Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn PC Cheats

Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn


Cheat Mode:

Before doing the following, make sure you backup the file. Using any text

editor (Word, Wordpad, etc.), edit the "baldur.ini" file in your

Baldur’s Gate directory. Under the (Program Options) heading, put Debug

(case sensitive). Now during play press Crtl + Space and

a window will pop up. Enter any of these codes and then press Enter.

Now press Ctrl + Space to close the console window . Note: These are

all case sensitive.

Code                                    Effect  
CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("0-2950000")   Set experience points for selected character or group    
CLUAConsole:AddGold("")                 Set available gold   
CLUAConsole:ExploreArea()               Full map   
CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("")              Teleport to indicated location   
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("")          Spawn monster   
CLUAConsole:CreateItem("")              Spawn item   
CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys             Enable in-game key cheats  
CLUAConsole:CreateItem("",)             Spawn multiple item   

In-Game Cheat Keys:

Use one of the following codes during game play after using the CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()

code to enable the cheat.

Code                Effect  
Ctrl + R            Heal character   
Ctrl + J            Move party to pointer location   
Ctrl + T            Heal and remove harmful spell effects from party    
Ctrl + Y            Kill selected character or monster   
Shift + Ctrl + 8    Maximum stats at character generation screen 

Monster Names:

Use one of the following entries with the CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(“”)

code to spawn creature.

Code           Creature Name 
dragblac       Black Dragon   
icsalcol       Blue Salamander   
icbone01       Bone Golem   
hldemi         Demi Lich  
gendji01       Djinni  
uddrow27       Drow Warrior   
beheld01       Elder Orb Beholder   
behgau01       Gauth Beholder   
trogi01        Giant Troll   
ghogr01        Greater Ghoul   
mumgre01       Greater Mummy   
lich01         Lich  
vammat01       Mature Vampire   
mindfl01       Mind Flayer   
icmin01        Minotaur  
mistho01       Mist Horror   
ogre01         Ogre  
orc05          Orog Warrior   
dragred        Red Dragon   
dragsil        Silver Dragon   
skelwa01       Skeleton Warrior   
troluo01       Splitter Troll   
golsto01       Stone Golem   
wyvern01       Wyvern 

Number Locations

Use one of the following entries with the CLUAConsole:MoveToArea(““)

code to travel to different locations. Note: All characters must be selected

before using the code. Press X during game play to find additional

location numbers.

Number       Area Location   
AR0516       Astral Prison   
AR1512       Asylum Dungeon   
AR0801       Bodhis Dungeon   
AR0500       Bridge District   
AR0020       City Gates  
AR0836       Cocorr's Lair   
AR0202       Cult of the Unseeing Eye   
AR1300       De'Arnise Hold   
AR0414       Demon Outerworld   
AR0300       Docks District   
AR1201       Domain of the Dragon   
AR1900       Druids Grove   
AR1000       Government District   
AR0800       Graveyard District   
AR0411       Planar Sphere   
AR0204       Rift Dungeon   
AR0400       Slums District   
AR2500       Suldanesslar   
AR0900       Temple District   
AR2900       The Nine Hells   
AR2000       Trademeet  
AR1100       Umar Hills  
AR0700       Waukeen's Promenade 

Names of Items:

Use one of the following entries with the CLUAConsole:CreateItem(“”) code

to spawn the corresponding item.

