Blood 2: The Chosen PC Cheats

Blood 2 - The Chosen


Press 't' and type in the following codes:

MPGOD - God mode
MPKFA- All weapons
MPAMMO- Full ammo
MPCLIP- Spectator mode (no clipping)
MPHEALTHY- Full health
MPWHEREAMI- Displays your coordinates
MPBEEFCAKE- Increased Power (more gore)
MPKILLEMALL- Kills all monsters on level
MPSPEEDUP- Increases your speed (1-5)
MPSTRONGER- Increases your strength (1-5)
MPCALEB- Changes your character model to Caleb
MPOPHELIA- Changes your character model to Ophelia
MPISHMAEL- Changes your character model to Ishmael
MPGABBY- Changes your character model to Gabriella
MPBERETTA- Gives you the Beretta, do twice for dual weapon
MPSUBMACHINEGUN -     "    "     Submachinegun        "
MPFLAREGUN-     "    "     Flaregun             "
MPSHOTGUN-     "    "     Shotgun              "
MPSNIPERRIFLE -     "    "     Sniper Rifle
MPHOWITZER-     "    "     Howitzer
MPNAPALMCANNON-     "    "     Napalm Cannon
MPSINGULARITY -     "    "     Singularity Generator
MPASSAULTRIFLE-     "    "     Assault Rifle
MPBUGBUSTER-     "    "     Bug buster
MPMINIGUN-     "    "     Minigun
MPLASERRIFLE-     "    "     Cobalco Laser Rifle
MPTESLACANNON-     "    "     Tesla Cannon
MPVOODOO-     "    "     Voodoo Doll
MPTHEORB-     "    "     The Orb
MPLIFELEECH-     "    "     Life Leech
MPGOBLE- 'Brian L. Goble is a programming god!'
MPSCORPIO-     "    "
MPTOTARO- 'Jim Totaro is da man!'
MPNICENURSE- +25 health
MPWARD            - Gives ward (25 armor)
MPNEWCROWARD      - Gives newcroward (100 armor)
MPCARBONFIBER     - Gives Willpower Powerup
MPTAKEOFFSHOES    - Makes you invisible
MPHERKERMUR       - Gives Triple Damage Powerup
MPBEANSOFCOOLNESS - Gives a nice selection of weapons


Infinite Ammo:

When you have a weapon out, look towards the ground and press "Delete" on your

keyboard. Now pick up the weapon before it jumps. You will get the weapon back

and you will have loads more ammo. Keep doing this until the ammo count has

reached maximum.

: If you have "Dual weapons", press "Delete" quickly twice and pick

the two guns up quickly as well!).


Thanks to Revolution readers Ben "Fragmaster" Sanders, Adriel Shank, Armaghetto,

H8RID and Marty Tague!