Army Men 2 PC Cheats

Army Men 2


Cheat Mode:

Press Backspace to enter message mode. Type !when all else fails... and press enter. This enables cheat mode. Now press Backspace and enter any of the following codes:
!a better tomorrow - Vulcan Gun
!acme discs - Mines
!aluminum foil - Flak Jacket
!armageddon - Massive air strike Armageddon
!beautiful nikita - Infinite sniper rifle
!cliche ending - Flaming sarge off
!doctor doctor - Full Health 
!fourth of july - M 80
!geronimo!- Air Strike 
!gnomish inventions - Explosives
!god of gamblers - Random item, sometimes infinite 
!i give up - Restart Level 
!i have a rock - Infinite Grenades
!jumpjets - Flight Mode
!metal sheeting - Grey Disguise
!night of the walking dead - Zombies!
!ninja arts - Stealth Mode
!no rocket launcher - No Rocket Launcher
!paper dolls - Paratroopers
!patton's speach - Highlighted men are promoted
!phoenix! - Flaming sarge 
!pooper scooper - Mine Sweeper
!roach spray - Infinite Aerosol spray
!rubber cement - Medkit
!ruby ray - Infinite Magnifying glass
!santini - God mode
!shrink wrap - Tan Disguise
!smorfs - Blue Disguise
!spidey senses tingling - Reveal Map  
!suicide kings - Kill sarge 
!surprise party - Tons of enemies
!techno - New sounds
!veni vidi vinci - Win Mission
!village people - Infinite Flamethrower
!watchtower in the sky - Reconnnaisance



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