

When you see a competitor that you really hate that has a flight today, make

note of the time. Go to the gate a good 30 minutes before arrival/departure.

When you arrive, enter the boarding area and go to the door like you are getting

on the airplane. Right as passengers are going through the door, DROP YOUR STINK

BOMBS! It will make the whole flight sick to their stomachs and decrease the

competitor's reputation! You can repeat this as many times as you want! 🙂

Finders Keepers:

Go to the bank every so often. When you do, make note of the trash can in the

middle of the desk. From time-to-time there will be various sums of money there!

I have received between $50,000 and $60,000,000!!!

A Little Pep In the Step:

Late in the day, use the gloves from the Petrolair counter to buy the energy

drink. The next day after the meeting, drink it yourself. You will run twice

as fast. This will help you get to the order desks faster.

Go to the kerosene counter next to the free duty shop. Then take a glove at

the counter. Now go to the drink machine next to the cargo or in front of the

museum. Use the glove with drink machine and voila! You'll get a can of energy

drink. Drink it and you'll can go to the whole airport with superb stamina and

high speed walking. Just drink it and you'll find it later.:)

Thanks to Revolution readers Rikard Anderson, bert, Luis Gato, Chris, Richard

Welsh, Dennis Smith, [email protected][email protected][email protected]@, Bram Stolk and Cam!