Blood PC Cheats



Press ‘T’, then type…

I wanna be like Kevin- God Mode
mpkfa - God Mode
cap in my ass - God Mode
no cap in my ass - God mode off
lara croft- All Weapons; Umlimited Ammo
idaho- All weapons and items
montana- All items
satchel- All items 
bunz- Guns akimbo
clarice- 100% health
spork- 200% health
krueger- 200% health and on fire 
cousteau- 200% health and diving suit
grisworld- 200% Armor
keymaster- All keys
funky shoes- Jump boots
onering- Invisible
calgon- Level skip
mario- Level skip
eva galli- No clipping
goonies- Full map
mcgee- Set yourself on fire!
jojo- Drunk mode
kevorkian- Suicide
rate- Displays frame rate

Thanks to Revolution readers Randy, Naster, Travis Adair, Wboston, Frag, and