Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2 PC Cheats

Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2


Weather intensity modifications:

ALT+CTR+RRain toggle
ALT+CTL+WWind toggle
ALT+CTL+SSnow toggle
ALT+CTL+L  Lightning toggle

Toggling will affect the intensity of the weather.

Box Cheats:

Press ALT+CTRL+B to turn Boxes On, which will show you 3 different color boxes.

RED- non-moving, dead fields
YELLOW- possible animal location point
GREEN- animal

Restore Health:

Press ALT+CTRL+H to restore health.

Display Frame Rate:

Press ALT+CTRL+F to show the framerate.

Auto Camera:

Press ALT+CTRL+C for the auto camera.

More Money:

In the catalog, press ALT+CTRL+M for extra money.

Targeting in sights:

While you are in the Target Range and ready to shoot at the target, press

ALT+CTL+T and the “Weapon Sighting Information” will be on. Fire the weapon.

You should see the targeting coorinates (X-Y). Use the arrow keys to bring the

weapons targeting coordinates to zero-zero (X=0, Y=0). Now the weapon is perfectly




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