Army Men 3: Toys In Space PC Cheats

Army Men 3: Toys in Space


During play, press Backspace and type !throw me a frickin bone here. Now press Backspace and enter the following codes:

!captain scarletGod mode   
!full montyGod mode and all items   
!its dark Hide all enemy troops on mini-map  
!italian jobBig explosion around Sarge   
!cut to the chase Win scenario  
!the meek  Lose scenario
!door  Teleport Sarge
!rate meDisplay frame rate   
!let me downSarge's health to almost 0   
!halloweenEnemy troops are zombies   
!disco is deadPut out Sarge's fire   
!haunt haunt haunt!10 Explosives  
!harsh language 20 Fly Swatters 
!heavenly glory3 AirStrikes 
!one time...3 Baseballs 
!spiny norman3 HammerMines   
!this one goes to eleven3 Napalm Strikes   
!johnny ricco3 Paratroopers 
!peep show3 Recons 
!scotty3 SpaceMen Reinforcements   
!henry30 Insecticide Spray   
!sprinkles30 Mines   
!i woke up this morning 9 Blue Disguise 
!incognito  9 Grey Disguise
!no sunblock 9 Tan Disguise   
!oh behaveFreeze enemies
!mojoUnfreeze enemies 


More Damage in Multiplayer:

When using the flamethrower in two player mode, tap the X button instead of holding

it. The flamethrower will then do more damage.



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