Item Name   Item  
scrl9g      Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting scroll   
scrl9p      Absolute Immunity scroll   
arow04      Acid Arrows   
clck14      Adventurer's Robe   
scrl16      Aganazzar's Scorcher scroll   
sw1h34      Albruin +1  
amul19      Amulet of Magic Resistance 5%   
amul16      Amulet of Metaspell Influence   
amul21      Amulet of Power   
amul14      Amulet of Protection +1   
amul25      Amulet of Spell Warding   
scrl2d      Animate Dead scroll   
plat06      Ankheg Plate Mail   
sw1h27      Arbane's Sword +2   
blun20O     Ardutia's Fall +1   
leat18      Armor of the Viper +5   
scrl67      Armor scroll   
arow01      Arrow   
arow02      Arrow +1  
arow03      Arrow of Slaying   
arow11l     Arrows +2   
arow05      Arrows of Biting   
arow07      Arrows of Dispelling   
arow08      Arrows of Fire   
arow09      Arrows of Ice   
arow10      Arrows of Piercing   
dart05      Asp's Nest  
ax1h10      Azure Edge  
bag04       Bag of Holding   
sw1h01      Bastard Sword   
sw1h02      Bastard Sword +1   
sw1h03      Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters  
sw1h42      Bastard Sword +2   
ax1h01      Battle Axe  
ax1h02      Battle Axe +1   
ax1h03      Battle Axe +2   
ax1h13      Battle Axe +3: Frostreaver   
ax1h12      Battle Axe +3: Stonefire   
sw1h30O     Belm +2   
belt10      Belt of Inertial Barrier   
scrl9x      Black Blade of Disaster scroll   
leat19      Black Dragon Scale   
misc3e      Black Spider Figurine   
halb06      Blackmist +4   
sw1h40      Blade of Roses +3   
sw1h39      Blade of Searing +2   
scrl71      Blindness scroll   
scrl85      Blur scroll   
bolt01      Bolt  
bolt02      Bolt +1  
bull06      Bolt +2  
bolt04      Bolt of Biting   
bolt03      Bolt of Lighting   
bolt05      Bolt of Polymorphing   
dagg14      Bone Blade +4   
blun23      Bone Club +2, +3 vs Undead   
boot07      Boots of Elvenkind   
boot11l     Boots of Etherealness   
boot05      Boots of Grounding   
boot08      Boots of Phasing   
boot01      Boots of Speed   
boot02      Boots of Stealth   
boot04      Boots of the Avoidance   
boot03      Boots of the North   
brac04      Bracers of Archery   
brac11      Bracers of Binding   
brac16      Bracers of Blinding Strike   
brac15      Bracers of Defense AC 3   
brac14      Bracers of Defense AC 4   
brac13      Bracers of Defense AC 5   
brac03      Bracers of Defense AC 6   
brac02      Bracers of Defense AC 7   
brac01      Bracers of Defense AC 8   
scrl6u      Breach scroll   
shld08      Buckler   
shld17      Buckler +1  
bull01      Bullet  
bull02      Bullet +1  
bull03      Bullet +2  
scrl68      Burning Hands scroll   
scrl8i      Cacofiend scroll   
scrl8a      Carrion Summons scroll   
sw1h51      Celestial Fury   
scrl9q      Chain Contingency scroll   
scrl7s      Chain Lightning scroll   
chan01      Chain Mail  
chan02      Chain Mail +1   
chan08      Chain Mail +2   
chan03      Chain Mail +2 Mail of the Dead   
chan09      Chain Mail +3: Darkmail   
chan15      Chain Mail +3: Melodic Chain   
chan16      Chain Mail +4 Bladesinger Chain   
chan06      Chain Mail +4: Drizzt's Mail   
chan10      Chain Mail +4: Jester's Chains   
chan11l     Chain Mail +5: Crimson Chain   
scrl5p      Chaos scroll   
scrl69      Charm Person scroll   
scrl82      Chill Touch scroll   
scrl83      Chromatic Orb scroll   
scrl1d      Clairvoyance scroll   
staf19      Cleric's Staff +3   
clck03      Cloak of Displacement   
clck23      Cloak of Elvenkind   
clck26      Cloak of Mirrors   
clck06      Cloak of Non-Detection   
clck01      Cloak of Protection +1   
clck02      Cloak of Protection +2   
clck24      Cloak of Reflection   
clck27      Cloak of Sewers   
clck25      Cloak of Stars   
clck20      Cloak of The Shield   
clck04      Cloak of the Wolf   
scrl2e      Cloudkill scroll   
blun24      Club +2: Gnasher   
blun22      Club +3: Blackblood   
scrl70      Color Spray scroll   
bow01l      Composite Long Bow   
bow02       Composite Long Bow +1   
bow16       Composite Long Bow +2   
scrl2f      Cone of Sold scroll   
scrl1u      Confusion scroll   
scrl7y      Conjure Air Elemental scroll   
scrl7z      Conjure Earth Elemental scroll   
scrl7x      Conjure Fire Elemental scroll   
scrl7b      Conjure Lesser Air Elemental scroll   
scrl7c      Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental scroll   
scrl6x      Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental scroll   
scrla8      Contagion scroll   
scrl7u      Contingency scroll   
scrl8v      Control Undead scroll   
hamm09      Crom Faeyr +4   
xbow13      Crossbow of Affliction   
sw2h03      Cursed Berserking Sword   
sw1h28      Cutthroat +4   
dagg01      Dagger  
dagg02      Dagger +1  
dagg03      Dagger +2  
dagg19      Dagger of...   
dart01l     Dart   
dart02      Dart +1  
dart03      Dart of Stunning   
dart04      Dart of Wounding   
sw1h31      Daystar  
scrla2      Deafness scroll   
scrl7r      Death Fog scroll   
scrl7i      Death Spell scroll   
scrl8n      Delayed Blast Fireball scroll   
scrl6k      Detect Illusion scroll   
scrl87      Detect Invisibilty scroll   
scrl1s      Dire Charm scroll   
scrl7t      Disintegrate scroll   
scrl1e      Dispel Magic scroll   
scrl5n      Domination scroll   
halb04      Dragon Bane +3   
helm21      Dragon Helm   
shld21      Dragon Scale Shield +2   
halb05      Dragon's Breath +4   
sw1h32      DragonSlayer   
hamm06      Dwarven Thrower +3


Don’t Do It:

When using the CreateItem function, do NOT create items sw1h11, sw1h13,

or sw1h14. They create swords which CANNOT be removed from your inventory



When you combine the Ctrl key, with only ONE number, you get very good cheats.

Hold Ctrl and press a number. Ctrl + 4, for example, switches your character

picture to what ever you want! You can be an amnish sholdier, a beholder,

Jon Irenicus… even a dragon that can’t fully fit in the screen! Try some

combos, you’ll be very impressed.

Getting Ready for Torgal:

All you have to do is haste the person that has the most Hp and send him

into the room with Torgal. (Make sure no other trolls get uncovered!) When

Torgal comes after you run into a jail cell and wait for Torgal to come

into the cell, when he does run out and slam the door shut. Now you have

time to prepare for Torgal!


Thanks to Revolution readers MrCoolN2000, KarmaInferno, Lee MacPherson^_^,

Astro and Nordous!